For the pedants out there, I had the previous thought while reading (((Adorno’s))) essay on Spengler, with the mindset of Goebbels. Am I really Goebbels though? He seems extremely ignorant. If he were born in the 1990s though…?

I wish Land and Moldbug would write monographs about their favorite thinkers. Exit society, exit the society of the internet, for some months, to get away from people in every sense, and meditate on their “best friend of the spirit”. To renew interest in them in a way no one else could and make themContinue reading

Another day of trying to use theory to justify firing-squads. “higher chatter” – is he wrong? An example of something that isn’t higher chatter. “Everything is chatter, it doesn’t matter.” Read that, it might change your mind.

If you’ve found yourself restless and anxious and not sure what to do with yourself during self-quarantine you’re proving my point that certain castes wouldn’t know what to do with otium if it bit them. Maybe UBI would be cool, I just don’t think it’s thought out too much. So many (most) would use itContinue reading

A third French Revolution in the works you say? You’d have to be some kind of conspiracy theorist to think that. Seriously though, the following is the mainstream view Just as an example since I don’t watch TV or movies anymore, I can be in four of any NE US states any given day andContinue reading

Prior to WW2 some engaged in “history-bending” like I do using the French Revolution. Suspicion regarding the justice of that historical event as can be found in Burke and de Maistre frees up the kinds of thoughts that would lead to a Schmitt. The Nuremberg trials parallel the decapitations of French aristocrats in a sense.Continue reading

On that note, it looks like it’s going to be a studying Schmitt kind of day. Would be too bad if people started to realize the state of exception can be used for “other things”. No one cares, you’re all dead ⏰

Don’t mind me, just going to start jacking off to tight asian porn for a year then start to judge you white ladies. What’s that, you’re a bunch of loose whores, wow you’re so sexy, where can I sign up?