“Beautiful, intelligent” how many women can you say that about today? Where are you, do you even exist? I live in a political order where they have to pretend they don’t exist. “We still exist, just watch as I post a selfie to the KKK forum.” Whoa, the KKK, that’s too naughty. Euro aristocracy hasContinue reading

Awww you’re still a little Jewish bitch who has to subscribe to Zuckberg Goyjack and all the rest. Don’t you ever feel shame? You believe niggers have souls, you like watching basketball, you have a dumb cunt where your mind should be. Look at you, you never change. You are bought and sold, you areContinue reading

Donald is a type of highlander which we know of from the Gibson movie. He is a warrior who pretends to be a professional. The president is supposed to be the “Wise Old Man” of the day, that’s what the founders intended, and Biden is not the sleepy old man who they want to representContinue reading

I downloaded a couple english PDFs on Iranian cinema and I didn’t even bother looking at them, because I just knew, the west is rotten to the core. So instead I looked around on the engine parsijoo.ir and found this post which is making me hate the west even more He even cites Allan BloomContinue reading

Livejournal post on the death of Stalin, Purim, and the Book of Esther – insane twist of history if true. A would-be Sviatoslav who was taken out once he set his sights on another type of “reactionary”? They don’t need to ship you off to Siberia today. They’ve perfected their Pavlovian methods. Most of theContinue reading

I find lots of white writers on the arabic goodreads sites too that seem to have been erased from the cultural memory – here is a former congressman who considered himself an expert on “this” Look, another one from the 80s I’d never heard of, here’s an LAtimes review of it Noor-Books is back andContinue reading

Alexa, show me a book that looks perfect even if I can’t access it Emile Abbas? That sounds like it could possibly be Western?  إميل عباس Google takes me to an Arabic Wiki page of an actress from Kuwait. She’s been in so many movies. From her page I find this It would be sweetContinue reading

The Wall-E future of hovering wheelchairs. That’s the direction the US is going. Children are reincarnations, they want yours brown and thus with less attention-span, probably lots of sportsball in the future. Morbidly obese and brown without much of a spark of thought going on. Meanwhile you think the Warburgs and DuPonts are going toContinue reading

“Me and the bankers are good pals” – keep posting like you have dignity. “Me and the media are great friends” – so you have no dignity at all. This is 99% of people, and they look at each other and think, Wow, you don’t have any dignity either? Me too! Let’s pretend that weContinue reading