Different ways of returning to the beginning of the west

If you could find me a book on Aristophanes better than Strauss’s I’d be forever in your debt. I highly doubt you’re going to be able to do that.

This is all about the problem of progress. You don’t have to believe in progressivism to believe in progress. The rigid rules of the Unjust City are what prevents progress. People adapt to them with ketman. Socrates represents not using enough ketman.

What is significant about Aristophanes (among other things)

Everyone should care about this because everyone is a philosopher to some degree. Even normie progs are. (Think though of birds vs. air). Every person, as a person, is beholden to the rigid rules of the Unjust City in one way or another. So how does it respond to you bending them or breaking them? Probably not altogether kindly.

Usually when I talk symbolically about “clouds” I’m throwing Aristophanes out of an airplane without a parachute. Not sure if you caught that allusion. Nonetheless, like I’ve said, he’s the primal clown in the good sense of the term also, and we can learn from him in that sense. I just happen to find Socrates funnier.

Let’s look at old England for a second – remember Fielding’s plays caused the Stage Licensing Act to be implemented

Do you ever feel like a Foote, dear reader?

Satire is inherently subversive. Socrates represents an excess of subversiveness. Aristophanes demanded–humorously–that Socrates respect and fear the gods. This is the beginning of laughter. (At least the recorded beginning). Someone who doesn’t respect and fear the gods, now that’s something to joke about.

Most people relate more to Aristophanes than Socrates, and are birds rather than air. They might feel one with the air, they just wouldn’t betray their fellow birds and chirp to them about that. That might cause a collective identity crisis. Thus, if you chirp about the air you are inviting “Aristophaneses” to ridicule you, and no one wants that. Birds want to fly, not hear chirps about what they’re flying in.

A quick rundown on how Aristophanes is similar to Socrates

Trigaius, the hero of Peace, is not afraid of the punishment of Zeus; Mnesilochus, Euripides’ father-in-law in the Thesmophoriazusai, knows that only human authorities can punish him; Blepyrus, hero of Pluto, or Wealth, does not hesitate to challenge the father of the gods in order to re-store Pluto’s sight; Pisthetaerus, the superhuman founder of the Birds, dethrones Zeus and obtains his absolute power over gods and men

The difference is that Aristophanes still respects the gods by using them as characters at all. He respects the convention of the gods. Socrates dispenses with convention altogether.

The essence of old Greek religion was to partake in the nature of the gods, to watch human beings from Olympus while remaining a human being. Socrates partook of their nature too much, he was more Zeus than Zeus himself. Athens had the choice to adapt to this new version of divinity and they chose to kill it instead, preferring the old, all-too-human gods. The orc religion.

As humor is illegal in our day, BOTH Aristophanes’ and Socrates’ style of subversive refinement are blocked off from everyone

both Socrates and Aristophanes belong to the same species of man, although to two different subspecies

One often hears the Greeks were freer. This is one of the ways they were. Even Aristophanes gets the hemlock now. This difference is rooted in the fact that the Greeks had a different religion. The gods of Olympus were human, not absolutely beyond reproach. Our overlords today are flawless, aren’t they?

Anne Frank was forced to live in a cupboard under the stairs! Wait wait, I’m getting my myths mixed up.

Something to keep in mind if you want to learn some new myths

Pisthetaerus kicks Meton out of the city of the birds. Meton is the character most similar to Socrates.

In our time of “witch” hunts you’d be better off with the moderation of Aristophanes. Then, only about a “quarter Aristophanes” is allowed today. Just to put the echelons in clear order, even though I know the birds hate to see it. “I don’t see anything, I’m not a bird.”

