Looking around for what else old cannibal-face Moshe Idel has written about and this seems apt for a modern readership He focuses more on the “ecstatic” side of this avenue though, and I’m more interested in the sephirothic system, which leads me to find this freak from Denmark Before I explore his thought I speculateContinue reading

I’ve already gone over the edge so might as well keep going It seems that Nasr likes to play it safe. This is a world still concealed from us- how their symbols par excellence of the Man of Thought and Man of Action interact. Sorry I keep barraging you with names, I see this asContinue reading

This is funny Ibrahim ibn Adham, is reputed to have defined the three phases of asceticism (zuhd): (1) renouncing the world; (2) renouncing the happiness of knowing that one has abandoned the world; and (3) realizing completely the world’s lack of importance so that one no longer even regards it. Knowing the third stage preventsContinue reading

Academic-types might appreciate this one That’s not my “bag” exactly so I’ll leave that to you. Just showing you there’s more than one avenue that can lead to the oasis. Imagine, somewhere you can talk about “capitalism” without mincing words! I’d never try to manipulate you by framing Iran as a “developing country” would I?Continue reading

Interesting judgment Gobineau believed that the Iranian people needed the philosophy of Descartes more than the philosophies of Spinoza or Hegel because, unlike Cartesianism, they are ‘oriental’ and offer the Persian scholars nothing new… Instead, he wished to introduce ‘Western’ modernity to Iranians, which above all is represented by Cartesian rationalism and dualism, because theseContinue reading

Shamir putting into words something I sense I wish Corbin would talk about it this way The Church has to decide what is more important, self-preservation as an institution or preserving the Covenant of God and fighting for Islam with Jesus against the Jews. Muslims need the Christians to convert to Islam in order toContinue reading

Back to this Franzos character, one of the main Pale time-capsules In the drive to dissociate himself from the Ostjuden, he stressed his father’s aristocratic pre-Inquisition, Sephardic background. This was not unusual; Jews often sought to construct a counter-myth about more respectable origins, and Spanish Jewry was viewed by many as a suitable antidote toContinue reading

Have you ever seen it phrased this way? esoterism is no longer necessary; and that is why all the resurrected Christ’s secret teachings to his disciples have been piously relegated to the Apocrypha along with the other Gnostic books It reminds me of one amusing point Guenon made, that the New Testament wasn’t even originallyContinue reading

Would they ever allow a citizen of the Great Satan into their stronghold? this seminary professor considers the presentation of the correct interpretation of Masnavi as dependent on knowing the mystical principles and has expressed the difference between the views of Rumi and Ibn Arabi about Imam Ali  Rumi’s Masnavi is considered the Persian Quran.Continue reading