I try to put myself in the place of a covert agency, let’s call them the CIA¬≤. I wonder, “If I were them, what would I do?” Grin and smile, while remaining “serious”-faced to the public for the most part, probably. Looks like this book is asking some important questions 10) – In contact withContinue reading

Hmm am I feeling schizo enough today to read another book by that alchemy/transhumanism guy Relevant concept. Also I just found this loon through Farrell Five books on secret space programs, buddy are you feeling okay? (I might have to look into these.)

What these “oracles” determined The Star Trek idealists are held back by the Mad Max demos. The intelligentsias of those countries are laughing at us for BLM. And they’ll laugh at the next leveling operation du jour.

Another paper on GRIN, this one I’m wondering if it’s a prank Real-life precogs being used by the military?? An immediate quibble I have is that I only keep finding material on the (indirect) theory of the ubermensch as it applies to creating supersoldiers. That’s as misguided as applying CRISPR to plants. Dude I wantContinue reading

That’s the plan (in the providential sense). From an essay on GRIN. If you think I type while wearing a monocle from time to time (yeah right I have 20/20 vision why would I need one of those) wait til these “people” emerge. PURE DISDAIN, I can’t wait. Probably won’t even have to type, someContinue reading

While the accuracy of this is iffy, at least they’re moving in the right direction. “You’re bad at everything, you’re scientifically hopeless, looks like we’re selling you off to the sweatshops, kiddo.” Well, isn’t that what would cross a parent’s mind? I’d totally sell someone who would grow up to be a normie posting BLMContinue reading

Did you hear about this? 16 neo-nazis if you ask me. Naive-me half a decade ago was told by an Irish person that they were “the niggers of Europe”, huh, I always thought that was the Italians. Maybe if I was nice to you for a change, if chungus rubbed your shoulders Hm there’s aContinue reading

Both world superpowers are too PC in their own ways to apply the brains of their societies to anything besides plants. Clue- it’s because the brains of their societies are themselves plants. “We need to feed people.” “You mean those retards?”

Currently looking for an updated version of this All it would take is for a country to develop humans with twice the verbal IQ of the Ashkenazim and they’d be able to take over the world. I bet this was suuuuuper “polite” and extremely biased wink wink Create a monster that wipes out all ofContinue reading