Jews are the greatest people, they definitely do not preside over a totalitarian slave-state, and I definitely wouldn’t be laughing if they started being murdered one by one and two by two. Yup, the best people around, and if they were murdered I definitely wouldn’t laugh and laugh and laugh.

-me looking at a picture of my girlfriend- She doesn’t even know that I love her! All the demons in the world would hate her if they knew, so I don’t say her name. Just a normal site here. I think everyone has had an intuition about who this is for some years now. ItContinue reading

Gonna spend my 30s saving the rainforest. Isn’t that “what one does”? That couldn’t satisfy me. There’s a hierarchy of “noble causes”, and I already know what the highest one is. I’ve been doing that. The problem is, it’s futile. If only you knew how futile it is. So since I know the heights theContinue reading

I’ll take one of these, I’ll take two of these, I’ll take all of these- how about you? This is from a study that demonstrates Ovid’s influence on Shakespeare. Look at what you can download for free if you want – how lucky we are The Ovid translation I know and love is Charles Martin’sContinue reading

Is food just going to double as drugs pretty soon here? They already sell CRISPR’d food in grocery stores in places in Southeast Asia. “Drugfood” does seem like the future if you ask me. The question is Why not? I’m seeing signs that the COVID hype has been dying down and these types of scientistsContinue reading

Look what someone uploaded to z-library The intro refers to them as “marooned texts”. Remember this guy? Writings from his teacher Riegl are included in this collection too. Would you be able to endure consigning someone like David Lynch to a “symptom of a decadent society”? This School has that power. I bet merely speakingContinue reading

They shut down society for a dangerous virus that causes people to have naps? Anecdotally speaking this is the main symptom so far for me. In one nap I had a dream which had details probably too explicit to relate. It was about an ex of mine, who is only a distant memory. It’s allContinue reading