I’ve never seen one of them admit it, that the chances that they’ll be terrible mothers are in the 90% range. It’s either they’re going to be depressed, despairing cat ladies or terrible mothers, a happy life isn’t an option for them. Why won’t they admit it? And when I tell them this they just double-down. The life you were sold isn’t your fault, isn’t my fault, there are others to blame, namely the ones who determine our belief-system – to think that is democratic is a delusion. So much revenge I’ve had to deal with because I tell them the way they were taught is going to lead to lots of broken children. Just admit it for once. It’s their narcissism that prevents that- rather than be wrong they’d prefer that others spend lives of misery like theirs.

Something else I just found too

Only 12 pages sadly. Strauss is my connection to the bigbrains when most of the world around me is such a let down. You need someone who speaks in ~modern parlance–he died in the 1970s–to remind you of the living reality of those who are even more distant who died in the 1670s. Books, text of any kind, are still not ideal “traditionalism”, this is just one of the ways that anons in this culture can make do.

The plan for a book Strauss wrote before he died

How the editors published it a decade after he died

What is this chapter 14? A review published by Strauss in 1957. It’s just this one paragraph, I wonder the meaning of this.

Some synchronicities there. And also in the chapter that follows,

I didn’t know Strauss thought this, it’s a strange coincidence.

Had you heard of this?

It all seems so confused. We’re supposed to have this old hatred for Russia because they’re authoritarian socialists, and then when you’ve realized just how authoritarian socialist “we” are it makes it meaningless, especially when you see some of the post-socialist reforms of Russia and notice how “we” are only moving closer to socialism. I see a billion dollars being spent in the interest of preserving a country (Ukraine) moving toward socialism (liberal democracy, what is the difference between these two) and all that means as I see the reality of it in the US is atheistic-nihilism, materialism, consumerism, the proliferation of lowbrow art, ressentiment against higher castes in the name of pity, all these things I always talk about. Does anyone else instantly think of that when they see a billion spent on keeping the Russians away? Spending a billion to promote values that create Hell on earth in another country, that’s all “help from the US” means, what a waste.

Laptop’s not working and it’s annoying making an effortpost on my📱 Just pondering this idea today

My objectivity toward Russia has progressed incrementally since 2016 and russiagate when I didn’t understand all the fanaticism involved with that. I still don’t think I understand that phenomenon. There are still steps to take to escape “the American situation” on a psychological level and Russia is perhaps the most perplexing country in all the world to use to re-examine one’s always-already identity as an American. Probably going to be studying the Russo-Ukrainian War til I fix my laptop, to see what I can learn about my own country. Race-blindness is a form of mental blindness in today’s world.

It’s just Hinduism, what’s so controversial about it? Dot on the forehead, cow worship, meditation?

“What do you mean there’s a good chance I’m lower even than vaishyas? 😟”

No one alive today corresponds to any of these, don’t worry about it.

Boobs, hamborger! Shopping, dick! Public allegiance to the Righteous Cause of the day. You bumbling morons, you irredeemable imbeciles.

This should be an interesting read, though most castes won’t bother for the stated reasons

How many times have I mentioned something like this? Not many, that’s because I’m not living in the realm of shadows

You confine me within your own ideology of white males are bad! and go from there like the feds you are. Why call them leftists or liberals? They’re establishment-conformists.