Why does Adolf have to be the one who encapsulates best what is at stake? Who else shares this sentiment? I’ve been flippin through lots of books, can’t find many. If in a thousand years from now China is still using modified euro-tech then we’ll know who was right I guess? Sounds like a riskContinue reading

Have you guys met my girlfriend yet? She makes me melt. 11 pages of machiavelli alone I discovered today. I already know I’m going to spend all my life with her. Oh yeah, and then there’s my mistress

The cladistics of progressivism older than Calvinism? I’m not sure you want to think about that. Is being terrible such a bad thing? There’s a time and place for everything, right? The prog-minions squeal with delight, “Exactly! We use it against people like YOU!” You’ve forgotten how to judge correctly. Out of all those power-nodesContinue reading

If private-life had been preserved, and only public-life sacrificed to leftism, there probably wouldn’t have arisen all these movements against it. Like how I said that in Rousseau’s time equality was known to be conventional and not natural. In our time leftism has hegemonic control, not only in our relations with strangers and acquaintances butContinue reading

If you heard someone say this would it excite you? What we need to do instead is study the Platonic dialogues; in the immediate instance, we need to study the Sophist, all of it, and in minute detail. (Rosen) If not, please don’t be mad at me for saying it (you will be), I don’tContinue reading

Imagining shaking hands with a commie girl to agree to be just friends and the handshake being erotic. Cognitive dissonance. I dare you to say the reverse of this in public if you’re a commie girl with cogdis.

If only one of my enemies tweeted “It isn’t cool if I don’t have a genius for a kid” I’d be happy. None of them would admit that. We’re in our own affirmative action program here on the internet. Will we allow statistical intelligence to be discussed in public? Or are you worried about theContinue reading