A cruel holiday season, that is where I sense a lot of my trouble started One of the most cherished and most safeguarded secrets in a matriarchy. They all know in their conscience that I’m right and instead of doing something to redeem themselves they only did the opposite, and thus perpetuated their errors amongContinue reading

If only, Tim… Instead we have the same old irrational pop-monotheism under a new guise. It is a scientific fact that leftism is a stupidity increase religion. It would be one thing if it was neutral. The problem is that it actively coerces its subjects into having faith in the diametrical opposite of what itContinue reading

The most fundamental fact I’ve gleaned from observing various of my antagonizing crypto-currents over the last year is that none will directly address any of my questions or arguments. It’s almost as if I know exactly the crimes that you can’t say in public. Can’t even bring them up to say they’re wrong, it’s alwaysContinue reading

Unexpected Aristotle/Marx mash-up Ties in with how Aristotle says that slaves can’t be expected to be moral agents. So many different kinds of false-consciousness, and Marx’s and his contemporary appropriators’ versions are ironically false-consciousnesses unto themselves in deeming their own the most essential of the essential. 2400 years later we’re all still living in aContinue reading

I still think the slut-problem is the fault of men ultimately, often times young men. They sweet-talk young women into getting into their pants, just for a notch in the belt, a high-five with the bros, and after the women lose their virginity they develop a fuck-it attitude which snowballs. I remember walking down theContinue reading

Because Globalist Realism is systematically locked up in a self-deceptive compartment in the minds of most, brace yourselves for an age of mimesis. The overwhelming statistical evidence shows that the majority of the world is only capable of copying already existing forms, so Brazilification will be at the same time a “Copyization” with any ofContinue reading

I don’t think Leary is fair to Asia here – I’d speculate it’s closer to 85% – it’s interesting that I can even have this debate with him though: It’s just a normal day seeing this kind of thought with me, imagine if this started printing out in a high school computer lab, or evenContinue reading

Let’s think about the mystery of the decentralized zeitgeist, I think that’s the key to seeing what a future regime-change would look like. It’s necessary to get into the “What is” mood- What is government? (ask yourself that before being primed by my following speculations). Imagine we’re all living in nature independently and we findContinue reading

“Nice 700 page book, now make it 800.” Nah. As with that “Deception” post, one “page” of that contains more thoughtcrime than 10,000 tweets of a given Twitter account, how about you cause chaos for my entertainment for a change? I know, this is asking the impossible from the terminally and shamelessly uncourageous.

Hey why are you still reading my personal journal. The hottest fantasy I have is telling a girl to go off her birth control. I have to be careful though with the weltanschauung the way that it is. In our climate this is the expected result of that: Millennials need to learn from their mistakesContinue reading