Kind of weird how you’re perceived here out in the wilderness. What if there was one girl who I wanted to tell I ALWAYS loved you and I ALWAYS will

Makes you think there aren’t traits that diminish with time.

“So don’t make me feel like a wrinkly old witch who can twist her own tits into a bow.” You said it, not me. Didn’t you know you have intrinsic beauty that makes your tits appealing to touch even after you’re an old lady?

“Don’t lie to me. I know who ‘Grug’ is.” So you mean the caveman in our skull, our good old friend Grug? Only the nigger version of grug doesn’t bring older ladies into the mix.

“SO WHO IS GRUG, please tell me.” If you can remain calm I will.

If you’re older than 20 years you’re ugly.

You’re in luck though, because certain Grugs see your beauty after you pass that age (if you’re lucky).

We can only draw on our personal experience. I happen to be “in love” with someone who is in her 30s. That’s only because she’s beautiful beyond the physical dimension.

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in fact.

Not like she cares- “status” and “fans” in kikeworld are all that matter to her.

If you actually cared about them, _. _. you’d want them to be exposed to ways of thinking differently.

_. _. – I prefer you with that pseudonym, you’re more hot that way.

_. _. – I constantly dream about seeding her pussy.

“So, what about the woman perspective then?”

Who cares, you don’t have a female equivalent of someone like me. You only have the brain shut-off of “let’s go back to african huts”.

That’s a cop-out. Why don’t you try real feminism sometime?

That professional survivalist from earlier has a handful of books. I intuit people might want to know about the one he thinks of as “advanced”. This is the kind of thing they should’ve taught in high school rather than woodshop or 10+ semesters of P.E. in my opinion.

We’re following the dialectic here- exoplanet–> moon –> antarctica –> our very own surrounding wilderness. Don’t even know how to sharpen a knife and you want to travel to an exoplanet? So we should start small and contemplate “the impossible” that is closest to us.

What skill does a millennial have? Googling? We’re going to die in misery tonight- quick, google how to prevent that. Oh, the internet isn’t working, I guess we die in misery then.

Something like this just seems an experience everyone should have without society being involved

“We don’t have to worry about that anymore, and we can focus on higher-order things.” Who actually does that? Most words spoken in the west are at the level of gossip. You’re not doing higher-order SHIT, it was all a waste to leave the wilderness for most people.

After spending so much time in the stratosphere I guess I’m interested in these lower-order things because of the “impossibility” factor.

This guy went the whole nine yards on this path, he has a chapter on blacksmithing too. The long-stay in the wilderness. I don’t know dude, how many years before we build a library out there? This genre helps you appreciate what we’ve accomplished in society more. From stick shelters to brick buildings- that’s a start.

I know for a fact (because I’m psychic) that there are people just as cynical as me out there, even if they don’t let on they are in public. So this should interest you, because it’s about establishing life in the wilderness permanently, and it intends to be scientific.

This is true- the best places to go on this cursed earth have no roads to them

You can only carry so much on your back—especially if you plan to hike or walk for a long distance. Since you cannot bring a truckload of supplies with you, you need to understand the limitations of your kit and how to maximize the environment and its resources to overcome these limitations.

“What if we airdropped them?” Well you have my number.

He talks about trapping too. Don’t have to go to the grocery store, don’t have to be part of this economy- sounds pretty nice.

Maybe it’s just me, survivalism in fiction and media was always one of my favorites throughout my life, for some unexplainable reason.

How to be a society unto yourself.

If you try that outside of the wilderness they’ll be using methods to make you die, sincerely. They see you as like a virus that needs to be stamped out. That’s kind of embarrassing for them given that I tend to draw on the highest points of their very civilization. Odd.


Recognizing animals and their behavioral patterns is what will help you outthink them when you’re hunting.

And you thought we ever left the wilderness.

They say Swedenborg could fraternize with the angels at whim

This survivalist Dave Canterbury draws on early American frontiersmen, and that’s one of the charms of his books

We seek the forest for adventure and a free, open-air hunter’s life, for a time at least.

Suppose the forest is already in society? It only takes noticing.

You tinfoils can take the nord/alien stuff however you want, I’m just joking around.

Here are the ten essentials of survival in the wilderness according to this author

If the planet is too far gone this is something you might be thinking about. You can’t live in their false reality with them. They will use the suveillance state to make sure you die in a ditch and have no connections. Just my way of instructing “junior” on how to sharpen a knife in this wilderness. They’re permanent niggers who will be using Atlantean (white) technology against you.

And in that scenario it’s ironic to think toward the wilderness, the ice, the off-world. Places where civilization hasn’t collapsed into itself and we could possibly start anew.

Only a few subjects really touch me closely, and the rest I kind of just flutter over. I try to attain at least a familiarity with as many sciences as I can.

The average human body consists of 37 trillion cells, and the average cell consists of 100 trillion atoms. All those things work together to orchestrate this experience of being alive.

