My jewess thirst-lurkers are my favorite psychological case-study.

Nothing would be more unnerving to Them than this, hypothetically, and by nothing I mean nothing. Hypothetically, that would be the pinnacle of evil in our culture. For any miscegenation you’re thrown a ticker-tape parade and get the brass band, allll miscegenations except this one, and this one only. People signal race-mixing as if they’re not duly awarded in our time for it. Okay coward. This is the sole “edgy” one actually. So it’s too bad I’d never show you the time of day huh 🥺

That is what I meant by articulation and understanding earlier today (which you’ve probably already forgotten, which I expected). A castle, armed guards, a satellite, that is what I want, I didn’t know til I typed it. When you are banned from saying certain things you don’t even know you want what you want. Maybe there’s a sort of introvert that can have a true split-consciousness in their mind, seems like that would be cope though, for being politically persecuted and not being brave enough to say anything about it. For most people, including me, if I don’t put my thoughts into words they’re not really real. That’s part of why I’ve been pursuing parrhesia, realpolitik, formalism, etc. By keeping those thoughts unable to be spoken they make them less real. Then you need so-called devil’s advocates to keep reminding you of this distinction else it will only be a matter of personal religion rather than political. Fusing personal (hidden) religion and politics is what I’ve been after, and my religion has always been to reinterpret what is understood as “politics”.

Constant stream of AI, multiple fake-satire and gaslighting sites that never say the W word, covert agency funding, pop-slut subversion, zuckerbergian and darcian meddling, tapped phone, stalking, the list goes on, all against one random guy who mostly posts casually and distractedly for fun at work, you’re going to be in real trouble when you get a group of castle-aristocrats with armed guards posting via their private satellite, so so pathetic. The left is incapable of honest debate!

There are gradations of awareness that are unlocked through verbalization, gradations of robustness of truth, of sharpness of personal insight. Real understanding is something social. When a truth remains in one’s mind it hasn’t yet crossed the threshold of “truth”, it has a character of wispiness- when it’s shared it becomes something material. Some, the ones I’ve called symbologists, are closer to this “material” knowledge than the great majority but there’s still a level of individual understanding that can only be unlocked through direct communication. Just listening to my diatribes about this and that is like a prosthetic understanding, that’s probably why there’s this amnesia that arises from my absence that I’ve noted. So now you might say, You don’t know about my discord chat dummy, or you don’t know about the private irl convos I have—that’s good if you do have those, still though, there’s a further gradations of awareness that can only be attained through public verbalization. So we can say there are three levels- personal “keep it in your head” truth (these are poor souls tbh), “friendly” one-on-one truth, and then public discourse, ranging from obscure to crystalline understanding. This is what we’re after in politics generally- understanding via articulation.

One of the most disheartening frequencies I pick up is that a lot of the parasites that surround me are fundamentally merchants- they don’t care about bringing truth into the world, all they really care about is 🤑

It’s a cross between that and what Moldbug said recently, the good feeling you get from being loyal to the government.

These are two of the main drives that are preventing posthumanism. How do we get rid of you petty, worldly creatures so we can move to the next step?