Never have had a conversation regarding the goings-on of this place in ten years. It’s a lonesomeness here that only few will understand.

“We want knowledge hidden!” – jew

It’s really knowledge of the jew itself they want hidden. What a total, depraved nigger.

We the mossad “the feds of the demiurge” will kill you slowly and slowly, we will never help you like you tried to help us. I know.. that’s what living in “niggerworld” is. Just another day of being unable to sleep because no one will cross the boundary and declare that scapegoating a dissident is foul play. Filling my house with bugs, redacting me, making celebrities proclaim niggerjews as people to “acclaim” – this is how you get another “people of israel” that doesn’t have its own country. Going on two years without a good night’s sleep as the mightiest philosopher of planet earth, and the golems will want you to keep getting dumber for their own plots, take notes.

Why does Lampert have to say this?

Seth Benardete, like Leo Strauss, judged that the Symposium occupies the privileged place in the Platonic kosmos.

“No one is ready for that discussion.” No one is ready for any discussion, that’s why it’s a discussion at all.

“Is this now the HUNDREDTH time you’ve tried to ‘center’ the Plato-corpus?” Yeah.. anything else in life seems vapid and vacuous. Would you be proud to be vapid and vacuous? If so, then join the rest of the saxon world. “I’m vapid and vacuous, and this is my identity!”

You need “the Mossad” to ruin my life for many years in a row without accountability to eve say what your version of “truth” is, so I think you’re disqualified.

Don’t you want to know the real meaning of the Symposium?

It’s dudes talking to each other without anyone listening.

The NSA will try to tell you this is a homo or sausage fest and I think that is a distraction from the fundamenals as well.

Anyone who has fucked a woman in the ass knows this is not the “natural” [physis] state of being. Only vaginas and wombs are natural and thus beautiful.

I hope the NSA minions can recover from that.

“We already killed you, we made sure any woman that would breed an anti-semite would be mangled beyond recognition.”

So you believe in creating women who don’t know the meaning of life is to fight people like jew devourers.

I only say these things “at the end of time” as it were, to an audience that is “hopeless”.

The meaning of life is to fight the demiurgic takeover of reality. “It’s too late for me.”

I think blonde, blue-eyed women are a good thing in society – what is your thought about that? Do you want to see them disappeared? Then you probably are a nigger. This is why the extra-terrestrials never bother to visit earth, because they see you jewniggers here. “Aryans who laugh at us are evil, we need to bribe our way into not having to deal with their questions about us.” Banker loser. You are part of the fate of Being that makes you a part of the demiurge, I hope you enjoy another thousand years.

This study of Abulafia has less of an echo chamber quality to it than Idel and Wolfson’s. The latter have a common academic tendency of getting “bogged-down” in pedantry which loses sight of what is educative. Why am I the only person who has a “dialogue” with these Rabbis!! Life indeed is a joke, in a way most people don’t understand, and I try to help you see. Sorry to tell you it doesn’t count as a dialogue if it’s a fellow KIKE talking to you. A “jewish dogmatist” is a redundancy.

What are you, listening to me in the “conch shell”? Yeah I really bet your enemies are shells if you are so desperate you have to shut them up. Just give me a “greasy shrug” in response. No one ever said poetry had to be about the beautiful, it can be about ugliness too.

I think we know who the Sitra Ahra are, my very very good friends.

I’m not a machinator. There’s an irony to this you really need to know. In my style of “Shi’ism” Leo Strauss has a prominent place. I’m basically speaking for him when I talk to you irredeemable kikes. Specifically in his course on Plato’s Symposium. He put the Kabbalahbrain right to that, unpacked it better than anyone. Jews have a problem of not being able to appreciate anything non-jewish. They don’t care about the Good, they care about the Jew. Strauss didn’t say this explicitly, nor do I think he even could fully grasp it the way a goy could, he just set the essential idea down for future people to extrapolate upon. Whether you want to accept it or not, Strauss is the “Hegel” of the Jews, it’s not Kojeve or Deleuze. You have to accept he’s right about most things or you’re a fraud, that’s it. Doing that of course would make you condemned in today’s “niggerjew world”. Here is his course here. He is the real “Keter” of 20th century jewry, it isn’t Scholem, Scholem suffered the problem that Strauss diagnosed. Believe it or not, narcissism is not a virtue.

