This Iranian seems to know his stuff

Like I said earlier, it would be a relief if we were wrong about all this.

genealogy noises

Is there leveling even within their own ranks?

He claims things changed between them after WW2

The voices of the Sephardim, I’d like to find some of those.

Something to explore later

The more pressing matter

He says A) here is where they “plan their sinister goals”

This seems far-fetched–then again, who knows

This is what I like to see – book reviews

Preferably with links too – this guy gives a number to call – is that how they order books in Iran? We’re talking about potentially groundbreaking studies in historiography, at least from a Western perspective. He says it’s a popular book in Iran.

See what I mean by historiography?

Now, I’m not reading these things uncritically. I’d like to see how they prove that. It’s pretty strange that the last 19 years we’ve been in the middle east I never heard anything about this. What’s ancient history like in other places in that region? I mean, what’s their side of the story? Pretty strange you never hear their side of the story and Iran is our enemy number one. Talk about being uncritical.

See this, this makes me wonder how biased they are because this seems extreme, maybe it is true?

Isn’t it also strange that Marx’s real name is Mordecai? Doesn’t this remind you of the Soviets?

Mordecai behind Mao’s famine?

Oh yeah I have some good news too

So you thought you could make it politically correct to insult Italians without there being any consequences? Hi, nice to make your acquaintance. The most corrupt people in history you are.

A billion sites, and the very first I click on has about 100 thoughtcrimes on it. Whoops!

This is another world –

I saw the following in that interview and realized that the Iranians probably have the most accurate takes on all those countries our best pals have been kicked out of

No results for this, I’m going to try a few different ways to translate it later. I want to know all about Queen Isabella! Think there’s an objective book on her experience with them on z-library or libgen? I’m already guessing there isn’t. How about Iran’s libgen? 10 books for every country they were expelled from? Ah this connection makes me happy. Watch, I’m going to discover that they control Iran too.

First link I click is interesting – “teh dialectic”

An ancient scandal


Xerxes was close to Socrates’ age. Probably the most important book that could be written today would be on their history of subversion and deceit in country after country.

Do the Iranians have historical documents on this or is it based on the Torah and hearsay across millennia?

This is the Jewish perspective

What would possess someone to want to annihilate them? I’m sure the Iranians have a response to that.

Esther’s cousin/”advisor” was named Mordecai. Wasn’t that Marx’s real name?

Finding conspiracies with this

Remember this from this post?

The Iranians MUST have the best takes on all this.

No results with grrrr

The Israeli google would be interesting too, to see how they respond. I’ve only looked up the USSR/Solzhenitsyn connection with that engine. Muhahaha! I wonder if they have a special slur for goys like me. Yeah right, they probably want to be my Esther in the form of an obedient housewife.

Ahh yooz isn’t that great so far, going to look for a Qatari one too. I want to visit an Iranian library.

An interview that seems too good to be true

The interviewee, Harold Rosenthal, was the advisor of a senator. He was allegedly murdered after this interview.

Kissinger, speaking of someone who needs the truth serum treatment. I’m sure most of his secrets have already been handed down to others, similar to the case of Maxwell.

What’s this?

If this inauthentic like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it seems accurate

Isn’t it a profound mystery that honesty like this is non-existent? We have Shamir and he’s on the side of the goyim. You never see one confess while at the same time being philosemitic. It would make sense that he would be murdered.

Yes, I love class-readings

I noticed that the Chinese frequently interpret the world in that way, they’re legitimate Marxists in that sense. They often call the Falun Gong class enemies.

Caste enemies. The Jews and Nazis were two types of brahmin. Geist vs. Kapital. The spirit of money prevailed, as it does today. Hitler was sacrificed like Jesus Christ. Anytime someone relates him negatively to the worst evil in the world he is crucified again. The repeated crucifixion of Hitler is a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Given the owners of the banks, all the money in the world is bloodmoney.

Whether China is controlled as well is a subject I’m investigating.

If I wanted to be a professor in Iran, I wonder if the mossad would take me out. I wonder if their banks are controlled too.

This interview is a good muse. It’s a decent substitution for the truth serum treatment on some yid.

Dear Iranian covert agencies, could you be so kind as to help me escape the US?

The CI-oyvey would probably send bought-Muslims to bring me to one of their torture sites in Libya.

