Carlyle, he is the crucial link in the chain for us moderns. Without the concept of “hero-worship” planted firmly in your mind, you will be engulfed by the communist devils.

He “formalized” this. This is why the half-Scot Yarvin has continuing significance to us, because he formalized formalism itself.

2023 isn’t really something important to me. My mind is always usually in both the past AND the future, 1923 and 2123.

We’ve formalized some things here that are not going to be formally accepted for some years, if ever.

For now, on this neo-gutenberg, I only extend the Carlyle project. In Lewis’s late short stories I find it genius that he uses the antagonist of the tale as his own mouthpiece.

You initially think the “main character” is Lewis himself, and in fact it turns out “the enemy” is the protagonist.

There are moments of Lewis that seem BETTER than Dostoevsky. Probably just because he’s from a generation closer to ours. Nonetheless, this is the psychological tradition he is writing in.

“Don’t you love being eaten alive by bugs, don’t you love clown jobs, don’t you love being silently scapegoated by puppet-millionaires?” If it means not being one of YOU, yes.

Maybe I should give you a hint about philosophers. One of the only things we really care about is understanding art.

Those possessed with the will-to-truth are always necessarily enemies of their own material existence.

We want to know the Truth of past truth and past beauty.

Lewis does this better than Jünger. He’s the true neechen ideal of the artist crossed with the philosopher. And so for that reason you won’t hear about him from the pseudo-neechens that use Nietzsche to gather shekels.

“It’s about more than that!” You say that but do you have any proof?

Just a jewed nigger using Nietzsche for worldly gains.

We are in the level of the angels here. Lewis flaps above the communist hellhole more energetically than most people in the “canon”. Hence why you never hear about him. The satanic jews want to kill all the angels so they can finalize their “dead planet” they call the Moshiach.

So by neglecting the heroes of the past you’re just a typical mildew jew.

Of course I’ve always been voicing these “broadcasts” from the beginning. If many years can’t change you, the chances are you’re a forevernigger. Good day to you.

People want the steamroller, then they get pancaked themselves, and regret wanting the steamroller. The only thing I’m interested in here is a comprehensive destruction. If you want to build a new skyscraper why would you leave a few dingy shacks standing in the construction zone? Everyone part of golemworld needs to be demolished, especially since they’re so consistently unrepentant. This is the truth site, so I try to do my duty. It’s questionable whether even a trace of our “fallen europeans” should exist in an ideal future. That would be like asking for a quarter of your meal to be made from expired food. That mildewy side of brussels sprouts, I’d like a serving of that.


Well if you’re reading this the chances are not everything about you is “like that”. There’s just a fragment of your nature that is probably mildewy and doesn’t belong on a future plate.

Do you have any modesty at all to acknowledge that?

So I have no qualms with steamrolling, because I actually care about the future great-grandchildren of the world!

You’re just deciding to damn them by being in denial of your mildew.

So to hell with you. I have no sympathy for such low creatures.

Bomb the living crap out of you I WILL–with RELISH.

You ain’t my friend, pal. You ain’t my pal, friend.

Just take a moment to look at all the types of people you’re in the same “camp” with. One of my first thoughts is that bimbo Miley Cyrus. You’re just part of the mindless hole brigade. Not even human. Whores are no different from a fat fuck in an electric wheelchair. So that’s you. That’s your “mildew”. And that’s not even bringing in the other parts of the circus who you’re in the same “camp” with. ¿Comprendes, señor? Why not shake a moracca at me in response? That’s all golems are capable of in “the polite world” anyway.

Sending your grandkids off with a rotten apple in their lunchbox.

More like a taco with human brains for the meat. What a disgrace.

This is called “steamrolled”. Your new name is “Pancake Man”.

No, you’re flatter than a tortilla.

The overcooked kind that shatters.

And when someone shatters they turn into someone much like Virgil’s Juno.

They know that they’re not right, they know that they can’t win, so they resort to sowing havoc for its own sake. A world that flattens them like that only deserves to be covered in mildew and to fester black like a corpse.

And it’s ultimately yourself that you’re putting that curse on. Jews that could’ve learned from Old Europe instead now will be embracing down syndrome chink ideals. Women will be descending to levels of savagery that constitute the utmost “degradation”. Pleb whites will be joining the global east and south in new forms of existence lower than being a pleb. They will be paying for their revenge. In fact, they already are in the present.

This is what they consider the “birth pang of communism”. The problem is, it’s not leading to anything besides a deformed stillborn.

