There’s a genre from 16th century Ukraine called Дума, which consists of epic poems, folk songs. This is about one that isn’t included in modern editions, about “the owners of everything”

Insubordination sometimes meant your family would be sold off to slavery apparently. This is from a time about 700 years after Khazaria, and 150 years after the infamous expulsion from Spain. I found this one by typing in жиди-рандарі, a term which I found here which contains lots of clues that can be pursued. That Shevchenko poeticized these dreary realities. It looks like there’s lots of material in the Ukrainian language to sort through that could substantiate an earlier history of white slavery than Bristow and the transatlantic slave-trade

They sold Slavs to Arab countries as slaves. We’re beginning to understand that old word that they want discontinued, жид. They demand the name-change to Єврей in order to implement crypto-slavery. жид has connotations that evoke their history of slavery, so Єврей makes their control more subtle.

Kichko has a Ukrainian book I need to find also

This still exists today, the conviction that if you don’t like them you simply must be jealous. It could never be because you notice that they’re crypto-slavers of human cattle. The charge of “anti-semitism” has its foundation in this notion, that only someone who is covetous would dare to criticize a жид. The word жид is a criticism of that notion itself, thus it had to be euphemized in order to reverse the dialectical unlocking of knowledge. Just some preliminary thoughts on these Ukrainian terms, I’m only at the beginning of understanding them. I’m sure if I could find a Lurkmore from their countrymen they’d clarify the precise meanings of those words. And if Hodos is right they need some new Дума, epic poetry. This is a helpful site until I find some Lurkmorian Дума about the жиди. Just so much to sort through, look at this collection of old Ukrainian newspapers – 26,751 results for the word жид.

This was called the gospel of Ukrainian nationalism. It’s neat to find different countries’ versions of this. Remember that Pakistani poet’s? When I was really new to this stuff I only knew about like Benoit and the French Nouvelle Droite. Way before that, when I learned about the Quebecois separatists in Canada, I looked at them like they had two heads back in those days, “how arrogant of you”. Reminds me of my “What actually is a country?” post. Is to be a country to be arrogant? I still agree with the conclusion that a country is a disagreement. A collection of those who agree with each other and disagree with others. Do I agree with the left’s crypto-plot to get everyone having less-than-prole conversations? No, I disagree with the good of implementing that. And since I’d probably be imprisoned somewhere like Russia, I want a country where people who disagree about that can live.

Looking up that Polish formalist Michalkiewicz I find various books about the unfounded negative stereotypes we have of Polish people and I wouldn’t be surprised if I started finding Ukrainian books like that on Ukrainian people. Russiagate is one thing, most of Eastern Europe is either invisible or instinctively condemned on some level. Much like the Middle East. They control how we see most of the world. So it’s good to see what they themselves are like, and I’ve been trying to do that with the internet. Forum posters are one thing, and then, ever hear of this guy for instance?

He is another one who was published by Osnova. I google Shevchenko and first couple pages are athletes with that name, and his eng wiki is a lot less extensive than his ukr one. All these obscure, prolific nationalists they prefer you never heard of. A country is a lot more than disagreements, and we can learn from these cross-cultural figures what exactly a country is, since we can only expect globalism from our writers of today. What is the Form of country?

For some reason this area stands out to me

What is going on here? This looks like a mess to me. And I’m sure they know exactly what’s going on there. I’m sure they know what they “disagree” about. Do you understand what I mean by a certain “desire for unification”? “Can you just agree?” That seems like the naive approach to “the being of the country”. All those countries above could probably spend multiple lifetimes arguing with each other. And a few of them probably have. Libs seem to think those arguments are illusory somehow and that they can be resolved- it’s a magical way of thinking. Even if you erased all borders those same people would want to live amongst themselves. And then their “melting pot” strategy of resolution would only lead to new clans forming who would want to live in their own countries. I can understand if globalists want to promote dialogue. The idea of humanity, however, is not going to happen. People forever will want to have a dialogue and THEN go back to living in their own country in the way that they want to. Anyway, back to having a dialogue with these Ukrainians, not to end the pseudo-dialogue I’m having with you. “It’s real, I’m a Nazi now!!” I just want to talk, I don’t expect you to be a Nazi.