Given that all billionaires are in cahoots with them in one way or another, the path of least resistance is to kill and imprison all of them, take their money, and use it to kill and imprison the ones with offshore accounts they keep hidden. Just sayin! I’d strangle them to death with my bare hands, wouldn’t you? They could easily create an anonymous media that destroys these kikes and they don’t, they’re all trash, kill em all. Dump em in a ditch, burn their corpses, bury them without a grave marker.

We are simply amazed at the stupidity of non-Jews who receive our teachings from our hands and think that they are their own thoughts.

Amazing indeed, have to give them credit.

Very fine people on both sides

The CCP MUST have secret literature on this subject. Good morning, this is called using natural reason to infer knowledge about covert agencies across the globe, hello I am the King of the Earth.

Don’t like what I’m talking about? That’s because you’re controlled by the things I’m talking about.

I realized that I neglect India, 100% because of Artxell, and I shouldn’t do that, so I’ll be looking into that one of these days too.

I know it’s a controversial thing to say when we’re living in a country like the US, I’d just like to state that… countries are different. We can use their languages and their “googles” to see what they have to say about us and each other in order to get a clearer view of the world.

Today I woke up muttering to myself about how I want to have a fed in handcuffs and administer truth serum to him and smack him across the fucking face, and then I decided to settle down and ask the Chinese about the central bank of Russia. Why do I care about that? Because that’s a place that people find “political asylum” in, and it looks like that’s a no-go as well.

Just trying to look out for people here

If I need an accountant I know who to ask, okay kike? Greedy exploitative people shouldn’t be in charge of anything else. Give me some accounting advice you rotten kike.

Epstein’s parents were exiled to Siberia for espionage. All the leaders of China attended his funeral.

Did he just pretend to give up on China?

Murdoch owns the New York Post – I wonder if there’s a connection there. All the info on the CCP, Hunter, etc.

She might be involved too

A woman with influence not only in China.

Question from a 2018 Chinese person

“He’s helping us, shut up about him.” Fox is controlled opposition, I still hold a grudge.

Finding recent hagiographic material on him on the Chinese internet, hmm… I’ll be watching you.

What a relief it would be if I was wrong about Jews, whores, leftists, niggers, all the rest. Sadly I don’t think I am. You’re all just not decent people, and mostly determine your beliefs based on the market designed by people like you. You’re pieces of shit and the reason you don’t like me is because I tell you what you are.

Every day, it’s just a normal reality for me to expect to be imprisoned or murdered at any moment, or for my site to be disappeared, and if the latter happens you can find me here. That won’t happen though, at least for now, because they just use me as the enemy that they can glean information off of to use against people like me.

Their idea in life is that they want people to be free. There’s a dialectic of freedom and they’ve eliminated or silenced anyone who disagrees with their idea of freedom. (Are they like the Chinese and have never read Hegel?) This leads to the opposite of freedom when they do this. They’re the representatives of what they hate most in the world.

“Give me a break, McDonald’s agrees with my way of thinking.” Yeah, I know it does.

All of those negative stereotypes around the world about Americans, that’s what they represent. You’re fat and stupid and think that all of your money and military mean anything in the real world. Nah, we see what you are. Can’t even take a disagreement. A fat, stupid, oversensitive moron, that’s what the US is.

“Can’t you just be nice about us?” Isn’t that convenient for you, to be surrounded by garbage countries and pat yourself on the back that you’re not like them.

The “CIA” takes this attitude of being a proud imbecile that they export to the rest of the world and brings it to the US too! People who are illiterate essentially. They are literate only in plastic, bureaucratic relations. They say what needs to be said in order to secure trust, and this is a scheme that’s gone on decades, possibly more.

Let’s have a talk on international television, leader of the CIA. We’ll see how you do when someone directly questions you. You won’t have any idea what to say, and if you do manage to pipe up somehow you will be reading off a script prepared for you by robots because that’s how pathetic you truly are in the very core of your soul.

So let’s talk. What’s stopping you?

It’s because I have you.

I’ll crush your skull, and it would be a careless effort.

The only reason they operate is because they engineer the silencing of people who disagree with them.

How pathetic are you? You can’t even talk?

Does the word “kike” mean anything to you? You can always defect from their US version of the CCP. I say that their behavior in the last decades and beyond has clearly shown that we should imprison them for questioning at the very least.

All the sell-outs of the world unite! You worthless people. We see you. The skulls in the ditches of the future will look at each other and wonder, Were we really corrupt, immoral people? And the answer from the living will be Yes.