I already know the real goal of communism, and it’s the aristocratic writers I talk about. You guillotine the ones you want to BE. You are a road to nowhere, your only telos is directed toward further mildewing.

I don’t know why I don’t talk about Schmitt more, I should change that. It’s probably because only “Marine-minded” types can attune to his wave-length and those are not common in the population.

I found a 2005 study on Nomos of the Earth, the only one I’ve ever seen

recalcitrant agents of evil were removed and the world’s various populations were exposed to the benefits of the American way of life

Dugin is a hardcore Schmittian so if you’ve read him then this is familiar to you.

How lacking in self-awareness are these people? They just naturally presuppose it’s all benefits and nothing else.

Shhhh don’t wake her up

Look, they even allude to Lawrence’s best pal Benjie

At last, the American century had arrived–fifty-odd years late, to be sure, but healthier, wealthier, and wiser for all that.

Early to bed, early to rise. What is this, the wisdom of a yokel? Reminds me of that song that goes “And a country boy can survive”.

They write these things while Bush is in office- what morons.

This would’ve been a nightmare for Henry James to behold

(He died a couple years before the end of WWI.)

It’s all so recent that this happened, that the “nation of escaped slaves” took power.

Chippewawawawa Chippewawawawawawa

Layers and layers to this

The Normans were already brown, they weren’t seen as brown enough by the Saxons, and now the loyal SaxonISTS of today don’t see themselves as brown enough. So we globalize something similar to third-worldism. The “ideal of the darkie”.

Not feelin it lately. It’s all just too horrible to think about, so I see why people tend not to.

Wow, this sounds amazing

Schnittchen = sandwiches.

Back to the hippies ruining everything- it tells us something that the inventor of LSD was close friends with Jünger.

This was brave- codgers usually stay far away from it

1970 was also the year he wrote Approaches: Drugs and Intoxication, which I find to be an authoritative study. Besides that, Visit to Godenholm (which was only translated last February) deals with entheogens–here in a fictional setting–a year after he wrote The Forest Passage, if you can get the hint. Besides that, there are substantial remarks in his notebooks and correspondence with Hofmann. There are about 550 letters between them.

Jünger and Hofmann traveled the world together and dosed entheogens in places like Ceylon and Crete.

I’m just hoppin around the krautnet on this connection

that LSD was only a “house cat” [Hauskatze] compared to the “tiger mescaline”

Man, friends were better back in those days- Hemingway sending shark jaws to Pound, now this

occasionally small packets of LSD in cane sugar were enclosed with Hofmann’s letters

Jünger in this letter sounds similar to Leary

Wine has already changed much, has brought new gods and a new humanity with it. But wine is to LSD and mescaline as classical physics is to modern physics. These things should only be tried in small circles.

He’s implying that entheogens are the sacrament of “Hyper-Dionysians”.

Hofmann didn’t like the young using his invention.

These two used entheogens to transcend space and time, among other things

He felt as if a circlet was bursting in his chest, that something in him was being freed, that his personality was being released. 

That’s from Visit to Godenholm. Remember Heliopolis was written a few years before that. So you can imagine Jünger transcending the “world of the Bailiff” using entheogens. Being that character who escaped to outer-space, etc. wink wink.

This is weird- from a later interview of Hofmann

I was one of the few of his friends with whom he was on first name terms

Probably something to do with “releasing one’s personality” with someone else.

People are probably worried that if they try it they might end up like me. Who’s your real personality in there? Knock knock, wander on out, show yourself.

Listen to the sound of Atlantis

This is another investigation I’m on, similar to the Hemingway correspondence- the letters to Eliot

His correspondence with Ezra Pound was quite something, and I think he out-Pounded Pound. As his family say, he was a compulsive letter writer and was rarely without a pencil in his hand or pocket.

Sorry that you are a “sad little man” and concerned with bullshit instead.

Let me give you an idea of this correspondence

Highlighted on the right is the number of pages.

“You know what? I’m sick of you and your mouth.” That’s nice, I’m never apologizing for anything. I speak the truth. And I’m on the shoulders of giants, that’s how I do that.

Where are you? Down in the gutter with the jewish niggers? Probably. No wonder you are so far away from reality.


It’s pretty slimy and sleazy down there. Better get yourself out of there, comrade.

Pound called Eliot the true “Dantescan” of his generation. So this correspondence is more significant than the (easily locatable) one with Williams, Zukofsky, and other relatively mediocre poets.

