They are able to see that a certain population can see that they are subhumans. And they don’t want that perception of them to exist anymore. Build offworld settlements, that just means the people who KNOW you are less than human will continue to exist elsewhere and probably judge you later – yes, how’d youContinue reading

I can’t get enough of pictures like this A study, a lab, distant from earth, with friends who have similar ships some distance away. Maybe some of these if we get bored We could work among the semi-intelligent robots, wave to them like at an AI plantation. There are ideas like this that aren’t writtenContinue reading

How I expect to look back on 2016-2020 a decade from now- the time I learned the conformist nature of people, and their ability to rationalize to themselves why they aren’t actually conformists, that they just happen to believe the things they do out of a coincidence.

Always in this mood Today in exposing psychological mechanisms- the relativist that strives to do “God’s work” of forming perception so that all cultures are equal, does it for themselves. That’s a relaxing way to think. It allows them to put off responsibility essentially. When baseness doesn’t exist, they lose the voice of conscience inContinue reading

One of the rare moments I see something that makes me think some educational institutions are okay It’s tragic that people tend to be so blind to the advantages of exit because they’re precisely the ones we want to exit from. This seems like the reasonable first step in ISRU development Roads, then schools… SchoolsContinue reading

Wondering how we could make it easier to grow food off-earth I happened upon this Sounds crazy, sounds impossible, just a thought. -Chinese scientist voice- Impossibur, huh? This tek has implications for colder climates on earth though. What if we spliced the kinds of food we grow with the kinds foraged by indigenous peoples ofContinue reading

Pah, so much for the potentially most interesting part of this book That’s going to look so meaningless after a couple generations offworld If we play our cards right (with immaculate ketman) not even the founding population of settlers will take that as a binding—sacred—document. Make sure not to leave your earth-home without a mask!Continue reading

The way the slaves who should be on my leash justify it is they think, They deserve it! My question to them that I never expect them to answer in public is, They deserve not being born in a jungle and enslaved or exterminated for being so reminiscent of an animal, they deserve it becauseContinue reading

That’s another dimension of it. It’s a symptom in our culture that I’d rather masturbate than tell any of the women that they’re right in exchange for pussy You have some “wings” for me to chew on, braindead feminist? Look who you are now. Nothing can change how morbidly obese you are. You might asContinue reading

Man this is still going on? Imagine being a leftist living in Chicongo, talk about thoughts of cognitive dissonance Wet ass pussy, looters, former slaves whose freedom is palpably questionable, people who need the charity of everyone telling them they matter, wet ass pussy. The perpetuation of people who don’t matter, that’s what the leftContinue reading