Posthumanism is not happening. Not quickly anyway. They’re too humble of beings. It makes you wonder how we ever evolved at all. I wish the aliens would accept me at least, I feel I’ve proven myself at least to them. If you can’t accept harsh realities pertaining to caste then the posthuman will never exist. We’re just stuck at this measly humanity. “We have AI that soothes us about being subhumans.” I repeat myself, the posthuman will never exist. I thought there was hope there for a while, and I don’t think many could take the implications. This idea of “white nigger” for one. Yeah, that’s real. “Who cares about the posthuman?” That’s what darkies said for hundreds of thousands of years, that’s why they stayed in the jungle. So when you wonder that you remind me of them. It’s only the opposite of what we’re going to be getting. Reactionaries often want to avoid leveling, and they a lot less oftenly say what the opposite of leveling is. It’s beyond humanity in the way that we know, and that involves talking about the KKK, sorry. We can only plan for the opposite of the posthuman in the future. The west has proved incapable of taking up the challenge of opposing that. You can think of it in class-terms if that’s easier to understand- whites had the option to choose between rising in class or descending and out of pity they’ve decided to descend. I can already intuit how that’s going to play out, and I can only anticipate that for most it’s only going to smack them in the face one day without them expecting it. Yes, you were once middle class and now you are slum level. That’s the future the west has chosen. It already had chosen that a while ago, I just lived in false hope for a while there. You probably didn’t learn about “the angels” most of your life and weren’t capable of experiencing them without breaking down. That’s fate. Monkeypeople aren’t ready for posthumanism. “I’ll stop being a monkey and put myself in service of it!” – I literally can’t imagine anyone saying that. They’d rather just be apes and not think about it. All the tribalists in those uncontacted amazonian clans probably feel the same way. So I hope you don’t hold it against me when I call you negative terms that fit the reality. You’re cool though bro, honestly. If you’re part “elf” then there’s good reason for you to survive in this world through whatever means possible. I just try to tell you the ideal. And that’s condemning 99.999% of people without any reluctance. Do you want to be one of those darkies in the jungle who never thought to evolve? That’s what most whites look like to me. I’ll never apologize for how ruthlessly I’ve spoken. It’s an understatement to say I’m not content with present-day humanity. And I think many are similar. I at least fucking say it, what do you do? In most cases probably you apologize for the way the order calls for people to turn into apes instead. That makes you one of those darkies in the jungle who never evolved and had to rely on the charity of white folk to leave the realm of the animal. How could you possibly face your conscience and emerge not feeling ashamed? I try to bring about the beyond-human, and almost everyone else tries to rationalize why the less than human should be the future. This is the true state of the west. They’re unable to burn the social contract which is the prerequisite to escaping the human, they can never accept they were taught lies all their lives about being someone with an equal soul. You don’t have that in most cases. You seem like an animal to anyone with sharp perception. Many use bots to remind them they’re people too. That’s a good joke. I’m not seeing any humanity there. The nigger has been detected. Posthumanism isn’t happening. Blowup dolls, cowardly zogslaves, and kikenigger “culture” are what you can expect in the future. I tried to show you another option was possible. It really isn’t. People aren’t ready for that.

From the same book

The sole subject of the parabasis is the birds–their being the most ancient gods and what it means for men to live with the birds or to live like birds.

This is one of the central chapters, which some say is when he tends to get most explicit. And this above is so explicit I almost don’t want to explain it. The theological-political is not some kind of external entity, it is YOU, it is me. You can decide what it is by being a certain kind of person. Problem is, you will be persecuted if you decide to be your own theological-political. Kabbalists “play god” in this way by nature, and they and their goy minions don’t like when we do the same thing in our own way.

Good to know

The Peace and the Birds are the only plays hitherto discussed that present actions against Zeus.

Aristophanes has 11 surviving plays. A cynic might interpret the above as Strauss’s subtle way of talking about overthrowing the goyim, not “Zeus”. And we can re-interpret the same statement for our own purposes too.


In the parabasis the birds attempt to win over the human race to their cause.

Nope, the human race likes their Yahweh too much- he lets them get away with being garbage.

Truly what’s going on in the US, whether you can accept it or not.

Anyway, Strauss talks about the birds preceding the gods. Think of this in the context of my posts on Jenny’s books. She only talks about the gods, not what precedes the gods.

Do I even have to explain to you at this point how that translates into 2021 language?

sigh. Explaining only invites hemlock, that’s how it works.

Truth precedes the dogmas of the time. Those dogmas very well could be true. The point is that they’re able to be put into suspension at least temporarily. And the irrational rabble can’t have that for even a split second. “What do you mean dogma? Like what for instance?” Use your imagination… (if you’re a bird).

Ah the Ein Sof

The birds say nothing here about the genesis of air… Surely one of the darkest points in the birds’ dark account of the origins is the status of air, of the principle par excellence according to Socrates’ account.

There was only so much of being a bird Aristophanes could take, that’s why he slandered Socrates. He was the air that contained him!

You probably heard the story of how after Socrates knocked Plato for a loop Plato burned his plays. He was originally going to be a playwright before he met Socrates. This is similar to my point about how Hegel talks about drama being the finest art while being a philosopher himself. Prior to the play Clouds which demonized Socrates, Aristophanes had already written two other plays. One might imagine Socrates asking him irritating questions that made him doubt the morality or truthfulness of those plays. Socrates WAS the Ein Sof. That’s not allowed in reality, that’s immanentizing the eschaton. The best you’re allowed to be is a bird, as long as you keep quiet about it, and preferably an orc-bird, never the air the birds fly in.

