“Warring against everyone under the Sun” would be its own department in the university if it was actually committed to higher education. Who knows what countries UR and XS are banned because they’d either cause insanity or migration (same thing from the perspective of governments). When you get the rare, menacingly smirking westerner who’s willing to say Hey, you know they’re all a bunch of liars, right? in a public domain, it might as well be a declaration of war against the, uh as those liars call them, the undeveloped countries. The best example in the present day is probably North Korea, though as “fancy”, i.e. non-jungle, Asians that’s another smokescreen that’s deployed, but let’s go with them anyway. They have their own cathedral there (and theirs is superior in a sense in that their sovereign is at least formalized), and what do you think one of the foundational bases is to their weltanschauung? That North Korea is the peak of civilization. Anyone who gives doubts about that is disappeared, or banned. So this is one of those sinister facts about globalism- that if the truth were revealed, a billion or so–if not billions–would start strongly considering that Exit option. I’m sure many countries have the same problem as ours of actually believing the “noble” lies they tell their citizenry, but I’m sure there are some foreign governmental admins who are aware of white-supremacy (oops did I say that??) and systematically keep it away from the awareness of their populaces. This is especially stark in China where there are so many people- if they attended a “Hitler rally” of sorts there would be untold chaos. You can also begin to see into the psychology of Dugin’s relatively recent book which promotes racial egalitarianism- there’s a high risk factor involved with a full-spectrum rangordnung being known to virtually any citizenry of any government in the world. My idea of a neo-patch would not have any of those fabrications, “the first patch not made of fabric” ok ok I’m bad with slogans. My fellow redacted-overlords who I mentioned last night are aware that a neo-patch like this would not only cause chaos for the west, but for the rest of the world as well (I typed that out as I simultaneously said it in an evil voice lol). The social-contract-burning phronesis is the worst threat in the world. Most educated westerners can’t even deal with it, how do you expect primitives to? And yet, if we were to try to conjure up an ideal of diplomacy between nations, the mutual burning of the social contract would seem to be a prerequisite for any authentic interaction.

I’m a euromutt myself, and pure anglo types have every right to laugh at me for being part eyetalian–brb gonna get a grievance studies PhD in Greaseball Tears–so I’m already a living proto-globalist experiment myself in a way. I just think that we as a nation need to acknowledge that in regard to cosmopolitanism there’s a sharp divide between theory and practice–there’s way too much self-deception on this issue, and that’s not healthy for anyone. So for instance, “one” sees a swede-lookin dude with a big nose like me in a backalley, there’s a higher chance that “one” will take the way the crow flies than if “one” saw one of those pure monkey-lookin italians (you know what I’m talking about), and the chance “one” will turn down that alley is even lower if “one” sees, um–use your imagination–in that alley. Point is, there is a level of racial awareness that everyone has, no matter how prim and proper they are. Even someone with a PhD in Salvadorian Gang Member Tears, I intuit, feels some level of distrust among their object of study, instinctively–i.e. when it’s not merely a theoretical matter but rather a lived-experience of being near one, or in one of their neighborhoods at night. So cosmopolitanism looks good on paper, in the clouds as it were. When it’s brought down to earth, not so much. I’ll use another ethnomasochistic example, hopefully to set an example- “How come my biracial italian kid gets in so many fights at school? I wasn’t like that!” Well no shit, he’s a wop. Now venture into the taboo territory of non-europeans ooo spoooky! “Why did my kid get held back a grade, and almost get held back another one if it weren’t for the pity-based doctrine of affirmative action?” Well… Remember the Heidegger quote from yesterday about the double-coveredness of concepts? Equality and diversity are fine and good in theory, and then you get someone with even a kind nature like John Hannon admitting that he escapes the ~vibrancy~ of the inner-city to enjoy the English countryside.

I’ve made myself two sandwiches today, I should probably get used to this the way I am, eh? Pretty much everything you need to know about the goings-on of today is contained in the idea of “the reversal of values”. Calling animals animals makes you an animal. For whoever needs to hear it:

What we’re in the midst of is t̷͔̲̓h̵̼̙͂̽e̵̲̞͊̇ ̴̩͂̀m̴̟̒ȁ̶̫̦̂ï̵̤͝n̵̞͕͊̈s̶̲͍̾t̷͖͗r̸̲̺̂̀e̶̗͑a̴̱͛m̶̉̆͜i̷̧̘͆͊ņ̸͆͗g̸̳̞͌ ̴͕̰̎o̸̬͗f̷͕́ͅ ̴̢̹̃̎ṗ̶͍̔ȩ̷̝̇̊a̴͕̭̿̈s̴̰̐̔å̸̰̲n̴͉̈́t̵̺̭̓̏r̵̘̞͒͛y̶̥͊, try not to get it twisted. A hint to help you understand is that the words aristocratic and peasant are repugnant to the peasant, do you feel repugnance upon reading them? I always have my eye out for more accurate terms, I just simply can’t find any.

