Hardcaster represents “the Marxist internationalist” in The Revenge for Love Hardcaster’s self is divided. Instead of being an integrated adult, he is split, like Ratner in The Apes of God. The two parts of his character correspond to Pullman and Satterthwaite in The Childermass: the former the bespectacled schoolmaster, the latter the fat, baby-faced schoolboy.Continue reading

I keep having a similar occultic dream that I’m always relieved to wake up from. It’s not a nightmare per se, just disturbing. Lovecraft himself made a “cameo” in this last one. So I suppose I will discuss the occult since the experience is fresh in my mind. Here are some of the only resultsContinue reading

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Suicide is definitely one of the viable options for the rare ones I speak of. Living in a world of permanent niggers. What’s the problem with terminating your program permanently? Anything you say will only be interpreted by permanent niggers.

I got a friend to try out that Beyond: Two Souls game from the Quantic Dream studio today so I feel the urge to discuss video games generally. I would’ve had him play that pirate game Black Flag (pure aesthetic splendor) but I didn’t have it on hand. Beyond, though, is among the top 10Continue reading

Just because I know it gives people anxiety, the idea of perversion interests me. You sick freak! This fits well with my sadism to discuss this. Thirsting for you to feel pain, lowkey lowkey. Don’t judge me, I’m messed up in the head. There are some provocative titles out there I definitely relate to thisContinue reading

Dostoevsky is what one could consider a functional schizophrenic. Notes from Underground is not just an “autobiography” in fictional form, it’s also a parody of his OWN SELF. Many people read Notes as not a parody–I did this when I was a teenager. The “hero” of that novella is a joke to Dostoevsky, in myContinue reading