Or to put it in the usual way I put it, one might imagine Socrates winking at Aristophanes about the theological-political. Aristophanes thought he was lampooning the most powerful entities in Athens, and Socrates probably showed him there was a greater context that he was afraid to question. And thus Aristophanes lampooned Socrates instead of that greater context.

On the birds and the air

Both doctrines transcend the sphere of nomos

Recall here this about quantum physics. Birds like to believe themselves birds, they don’t like to be reminded of the air. They’re proud of being birds because unlike humans they’re able to fly. They don’t like being reminded they fly in something, because that makes them feel like a “human” themselves. Feels good to believe oneself to be a bird and not a human. Jesse!

Strauss is just too sneaky, I feel the urge to reread everything by him now that I have a better understanding of the secret themes after years of reading his students

There’s something sinister about this too when you remember he was a Jew. “Yes, we designed the play for you, the play you call your ‘life’.”

As sneaky as he is, he is leagues more explicit than the typical Talmudist, to say the least. His willingness to be explicit I see as his own dissatisfaction with being required to live a life designed for him. And this is probably true for many of the writers on that Index. Being “sneaky” is the most freedom they’re able to have outside of the “design”.

Strauss’s genius is in optics. Besides maybe a couple early letters there isn’t anything you can directly quote from him that would be perceived as “incriminating”. I always bring him up because the smarter ones are just like him today. And who else to care about besides the smarter ones? He is their 20th century precursor, no one did it better than him. Smuggling truth in past the rabble. Heidegger avoided political philosophy after the war for obvious reasons. Strauss kept quasi-aristocratic sentiments alive with his form of optics. You’ll see many of his followers pretend they seek to defend democracy. No, that’s just the word they use that they keep their agenda behind. All you have to do is use that magic word and people fall for it. Sorry I’m so explicit myself, this way of speaking just seems like one of the only Aristophanic options available (I’m often laughing as I type things, though I’m not sure if others find it funny). There’s also a dark side to this in that the neocons appropriated certain of his tactics to justify the recent wars in the middle east.

Not many writers can be said to free you from political slavery. Almost 100% of what you read on a daily basis, if I had to guess, only justifies your slavery in one way or another, and almost always in an indirect manner. Strauss is indirect too, he just has the aim of freeing you.

Look how subtle this is- this can obviously be abused by evil people

What is incriminating about that? I challenge you to explain how it is. You’d look like a fool talking about “birds” in the “sky”.

Talking about “the gods” at all is itself conspiratorial given that the casual onlooker is not going to equate them with Secular Ideas.

Unfortunately “justifying slavery” is all most people are capable of, so they’ll just read this post of mine and be a bird in the sky that does just that. It IS possible to be a bird that subtly redefines “the gods” so that people are more free. Possible, not likely.

There’s an irony to this book of Strauss’s which is titled Socrates and Aristophanes. It’s about the plays of Aristophanes–allegedly. Really it’s about Socrates through the plays of Aristophanes. And we know that one of those plays was one of the main factors that led to Socrates’ execution. Strauss is indirectly saying in the above quote that Aristophanes himself was a bird like Socrates. “Birds?? Wtf are you talking about?”

Think of my post from yesterday about elves and orcs

Peisthetairos compares the situation obtaining between human beings, the birds, and the gods to that obtaining between the Athenians, the Boiotians, and Delphi

The neocons were the goblins that used this way of thinking for their own purposes against the best interests of the Athenians, aka Americans. Goblins continue to do that today, though they don’t call themselves neocons. Our guaranteed “freedom of speech” for instance is a “god” of ours and the goblin-birds have changed the meaning of it.

“Goys aren’t supposed to know about this!” What, about you dying in a future “tragedy”? Time to grab the kleenex just at the thought of it. Goblin lives don’t matter.

There are lots more birds than you might think. The nature of a bird is to never admit it’s a bird. Most of the birds of today only redefine the gods so that people have more of an irresponsible form of freedom. This is because like I said they’re more accurately elf-orc hybrids, or bird-humans. They use their elf skills to justify living the convenient, impulsive life of the orc. A very dirty bird indeed. And so many of them they block out the Sun. Gradually eliminate elves from the population each generation and that’s what you eventually get. Aren’t you living a fulfilling life, being a coarse and disgusting person who no one questions. Wow, you got what you wanted, huh? Try to be a bird for the good, please. I’m talking to an orc-bird, I forgot. Jesse–!

