Oh the twists and turns of leftist psychology, when are they going to write an entire DSM just on them? China’s rise, and the West’s apparent decline, particularly since 2008, have inspired many Chinese intellectuals to follow Gan’s lead and engage in a fundamental questioning and reimagination of the narrative of China’s modern history.  ThanksContinue reading

Inadvertent admission of russophobic racism by Dugin that only the jerksquad will be attuned to Three types of human being- creators, copy-machines, and those who are neither–can neither create nor copy–and are at the mercy of the constant civilizational daycare providers that are the first two, whether potentially or actually. Everyone has a bit ofContinue reading

You’re your own kind of individualist, Dugin, I’m on to you BANNED ON AMAZON can only be a good sign. Only thing better would be to have a usb dronedropped to me containing pdfs of thinkers Dugin/Putin had “disappeared”… the Russian Moldbug jfc imagine that, you know he’s a human icicle in Siberia. In theContinue reading

The only thing more depressing than reading about gulags is reading about gulags while in a gulag. Reminds me of the hypocrisy of the ideology of individualism- “No, not an individual like that!” Dugin has an alien perspective on us–yes, us–as can be expected This is one of our–yes, our, we Americans, and probably Westerners–constitutiveContinue reading

The real presidential election is semites vs. antisemites. A Jew can be an antisemite, as a treat. A goy can be a semite, well, has to be a semite, as a rule. It is interesting the simile the mischling Moldbug thought up, isn’t it? Government is like a corporation, better CEOs better product. And whatContinue reading

Probably no coincidence that Leo gave lectures on Grotius in 1964 The following approaches what “one” is “supposed to” remain silent about in N So apply this to the civil rights act, whoops were there supposed to be capital letters in that? “The truuuuue Foundation”. Takes me back to a fun chat I had withContinue reading

So many people want me to die a violent death I’ll be surprised if I make it to the age of 30 (a thought I have before going for a walk, like normal) NeechRx put into millennial-speak, bad idea.

Nice propaganda Miss Cathedral (I’m going to start anthropomorphizing the cathedral as a crazy cat lady, “Cathy”), how about if I raise you this? I realized that one of the reasons the ones for whom democracy is a religion are almost always anti-racists is because democratism partakes in the same low culture that the primitiveContinue reading