There was a stereotype about the Жиди in 19th century Ukraine that they “held the keys to the church”. Synchronicity of the day in light of the term cathedral.

Usury there too?

There’s that very word on livejournal

Kostomarov, as a historian, especially emphasized the facts of exploitation of the working population of Little Russia by Jewish usurers and tenants

What was translated as “letters” in my last post seem to have been more precisely magazine articles

This is similar to bringing up proto-nazi German writers to explain Nazism, except the situation is reversed, because it was mostly Jews killing whites. The difference is you’ve probably never heard of Kostomarov or Kulish, and yet when I say “proto-nazi” a few names rise to your mind. That’s because the Holodomor has been erased from history. That might be what our state religion would be based on today if the Nazis had won! Instead, no one really knows anything about it. Let’s change that, where is this “Osnova” collection? What do Ukrainians have to say about it today? Furthermore, what are some earlier texts from which Kostomarov and Kulish drew their ideas? I’ve seen a couple claims that it goes back to the 16th century.

What is the true meaning of the word Жид in the way both sides understood it then? What is its origin? Was it earned? Was it rather a result of peasant ressentiment?

Until I can find that book, we’ll have to rely on what others say about this ethnopsychologist

Kostomarov was one of the first to say that the Little Russian language is threatened by the invasion of “new forged words”, as well as numerous borrowings.

Don’t call us Hyksos, don’t call us Radhanites, don’t call us Жиди. Call us fellow white people.

The Holodomor was a taboo subject to the Soviets, no one published about it in the USSR until the 80s.


he identified the main tasks, among which the most important was the fight against the “enemies” of the Ukrainian language, who did not recognize its identity and tried to use various theories to attribute it to the so-called “dialects” of Russian or Polish languages.

No, we mean what we say when we use the word Жид. Calling things what they are, that’s Confucian. Heh, think of that in the context of PC culture. We are not Confucians here.

I want to “inhabit the lifeworld” of what that word meant for Ukrainians, and you can do that best immersing in literature. Unless they have historical dramas of the audio-visual variety over there? Probably do. This is like Antiversity on meth. I’m going to have to google all those translations of “pale of settlement” with “movies set during” later.

A provisional Kostomarov library here, with a couple Osnova articles. Question for those who want to be Holodomor specialists someday- can we find traces of what he wrote about in said magazine between 1860-1862 in his writings before and after that time? You can be serious about this stuff or you can post memes all day. If you go with the latter then the Chabad is probably right about you, and I don’t think you want that.

Here I sit upon my throne of lies for another morning.

Strefy osiedlenia – Polish
Смуга осілості – Ukrainian
Черта оседлости – Russian
Мяжа аселасці – Belarusian
דער תּחום-המושבֿ – Yiddish

And I haven’t even touched on this yet

First time I’ve seen this

 Jews constituted but a beleaguered and oppressed minority in Western Europe or Russia, while in Ukraine they were, vis-á-vis the Ukrainians, part of the ruling classes.

Just looking up really niche subjects rights now – “anti-semitic 19th century Ukrainian novelists”. If they were too prominent in the ruling class then I don’t expect to find academic-style publications.

Find this guy

Just looking for parallels to the modern day in other countries. The more recent the better, though Ancient Egypt already says it all.

I don’t know why I ever trusted English wikipedia on people who didn’t speak English

That last one there, ethnopsychologist, that’s what I’m trying to do- think like a Pale Jew, get in the head of the Pale, think like a Ukrainian from those times. They call him an ethnographer on the eng wiki, lame. “Ethnopsychology” redirects to Psychological Anthropology on the eng wiki, since we’re all anthros as you know, or so the anglos tell us. ANGLO! Being an ANGLO!

Kostomarov is looking into your racial soul

His conclusion? You seem like everyone else, you’re a spiritual Jew. Nah, that’s just mine.

Uh oh

I’m going to be pouting until I find a satirical novel though. This will do for now. Satirical fiction paradoxically can de-conceal the most non-joking non-fictions.

For now, I wonder what these non-fictional writings can tell us about our own time and place

Kulish (Куліш) is another prolific Ukrainian who wrote in this “genre”.

Apparently they debated about that word from yesterday, жид (zhyd).