No surprise

Winifred is the one who sent Adolf the paper he wrote Mein Kampf on when he was in prison.


This personal relationship [with Adolf] drives much of Winifred’s story and when it has been told, her contributions as the head of the Bayreuth Festival are rarely discussed.

15 years she was in charge, and not just ANY years.

This is the main fragment of high art that was lost.

This recent dissertation claims there’s next to no scholarship on her administration over the Bayreuth dramas. They say it was like a religion, similar to the Dionysia festivals of ancient Greece.

I wonder why you never hear about her…

Hitler seemed to think of Winifred as a surrogate wife

What I want is to watch what they watched. I want the operas reconstructed. I at the very least want to know which specific ones were performed during the summers of 1933-1939 when Adolf himself attended. What was considered fine art by them, seems like a harmless question, right? “No…”

This is from another dissertation, from 2018

to date, the estate of Winifred Wagner is not within the public domain. Unlike those of Cosima and Chamberlain

It was only in 2007 that Adolf’s personal collection of music was “rediscovered”, and that biography on Winifred I mentioned yesterday was only published in 2002. People are still reeeeeal superstitious about this stuff. WHAT WAS LOST? What was their art like then? To write said biography that author had to go around asking Winifred’s friends for old letters, so needless to say it’s far from definitive. Wagner’s youngest granddaughter died in 2019 and she was in possession of many of the records.

I relate to Winckelmann in this. He appreciated Greek sculpture, I appreciate German drama.

Reading now about that interview of her I mentioned that she had no editorial control over it and there was something sneaky about it, that it shouldn’t be trusted at face-value. They want to keep that art under lock and key. I want to sit in that Festspielhaus and watch it like they watched it.

What other artist can you talk about in this way? It IS like some treasure chest they keep on some offshore site that is illegal to trespass on.

These “studies” I’ve found on this so far are so stupid, honestly. Just low-tier next to what they could be.

This one was born in 1978, what does she know?

Wouldn’t it be awful to discover she proggified Wagner?

These studies are so tedious I’m going to have to drop this for now. Maybe in a few years more high-minded ones on aesthetics will emerge. Just one of the more prominent unsolved mysteries of the 20th century.

Still preoccupied with Winifred Wagner. Can’t find that biography on her. So until I do I turn to one of Wagner’s son-in-laws instead, Houston Chamberlain, who wrote a book on him, as well as ones on Kant and Goethe (so not a normal person). How philosophy and art were interpreted prior to the cultural shift toward leveling after the war is always interesting to see. Born in England in 1855, Chamberlain first attended a Bayreuth festival in 1882, wrote books on Wagner in 1892 and 1895, then married one of Wagner’s daughters in 1908, so I’m guessing the family liked his books. Looks like most of them can be read here. Not much secondary work in English on him (I wonder why). Wagner is to this day boycotted in Israel yknow. AHAHAHA!

This isn’t something people usually think about though- what was considered the peak of art for the notsees? Sometimes people bother to read Mein Kampf, and Hitler was just a politician, there are theorists who were a lot more sophisticated than him. Same can be said about Wagnerian drama. Did we lose something there, because ‘might makes right’? He was well-received in France too before all the guns and bombs and all that. He’s one of the culprits behind that by the way. Whoops. Oo another Atlantean work on him, this one by a Frenchman. I poked fun at Roger Scruton’s late book the other day, how people have to go out of their way to acknowledge how much of a monster Wagner was. I don’t expect to find much of a real value in postwar writings on him.

I do wonder why you never hear about this

From 1933 on, the Wagnerian Hitler used the Festival for both the representation of his person and his regime.

Can’t let the Jewish slaves experience that sort of aesthetic splendor now can we.

Hmm, someone affiliated with Bayreuth as prominent as Chamberlain- Hans von Wolzogen. He wrote guides to the dramas. Looks like most haven’t been translated into English. And you know how I was looking for “the best book” on the religion of the Northmen, I might have found a candidate for that with him as he has a book on the Eddas as well.