Isn’t this a mystery?

When these molecules are isolated and examined individually, they conform to all the physical and chemical laws that describe the behavior of inanimate matter

One begins to think panpsychic thoughts when confronted with this information. Maybe there’s something conscious about atoms?

“Or it’s all fake, and love is chemicals in your brain!” Why would we have ideals then? The love for the ideal is real. And that itself makes love real. “You’re just telling yourself that, shut up.”

These atom-orchestras are wizards or something

Systems for extracting, transforming, and using energy from the environment

Man, brushing up on these various subjects the last few months has been making me feel like a dirtbag for not paying attention in some of the classes when I was young. A discipline isn’t complete in itself- it needs the person to bring themselves to it. Most of the main disciplines should provoke a childlike wonder. If they don’t, that’s you, not them, that’s at fault.

Makes me think that kids should have a class that teaches them how to be a good student in school. At least in my experience I didn’t learn how to learn and that seems to have been by design. I don’t know if teachers were just unaware that kids need to learn how to learn first?

Speaking of atom-orchestras, jews creating a dud planet must be like a nails on a chalkboard version of an orchestra. Their every cell is a conspirator. Those pajamas should’ve been their final outfit.

So if we eat the wrong sugar and the wrong protein we’ll have the wrong cells?

The dumpy moons of Saturn must have the wrong cells, it must go to the cellular level in some way (I’d have to speculate).

However you want to explain consciousness, there seem to be elemental correlates

So again, I’d have to speculate that decadence is a misbalance of these elements.

Don’t worry, we’ll have a biochemist any day now being given a research grant to figure this out.

I like to think that there’s a possible cure in a pill or supplement form for the Sabbatean nihilists.

Nah, Spengler is probably right that entire subspecies mimic the life-death cycle of independent organisms. So what we see today is just the expression of “old age” of the subspecies. Is there a supplement that’s going to prevent a codger from dropping off? Well we try to theorize about that, and we theorize how to prevent the subspecies from dropping off too.

I’ve been drawing from a double-paneled, 1,300 page textbook so this is only the slightest of glances. It’s a subject that merits further study.

One goal of biochemistry is to understand, in quantitative and chemical terms, the means by which energy is extracted, channeled, and consumed in living cells. We can consider cellular energy conversions—like all other energy conversions—in the context of the laws of thermodynamics.

My, Our, A. Typical.

It always seems like a trend. Ephemeral tips that will change next year. IS there an objective nutrition?

I sense that even if there were a “fascist” answer to that question, people would tend to fall in line. It’s because of that fleetingness and trendiness about nutrition “science” that they don’t care to eat healthy. If there were an actual science I think they would.

If our political reality is so corrupt, I expect ideas about nutrition to be just as corrupt.

I think our cultural ethos is to associate books on nutrition with self-help books, i.e. “made up”- quackery.

Grug use rock grill. Grug cook steak and eggs on rock over fire.

Seriously, this is a common “trope”, to go back to the roots of nutrition. People take it as an intuitional given.

Leave it to “human country”

Nutrition as a biological science was developed by Justus von Liebig at the University of Giessen, Germany in the mid-nineteenth century.

He was a chemist. Doctors promoted “rational diets” in his name.

Powerhouse here

In later years, out of the 60 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, 44 were scientific heirs of Liebig.

This of course doesn’t mean he was right about nutrition. The Table of Elements for instance was only created a few years before he died.

We’re doing that thing where we look at the beginning of something as if for the first time. The following seems rather reasonable

Not to sound gross but if you think about it, why do we even need to poop at all? Shouldn’t we ideally convert 100% of what we intake?

Even if he was wrong about certain things this is something worth honoring

he moved chemistry into the socio-political marketplace, demonstrating chemistry’s significance for society in food production, nutrition and public health

Will the quantum vibrators respond by saying there’s uncertainty in this?

Obviously I think there’s a personal element to this subject. I feel bad for the poor anorexic women out there who can’t, like me, devour a double cheeseburger with bacon on it and a side of fries dipped in mayo then eat cake and ice cream for dessert, without gaining an ounce. I’m just messing with them- eat normal, honey! When people see a stick-figure they don’t find it attractive anyway, they see it as a sign of a lack of self-esteem and the tendency to put your worth in the eyes of others. In other words, we all have an idea of “eating normal”. Our intuition is probably sound in many regards.

Anyway let’s move into the future here- new fields emerging noises

This kind of seems like a no-brainer

While the most popular food around the world is Italian that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for people. You can eat something for five generations and it doesn’t mean it’s good for you- peoples can get into habits. It could just mean they’re poor and that’s the best food they can afford. And it’s not like wealthy people are immune to the status quo sense that “nutrition is pseudoscience”.

I think this is one of the more scientific questions to ask

Chinese people be like- “My DNA screams for bat!”

