He estimates it will take 200 years for speciation – that’s too many years from my perspective!

150? That sounds better.

Why am I one of the only people who tries to reduce these years? It’s so dismal.

See what I mean, show me another book like this

The anticipated biological and cultural paradigm shifts involved with exit. Next to no one even talks about exit, let alone these things. Dismal, dismal.

Talking about genetic engineering is simultaneously talking about theological and aesthetic engineering, we will create a people with higher sensibilities of divinity and beauty (again, nothing on this in the CRISPR literature still in its infancy) or my pet-favorite, truth. The occidental will to truth is looking like it might be forced to develop extra-terrestrially, though I do like the idea of seascrapers too – one can anticipate with the latter hostility from the bug governments and their peoples who from me only invite grimaces and thoughts of total genocide.

What my fellow men of good taste will like to read

Land deemed philosophy to be the pursuit of “maximum abstraction”- this seems to fall into that category.

I thought Aristotle invented every possible discipline of knowledge?? Nope

Finding a book like this is so exciting I’m on the edge of having a meltdown

Think of this picture again

A worker deliberately ignoring the ostensible “worker’s party” candidate. The bourgeois who tend to be democrats, developed an “anti-racist” refinement beyond the level of this country gentleman seated here. There is an irony to this! In their anti-racism, in their relativization of culture, they’ve actually digressed to a similar level to this farmer stereotype. Did you learn anything from my titposting? Probably not, most are beyond redemption. Think of it this way

The fat rednecks who like to eat at H👀ters and watch the “game” while ogling the bouncing breasts of the passing waitresses remind me of where the “refined anti-racism” of the white bourgeois has led. You are like one of those fat redneck proles that you thought you hated so much. All nigger culture is is body parts and sports, and to “be equal and fair” you’ve fused consciousness with these low-class apes, and now you’re not much different than the vulgar poors you have an “aristocratic distance” from among the working class, congratulations. Keep being vulgar like a hooters customer though, I know you won’t stop, because it’s already too late for you white niggers.

There is a hidden link between democracy, leveling, class, socioeconomics, and education, that they seek to keep hidden. Through the forced equalization of cultures and races in America, what they are really doing is normalizing certain poor social classes, which tend to divided on racial lines, and thus normalizing the poor education that often goes with being poor. You don’t have to look at through race, that can always just be seen as a glaring “correlation”. To think about it more clearly take this thought-experiment- instead of the black lives matter movement, imagine it was the poor lives matter movement, and to get even more accurate about what’s hidden, imagine it was called the uneducated lives matter movement. We’re witnessing a forced equalization of uneducation and education. “These are the same!” screams the left. The cultures are the same. The recently jungle to slavery to poverty culture is the same as the centuries of schooling culture, that is what the left would like us to believe with all this. Sorry, all I see is people trying to force us to believe that those recently from the jungle, slavery, and now a post-jungle/slavery impoverished lack of education are the same as us. I refuse to identify in any way with these jungle slaves with no education, which is what the equalists demand, that you identify with their culture. This doesn’t have to be racist, poor social classes simply tend to be “poorly” educated too, and only fools would want to be like them. Leftism in the present day, without all the subtexts and pretexts, means the enforcement of ignorance, and the concealment of the fact that it is ignorance being enforced, a post-jungle post-slavery ignorance being enforced through the psychological conditioning that we are equal.

You claim to try to help them then you only accept them at the level they’re at which doesn’t do anything to help them

The reason Africa is Africa is because they don’t know how to raise kids right, all they do is fuck. And the white progressives who are relativists and believe every value is the same as every other value tell you that wedlock kids grow up with good education and no crime. That’s what you’re bringing here when you treat all cultures as equal-or-else, kids who grow up with single moms who are total whores in the most pejorative sense, women who can’t raise kids right and only perpetuate their garbage-consciousness, that’s what you get when you say all cultures are supposed to be in America. Niggers who grow up thinking that fucking is the meaning of life and white profs agreeing that it doesn’t matter what you fuck, as long as you’re fucking, a truly noble people without any flaws. You fuck apes and systematically deny it, a part of your brain isn’t there. All apes care about is fucking, not about the offspring that result, that’s why Africa is Africa.

Following Deleuze in defining philosophy as the creation of concepts, the pathos of distance is indispensable. Neech theorized this first, and it was refracted through Land in his distance from the alt-right if you might remember. You need living people to help you understand ancient ideas. Twitter and the rest of the media represent modern ideas.

The pathos of distance is one of the pulls to new countries. Our volk is intrinsically so individualistic that they will hate the sound of someone talking about our volk. No we don’t exist, individualists who all agree on certain maxims. We’re not one people, obviously, you’re in the tribe that promotes elimination of individualism. You might as well be if you haven’t been ostracized yet. You hate people thinking whatever they want because that would probably make you feel bad in some way. That’s the hidden meaning of the left. You live on the same level as animals in some way and thus you relate with the detritus of the globe.

I just try to help others foster a distance from the status quo so they’re not brought to their level, and we’re living in a time of history where that’s impossible for most. You’re going to be made into less of a human, and that’s the only way you will be able to survive. Is that a good enough excuse? I don’t think so. Because many could theoretically decide to disagree and form a schism-collective. Most are too weak for that, they were brought up in this system that has shaped them to be that way. When I look around there aren’t many who aren’t at least a quarter rabble. Words don’t matter, you’re part of the vulgar wave of history, that’s who you are. No distance from it is possible for you, that’s like asking you to be different from your very self.

As much as I’d like to make my abode on the dark side of the moon just to screw with the people on earth even more, it probably wouldn’t hurt to land close to somewhere rich in iron.

And then there’s also something that goes by the acronym KREEP in high concentrations on the moon, approximately where the iron is too

K and P, if you’re a chem novice like me you’re probably wondering what the hell we could possibly use those for. It almost sounds like a miracle

Now what’s this thorium stuff anyway?

Eh, I’ll… take it? I guess?

What we need is materials that we can use to build mining robots so we can mine more materials, and so on. We’re not going to get very far landing there with a few shovels, and those bucket-wheel mining machine should will be costly to bring there due to the weight.

Once we have one or a few of these there we can use them to mine materials for the creation of more robots (muhaha) – a self-sustaining settlement is obviously the goal, and that will accelerate once we can entertain the “golfer” demographic. And eventually, like the Motorola example I’ve used, even the non-rich will be able to vacation there for a price that isn’t exorbitant, and probably even start their own patches there, offering nuanced forms of entertainment (what other sports would be fun utilizing the peculiar gravity of the moon?) I saw a picture earlier of a clear dome that could house an amphitheater for instance- the ideal place for plays adapted from some of our favorite sci-fis. Lunar theater crews, I can see it now. Technological renditions of Shakespeare, live-action satire of the foibles of the peoples and governments of earth. Forested domes with a view of the old planet for psychedelic trips. Underground CRISPR labs free of earthly laws.

Psy-phi on this subject for middle school kids

From the second part of the series

Crescent is a gene-tweaked mercenary programmed to fight to the death. When she’s captured by Crater Trueblood, a miner turned soldier, she can’t understand his kindness. Maria Medaris, once Crater’s girlfriend, has become a ruthless competitor in business and in life.

This is just pure fantasy though, right? Haha! Here’s one that’s more realistic


The one above is actual reality, as is this, which Trump signed recently

The following is fiction again

Shooting helium into orbit, sounds sweet. I mean, if you’re going to be a prole…

If you’re going to spend most days in the same room anyway…

I bet you’ve never thought about this the thousands of times you’ve looked up at the moon

Here’s where we are

And by “we” I mean us, China, and India – and by “us” I mean