Anyway, returning to the scholarly level, seeing what the Chinese people think of historiography is intriguing to me

And I immediately clicked this link here

Which reminds me of the one Nietzsche book I possess a copy of after the others were disappeared from my life

Easier to understand than Mandarin? Probably not

Something they say causes nihilism (虚无主义) over there – the Doubting Antiquity School (疑古派)

The reason why the old things are mentioned here is because it is related to our attitude towards Chinese history and our cultural self-confidence. It can be said that the antiquity school is the source of the evil of historical nihilism.

I bet you can expect what I say next- There seems to be something similar in the west.

There are three main histories that can be doubted. They all reinforce each other. There’s antiquity, the recent past, and then recent events.

Let’s look at the obvious fact. This is the year 2020, that means two thousand and twenty years after Christ. That would align approximately with “antiquity” for us since the Greeks are–and it never stops being suspicious to me–designated as barbarians implicitly. Things aren’t the same they are regarding year 1 as they used to be, and that’s a pretty recent change. Doubting Christ’s divinity is just a normal thing one can hear. You used to be looked down upon for that in our countries. Now it’s seen as a good sign to not be one of those superstitious Christians who believe in a bearded man in the sky. So that’s the first type of history. The next one is the recent past. Year 1 in this second type of history is clearly 1945. That cannot be doubted, because that causes historical nihilism when you doubt that. We already have historical nihilism regarding the first year 1 mentioned here. That’s what being a non-Christian means in the west- having historical nihilism about 2020 years ago. What makes you a non-zionist, so to speak, in the west today is having historical nihilism about 75 years ago. Are you a historical nihilist in both these senses like me? That’s why those Chinese conspiracists were able to mess with me by doubting greek antiquity and the renaissance, because those are what I see as sort of their own year 1’s. Greek antiquity and the Renaissance fly in the face of the designated year 1’s we are supposed to piously honor today. So what about the third history I mentioned? We’re in a democracy (at least that’s what we call this nonsense) so we break that history into 4 or 8 years. 2016 was its own kind of year 1. Is Trump Jesus? No, he is Christ-like in certain ways as much as people hate to admit it though. 2016 interfered with the year 1 that is 1945. What the people who don’t have historical nihilism about 1945 want is for 2020 to be more in line with the year 1 which is 1945. Notice that the actual year 1 has dropped out of the picture almost entirely. What 2016 did as the “recent events” form of history is that it caused historical nihilism about 1945. If Trump wins again, that will cause further historical nihilism about 1945. That’s how it works in people’s minds- history shapes them.

Someone posted this image of He Xin, I had this thought too

If you write books on “freemasonry” and the fabrication of history there’s a chance you’re something of a lizard person yourself. Why did he suddenly stop writing seven years ago anyway? Is he in the Tiger Cage?

This is at the end of one thread on him

Yeah, they’re so bad there! At least they’re formal about it, that’s honest to put it that way. “Politically sensitive”. You just get disappeared here. What happened to some of my favorite frogpeople? Too politically sensitive to say it’s politically sensitive.

From another He Xin link

Looks like a form of honesty to me.

-thought of Jack in a noose-

This link directs me to a “private discussion” that you need to sign in to access. I wonder if there is a Chinese underworld on baidu? That would be amazing if I could find different ones from different countries – they must exist in some form?

Just hopping around baidu, looking for alternate interpretations of western history, and this might count as evidence for the theory that the Renaissance was engineered

The Medicis were usurers and I wonder if they saw eye to eye with “freemasonic” usurers. Good luck finding a reliable book on that in English.

I keep seeing the 15th century brought up

after the 15th century, a large number of paper documents began to appear. As for whether these documents are inherited or fabricated by literati, there is no textual research, but it is certain that since the 15th century The editions of the documents handed down in the future are much less than ours… At that time, every time a monument was discovered, They will find evidence from these documents, or find historical sites according to the records of the documents… How many monuments were imitated according to the literature is unknowable…

Is this just a normal opinion over there?

The history of faith in Europe was after the 18th century, and the history of Europe before the 18th century cannot be verified.

It’s true that we look at China and think of them as changing history across their history and we look at our own history as innocent and accurate. Like I said, a rat beyond all rats if we could substantiate this line of suspicion.

