Things not looking too good for me for the next couple weeks, dunno how much I’ll be posting. How happy I’d be if I could teach my version of philosophy at a university. Then again, it would probably only be a matter of time before I started looking for a way to get thrown outContinue reading

Espionage! That’s just too much to ask for in our time. Or is it? Imagine a girl with inclinations like this: People are seriously concerned with the wrong kind of “species” going extinct. I’ve seen many admit right in public that they prefer the opposite type of existence. I don’t have time for you animals.

The beneath-the-surface reality of the Sanders craze is that a vote for “Bernie” is a vote for Equalism and thus a vote for the pacification of the machinery of society that was made to feel 😰 from the 2016 Decision against Super-Equalism. Every affirmation is a negation, so a decision in favor of the machineryContinue reading

One of the reasons I’m such a misogynist, if you’d like to know, is because no one ever stood with me against the covert agencies. They just let me die out in space. Standing against the demos is another, related story. They’re all just such conformists, with cash registers for souls.

Even though I have pretty much unlimited freedom in the realm of political and religious esoterism, I’m not allowed to tell a specific girl that her face reminds me of a chipmunk’s, if I wanted to, hypothetically, so you can imagine my annoyance. Exotericism is reminiscent of refraining from teaching a kid how to useContinue reading

For instance I can count on one hand how many thinkers I know who so much as bring up this distinction let alone expound on it (it’s deadly to “existing society” to do so 🤣) the final end of religion is to guide man to God, to enable man to be delivered from the bondageContinue reading

My old friend was in a band, and was playing bass in the apartment one day, and it struck me that he strummed it like a prole, something mechanical about it. This was before I had well-developed caste-consciousness, I don’t know if normal people pick up on these things, or if the [hysterical jewess voice]Continue reading