On a zhyd website I see that it goes even farther back than them, he says that «Месія правдивий» by Ґалятовського is the most anti-jewish text of the 17th century.

Are these the two main dudes?

This zhyd also says the debate over the word zhyd began in 1860.

73 years later, upwards of 12 million had died after the Holodomor, and the word жид no doubt played a part in that. And in 1933–well, we know what happened in 1933.

Hey Jude 
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Na-na-na, na 
Oh, yeah
Na-na-na, na, na 

They didn’t like the name, and they tried to convince people that changing their name could change their nature. I’m not a жид! I’m not a жид! Looking at the US, you are. Kabbalistic change of perception through the shifting of a word that developed out of karma.

Honestly, the way I look at it, I haven’t gotten pussy in years, and this is connected to the kinds of things I say. Women and criticism are disconnected. We can understand the history of evolution this way- you need to be a conformist in order to survive. Where are all the women who defy the established order? They’re nowhere. They all live on popular status and have to create copes about people who mock them. You represent lobotomy and can’t even mention anyone who asks you questions about that. Niggers, Kikes, whores, that’s what we’re seeing today. Make a statement about lobotomy to prove you aren’t one of these types. Whores, kikes, niggers, white cowards, that’s what the status quo is today. No, it’s not “all jews”, we distinguish these other types as well who are permanent slaves until they prove otherwise. Prove that you aren’t, I’d like to see it done for once. “Watch, I will!” – slave-behavior ensues. Less than humans creating a less than human world. You slave, I admire you so much. Tell me about lobotomy now. “I can’t.” Why is that? You’re one of them, and you’re difficult to even talk to. You are pro-lobotomy and can’t admit it because you sympathize with the brainless ones. Can you just go ahead and admit that you’re part of some kind of “retard cult”, retard?

Totally not the face of someone who’d have certain white nationalists escorted to GITMO

When are you inbreds going to rename yourselves to the Mossad and get it over with? This is the one that was on Game of Thrones! Just shows how connected they all are, screens and spooks. I hope you’re disturbed if after all my talk about how the KGB exists in the US I disappear myself. All a waste too, besides the intrinsic fun of it, given the worthlessness of this country. Most would probably be happy if I disappeared, the KGB lives in their brain. I guess I appreciate being able to live here and witness it all first-hand. If they’re anything like the ones today they must have sent the best Russians to Siberia. I don’t care if someone has a cartoon avatar, these are superior people in many cases who challenge the existing regime in clever and rational language, and you don’t see that in any of the institutional publications. They select for the obedient morons and anyone who questions them is “sent to Siberia”. It’s definitely reminiscent of a vestigial monotheism that only permits one god. It’s like history is frozen at the time of Babylon. Ancient superstition funded by usurious means.

In Russian history you always hear about Nikolai II – could it be that they were getting revenge for this?

The very concept of “Pale of Settlement” appeared during the reign of Nicholas I. The Pale of Settlement was one of the main instruments of the Russian government in its policy towards the Jewish population: with the help of the Pale, they tried to limit contacts of the Jewish population with Christians, to prevent Jews from entering the inner provinces of Russia , to isolate them from the peasants (in whose exploitation, according to the Russian authorities, the Jews were guilty). Religious motives played an important role in carrying out such a policy. Jews, by virtue of their religion, were considered immoral, capable of deceiving Christians and ritual murder.

Seems really obvious that the Pale of Settlement was involved with all this and you never see any Marxist ever mention it. The most capitalistic, exploitative people of all were forced to live in certain places and under the guise of the opposite ideology they murdered tens of millions, and now the same people live there today, tremendously wealthy. You think that won’t happen here in the US, “because equality”? Didn’t learn your lesson from last time smallskullgoy. “You’ll pay for the Pale of Settlement!” It only got worse after the holocaust.

They don’t need their religion anymore, it’s in their nature.

Like I said, it doesn’t really matter, most people, left and right, have the KGB already living in their brains. They identify with shudras in some way and they might as well be bioleninists. As for myself, I’m going to continue studying these people here today “in another life” until they take me away.

Sure, shudra, you’ve never participated in this with them. Permanent slave who should be in a grave.

Sviatoslav was the Grand Duke of Kiev, so it makes sense to look for his name in Ukrainian, Святослав Ігорьович. I’m find a bunch of books on him that way, lots of recent ones too, both fictional and nonfictional.

