Instead of surrendering to my id and fantasizing all day about secretly knocking a woman up without the feds discovering so they don’t ruin her life I’m choosing to challenge myself to get a better grasp of what I take to be the most perplexing of all ancient artifacts Writers like Aristophanes, Thucydides, that’s takingContinue reading

Speaking sharply, the Jew telos has a morbidly obese black woman connected to it. Why else would they defend them and enshrine that attitude as state-policy? They identify with them. Half of the identify of the “ruling-caste” is an obese savage that found its way to a civilized country. I don’t relate to that atContinue reading

Okay nerds, I have something potentially crazy here for you I referenced this once before, and also made a different post talking about how Olympiodorus was the final representative of Plato’s Academy. Did it survive in disguise? That would be pretty sneaky. Because it was closed by Justinian in 529, and this study in questionContinue reading

Rosenberg cites an obscure historian, Levi Herzfeld, who talks about this apparently The way their time in Babylon is typically portrayed You know that negative connotation we have for the word “Babylon”? Who made Babylon the way it was? The idea we have of it was that it was a den of harlots and idolaters,Continue reading

You know that son-in-law of Wagner’s who helped run Bayreuth in the early 20th century? Rosenberg built on his thought Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts, which he designed as a continuation of Chamberlain’s Die Grundlagen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts “I thought you said there’s no hope?” What else are you gonna do? Think I’m gonna go playContinue reading

I feel like I’m really getting into some of their heads when I read this they could survive only if they observed the Mafia principle of Omerta, silence or death. No wonder that the Jewish poet Heine remarked, “Judaism is not a religion, it is a misfortune.” “That’s ME, I’M in this picture!” You sureContinue reading

That book on ritual murder was immediately suppressed after a thousand copies were printed It was written by the son of the “Pope of the Jews”, the chief rabbi of Rome. Another “oddball” it looks like. Audacious- 7 years before he wrote this one he wrote Eating Jewish style: Jewish Cooking in Italy from theContinue reading

Always good to see something like this This was shipped with that Goodson central banking book. Truly not going to beat that book, I wish there was a separate volume for each chapter. Protip- if you mess with these people they have worse methods than actually killing you. I’m a loyal follower of the mustacheContinue reading

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