I’m looking for the noumenon. That’s what genealogical digging is about. What was lost, was there something about art that changed for the worse during the 20th century? Wagner is thee taboo artist par excellence even in the 21st century. I’m guessing something is lost on purpose. Chamberlain’s chief work is 1200 pages, so whenever you “want to get on that” maybe you’ll discover what that something is. Using that handle kept me from studying what people had to say about him, strangely. Nietzsche’s only real friend in his life, that has to be significant. (Duh). “Swastikas!!” Time to go breastfeed, sweet child. The postwar order seriously caused a stunting of spirit. People are a body and nothing else and have no ideals, let alone lofty ones. I hate how there’s a “psychic field” and I’m one with these demented creatures in a sense. I always know what they’re going to do and I warn them not to, and they always do it anyway. I can see what is latent in a given person’s telos and the actualization of it is almost never good.

Anyway, this is probably a normal day for you here. To me, I feel like I’m unearthing a treasure chest that’s been buried for decades. What’s going on with that Winifred?! What kind of art was she overseeing? What truths was that theatre producing? Chamberlain, who greased the wheels for her, and who she succeeded, had an 800 page book on Kant and an 800 page book on Goethe, who knows what’s going on there. You can’t say that about people creating TV shows and movies these days.

He has another book titled Political Ideals – not wrong

the decaying culture of the Anglo-Saxon peoples with the relatively pure Teutonic

These figures discussed in this post they keep very well-hidden. Understanding the “beauty” side of the Nazis.

700 pages

You wish you were Cosima.

Remember this from Babylon’s Banksters?

Key to initiation. And “reanimation”.

I repeat, we’re speaking the most taboo artist of the 20th AND 21st centuries here. How to understand him without an Allies filter?

“There was no ~renaissance~ in Germany, and furthermore, ~genius~ doesn’t exist anyway!” Spoken like a true ally. “Banana horses!” Is that some kind of mental illness of yours to repeat that impulsively? (Rhetorical question.) Such stunted souls… You’re missing something if you can’t free yourself from that coping-mechanism. Whatever silences that voice in your head that demands you put in more mental exertion in life, I guess. All those demon-faces I saw at the taco joint yesterday, they don’t want to be found out. The spirit of the old Germans speaking to them candidly drives them into rationalization-mode like nothing else. They can’t deal with the unfolding of Kant’s moral theory. Truth and morality are things that niggers, both white and black, are quite hostile toward. I’m at the vanguard of contemporary cultural studies with all this and most people can do is be an inadvertent object of science. I notice they’re particularly sensitive about the holocaust, which I look at with no emotion at all. That’s of course why Wagner is boycotted in Israel, they still hold him responsible for that. Yeah and I still hold the French responsible for being too much of philistines to side with the Germans and you don’t see me not reading the French. Listening to that Winifred interview last night, I could hear it in her voice. An advanced species, one close to extinction. The old Germans make me feel like a coon in a do-rag too, so don’t let it bother you too much.

Richard Wagner expresses it frankly as his opinion that with the invention of printing – certainly with the rise of journalism – the faculty of healthy judgment has imperceptibly deteriorated amongst mankind.

“Current events R gud 4 my brane hurr hurr.” Speaking of those branes, this post should probably stop here.

Staring at a Bacon painting is not something I’d suggest if you want to be part of normal society. That’s a secret message.

There are levels you can’t understand if you are orc or goblin.

The French aristocracy shifted to the Germans after the former’s “revolution”.

The Germans themselves have experienced a rabble-attack from all sides and now mostly only rabble exists.

Is that you?

“I’d never admit it if it was.”

You’re right, you’d never admit it.

People really think that elves aren’t real. There are also two castes of orc. One orc is closer to an elf, except it convinces the other orcs it’s good to be an orc. There are also approximately two castes of elf too- one is quiet about what it is because it infuriates the orcs to learn there are things that are not orcs, the other “is itself” and is usually swarmed by orcs and quiet elves alike. “Shut up, you’re making this up… What about the goblins though?” Goblins? None of this is real, we’re all the human race. There are also elf-orc hybrids and orcs that betray their own kind. There’s also a type of elf that betrays fellow elves because it feels too sorry for the orcs and goblins. This is a confused type of elf, a 3/4 elf. All of God’s creatures will be doomed if it’s only orcs and goblins that exist. “What about, like, Chinese people?” Part orc part elf part goblin. Then many whites are part elf part orc part goblin. “We’re humans, we’re not any of those things!” That IS what a non-elf would say, yes. The orcs and goblins have to constantly soothe each other in the presence of elves that aren’t quiet. And in my opinion, “elves” are just normal human beings in the ordinary sense of the term. You’re not allowed to be that, you’re expected to pretend you’re an orc or goblin. Some actually turn into them! That means they never really were an elf. “GRRRrrrrrr…” – both orcs and goblins make this noise secretly when they are told what they are. If you don’t, then you know what you are.