Some letters of Pound’s are included in the endnotes of the Eliot volumes but many are like this-

Pound refers to Eliot as Possum and Eliot refers to Pound as Rabbit- this is a sign of their close friendship. Pound doesn’t give such a nickname to others. He and Dorothy call each other “Mao” (whatever that means), and that’s the closest I can think of to “Possum”.

A clue

the New York Public Library, which owns many Pound and Eliot letters

There is no Pound or Eliot today.

How about hell NO

Here is you

Better yet-

How true it IS, finger-lickin fry chicken nikken

See, I’ve found maybe only 10 of these letters so far

Eliot later reported that he was “obliged to spend a great deal of time answering letters from Ezra Pound,”

Looking in the New York Public Library archives you see this sort of thing

Who? I don’t know but I want to read those.

It’s almost as if he’s still alive and still writing.

This is from the Harry Ransom Center collection

Chief among the recipients of his letters are Richard Aldington, Josef Bard, Montgomery Butchart, Nancy Cunard, Ingrid Davies, Ronald Duncan, Denis Goacher, Stanley Nott, Brigit Patmore, Virginia Risse, Peter Russell, Dallam Simpson, Noel Stock, and Max Wykes-Joyce.

Of these, only the Nott letters are published. So this is 6 big boxes sitting in a dark room in Texas. I’m reminded of how King Pentheus tried to lock Dionysus up and how the latter burned the building down and escaped.

I’m not finding any leads in these collections so I’m just sticking with the Eliot volumes.

This is how Eliot parodies him

These aren’t as “colorful” as Hemingway’s letters to Ez.

Eliot, the Anglican Christian, tells Ez that the cantos need some REAL hell (inferno) in them that he considers difficult for Ez due to “300 years of Calvinism”.

Do you get more invigorated when I discuss living people? I don’t care, these are giants of the past, and if you don’t recognize that that’s your own fault.

Synchronicity- Eliot suggests how Pound should tweak that How to Read “hermeneutics” book I’ve discussed-


No, that can get awkward can’t it? Tortuous even, I imagine.

Eliot makes a good point here about the incongruity of Pound’s paganism and Dantean structure

These were the days when only about 40 of the cantos had been written. And I think he treasures this friend’s advice more than most others’.

Intrissting anti-Pale sentiment from Eliot

Eliot is responding to this remark of Pound’s about the French (they called them frogs back then)

I think it is time to deal with god damn frogs/ whose racial inferiority has been deepening for some time.

In the philosophy world the French are all the rage, so I like to always re-emphasize this sort of interpretation (which seems extremely valid).

The Eliot letters have only been published up to the year 1941 so far. And available online I only find up to the year 1935. Some scandalous ones were unboxed a couple years ago, and that seems to be all google search cares about, the idiots.

And we salute you

I don’t know that anything has happened except as that some lads who began reading our worx before they had time to be corrupted are now growing up

Pound seems to have a meltdown about a publisher who won’t print a canto of his dealing with American history

Eliot was like his middleman- he wrote this publisher urging her to print the canto.

I’m here for wordplays like this

Anyway, just in case you wanted more material written by someone who’s actually ALIVE, I bring your attention to these Eliot volumes.

It’s fitting to put these three together

No one reads Burroughs, I don’t get it. He’s as “cool” as Gibson. That’s the main reason Neuromancer is a “cult book” by the way, because it’s written in a “cool” way. This is a legitimate aesthetic category in my opinion. Real life Gibson, as we see on twitter, a seeming liberal–I really doubt this is much more than a mask. Artists are just actors by nature, and most of them play the role society expects of them. Actor! Clown! Only your philosopher-double knows what you are. Shaun!

Anyway, I’m seeing next to zero secondary literature on Neuromancer. My instinct to explain this is that it’s because it represents the Aryan ethos too closely. Published 2 years after the death of PKD, I’d say it represents the culmination of PKD in certain ways. There’s something more memorable about Neuromancer than either Blade Runner or the book it’s based on. It represents the “beyond-human” rather than the subhuman, (the latter which characterizing our culture’s reigning ethos and ideal).

It reminds me of those lyrics from Abbey Road,

Ev’rybody’s laughing
Ev’rybody’s happy

The hippie commie paradise of Oneness. Gibson represents something other than that.

