The Prime Minister of Hungary The internet is the Cathedral’s version of Mao’s Hundred Flowers Movement, except it’s more akin to One Hundred Million Wolves. While you might not say anything in public, do any of you keep a personal journal with thoughts similar to Orbán’s? Of course you don’t. Even the private sphere isContinue reading

Hmm coulda sworn this is what I’ve been saying. If you knew me before my xs mask then you know that I’ve always been intending to play the machiavellian advisor for gen z kids. The time isn’t ripe for the reforms I propose. When they’re old enough for politics on the other hand? Just beenContinue reading

They probably feel condescended when I’m nice to them for a second- imagine the quiet contempt they feel for whites who exclusively treat them like children. Progs don’t know the first thing about racism. From what I’ve observed digitally, equalism is more for themselves than for POC. Segregation is very real on the internet. MostlyContinue reading

Hey man, if this is you, never lose hope. Use what I’ve said here to help your people rather than letting it get you down. Most whites can’t even be honest with themselves so you can’t expect them to be honest with others. All the lies aren’t going to get anyone anywhere.

If anyone is given too much credit it’s the ughleets. Every day my conviction is stronger that the idea I have of them in my head is a flattering phantom. I don’t think 95%+ of them have thought things out to the degree that I and the reactosphere have. Even the remaining 5% (which isContinue reading

Their defense, probably, if they ever were to voice it “There’s a reason we keep the view-from-above hidden. It hurts people. They prefer happiness to truth, we only give them what they want. And now we’re engineering them to have a lower IQ for their own good, they’ll suffer less that way.” Though a lotContinue reading

That’s another form of acceleration that is rarely discussed- the superiority of theocrats in hijabs to your typical western feminist. The way our belief system is set up now, the truest way to prove they’re not racist and thus swear their allegiance to equalism is by engaging in the most sacred act with people whoContinue reading