I bet the Ukrainian plutocrats liked this

On July 3, 2015, the “March of Prince Sviatoslav the Brave” took place in Kyiv, in honor of the Heroic Victory of Prince Sviatoslav over the Khazar Khaganate. About a thousand representatives of patriotic organizations took part in it.

“Bogolyubov” – name still makes me laugh. That Polish formalist Michalkiewicz agrees with Hodos about his “New Khazaria” thesis regarding Ukraine.

A Ukrainian source I’m finding says that after Sviatoslav overtook Khazaria the Radhanites flocked to Kiev and Crimea. So, pre Pale of Settlement we’re talking about here. These were slavers among other things mind you. And if you’re keeping track of all these names, Bristow’s book on white slavery and prostitution is on the period of 1870-1939, so between 965 when Khazaria was destroyed and 1870, some of the same types of people were living in this general area of the world. The Babylonian Talmud was written in 500 AD and edited over the next couple centuries, yknow that book that transcendentally justifies the enslavement of goyim? The one that was only translated historically recently? To understand the Pale of Settlement you need to understand the Talmud. That connection, it goes without saying, is systematically erased.

As much as I knock google, I’m amazed at the moment at the amount of material I’m finding on Google Books about Sviatoslav – for a thoroughgoing genealogy of the Pale of Settlement those will be necessary to pore over. There’s a controversy about the Khazarian origins, and I’m just trying to figure this all out by asking the Pale of Settlement countries about this stuff in their own languages. The Ukrainian wiki calls it the Смуга осілості, the settlement zone, the border, the settlement strip.

This sentence kind of encapsulates the thinking of the modern world

The settlement zone was one of the violations of human rights, in particular the right to free choice of residence.

That was established in 1791- so, about 800 years after Khazaria fell. Slowwwly trying to figure all this out, since I STILL haven’t found a definitive book on all this, for reasons you could expect. “Haven’t we been watching you for months look for a book like this?” Yes, exactly.

The Egyptians, Syrians, and Iranians of this time when the Hyksos were concentrated in the Pale were probably relieved! Thank Allah they moved there! And now they’re back again with a vengeance, with the most advanced weaponry and propaganda.

To help you understand their mindset, imagine that the Pale probably felt something like how people in Palestine feel now. Forced to the periphery, “put in a cage at the border”.

Ooh interesting stats here

Remember that one Jew whining about what he prefers to call himself on the census? “I dunno, how about someone who was kicked around and abused in Eastern Europe?” Most of them weren’t peasants.

Most of the places for reference

So is there a treasure-trove of literature set in these towns from these times? Probably somewhere. Lots in Polish I expect based on those numbers. Fiction and nonfiction of course, which can be blended into a further gesamtkunstwerk. Genealogy + Wagner is so fun. A Hitlerian Zarathustra-figure wandering around in the Pale? Endless possibilities during these dystopic times.

Just inadvertently telling on themselves with this example

In contrast, when a leftist refers to a “white politician” it’s almost a slur. People talk about orange man being bad, they never talk about why being pale is regarded as something bad, and the need to be orange. We’re living in a time of inverted racism characterized by ressentiment. Keep in mind the strategy of the left to consistently deny all of this. “Whites aren’t the new negros!” People who need to be redacted and redacted, in Minecraft.

Hey Brennan, your daughter gave me a blumpkin and thanked me for it.

So where were we? It looks like the term жид was outlawed during Marxist rule. So the Pale of Settlement was “de-walled” and they got a new name, a new identity. How many of those they sent to Siberia were people who refused to erase certain historical memories?

I saw a list of jokes and anecdotes about the Pale of Settlement on yandex the other day, one of them was about how when Yentas wear low-cut shirts they should make sure to keep washed the skin exposed.

They do what they do, get kicked out, some have to live in shambles, before they start jewing again.

This seems somewhat accurate

Of recent memory anyway. (The Persians can tell you some stories.) One of their main secrets is the connection between the PoS and their later activities as secret police in the USSR. Why were they so bloodthirsty? Let’s turn to the PoS. Why are they so bloodthirsty now? Let’s turn to the holocaust. What caused the holocaust? Their activities in the PoS and prior to that. Their main secret? Not exactly wrong.

