One way you can spin it is to say that some of us are too proud to submit to the norms enforced by these morons: In other words, we’re too autonomous. We see what they want us to believe to be the truth and the proper mode of life and we have a pride inContinue reading

I’m redacted because many of the pranks I formulate are live-options, no Ashton to step through the door to say gotcha! What I call an actual gotcha. “Noooo this is the end of history, there’s no alternative to the way things stand now.” Transferred from one digital solitary confinement cell to another to keep thisContinue reading

Do you remember the show Punk’d? It’s so stupid compared to the shit I’ve pulled. Just feeling cynical lately about the futility of sharing “pranks” when the public isn’t allowed to access them. You can’t prosper in this world unless you’re a domesticated idiot. Just want to say goodbye to humanity and leave them toContinue reading

And what does a state secret busy itself with? Naturally enough, trying to figure out what “the state” … is. They don’t want people thinking too much, especially about political ontology. Does our state provide people with security? If you believe my above line to be true you might conclude yes, too much security. IfContinue reading

“Leo Strauss agrees with Schmitt that any fundamental critique of liberalism must begin with Hobbes.” Going to trust a couple of my favorites and begin at the beginning 👋 How did you find yourself in this group-text, anon? This is supposed to be a state secret.

Arendt articulates the subconscious hesitance of the status quo: On some level most people want to avoid permanent revolution. This can be a healthy instinct. In times like ours, not so much. The arbitrariness of political orders as such that the French Revolution made visible doesn’t “haunt” anyone in America really because it’s so well-hidden.Continue reading

So much religious guilt is displayed today. Some of these girls want to explain themselves, when nothing they say will ever lead one to forgive them. Blame the society for creating them. Even if you do they’re still cat-lady material so it doesn’t really matter. “Society is responsible.” Okay, I’m sorry, that isn’t going toContinue reading