Hmm am I feeling schizo enough today to read another book by that alchemy/transhumanism guy

Relevant concept.

Also I just found this loon through Farrell

Five books on secret space programs, buddy are you feeling okay? (I might have to look into these.)

What these “oracles” determined

The Star Trek idealists are held back by the Mad Max demos.

The intelligentsias of those countries are laughing at us for BLM. And they’ll laugh at the next leveling operation du jour.

Another paper on GRIN, this one I’m wondering if it’s a prank

Real-life precogs being used by the military??

An immediate quibble I have is that I only keep finding material on the (indirect) theory of the ubermensch as it applies to creating supersoldiers. That’s as misguided as applying CRISPR to plants. Dude I want the next Beethoven. Makes sense though, because without the most advanced military you can’t support the most advanced culture. We need both. Focus on military is terrestrial-circuit, this is my suspicion about DERPA, that they’re confined to that- neo-tek utilized for mere survival. Still, I continue to wonder if this paper is a prank because it’s so psy-phi.

That’s the plan

(in the providential sense). From an essay on GRIN. If you think I type while wearing a monocle from time to time (yeah right I have 20/20 vision why would I need one of those) wait til these “people” emerge. PURE DISDAIN, I can’t wait. Probably won’t even have to type, some kind of telepaths that poast with their minds. The Naturals won’t even like to “follow” their accounts probably, I imagine it being similar to the social media segregation of huhwyte libs and blacktwitter- ever seen a thread of the latter? Ghetto. The huhwytes are ghetto in their own way- they just happen to have better spelling and grammar.

Looks like some evidence toward one of my suspicions in this racialization chapter here,

namely that race politics and posthumanism are ineluctably bound- so of course this paper would have a section on the former. Want to know what DOESN’T have such a chapter?

Pretty much any Sci-Fi movie you can think of! What we in the business refer to as “symptomatic silences”. Those chapters are missing and yet it’s precisely race politics that is the main thing keeping us back from making sci-fi a reality.

While the accuracy of this is iffy, at least they’re moving in the right direction.

“You’re bad at everything, you’re scientifically hopeless, looks like we’re selling you off to the sweatshops, kiddo.”

Well, isn’t that what would cross a parent’s mind? I’d totally sell someone who would grow up to be a normie posting BLM off to a sweatshop, what a waste of time and resources it would be to raise them.

We get into the abortion debate here because, theoretically, if we could determine a fetus’s aptitude for y or z within the first few weeks of conception then… I can imagine lots of couples wanting to “retry”. “Just what I wanted to give birth to, a parasite on society!” What’s more insensitive, hating parasites or allowing society to be populated by parasites?

Did you hear about this? 16 neo-nazis if you ask me.

Naive-me half a decade ago was told by an Irish person that they were “the niggers of Europe”, huh, I always thought that was the Italians. Maybe if I was nice to you for a change, if chungus rubbed your shoulders

Hm there’s a declaration apparently.

“Health”, like in America, is how they frame it. There’s lots of different kinds of health out there. The mental health of not acting like a mere animal is just one of the more important ones.

Both world superpowers are too PC in their own ways to apply the brains of their societies to anything besides plants.

Clue- it’s because the brains of their societies are themselves plants.

“We need to feed people.”

“You mean those retards?”

Currently looking for an updated version of this

All it would take is for a country to develop humans with twice the verbal IQ of the Ashkenazim and they’d be able to take over the world.

I bet this was suuuuuper “polite” and extremely biased

wink wink

Create a monster that wipes out all of humanity and replaces it with cyborgs, no not my plan at all. After that, seastead all of the sea and populate it with cyborgs who create hyper-cyborgs, then populate the known planets with them, then the unknown ones. Always striving to evolve, second by second. The direct opposite of the leftist ethos. Leftists won’t even be made into cyborgs, they’ll be made into our burgers.

Given the all-pervasiveness of Artxell Syndrome among non-whites (I’ve never known one without it, have you?) even if other countries developed a CRISPR-tek they wouldn’t even know how to use it properly, being unable to think about rangordnung clearly without feelings of resentment. They’d end up only perpetuating their vices. Only a minority of euro males would be able to use it without bias to create a true posthuman. I have hopes of spotting some Asian scientist who could do this, just like I said, I’ve never seen one personally.