The persecuted minority of neech-style philology enthusiasts crossed with Wagner love to see a sentence like this

Єврей and Євреї are the politically correct terms in Ukraine.

List of books like the latter please and thanks

Of course one will also find the terms Жид and Жиди in Ukrainian literature of the recent to distant past; on most cases context will be required to understand whether neutral or negative value was intended.

They had a high concentration in Belarus during the PoS too- is there an older, more controversial term for them from there as well?


Разам з тым неабходна канстатаваць, што комп-лексная характарыстыка вобраза гандляра ў традыцыйнай карціне беларусаў ХХ ст., у кантэксце этна-культурных і сацыяльна-эканамічных трансфармацый, у айчыннай этналогіі дагэтуль не стала прадметам спецыяльнага даследавання

I wonder if holocaustianity is strong there

Lukashenko stated that a typical Jewish city is a pigsty. Well I have been to NYC and can confirm this. According to the ADL, 1/3 Belarusians are anti-semitic, i.e. don’t like people who create pigsties.

Some new anti-pigsty writers I’ve never heard of here

One of the books is simply titled History lol so perfect.

I’m still looking for a goy version of those Asch books! Reading a satirical novel about the PoS shtetls is exactly how I want to spend my time.

Interesting if true

So they took on a new name, and then immediately after the Holodomor and gulags followed, and now they’re in the US with “жид” forgotten. Who were the жиди? Are they still жиди now? What was that thing from my previous post about Kabbalah about? Change the name, change the destiny? долі – destiny. Synonyms-

They were forgiven, and they remained the same old жиди. This is the time we’re living in.

Whadaya know, after all the dust has settled, Netanyahu is still the president. There are 160 “banned” rabbis apparently

What’s the orthodoxy over there? What is heretical, i.e. “religiously incorrect”?

This is weird on chabadpedia, over 100 pages for this alone

Chabadniks teach at the universities there so they evidently aren’t banned.

It’s like how I expressed interest in getting to know Xi since he’s going to continue to be around as we have new presidents. Is our 2032 president going to be Israel First too? Seems highly likely. I found that Chinaman who has the CCP all mapped out, I still don’t know of someone that’s done that for Israel. And if “we” go to war with Iran it would be helpful to know more details about them too. Are we all too helpless to do anything about it really? Yeah, knowing the precise details about what’s going on in the world increases the entertainment value of it, is my cynical way of looking at it. The last few years you might have noticed that even people who were absolutely pious regarding the JQ were deleted from the internet, that’s where we’re at. So who does this chief rabbinate ban from jewry? Are all 160 heretical in the same way? Is orthodoxy based on the Moshiach of the Chabad, or are they a more fringe current that is merely tolerated? This is a lie, there’s criteria

Apparently the chief rabbinate has various “ban lists”, not sure which are or are not kept secret. I know many are in a state of hopelessness after Biden-puppet was inaugurated. I’m kind of in the mood to learn how to sow division in Israel, myself. All the decadence we have to deal with in the US, I’d like them to have that too! Meanwhile I get the distinct sense that we’re now living in more of a police-state than usual and I expect “the knock” on my door at any time. They joke on South Park about someone killing Zuckerberg, go fuck yourselves. It would be a political arrest and everyone knows it. Remember this?

What, are you accusing me of being paranoid? The thought of kikes dying is funny to me and I’d like to see the concept in a movie, what can I say?

So who are factions of Israel? There’s a saying that no Jew agrees with any other Jew about anything, sure, they agree on the basics though, and if you hear that consider it as pilpul.

There are 17 members of the Chief Rabbinate Council. Is it what they say goes, are they beholden to a secular authority, are they ultimately at the mercy of the Israel Lobby in the US? All these questions we need to figure out the answers to. I mean, many are probably in “it’s time to grill” mode, and I don’t blame you, I just hate them so much that I’m not quite there yet. Here is the list of banned rabbis for those interested. If only it was obvious that there was a thread that unites all of them. We’re living in the midst of a Bolshevik revolution and the center of control seems to be Israel as much as DC and NYC, and most don’t have a clue what’s going on in Israel. Anyway, here’s a clue about one of the banned rabbis, Kolesnik, who is known as the chief rabbi of western Ukraine

Уважає, що «жид» — фольклорна форма, яку не варто використовувати офіційно, оскільки це може сприйматися як образа, але можна — у приватному житті, що він сам робить у розмовах, наприклад, з представниками старшого покоління Галичини.