5 hour interview of Winifred

I’m so sorry to people who followed me through this labyrinth. That taco place, that’s the first time since covid I was around lots of strangers without masks, and… let’s just say that if they intended lockdown to be a psyop to return people to normalcy after bad orange man destroyed the country, it only had the direct opposite effect on me. My perception only honed during that time. I miss the paintings when I see those things again. So many lies. The way their faces move is too much, I miss the masks. “That’s life, you have to deal with it.” No, life is going to be that interview with Winifred for me, as much as I can help it. I’ve seen people openly admit, “I wish I never used the internet before.” You can seriously disturb the peace if you say a slightly wrong thing in a public place. The lies are so glaringly visible that you have to turn off part of your brain to not be a nuisance who would absolutely ruin someone’s day, if not life, with the “wrong” sentence. So I feel bad for you if you’ve been conditioned by the internet. Thankfully they make that fake like society for most people, so that hazard is usually avoided. Nothing real in public places, nothing real online, nice and safe for everyone. Faces reveal so much, I forgot about this. Everyone is so guarded about being themselves. They can’t really hide who they are either. So much pain that is built up and called a personality. Looking at people like they’re a painting, you don’t want to do that. Definitely closer to a Bacon painting than anything without the masks on. Like I’ve said though, they’ve been using the screens to engineer people during covid so many will be fine and not realize the delicate balance of lies that society is based on. I bet I’m not the only one with this perception of strangers’ faces without masks – do you see that and want to go back into reclusion too? People can be read like a book and it’s not something you want to read! Such pain. And what they would possibly do to alleviate it if in the right situation- murderous, fanged apes just waiting to happen. “Please don’t get tacos again and tell me about it.” Refining your aesthetic judgment is dangerous, that’s why they maintain relativism as the enforced doctrine. Do not discern. Do not look at things too closely or you may be horrified. This is back to “living”. That means forgetting, and being blind. Do not look for perfection because you will not find it. This is why it’s illegal to “study the angels”. The unmasked faces reveal the demons.

This is what a god would do – neech ripped him right off in this sense

While I know people disagree with me (mostly hipsters who fetishize contrarianism) that neech is the culmination of the German Renaissance, just pretending that’s an accurate judgment for a second, don’t you think it’s a devastating problem in scholarship that no one is able to write “directly” about Wagner, who you can’t really understand neech without taking into consideration? “Sacrifices we have to make.” You, YOU are a schoolmarm.

I’m going to pretend you are a rational adult and post the following, try not to get hysterical now

What can you teach us about the culmination of the German Renaissance, dear Winifred? By the way, that Wagner was more crucial for Adolf than neech is a symptom of his plebeian nature. Don’t think that being a Hitler stan causes me not to see that sort of thing. “What am I doing here??!” What ARE you doing here?

Hey, I happened to notice when we were playing that Monopoly game that you only ever rolled snake eyes. You think I wouldn’t notice that you rigged the dice? Commie nigger?

Say ONE thing about the monopolists, just ONE! One time!



You don’t mention either plane of the theological-political, you operate within its horizon exclusively. You are bought and sold, Marx would cry. What a travesty, those who claim to be his disciples today. “I want to win the coveted Stalin Prize someday!” Oh boy, those Russians were so much better off after 1917, it’s a historical fact that everyone knows very well. You apologize for mass murderers and human traffickers on a daily basis. I’d feed you alive to pigs. Literally, and you know it.

Anyway, returning to a so-called civilized discussion, that Winifred biography is apparently abridged in English. Just something to note for those of my readers with a similar pigfeed hobby.

What a woman, she never apologized

although excluded from formal authority and even banned for some years from setting foot in the festival theater, lived on in Bayreuth, grumbling and interfering, until 1980.

I bet many neech scholars, continentalists in general, have never heard of her, nor bothered to know what she was about. I bet you hate to hear it that the above is a real picture of a feminist. Subordinate to the theological-political, how sad. Nice apron you wear in everything you say, little woman.

What the flavor flave is this about

The culmination of the German Renaissance… You can’t even make this stuff up.

Winifred was Anglo-Welsh too, which makes it spicier. Perhaps even more than half of Europe is suffocated. At least we know that those dune coons are happy though, right?

It’s fine, we took the right path. It’s clear.

New taco joint down the street, adios pendejo.