Maoists up to their usual tricks

Scaliger used Chinese materials to write two “pseudo-historical classics”-“Time Correction” and “Chronology”, the content of which is mainly his “chronology” framework-“Bible Chronicles” and its Subsystem, the latter includes “Ancient Civilization” (Egypt-Two Rivers) and “Classical Civilization” (Greece-Rome). 

Once again though, good luck even being able to speculate on this

fabricated “God’s chosen people”

China is probably the only country you could expect this theory from.

This is another Chinaman

Zhu Xuanzhi lecturer: The modern West is China’s “sub-civilization”. 
Mr. Zhu Xuanzhi stood at the forefront of rethinking Western centralism and introduced the latest research in foreign countries.

This is just pure craziness. Elaborate rationalization.

Still, it’s the best conspiracy theory I’ve seen for a while. Who knows what happened during the Opium War. And before that. Marco Polo’s travels were around 1300. I’m just trying to be sympathetic to these people. If China controlled the world they’d probably alter our idea of history, so why wouldn’t we have done the same thing centuries ago? If you feel messed with at all from my posts on this, then you might get the idea of how malleable history is. All in all I find these Chinese trolls highly amusing. They claim we stole the figure of the Trickster from them too, ironically.

While it’s possible that this is orchestrated CCP propaganda, I’m trying to read it seriously because it seems it’s from a renowned scholar – and no, looking at our own academy I’m aware that these two things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Here’s the first link I found

Few Chinese people know that there are at least two Roman empires in history (there are far more than two Roman empires in actual history).

Some chapters

This is too good to be true, we have a rat beyond all rats if there is indeed evidence for these sorts of claims. Postwar historiography is questionable, that’s for rookies, how about all of western historiography? Trying to up the ante here.

Don’t make me laugh He Xin

It’s not bad to leave some flaws for the fake foreign devils to pick up and soothe their inferiority and pain. 

Mask off with this Chinaman

Greece as a country did not exist before 1832… The manuscripts are all after the 15th century…

I don’t know what to think of this guy, for now I’m taking this as a psychological case-study of a Han brahmin

I haven’t seen any evidence for his claims yet, this is just an interview I found, not his book, and I’m just wondering what would motivate him to write on this subject.

they thought Greece was the ancestral grave of the Western white foreign devils—this ancestral grave can’t be taken away! 

This is a challenging case, because one of my first impulses is to react defensively, and tell him that his country is the real book-burner and revisionist par excellence of the world, when it’s fairer to say both sides are likely revisionist.

This reminds me of that debate I was pulling from the other day between the Singaporean and former lieutenant – invigorating! People tend to find similarities between Buddhism and Christianity, when you think of east/west dialogues, super dull pluralistic worldview inspired crap in my opinion. THIS is a real question – centuries-old revisionism.

This is getting to be my refrain- if it’s a conspiracy theory after all is said and done, at least it was an entertaining one

In fact, the so-called “Renaissance” is this movement to forge ancestral graves. 

I don’t speak Chinese so I can’t be too accurate in a “diagnosis”, his words though seem to express hurt.

If you think back to my post about Mao’s famine and how they cover it up, and if you think of how they still haven’t entirely moved on from what they call the Century of Humiliation, it makes sense that they would react this way.

Following his line of thinking sympathetically though, well, first off, I’ve said before that any person who juxtaposes Confucius and Aristotle and tells you they’re equals is being a bleeding-heart, Confucius is nothing next to Aristotle- it’s possible that some writers that we know as ancient greeks were originally chinese, and they were carried via the silk road to other places in the world, meanwhile burned without a trace in China. It’s possible! How he would prove that on the other hand is another story that I’m investigating now. It’s especially intriguing that the book he wrote prior to this one was on “freemasonry”. We will learn either that the foundation of western history is fabricated or we will get a look at contemporary revisionism in China, so win win.

My initial sense is that he’s similar to Xi in that he seeks to walk his own path rather than follow the western one. This is a mistake that many POC make. They prefer to study POC writers while demonizing the western ones that can actually help them.

On the other hand, this can be seen as the work of an ideological mastermind, given that they see the west as evil, it seems pragmatic to attack the root itself rather than present-day surface manifestations.

Someone from a forum discussion

I wonder if the latter book here is a beautification of sorts. Beautify China, discredit the West, would make sense. If China does indeed “rise” beyond us, you can expect this sort of thing to be mainstreamed in the west.

Heh, another good one