I remember clearly like it was yesterday, November 2018, another one of those refreshing confessions- a Marxist frenemy posted (right on the timeline!) the warning that you should not engage in dialectics with a Platonist. I should’ve known then that that’s all that ignoble crew is about.

One of the things that’s a blockage in the minds of the ones who know what’s going on all too well is that they have a friend or two or a thousand whose egos would be eviscerated if what they knew were to be divulged. I dunno, are you supposed to lie to your friends?Continue reading

I’ve felt bad about being cruel to the Irish–(others are like “What about me??” I don’t know, what about you?)–I just wonder if you find it insulting that there’s a sensitivity surrounding the subject, whereas people just blatantly make fun of Italians with impunity and I anyway do this thing where I frown slightly andContinue reading

I’ve been in physical pain and haven’t even been able to go to work, and you expect me to poast… Where did I even get this obligation. You have to be either a mystic or an idiot to live the way I’ve been living the last four years, and with what I’ve been dealing withContinue reading

Share this meme or you’re neither a real communist nor a real christian Oh, is something stopping you, anon? The bioleninists who see the injustice of this petty human-type having so much control hold back from saying anything about it because they know that as fellow unchangeable genetic trash just like them they “are lookingContinue reading

It was refreshing the one time I saw a leftist admit that they are indeed of the orc party, and that maybe? they should collectively formalize that. One time I’ve seen it admitted. And once again I remind social scientist types of the ratio involved here, roughly one to thousands, tens of thousands, I’ve lostContinue reading

I deserve the world on a platter, and instead I get millions of death-threats. There’s probably an obscure causation going on with that. They know I’m right so they want me dead. Really, Girard? They did that thousands of years ago? What a relief we’ve advanced as a society since then. [the sickening rabble: *winkContinue reading

Insidious internet family who all disagree, no that’s not what this is no that’s not what this is. Where a particular type of voice is excluded. “That’s not what this is.”

The grand irony of it all Is NRx in fact fascist? Not remotely. It is probably, in reality rather than self-estimation, the least fascistic current of political philosophy presently in existence… (Land)