Alright I’ll haggle with you commies The left extrapolates the mystical awareness of the One to the mundane reality of the Many (not that many of them actually perceive the One- most only conform to leftists of yore who had perception). On the other hand you will only rarely find a rightist who concedes aboutContinue reading

I’m going to start rhyming like Plath exclusively just to screw with you Think I’m playful and flirty now, give it an hour or two “We been knew, we been knew” See, with the intrinsic axioms of America everyone starts to sound like they’re from the ghetto, boo We need a coup, we need aContinue reading

🥵 Wait, you didn’t see that. This is my blog I can do whatever I want with it. This could be us You do not do, you do not do—this is an ontological accusation when I say it. If you’re not subjecting the pinnacle of society to critique, you’re not really “doing” anything.

I spy with my little eye, another one of my gaslighting 🐜agonists getting another “deal” in Woke Capital world. Hey if I put the food on your table I think the proper title to refer to me by is “Daddy”, though you’re not exactly known to be formalists are you. “You do not do, you doContinue reading

I really do like the thought of feds dropping in nooses, and the sounds their necks make when they snap, and the liquid shit that will run out of the bottom of their pants, I really do. You don’t have to live vicariously through me posting this stuff, you could post it about it too.Continue reading

Was going to post something mean earlier then I realized there’s no hope for the demographic I thought to address. “Just say it!” Okay. #StankHoes4Bernie Poast bodycount so we can determine if you’re mature enough to deserve a vote. “Ah utopians I hate them!” Yeah sorry, the mainstreaming of whoredom isn’t a good thing, onlyContinue reading

Need to find ourselves ones like this before SHTF Instead, as far as the eye can see, they wear giving up like a badge of honor. Heh, how could they give up if they never tried in the first place?

Hillary, Russiagate, impeachment, and now the election, it’s all been an endless spectacle, each separate instantiation a mere outward appearance of the same phenomenon. The public dehumanization of Mexicans made people ill. Much like loincloth tribalists they have their daily rituals to purge themselves of this sickness, this sickness that carries implications about non-Mexicans, carriesContinue reading

If I disappeared for a few months and returned only to post the word “society”, what would the experience of reading that be like for you? My sense is many would tense up and scream inside their minds, “I don’t even want to think about what that means!!” The forgetfulness-mechanism of most is capable ofContinue reading