It’s not so much the lyrics of the Beatles, it’s HOW they sound

It’s a tone of voice that lulls and hypnotizes one into being a smelly hippie who is in heaven with Lawrence listening to the gurgling of savages. A Philippino who’s never heard a word of English in their life could be mesmerized into hippiedom from hearing the Beatles.

Gibson has a different type of energy.

Just as a symptom, look how this, one of the few essays on Neuromancer, begins

The more you think about it, the more of a total white nigger Joyce was. The JEW BLOOM is the hero of THEE Irish novel! Total potato nigger, very sad. And see how his novel conditions surrounding literature. I’m trying to read about Neuromancer here, and you bring up this pathetic golem. Leave it to a chink named Timothy Yu.

“Wow, irish and jew are rike da chinese.”

Forgive me, I’m exing out of this study based on the first few sentences, call me superficial.

So let’s hear what Gibson himself has to say, a couple years before Neuromancer was published

SF has not been much fun of late. All forms of pop culture go through doldrums; they catch cold when society sneezes. If SF in the late Seventies was confused, self-involved, and stale, it was scarcely a cause for wonder.

Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Herbert’s Dune (1965), Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (1966), PKD’s Ubik (1966) was about the high point of scifi. This is still the time when the hippies were the “counter-culture” i.e. not the backbone of society as they are now, and began to be in the late seventies.

I’ve never seen anyone point out that scifi seems to have been killed by the hippies, that’s all.

Neuromancer (1984) is something like the final gasp. Which is why I’m enjoying this Deus Ex game right now. There was something of a resurgence of the scifi spirit in video games, one could say. Probably something to do with marketing to a spark in white guys that oriental kikery couldn’t snuff out altogether. Ev’rybody’s laughing, ev’rybody’s happy. All melted into Nigger Oneness. Some things can’t melt, or at least can’t melt so fast.

Hm someone recognized this in 1991

In Neuromancer we are seeing evidence of a new, perhaps the final, stage in the trajectory of SF.

Here is the state of video games in 1991

That is Link from Zelda if you couldn’t tell.

Here is a shot from a 2011 game–inspired by Neuromancer–that I have

Cranium augmentations…

Is that -gasp- fascist or something? To think about that?

Ev’rybody’s laughing, Ev’rybody’s happy

The ethos in place is the opposite of cognitive enhancement. It’s reducing everyone down to a nigger retard so ev’rybody’s happy.

WILL they truly be happy that way? Or just stupid?

It seems people would be happier if they were cognitively augmented geniuses.

Not to brag, I’m not something to write home about relative to historical personages, I’m just quite smart, and I can see that anyone involved in the melting pot doesn’t know happiness because they’re too animal-like.

So the hippie ethos is really about being a dumb and numb pothead more or less. “Happy” because empty-headed.

It’s why no one is “cool” like 80s Gibson anymore. Too stupid and niggerjewed in the brain. Sorry!

You’re not human beings!

A civilization that can’t produce quality scifi is not a civilization.



There are two ethoses, one enhances cognition, the other dwindles cognition. Our civilization has taken the second option- robustly, some 50 years ago.

Gaming is a sort of “underground culture” in this way. Don’t think I don’t recognize that most of what is put out is utter trash, because I do see that. It’s the only place I can tell where Gibson is being gone beyond. The torch of Clarke is being carried. Especially in Mass Effect.

We SEE what is going on here. You won’t see a writing like the above in the quackademic journals, like that bloom-lover gook I showed you above. Anyone who would want to resuscitate the “enhancement ethos” is kept hidden in back-alleys. Because that will allegedly keep ♪ ev’rybody happy, ev’rybody laughing ♪ like a hippie idiot, brainless and close to a shtetl kike that hasn’t “enhanced” in 2000 odd years and africans that have stayed the same way for HUNDREDS of thousands of years! Are you happy, nigger?

Someone finally addressing you in clear terms, it must feel nice. Worthless brainkilling niggers.

It’s okay, maybe in the next life, when you’re even more of a wretched coon, you’ll be able to see through the wall of dirt in your vision to the truth, but probably not. A descent into further unreality and animality is the destiny for most.

“Talking” seems like the fluttering of the birds.

We do not “talk” here, we strive to represent what is timeless.

“I’m married to the man who does this.” That’s nice, can you bake bread?

Can you ordain over a dinner table without being “awkward”?

Being a golem is quite awkward in any arrangement.

Unless you’re part of the culturally-lessened side of things brought about by Jewish People.

“I’m a cultural jew, i’mcompletely retarded , have nothing of interetst to add. Hey make me the center of kulcher.”