Rekt The fate on its way for so many millennial women and the gen-z’ers who look up to them, it’s so sad to see. That Haitian said you can get a prostitute over there for $10, I told him that’s nothing, in America you can get them FREE! They all think they’re “independent” too, whenContinue reading

A crisprnaut like this? (Approximately what it’ll look like when I escape redaction in 2062 by the way) Or if that’s too far into the realm of fantasy then, a robot that targets PGMs and extracts them like this? X-Men might be lucrative mining material for supersoldier enthusiasts. Wait, a synchronicity Currently prospectin pdfs thatContinue reading

Look who it is, it’s butterface back here to hear about how the Creator stuck their fingers in their face and swirled all their features into ugliness, or lazy idiocy, and how they now mysteriously hate all beautiful blond women and intelligent whites males, and want them eliminated from the earth so there’s no oneContinue reading

Still have never seen a post about the Übermensch. We just see you as peasants who have no sparks in their minds. 10 billion posts about how people we found in huts still have hope and zero posts about how we might be able to create an intelligence beyond white people. $ “I need toContinue reading

Lately I’ve been concluding that the Zoo Hypothesis best explains the Fermi Paradox. They see us like we see those uncontacted tribes in Vale do Javari The main thing you need to grasp is the infinity of the universe which can’t be understood. Planets that don’t reach a certain stage of evolution are seen as–well,Continue reading

You might wonder why a Stalinist would write such an extensive and sympathetic book on his class-enemy par excellence. It’s because he wants you to understand him so well that you’re able to go beyond him in a Marxist direction. This is admirable, leftists like Losurdo are extremely rare. When I read that he’s aContinue reading

I go through so many pdfs on a daily basis, often only reading a select chapter or two before closing them out, and so my tabs are in a constant state of fluctuation. All except a couple that I (unconsciously) have deemed important to read which remain and that are never closed out. This oneContinue reading

Top of the list, pat yourself on the back why don’t you I’ve posted a few times now about the need for wikipedia itself to be disrupted, and even on this very wiki page there is evidence to bolster that claim I wonder what would be on this list if it had not been madeContinue reading

Another mystery, Earth’s formation We didn’t have to travel to the asteroids, they traveled to us. According to their calculations, about half percent of the material in the mantle was added by those meteorites. “That sounds like not really much, but it’s about 300 billion billion tons of material,” Willbold said. “All the precious metalsContinue reading