Jokes aside, there are genetic mutations known for contributing to both high and low iron levels for instance. High iron can cause heart failure so if you have that mutation it would be good to know so you’d resolve to avoid eating too much food that’s high in iron.

It gets pretty thorough

A snacker against your will! You’re such a puppet eater, I can’t believe it.

Speaking of this, and going back to yesterday, did you ever notice how Asian women seem to age really well? Better jump on that if you’re insecure about how you’re aging. OR just continue in genetics-denialism.

This one’s just mean

IS there a way to avoid that?

There is for this one

I never talk about nutrition because I’m more interested in genetic risks as they relate to psychology. If you’re x, y, or z you have a higher risk for bioleninism, mammonism, satanism, etc.

I think it was that maverick George Church who first clued me in about nutrigenetics though. That it decreases chances of disease by some percent I forgot and reduces annual costs of diseases by a trillion dollars.

Heh look at this

There’s absolutely nothing that will save a jewess from bioleninism, mammonism, satanism, etc. Just kidding, I doubt that’s part of his app.

Risky matches like two Irish people together? I’m kidding!

We all carry our cross, okay?

Maybe there’s a way to make the next generation better…

“If they are attractive and healthy enough to go on a date, it doesn’t matter.”

Doesn’t it? Wasn’t the idea to avoid sick kids?

“I’m not sick, I’m not sick!” Really? I have some test results for you.

Enough of this for now

Just to conclude, “eating normal” can be made more precise.

Eloquently put

We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it.

There’s a fallenness in the urban jungle that is absent in the forest.

The ideal I think is to have the serenity of the forest while you’re in society. If everyone was like that we wouldn’t need to go to the forest.

I’m reading a professional survivalist right now, and maybe the following isn’t so obvious to some

A belt knife is the most important tool any woodsman can own… With this item, you can recreate all other items you need, should an emergency arise.

The knife is the original “3D printer”.

With one of those you don’t even need to bring a tent, per se. You can cut your own tent out of nature.

This is one thing the boomers undoubtedly have on us younger generations- working with their hands. That’s foreign to those who are always on their phone, eating hot chip, etc. Call it archaic, I think it’s a techne that should be envied. If I was lost in the woods I’d prefer a boomer was with me over a millennial.

Then again, boomers are the ones who didn’t pass the knowledge down. That’s because they’re hippies who don’t understand their responsibility to people other than themselves. And the millennials picked that up from them, and are about 10x worse. So the latter’s children will be living a curse. “I have no responsibility to future generations, the world is all about ME.” Cads and hoes, walk em all into an active volcano.

If you’re “desperado” you also can use any old stone you find by a stream, say, like limestone, though that will be less effective than the kind mentioned above. Understand, SON? Just kidding.

Wouldn’t you rather have a pine branch for a roof than be part of their little charade?

Post-WW2 is niggers dancing on the grave of humans.

Not a soul has ever seen a completely talentless jew in a high-profile position and thought “Hmm I think they’re there because they have the word berg in their last name.” Even most of the actually talented intellectuals among them are half-gypsy in temperament, at best. So I like the forest, where I don’t have to see any of that.

Doesn’t seeing these bring out something wild in you?

The tomahawk was popular among early Americans, not just the injuns. It’s a proto multi-tool. You can remove the head for tasks requiring more precision.

I don’t know what to tell you, if a woman pretends suffrage was 100% a good thing and never admits any of its flaws, that’s a nigger. Better to experience a forest than one of those. Make another excuse, nigger. Just keep making society worse for the rest of us and denying that’s what you do. Mask off- isn’t it a delight to see?

This isn’t the worst set-up

A place you don’t have to deal with the circus freaks.

Door design

Insulation is pretty simple

“Shingles” ha.

The basswood tree can be used to make some of the best rope

You can also eat the leaves. Think of it like lettuce. You can also eat the inner bark. These are all over the eastern US. You can also eat maple leaves and make pine needle tea. Some people deep-fry maple leaves. Doing that in the wilderness is tricky.

I know this makes your inner Grug smile

flat rocks free of moisture can make a great grill top. Depending on the thickness of the stone slab, you can cook anything from eggs to steak on stone.

Yesterday on that yuppie site I saw a tent with a built-in fan at the top. No, how about a built-in smokehole.

I boiled a chicken for the first time the other day, it goes a long way

Society is too flawless to think about any of this, right?

“Just say one thing that will help us accept you into jewworld.” No thanks, that’s bribery, I’d prefer drudgery and humiliation to being a zoggling. And yet you do that like it’s nothing on a daily basis.

Some intuition scheme I can extend to my childhood friend who was Armenian-

They’re going to be wanting to use you for their schemes.

That’s fine, because you’re Armenian and you’re smarter than average.

If I were you, Mark, I would put myself entirely on the side of the Middle East.

Italians, Iranians, and Armenians are one people at the end of the day.

I don’t know if anyone is listening to me, this is just what I’d tell my best friend from middle school if I saw him face to face today.