Ezrera Plata We need self-referential poems these days This is what we can expect of the female Dionysus. Ezera Plata, Daryan Dugin, what would you say “life” is today, if I were talking to your ghost? “First of all, this does not represent my viiews, this is a yankee pretending to be me.” Are youContinue reading

Something like this interests me about our grand continent My intuition about her is that they call her schizophrenic when she was just creatively eccentric. That’s just a warfield. A woman who had to live amongst William’s and Henry’s insights? She was vastly damaged by that. She interests me in how she took it. It’sContinue reading

I know people probably think I’m messing with them or trying to pull a fast one when I say I believe that Humanity is One. I do believe that, there are just mostly 8-bit interpretations of that claim in circulation. Anyone who denies it you shouldn’t take seriously. This is what EVERY discussion between leftContinue reading

The gulag system was always about putting the pure ones of society into slavery, and the human turds into places of prominence, out of jealousy–and that’s the end of the story.

Such a violent boi, you can tell from his playful eyes This face says to me “I shit you not, they really ARE like that.” He’s from a generation when you could joke with someone without expecting it to be a spiritual fed 100% of the time. “Satire” isn’t something bookish, it’s ordinary reality whenContinue reading

I don’t care if you want me to stop bringing Rowling up. I’m Malfoy after all, so of course you’d hate me. Some books affect kids in bad ways. “Jo” is sort of like “Ben”, a Franklin type. “No one gives a shit, we’re all muggles now!” Who? You? “No one cares about Harry Potter,Continue reading