Believe it or not, all this race-talk is somewhat cringe even to me. This is part of the reason that both my and the overlords’ thoughts on the matter are “redacted”, they’re too far-removed from normal discourse and are jarring, to the degree that they can even sometimes cause disgust. If that is one of the effects in your experience then I deem that good anthropology, it’s the science that doesn’t provoke any emotion that you have to look out for.

The fact is that, like I said before in reference to “human beings viewed as livestock to be bred”, the way I talk is exactly how some of these people in power actually think, and speak among themselves, except for the essential factor of course that with them “the values are reversed”. To speak in Darwinese, with them it’s deliberate inverted-selection. Race is cringe no doubt and I’d like to drop the subject as much as anyone, the problem is that my favorite hobby happens to be subverting those who are in control of everything so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let’s raise the question of what is the opposite of “idle talk”. I would say it’s the discussion of what the future should look like. With our current policies, well, do you like rap and basketball? If you do you’re probably one of those peasants I mentioned. Also, I have to ask the question again- What exactly are people from South America known for? Being poor and needing to move somewhere where people will show them charity? The way things are going, we’re going to have a lot of that in the future. Not really an “idle” matter if you ask me. The withering away of the human spirit, that’s what most are “hyperstitioning” into being. Any outcry against that Stephens article, for instance, is exactly that, try not to be fooled by the ghouls.

Battle against idle talk? Never heard of such a thing.

Opinions rigidify themselves in concepts and propositions; they become truisms which are repeated over and over, with the consequence that what was originally disclosed comes to be covered up again. Thus everyday Dasein moves in a double coveredness: initially in mere ignorance and then in a much more dangerous coveredness, insofar as idle talk turns what has been uncovered into untruth. With regard to this double coveredness, a philosophy faces the tasks, on the one hand, of breaking through for the first time to the matters themselves (the positive task) and, on the other hand, of taking up at the same time the battle against idle talk. Both of these intentions are the genuine impulses of the spiritual work of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Their struggle against rhetoric and sophistry bears witness to it.

It might help you see through the blinding cultural baggage if you thought of the cyber-right as primarily against rhetoric and sophistry rather than any particular group or belief – that’s me anyway, can’t speak for everyone.

I found a telling symbolic exchange recently, probably just another one of those schizo-coincidences of mine, sound off in the comments what you think:

Dunno what that moobie is about, just thought this was conspicuous. It’s sad that politics is like this, I wish I wasn’t born in this time of globalization so I could focus on other matters, truly. Is this thee central taboo of the cathedral? I certainly don’t see it mentioned in public anywhere, let alone somewhere that’s mainstream- indeed, I exclusively see the opposite rhetoric and sophistry on display that hides this very fact.

Want my advice? I know you just love my advice. One of you, instead of “coping on the TL”, should be the brave lady that starts “Monkeyfuckers Anonymous” so all the childless, middle-aged women who no one will ever marry have a place to cry together.

In the spirit of Moldbug saying “You’re a problem, buddy” (which is my ideology), something tells me this is one of those “meditations” They don’t want you to experience:


As dangerous of a weapon that Evola is, he’s child’s play next to plateaus like this. I remember in undergrad one of the profs referred to Heidegger as a mountain. *shivering* Yeah. And the pious “pluralist” that that guy was I’m sure didn’t have in mind the unexplored mountain that is the Heidegger unfettered by postwar historiography- who’s ever heard of an expedition that would take decades?? *laughing maniacally* What’s that next to neech’s sneering “terrible will… that would be able to cast its goals millennia hence”? A viewpoint from the summit for those serious about an Antiversity… for the rest, keep watching your moobies.

This from Sorel has kept reappearing in my thoughts since I read it

There’s a connection between true knowledge and articulation. I’m not trying to make a point about Marxists here, the context is incidental, though you could see this as another argument against leveling I guess- part of why the hordes need to be led is because they don’t have true knowledge, which is only evidenced by its articulation, which only a minority is capable of. So when you get rid of the upper-crust as it were, the herd disperses into havoc. I think of this selection though more in the context of our overlords, ironically, because I have a strong suspicion–and it’s only that, a suspicion, because who could know without personally interrogating them–that the reason there are no esoteric texts or videos of them explaining the processes that I and other reactionaries get into, is because they themselves lack the true knowledge that is required for the articulation of those processes. So again, just a suspicion- it could very well just as easily be the case that the cyber-right is part of the horde that lacks true knowledge that only they have access to and enlightening us to it would only cause us ourselves to disperse into havoc, who knows. My bet is placed on generations of nepotism and plutocratic education in finance rather than political philosophy leading to their incompetence and inability to express why they do what they do because as quasi-automatons they cannot retain verbally their own reasoning and motivations. This “retain verbally” concept could also explain the crypto-currents’ resort to symbolism rather than engaging in direct argument too, I might add.