I invite anyone to. My only rule is that I filter out anything that is too pious. The prevailing piety is so cheap and not thought-out whatsoever, that’s my argument against it, and I’ve made thousands of arguments now to back those statements up. “The right has a secret weapon, never say his name”- theContinue reading

Alright, chaos-maximization-mode. What is this website called? You have to read neech yourself. Reading very particular books is the Western version of yoga. People reading Friedrich Nietzsche with a trained eye is how to hack various channels that are still too distant for our species. I’ll reveal to you something- the way neech sees meContinue reading

I’m Pavlov’s doge I guess you could say. I do the sharknado thing, then have to deal with the negative repercussions of it, over and over, and eventually I remember my true passion is separating ever further from humanity. More and more it seems to be a fact that one of the most essential instinctsContinue reading

Has this changed? Nope, Equalism has no formal mystery rites. You have to go to the internet for that, and catch people before they’re banned–and also, be ever-scrutinizing of fraudsters that merely offer a diluted inversion of the state religion. Back in Rousseau’s day, equality was known to be conventional, not natural. In ours, ifContinue reading

There’s one crypto-current I know that makes me wonder if I was supposed to be with her “before time began”. Just too iconically pretty to think of it in any other way. No other hints about that, no, sorry.