You give your money to sophists who paint an incomplete picture of reality, so I’m back in another gulag again now. One gets the intuition that people prefer to live in shadow.

I ask Billie Eilish’s big boobs to match herself against Taylor Swift’s superior Mind. These are tensions of the European mind that we deal with in the present day. “If you make the struggle too explicit both will hate you.” I’m only looking for true love. Seriously. If Ariana “Grande” can give that to meContinue reading

“I feel like you make me want to call you daddy.” Allergic recations, the end of the story is that you’re my daughter and I love you more than any nigger kike or white piece of shit loves you.

“Why don’t you paint a portrait of our favorite people?” That’s not how this works. If you wanted a portrait of someone in general standing of respect in 2022-3 you’d have to use VPN to leave a comment under my post. As for the former favorite people, I think Jack Dorsey is a relevant psychologyContinue reading

I found myself reading another study on women when I realized I’ve been unfair to men and haven’t written much about how psychoanalysis pertains to them. So I googled around and discovered that anxiety is a lot more common among them than I expected. I’m realizing I’m dogmatic about this concept, believing “the existentialists areContinue reading

Of course you know C. S. Lewis–the threat to approximately nobody–and not Wyndham Lewis Lewis’ antisemitism [is] profoundly related to his conception of selfhood as a Western or Aryan attribute “You think about jews all day!” I probably think about women more, I just tend to keep that to myself. It’s a pretty serious subject-Continue reading

Kooool Don’t listen to GreenBERG’s lectures, they suck (as you could probably predict). Look what else audible has They even have an 8 hour audiobook on some obscure Pound writings. Librivox has a wide range of recordings, they’re just not done by professionals so they have a way of ruining books. Heh this is ironicContinue reading

A sophist is someone who doesn’t fight dragons. More often than not they’re even the scale of a dragon. It isn’t obvious they don’t fight dragons because they tend to devise an “aesthetic” that hides this about themselves. Active and conscious distortion IS common, it’s just that the norm for a sophist is to provideContinue reading