While Adorno is often called a pessimist, the ~1950s when he wrote was evidently a brighter time than ours. When I observe the people, the elites, and what goes for “art” in America it would only be a sentiment of undue flattery to equate the quality of what he terms their pseudo-culture with the standards and values of the middle-class white-collar worker. See, being classist is like being racist toward the different breeds of white people (I feel somewhat exultant that I found a new way to hurt people’s feelings TBH). Let’s just try to look at this in a detached, objective manner, pretending we’re on a lunar base and are not situated in any particular class ourselves. Your caste-consciousness is probably sharp enough by now to infer what is more pessimistic than Adorno’s standpoint without my having to tell you, right? I’ll say it anyway though. If someone were to speculate that what the cathedral is is the universalization of proletarian vulgarity I would solemnly nod my head yes. Any honest Marxist would talk like this, they just don’t want to alienate their base (and I do love the double-meaning of “base”)–well, then again, most Marxists I’ve known suffer from the same “prolgarity” that is at issue here, hindering them from making this judgment, so maybe not. To strike a synthesis with Adorno, let’s say that the way I see it, there are proles in suits administering over proles in peasant garb. There are exceptions of course, it’s just that pretty much anywhere I look I see profundity nowhere, and that’s the standard I use to judge.

We could even get more pessimistic if you want? If that’s what you like with your morning coffee? We might have to bring up the race question again, “damnit not that again”. Would it be vulgar of me to refer to a “brown-collar” demographic? Again, I know it’s tough to believe there are things even worse than the white rabble, trust me I know!, and yet… here we are. So Adorno, writing in the 50s, was a jesus-freak-tier optimist when you juxtapose his observation with today. “Our” pseudo-culture–“trashworld” I’ve been thinking of it as in my moments of bitterness (which are frequent)–derives not from middle-class consciousness, oh no, we could only be so lucky- rather, almost everything seems to be reminiscent of a cross between the lower, and the still lower.

Me imagining having an s.o. who calls me by my actual first name

What paths do you have to travel in life for that to be what you want.

Here, I’ll even help with the tweet-format:

“Hey NICK, I know it’s a stupid tradition but maybe we should, coincidentally, find ourselves in the same room on new year’s eve?”

Too bad I already know that no one has the ovaries to be so bold 🎭

If you saw Land as part of the British secret service you might get the idea

Occult cosmic purpose? Put one of our various operatives in a room with these bureaucratic goons on camera and see how they interact with someone immune to ketman. All of the mainstream media is controlled by the ones who want to keep everything hidden. If the money/power people ever have a real-life live-action discussion with a few of these nameless knowledge-over-all anonymous types they would be devastated in the eyes of millions. So let’s have the talk, Covert Agencies. Let’s have a live-debate…. unless you’re, scared?

If we ever established a brick and mortar Antiversity from which we waved at the surrounding cathedral with this face 😄 I think the core foundations all of the disciplines are rooted in should be the science of logic and the great man theory of history. All the real artillery is contained in those two. To put it another way, the study of geniuses with mathematical rigor is the most dangerous weapon at our disposal. And what other disciplines will there be? Well, let’s ask them. Whether you believe that science or art expresses a profounder truth, they definitely have a better argument both for and against that stance of yours. True rangordnung is a form of ancestor-worship, realizing there were genetic mutants before you that were smarter than any of the 7 billion or so alive today. Once that’s realized it’s a matter of figuring out how to interpret them correctly. When you see the words and actions of any of the power-nodes of that Know the Enemy image (and don’t forget the various new nodes we’ve added), if you rigorously apply the logic of some of these geniuses, these people look like cretins, poor little ants that were given a faulty education. Instead of the lawyer-congress being in charge, instead of the dead kike who runs CNN being in charge, instead of the deistic constitution being in charge, our government should be ruled by the correct interpretation of geniuses, that’s my ideal of “political correctness”.

Why aren’t more Marxists like him? Oh yeah, they’d be ostracized by their over-sensitive dullard comrades, what a shame that would be.

Doesn’t it seem like that is what our ruling elite is? A bunch of people with the consciousness of middle-class white-collar workers? Don’t you see the problem with this? We should have actual elites be our elites, call it a hunch. I’d love to see a Marxist admit that, that the mixing of classes has been a mistake for that reason. Hey now hey now, if someone wants to make an exception for me though, I’m not going to protest.

Looks like my internal grinch is leading me to giving myself a refresher on my Marxist bro Adorno today

Not like he himself isn’t part of his own culture industry that produces moral evil but he’s one of the rare leftists that my hatereaders might be interested in if they see eye to eye with me about the demos (🤢) and pop culture and aren’t, say, explicitly planning on making their new year’s resolution thinking more about gas chambers.

Wish I’d see an incisive viral tweet denouncing the TSZ seminar instead of Star Wars. It’s like people don’t understand that what you put in your brain affects who you are, which in turn affects the world. Consume trivial media, be a trivial person, create a trivial world. STOP