Me and my fellow part-paisano on the right quietly wondering why we let anglos eat at the same table as us So much sour grapes cope like this I see constantly. Then again, we’re all living with WWII internalizations- whoa good for you brits you shot and bombed a bunch of italians looks like you’reContinue reading

Glad to have a mutual disdain with humanity, wouldn’t have it any other way. Anyway, I’m so sick of most people, children who have the rights of adults. Socialism: an armed community which wishes to be free, which at bottom does not tolerate any hierarchy, which is united in its exploitation of common goods, whichContinue reading

This ‘face’ does not show as brightly since the Palestinian has been merged into a less rightful and more amorphous category than ‘the Other’. Alternatively, Levinas’ Israel cannot reach its sovereign ‘height’, that is, its greatest fulfilment of its ethical duties, were it to discharge heavy dues towards this minor Other. Harsh way to frameContinue reading

J/ACC, when will you post that Martin Luther King Jr. was a nigger and get it over with already? 🥔💩 Otherwise go live in a random house in Atlanta and “tweet” from there coward. Jack controls all discourse and yet he’s one of these same elites we’ve been lampooning for years who lives behind “elitist”Continue reading

Levinas the Schmittian where it counts The Other isn’t the Enemy, the Other is infinity, the Other is divinity–well, except for the Others that are actually pertinent to politics. G-d forbid the Jews are wiped out before they fulfill their transcendent destiny of turning the entire planet into an 80 IQ dumpsterfire. Not to mentionContinue reading

If you’re interested in a scientific description of the experience of empathy, the “Exteriority and the Face” section of Totality and Infinity by Levinas will help you understand leftists better than they understand themselves (not like that is very difficult) To honor the holiday, I’ll use as an example the experience of talking with aContinue reading

Oh man, first time reading this since I lost my faith in liberalism Well… you are judged by the content of your character. Be careful what you wish for. “See, this is why we hate you! Burn in hell.” Though I know this speech doesn’t carry the pretense of being anything more than rhetoric, it’sContinue reading