Take my word for it or not, the most relatable allegory of our time is Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End. There are various people in the environs who cannot be understood by the public. They have to refashion their awareness into myth as Plato and Nietzsche did, or fly away to another planet.

Greetings from the flattery website. Are you prepared to be flattered? Marxian redpill The contemporary left is concerned with POC, women, workers, in that order. AOC for instance is all three, hence a prime candidate for affirmative action. In a way that reverses the left’s utilization of the Habsburg jaw, her tits act as aContinue reading

I feel sorry for some of the people who’ve followed me on this never-ending LSD trip. What is life? This need not be a philosophical question, in many cases philosophers only distract from the ordinary. Usually the best person to ask about this is an old person. A great majority of them will often mentionContinue reading

Reading the first line of Adorno’s How to Read Hegel essay The ways in which Hegel’s great systematic works, especially the Science of Logic, resist understanding are qualitatively different from those of other infamous texts. … I think “So much ressentiment prevents people from even trying to read Hegel” and then a bit down theContinue reading

Found a convo between two POC wherein the leftist subconscious articulates itself with abnormal clarity. Id Superego And some people beneath, questioning, Only til the end of the 24th century?? These two Types above, when put together, get to the heart of the engine of the left. FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OF PUTTING PEOPLE INTO COLLEGESContinue reading

I used to have a pretty good Adornoid friend who eventually blocked me, for you can guess whatever reason, probably 2014ish, and he used to quote Adorno and I didn’t know what the hell he was saying at all. Now I read him and it all falls into place pretty readily. And my commie ambivalencereadersContinue reading

For Christ’s sake (figuratively and literally) I see now… they just learn priestcraft from me and instead of discussing priestcraft like I do, they use priestcraft. The Christianity to science causation which opposes it to all other religions in the world was very likely due to people not doing that. A gradual dispersal of priest-consciousnessContinue reading