There are some sex-symbols in the world that exist that I never mention because I want to protect your privacy. J. K. Rowling is different, she can get away with anything. One of the most beautiful women in the world, and she can actually get away with someone as “awful” as me saying you’ve probablyContinue reading

I wonder if there were any effects, either deliberate or random, from the show Breaking Bad that arose from our unity with Mexico. “The United States” – does that include Mexico too, the 51st state in a sense? I think it is kind of like that, as crazy as it might sound at first. CanContinue reading

How do you find yourself visiting this site? This former president of Mexico has something to do with that We’re connected to Mexico. How many other countries can you say that about? And we act like that doesn’t exist. Did you even know this guy’s name? If he had solved the problems in his countryContinue reading

Intrissting Just a casual glance, and, does this seem slanted at all to you? “You dare disrupt my freeflow of drug smuggling?” Speaking of NY, just because it doesn’t border Mexico like California doesn’t mean there aren’t people with ties to the cartels in NYC. “Cocaine is the most commonly cited drug in NYC emergency department visits.” This is aContinue reading

Happy weekend to you. I’m still on this Mexico kick, this is the report I’m reading this morning that’s already sending me off opening multiple tabs within the first few pages. Something to think about, to dig up dirt on, is the geopolitically obvious Plutocrats of these US states, and their ties to the cartels.Continue reading

Believe it or not, most of the the supposedly “hateful” things I say stem from my awareness of the beauty of life. What’s a frequent experience for me is that I’m most thankful when I’m walking, I feel most human when I walk. When I’m online I feel like a brain in a vat. WhenContinue reading

There’s an unexpected dialectic between our destiny and Mexico’s, which shouldn’t be such a surprise, since, again, they’re on our border – and the MSM has been effective in obscuring this from us This seems to be one of their central problems. Sound familiar? sigh. I try to have a conversation with rational adults, andContinue reading

The more I research Mexico the more I feel I’ve been psyopped the last four years. The media is effective, that’s why it’s so dangerous. All the vitriol we’ve seen from the left stems from the situation in Mexico. And it’s either underemphasized or ignored entirely. They distract us from it with other places andContinue reading

Once in a while I do find a pretty good MSM article. I know some might find it annoying that I bring up certain subjects all the time. Do you want to understand the present political situation or not? Because the Middle East and the “new state” there are closely bound up with our perceptionsContinue reading

Not finding much published on the cartels after 2015. This one from 2018 looks decent Lots of “criminal” concepts can be found in older books it looks like Someone suggests we should legalize all drugs in order to fix the problem.. hmm no thanks Finally- this looks like the perfect study. From 2014. Doing theContinue reading