Sick today, might lose my job. Perfect day to pull up to my house with a limo, right, right? I hope I’ve demonstrated the pros and cons of studying philosophy in college if nothing else! If you’ve ever made one dollar off my existence that’s one more dollar than I’ve made for all my posts,Continue reading

One of the greatest illusions is that people are free from oligarchy. Anytime you say something of a leftist persuasion you get cheers and you’re like a timid bird in their hands. I don’t feel like I’m debating individual people a lot of the time, I see their image in you, you might as wellContinue reading

Some next-level trolling going on in the environs today, I hope some scribe of the cryptocene has been jotting some of these things down, so much has happened it’s tough to keep track of it all. It’s all a ~coincidence~ wooooo.

“This isn’t fun you jerk! Nazi space vampires REEE!” Never fails to boggle my mind that people like me are interpreted as the villains. Anyway, it would be too bad if we were to co-opt the highest IQ kikery for our own purposes, huh Bloodhounds? What makes you think I have bloodhounds? I don’t haveContinue reading

phenomenology funomenology Leftism = the concealment of the accusation No matter how much ideology “de-colors” their vision, being-in-the-world-as-a-POC is in a subtle sense directly experienced as a crime, or something to be guilty for, and this accusation is pushed from consciousness, rarely ever manifesting as speech. See, funomenology.

Would my fellow theorycels of the left be pleased to know that I’m spending the lord’s day studying about Levinas and the “face of the other”? Oh yes, we can use the continentals to bolster all sorts of atrocious things. Why are you even in this group chat anyway? smh No moral fiber that’s why.Continue reading

I have a heart, I’m just like you, I don’t want blacks and browns in cages at the zoo. I just think that would be a funny sight to see is all. Is that so bad? The way the left works is through superimposing soothing symbols onto realities they don’t want to accept. All youContinue reading