Returning to the beginning of the life of the mind in a different way now- through Xenophon’s Socrates. I caught me another pokeman. This one begins by musing on Rawls and the Constitootion on the first page, very sneaky. Eventually in this introduction the author claims that Book IV of the Memorabilia is an ancientContinue reading

Different ways of returning to the beginning of the west If you could find me a book on Aristophanes better than Strauss’s I’d be forever in your debt. I highly doubt you’re going to be able to do that. This is all about the problem of progress. You don’t have to believe in progressivism toContinue reading

Posthumanism is not happening. Not quickly anyway. They’re too humble of beings. It makes you wonder how we ever evolved at all. I wish the aliens would accept me at least, I feel I’ve proven myself at least to them. If you can’t accept harsh realities pertaining to caste then the posthuman will never exist.Continue reading

From the same book The sole subject of the parabasis is the birds–their being the most ancient gods and what it means for men to live with the birds or to live like birds. This is one of the central chapters, which some say is when he tends to get most explicit. And this aboveContinue reading

Strauss is just too sneaky, I feel the urge to reread everything by him now that I have a better understanding of the secret themes after years of reading his students There’s something sinister about this too when you remember he was a Jew. “Yes, we designed the play for you, the play you callContinue reading

No surprise Winifred is the one who sent Adolf the paper he wrote Mein Kampf on when he was in prison. Yes This personal relationship [with Adolf] drives much of Winifred’s story and when it has been told, her contributions as the head of the Bayreuth Festival are rarely discussed. 15 years she was inContinue reading

Still preoccupied with Winifred Wagner. Can’t find that biography on her. So until I do I turn to one of Wagner’s son-in-laws instead, Houston Chamberlain, who wrote a book on him, as well as ones on Kant and Goethe (so not a normal person). How philosophy and art were interpreted prior to the cultural shiftContinue reading

Staring at a Bacon painting is not something I’d suggest if you want to be part of normal society. That’s a secret message. There are levels you can’t understand if you are orc or goblin. The French aristocracy shifted to the Germans after the former’s “revolution”. The Germans themselves have experienced a rabble-attack from allContinue reading

People really think that elves aren’t real. There are also two castes of orc. One orc is closer to an elf, except it convinces the other orcs it’s good to be an orc. There are also approximately two castes of elf too- one is quiet about what it is because it infuriates the orcs toContinue reading

5 hour interview of Winifred I’m so sorry to people who followed me through this labyrinth. That taco place, that’s the first time since covid I was around lots of strangers without masks, and… let’s just say that if they intended lockdown to be a psyop to return people to normalcy after bad orange manContinue reading