This should be good: That’s precisely what I want from “these rat bastards”–an honest, direct apologia for totalitarianism. Wouldn’t you just love for them to finally put it into language? Instead of all the sidesteps and censorship… Ah, I just want to hear their side of things. (No, not so I can more accurately critiqueContinue reading

Phenomenology of Ressentiment

No one ever really “calls out” the left in terms of their subterranean motivations, their psychology, “what makes them tick”. Next to this subject everything is surface gossip. This is to ask the question “What is going on here? No, I mean, what is actually going on here?” The answer is jealousy and revenge, andContinue reading “Phenomenology of Ressentiment”

The Quasi-Sacred Preconstitutional Will

How many hours does a lawyer take to prepare for the average case? What if that case was on “Whether to uninstall the US government, and hypothetically, how to go about doing that”? I’m trying to think years in advance here. In our present historical situation most of what can be said on this subjectContinue reading “The Quasi-Sacred Preconstitutional Will”