“We’re going to keep you hidden, we don’t care.” Even Marx himself talked about Eastern jewry as the English language equivalent of “niggers”–ITZIG–so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Just trying to have some fun as a spiritual Norman utterly alone for years against the new decadent ruling-caste. It IS fun too, “grand politics”.

“I was there for you!” Yeah right nigger, why don’t you just sell your soul all the way and get it over with?

I am continuing to try to free Kabbalah from the hegemons of contemporary scholarship. Similar to examining Crowley’s appropriation the other day, I want to go back farther in time to the first major goyische appropriation which was by Pico della Mirandola during the Renaissance.

His main sources were Abulafia and Menahem of Recanati who both died just years before the Zohar was written. So if the Zohar were to be “rewritten” with fresh eyes, what would be immediately significant to focus on? We might be able to use Pico for this thought-experiment.

Keep in mind that most of the writings of Abulafia and Menahem of Recanati are still not in English. Pico had access to a Jewish Christian convert’s Latin translations. Someone by the name of Mithridates translated some 5500 pages in total.

Why is it so easy to find stuff like this?

Just as man and the lower priest sacrifice to God the souls of irrational animals, so the higher priest Michael sacrifices the souls of rational animals.

This Yid’s study I’m reading quotes the Latin without translation.

Let’s contextualize what I’m doing here. It’s 8-bit to say “the government keeps us stupid” – every punk teenager knows that. Here is the Buddha Elista’s take on the matter

A goy has neither wisdom (Hochma) nor understanding (Bina) to intuitively see or rationally comprehend the causes of the chaos that is being created.

Moreover, he is unable to realize the occult background ( daat ) of what is happening… The goy has already been lowered below the triad of right feelings (chesed-gebura-tiferet)… already lowered to the triangle of lower existential functions (netzah-hod-yesod)

Studying these kikes reverses the engineered descent from Hochma and Bina.

From those 5500 pages Pico derived his own idea on the “prima et vera cabala” (the first and true Kabbalah).

HAHAHAHA they’re all too stuck in netzah-hod-yesod for it to even matter to talk to them, might as well be chimps. Failed souls, and “someone” is responsible. In what world is deliberate niggerization of a population not a capital crime? I must be one of the only sane people around to think that. Even in 2010 people weren’t so lowly. A country can be ruined so fast.

Anyway this is interesting in light of the discussions of nomos

the unerring judgment that singled out the “mysteries of the Law” as the heart of Kabbala.

This yid says Pico concluded this primarily from Abulafia’s commentary on Maimonides, Sitrey Torah (De Secretis Legis).

This yid is just dropping textwalls of Abulafia in Latin

they are to be fed with coarse things in which the fine ones are kept secret

The mysteries of the Law can only be discovered through the combination of letters in the Divine Names. Pico knew this, most occultists even today do not. I’m not sure I’ve even seen Elista or Bjerknes mention it.

sciri enim debent, revelari autem non, praecipue in scriptis

Schmitt’s complex concept of law seems pretty straightforward in this context!

Remember Abulafia is the one Idel is most obsessed with.

If I have any readers who actually care about this stuff you’re pretty much a monk in my opinion.

I don’t know if you’ll trust me that you DO NOT want to be stuck at netzah-hod-yesod. It is a SORRY sight, from the outside looking in.

You can almost understand this just by knowing English

id est ineffabilem de supersubstantiali deitate theologiam, sapientiae fontem, id est de intellegibilibus angelicisque formis exactam metaphysicam

Aside from political motivations, I also study this stuff for “the profoundest knowledge” discussed yesterday. We need a synthesis between Athens and Jerusalem.

Pico was writing during Machiavelli’s time

Keep in mind- the aim here is to get the originary goy perspective on it

Remember Hochma above? Wisdom? The CH in Chabad? Scientia receptionis is the translation of hokmat ha-qabbalah. I.e. this is “Jewish Scientia”.

What would Goebbels be doing if he had internet? Duh.

This is kind of gnarly- Pico was incredibly ambitious, trying to synthesize Platonism, Kabbalah, and Christianity (he even read the Quran)

Originary goy says- alphabetaria revolutio and triplex merchiava [merkabah]

alphabetaria revolutio was his way of speaking of the combination of letters. It MIGHT AS WELL be a “revolution” for the goyim world. No one knows about it, or no one talks about it at least.