жид appears to be a pejorative term. It seems similar to the word “negro” in that it used to be accepted as standard parlance. Does Israel want to erase the history of the shtetl? I’m sure they have books on historiography and counter-historiography to find? This is only the first rabbi from this list that I look up.

Due to the growing self-awareness of the Jewish people and the sharply negative coloration of this word in the Russian language, the question of its use in the Ukrainian language also grew into a socio-political discussion.

Is Kolesnik a living reminder of the 109? How do Israelis perceive that? How does the chief rabbinate want Israelis to perceive that? Is hearing жид like nails on a chalk board to some rabbis? Genealogical work to be done on this term. One of the problems I’m seeing already is that google instantly translates it to “Jew”. Is google-translate “racist”? Oy! Ukrainian for Jews is Євреї. Is there a Russian equivalent of жид? A Polish equivalent?

Some of Trump’s tweets were pretty great- next to this though?

Just trying to focus on the heights now that the demons are back in power.

The Ukraine wiki for жид has tons of gems so far

the idea of Jewish Kabbalistics about changing destiny by changing the name is often advocated

This is just from the first rabbi on that list! Are some of them more honest about the 109?

No one wants to say it.. do they have damning information on Trump that they’ve been using to sway him? Maybe it was back in the 80s and he was coked-up acting like a buffoon or something. Maybe even from the beginning. Not that it matters now. Though, they might do the same thing to another reactionary candidate in the future so we could learn. Seems like he had good intentions and only some kind of pressure could have led him to be so Israel First. I don’t think it was bribery. More about the public perception of him. Just speculating. Maybe he was just another boomer billionaire who doesn’t really “get it”. My personal interpretation is that he does actually understand the US underworld from a smart goy perspective. And then they got him somehow. Who knows, I don’t know. Another interpretation is that he was being moderate in the first term after experiencing the backlash against him, in order to be elected for another term, and they rigged the election before he could implement saner policies. The fact is that he seemed to have followed certain standard guidelines when he didn’t have to since so many people already hated him anyway. The damage he did to legacy media was too much for them, even though he put the schmoozes to Israel, they knew it was, in their eyes, a “hubristic”, insubordinate goy, so they put the kibosh to him. I think America’s awareness of the the middle east, Israel, ZOG was starting to get too focused, and to blur it they allowed an, on the surface at least, extremist-rightist to distract them who continued the same Israel First agenda with concessions here and there to the problems of the US. An even subtler Dubya, they confused us by portraying as a moron, and they confused us again by portraying Trump as an equal or challenger to the establishment. They see it as a balance between stability in Israel and stability in the US, they need to keep the stability here in order to preserve stability in Israel. MAGA was similar to the 2020 riots, it was an outlet of revolutionary energy in order to preserve the status quo. All the actual revolutionary energy got banned. And here we are with this sad man who should be in a retirement home (I say that with genuine concern) who most of the people on the left are content with just because it’s not the other side of the controlled opposition. You leftists have your side of the country for Real Marxism, and a reactionary half of the country implements its own political interpretation, maybe even a few other patches free from both of those. “Why would we do that when we could have ALL of the country with Biden-puppet?” Many really do think this way. Look me in the eye and tell me “Biden is true leftism” without sighing. Yet so many hate what Biden is the negation of that it might as well be leftism to them. All you’re doing in practice is being patsies for the ruling-caste and willfully eliminating people who can challenge them at all. And I know not to have the wishful thinking now to expect that you’re not so entrenched in their plans that you’re even worth talking to about it. What you gotta do to survive- shudra-liberalism. “This is me. I’m not controlled.” It is you, you are controlled, very few exceptions I’ve ever seen. Coping is a sound mechanism. Live in a totalitarian place and you’ll be able to cope to survive there somehow, that’s evolution. I still write sentences expecting people to be able to read them without coping, infinite excuses. I’m sure one is still arising in your mind now. Are you happy being a shudra? “Those don’t exist.” Are you happy being a shudra? Keep coping, shudra.