“Nice 700 page book, now make it 800.” Nah. As with that “Deception” post, one “page” of that contains more thoughtcrime than 10,000 tweets of a given Twitter account, how about you cause chaos for my entertainment for a change? I know, this is asking the impossible from the terminally and shamelessly uncourageous.

Hey why are you still reading my personal journal. The hottest fantasy I have is telling a girl to go off her birth control. I have to be careful though with the weltanschauung the way that it is. In our climate this is the expected result of that: Millennials need to learn from their mistakesContinue reading

I don’t even know why revenge surprises me when all I do is deliberately attack everyone’s way of life. Just try to think about what I say for a moment instead of retaliating thoughtlessly is all I ask. The essential debate is to be had with oneself. It is about the love of one’s ownContinue reading

The reason for everything I say, the reason for denouncing the vices of all these various demographics. What percentage of the population even understands this goal? 1%? Most are content with activities designed for the lowest instincts of this species, why would they care about bringing into existence a higher species? Whether it’s consuming shitpostsContinue reading

Trust me I didn’t volunteer to be play a role in this fucked up genital dialectic. Now that I’m here I’ll say, after a million references to my dick it’s only fair for certain women to acknowledge that nobody wants to be inside them, nobody wants that thing sitting on their face. This has toContinue reading

Roasties are so disgusting, in a matriarchy it’s culturally unlawful to grimace at them. Hopefully in the next few years we can start marking them as unmarriable with visible tattoos and making them work as laundry maids in basements out of the view of the public. Anti-muses, civilization ruiners. Non-roasties show yourselves!

Proggism in 1966: Proggism in 2019: “They have nothing to aspire to, nothing to emerge from, they’re perfect the way they are!” And with this tolerance-imperative in place, advanced culture loses its value.

After being burned alive at the stake on a daily basis for close to a year now I have to surmise that psychology hasn’t developed very much since the medieval age. Sharper and sharper is the realization that I try to prevent a lobotomy from being performed on the already-lobotomized. Say the reference to zombiesContinue reading

This couldn’t be real… Or could it? This is what most of the people in my thoughtsphere want confirmation of. We trust Mel. Is it as egregious as this? Based on the messages many of their movies tend to send, even if this wasn’t literally true, some might deem it an apt allegory about what’sContinue reading