Алекса́ндр Ге́льевич, I once again recognize you as one of the only people worthy of address. I am an American, and thus will always be your enemy. So I see certain things about you that I’d like to share as your friend. You are always on the back foot, always taking the defensive. Some ofContinue reading

You can be a sophist all your life or be a philosopher for a few years, eventually get driven out, dust yourself off, walk away. I don’t know why anyone would choose the first option. It’s not a good thing to sell your soul.

While I’m on this particular tangent I’ll say that I actually know a couple women of the French aristocracy that have survived into modern times. Much like a quivering hologram I find them. Learn how to speak French. That is your Duty. Didn’t you know I can inhabit your superego? Antidepressant pills are a placebo.Continue reading