What could this mean?

you will know how to roll back the law… Begin to roll back these ten letters and attach them all together first according to the natural combinatorial number, which belongs to them

Antinomianism has its roots in this perhaps?

This yid says Pico’s alphabetaria revolutio was modeled on Abulafia’s “revolutio legis” – legis is “law” in Latin.

Finally a practical clue

I will speak a little in the mystery of the combination with a slight nod. the first is aleph and tau; this is called the first combination…

Enough of this for now. The yid who wrote this study also translated Spinoza’s Tractatus Theologico-Politicus into Hebrew. Must be a fan of secrets.

Apparently one of Dostoevsky’s novels contains veiled political themes

I’m of course not droolingly braindead enough to ask the English-speaking world about this. I can only hope (in vain) that you’ve also adjusted your own instincts in that way.

This was published the same year as The Birth of Tragedy. It’s a subtle attack aimed at the very writer who popularized the word “nihilism”, Turgenev.

Imagine asking what Americans think of Dostoevsky. Especially when we have the Rusnet.

While I know there’s controversy surrounding the idea of calling people “demons”, I don’t happen to have qualms with it myself, and if you want to call me superstitious for that I really don’t care. “Demon” seems like a fitting word for many people. I believe that regarding them in such a way will be good preparation for “the day of the rope”. Time to kill the demons.

This novel is also known by another title

Does referring to “it” as ressentiment make it any more scientific? They might as well be possessed by a demon. Golems, liberals, degenerates.

Kobian = Concept of Public Security aka that theory about Hasidism and Buber from the other day.

How does this master psychologist characterize the international crime family anyway? In many ways actually. At shekina.mybb they see him as one of the only ones who anticipated the Bolshevik enslavement and mass-murder.

If you’re a fan of Russian literature I strongly suggest you search for the name of an author at shekina.mybb, because in all likelihood they will show you something about them you didn’t see in the text.

They say he learned of “possession” through personal tragic experience

The same ones must lose their personality and turn into something like a herd and, with boundless obedience…

taking away the will of nine-tenths of humanity and remaking it into a herd, through the re-education of entire generations

They say if Dostoevsky were alive today he’d be condemned for “gymnastics of the mind” (their usual definition of anti-semitism).

Speaking of master psychologists, the shrewdness of types like Dostoevsky seems to have been inherited by a few of the Russians at shekina.mybb

I can think of so many eyesore-libs with this rationalization. Nasty stank-hoes in many cases, though many men too. Fools that they are do not realize that there is no tikkun, only clip (kelipot, demonism). It’s only degradation for its own sake. Like I said- eyesores all around. Everyone just gets more and more like jews, more and more likes blacks, more and more like latinos, more and more like women. There’s no positive side to it, no “tikkun”. Subhumanization in progress, how truly disgusting. (Grifting is also a descent into the kelipot that accomplishes nothing substantial, another pseudo-tikkun.)

Isn’t this disturbing?

Take your soul out – turn off the lamp before the Face of the Savior, and now you are nothing – a lump of protein, a gray dot – an atom among other atoms, directed to activity by the will of the “chosen minority”

It’s all real!!!!!

You’d do well to see what they have to say about The Grand Inquisitor [Великий Инквизитор] too.

Many people have failed the temptations of Christ in the wilderness, and now they are demons

Franki here argues that the Grand Inquisitor represents modern-day humanity better even than Goethe’s Faust.

Apparently Lenin hated Dostoevsky?

Anyway, sticking with the book in question, I finally find one of Elista’s takes on the matter

“Demons” is especially hated by the heresiarchs of the “ROC MP”.

With his immortal work, Fyodor Mikhailovich dealt a crushing blow to the Kabbalistic doctrine of idiotized Tolstoyism, professed by infernal fiery ones 

He sees this novel as an “addition” to the legend of the Grand Inquisitor. And that it’s subject is about the communist moshiach project.

How could demons pick this idea up about themselves from this novel?

[the] idea is that suicide is the greatest ideal of demons. Or, as I understand it more simply: demons tend to die, or self-destruct… They ruined their souls for nothing 

It’s interesting that these guys focus on this one novel of his for the most part. Usually in the west Crime and Punishment and Brothers K are at the center of focus.

“What’s the difference between a monkeyperson and a degenerate?” Who cares, they’re both worthless. Theoretically, you could distinguish between the two though.