Share this meme or you’re neither a real communist nor a real christian Oh, is something stopping you, anon? The bioleninists who see the injustice of this petty human-type having so much control hold back from saying anything about it because they know that as fellow unchangeable genetic trash just like them they “are lookingContinue reading

It was refreshing the one time I saw a leftist admit that they are indeed of the orc party, and that maybe? they should collectively formalize that. One time I’ve seen it admitted. And once again I remind social scientist types of the ratio involved here, roughly one to thousands, tens of thousands, I’ve lostContinue reading

I deserve the world on a platter, and instead I get millions of death-threats. There’s probably an obscure causation going on with that. They know I’m right so they want me dead. Really, Girard? They did that thousands of years ago? What a relief we’ve advanced as a society since then. [the sickening rabble: *winkContinue reading

Insidious internet family who all disagree, no that’s not what this is no that’s not what this is. Where a particular type of voice is excluded. “That’s not what this is.”

The grand irony of it all Is NRx in fact fascist? Not remotely. It is probably, in reality rather than self-estimation, the least fascistic current of political philosophy presently in existence… (Land)

Things not looking too good for me for the next couple weeks, dunno how much I’ll be posting. How happy I’d be if I could teach my version of philosophy at a university. Then again, it would probably only be a matter of time before I started looking for a way to get thrown outContinue reading

Espionage! That’s just too much to ask for in our time. Or is it? Imagine a girl with inclinations like this: People are seriously concerned with the wrong kind of “species” going extinct. I’ve seen many admit right in public that they prefer the opposite type of existence. I don’t have time for you animals.

The beneath-the-surface reality of the Sanders craze is that a vote for “Bernie” is a vote for Equalism and thus a vote for the pacification of the machinery of society that was made to feel 😰 from the 2016 Decision against Super-Equalism. Every affirmation is a negation, so a decision in favor of the machineryContinue reading