As I stir the cabbage into the corned beef tonight, I wonder if my female followers are able to grasp how, your daddy is me now. Whatever you want to call it. I’m your “spiritual husband” I guess. “I deny this! I’m the friend of the niggers. I love jews and africans and latin americans.”Continue reading

You can take the following as fiction if you want- What the UFO tells me This is the end of your mission. We have other planets to focus on now. There is a cycle of time before we revisit a planet to determine if it’s ready. Here is me again. They found this place wanting.Continue reading

Huh, how much time in a day These are word-counts of some of the longest novels. Plato’s complete works are somewhere close to 600,000. King James Bible somewhere around 785,000. How to spend your time in life? You have to wonder. A couple of the other longer ones, Don Quixote by Cervantes, and David CopperfieldContinue reading

It’s interesting how this course, “36 Books That Changed the World”, is arranged- Such a conspicuous amount of creativity in England at this time. One might almost call it a Second Revelation. Or a Newer Testament. “That’s a third revelation then!” Why? Isn’t the Old Testament a strain of “pagan literature”? So, I naturally seeContinue reading

As to the female population, You’ll conspire to disappear me If I reveal your nature. “We don’t hide anything!” Do you want to stop hiding yet? I’ve sired many spiritual daughters, And they seem to be happier when a man takes control. “When a kike bribes me my pussy feels dry.” You’re starting to getContinue reading

I know that neither the Russians or the West enjoy seeing themselves as one entity. Well, we are. The west tries to look at Russians as Mongolians from the east. No, I know a “vanillaface” when I see one. Russians and Europeans are cousins. Not brothers, cousins. Whereas middle easterners, south american indigenous, chinks, etc.Continue reading

Been trying to wrap my mind around chemistry today He’s a product of the escape from the Bolsheviks to the US (similar to Rachmaninov). I try to show you these people who deserve honor in our culture and who are mostly unknown. Here are a couple molecules most people are familiar with And here areContinue reading