There’s been a multi-year plot against me to convince people that dirt races aren’t real. It’s good to never acknowledge that niggers are mud that exist at a pre-scientific, pre-literate level.

If you want to talk about disturbing psychologies, jewesses like to be strangled to death and kissed in their final moment before they die. Did yhwh make this rule about them? Oh well I prefer aryans anyway.

“Alright you caught me.” What??? You admitted it??? Real existentialism hours with those concepts he introduced. It’s not only the elites who are guilty of that, it’s also just regular people. The elites and people reinforce each other in the sustainment of the state religion (“government” as Yarvin calls it). I witness firsthand on aContinue reading

you suspect your bureaucrats may be driving in Vegas with a map of Reno Yep, bureaucrats and the rest of them, Yarvin (from his latest essay, a theory of wokeness). His psychological prowess is still “living-AI-like” in its shrewdness from time to time: An anthem is a way to feel important. A formula is a wayContinue reading

“I don’t get why we settle for our beaches” – heh, I hope the ladies have been enjoying the dialectics. You’re brave for sticking around, I’ll give you that. Everywhere in mainstream society women are treated with way too much sensitivity, and it causes problems. A nice reality tv show projected from a secret satelliteContinue reading

I don’t get why we settle for our beaches instead of living in tropical paradises. Why do we let people who live in teepees have the best property? We’d all function better in a better environment. It’s snowing where I am right now for instance- why do we deal with winters? Seems archaic, vestigial. WhoContinue reading

“Philosophers bad, netflix and chill with mudbrain minorities good” – this is the message being sent that you’ll see if you’re one of the schizos attuned to the crypto-currents. “Leveling” isn’t an abstraction, it’s a reality if you examine my fate. I’m not sure I can use my favorite slurs here without being deplatformed, woe!Continue reading

I only write theory-fiction, as is known. I haven’t been trying to give people ideas so that they can formulate them in the shadows where they won’t get in trouble. You think I’d do something like that? Violence is so cringe, who wants a bunch of people to be murdered? Even if violence were unequivocallyContinue reading