It’s weird that throughout a lot of this I’ve had a crush on a persian? indian? academic, something like that, definitely not white in the traditional sense, just high-caste. There’s a certain type of arab-ish female that understands life better than most white women.

You really think a lot of Marx, and for that matter Sanders, stans don’t smirk at thoughts like this and never post it on the timeline? Instead of pretending that either of us want pluralism to exist in regard to the other, why not break the US into two states? It’s because the Maoist leftContinue reading

I can read the thoughts of some of my Marxist lurkers. They have their own version of “menacing”. I see them quietly steepling their fingers when I make visible parallels to Mao’s China. They mock, Like a well-oiled machine, isn’t it? There are self-aware totalitarians among them. Remember this? Yep, just transferred from one ox-penContinue reading

A disturbing “thought-report” from a gulagged Chinese reactionary I am glad to go to the countryside or the mountain area, join working people and participate in physical labour, or work at the grassroots level, in order to change my worldview … I am now well prepared for long-term self-remoulding anywhere. That last sentence- that’s theContinue reading

Thinking back to my first comment on that 365 thread that ended up with 2152 comments contrasting Artxell with the North Korean escapee T. K. Seung. I see my POC readers like potential Seungs. They can’t escape their people or their people’s politics, they can’t escape them to find a better life elsewhere. PC leftistsContinue reading

Ever feel like this? Good girls won’t feel abused by my words. Only ones who know they have done wrong do. A lesson for you. I’ve been alone for a few years now and I feel ready for love again, maybe there’s hope for you if you try that?

Kike scared Brexit is a subterranean antisemitic movement. Let’s look again at the values that the EU enforces. After having studied one of my favorite Jewish frenemies, Derrida, all this is way too easy to deconstruct. The main thing to keep in mind is that anyone who is hostile to the dissolution of the EUContinue reading