So I’ve read a few places that the grand synthesizer of those Sufis (who lived at the same time as Descartes) is heavily politicized in Iran today, and I want to know more about him before I steep in too much boilerplate, most of his works still unavailable in English, and I see this name I never heard of on wikishia

ملا هادی سبزواری‎ died around the same time The Birth of Tragedy was written – and what a wildly divergent interpretation of Socratism I expect to find in him. He also wrote extensively on Rumi, so we might be able to access the non New Age Rumi through him.

As close as Iran is to Europe it seems so much farther away in a different way

Just a jaunt, and it’s a world as if sealed off from us.


What’s that supposed to mean??

Anyway this morning I was interested in finding people who’ve taken the Sufis the furthest. They say that Sabzavāri’s Taʿliqāt is his most important book on Mollā Ṣadrā. Will he show us what is beyond the psychocosmic mountain? Though from a wealthy family he lived as an ascetic farmer and would anonymously leave money from his inheritance in his students’ rooms – doesn’t sound like a European practice to me. Remember Tabatabai? People mention these two in the same breath. I’m still learning the basics of the intellectual atmosphere there.

Something I realized about the Sufis is they often seem to do what Muhammad did rather than follow Muhammad, i.e. both the Sufis and Muhammad rather followed the Angel.

See, this seems like someone one HAS to know

Sabzavāri, who has been referred to as “the sole philosopher of the 13th/19th century” in Persia

I was “flabbergasted” when I learned that Russia has its own tradition of Platonism as distinct from England’s or the so-called “continent’s” and this is even more shocking to me finding that this Islamic country does.

One thing I was wondering- what percent of those Muslim refugees in Europe that give reactionaries a negative stereotype are Sunni? I haven’t been able to find info on this, I just have a hunch that they’re mostly Sunni. And I think there are possibly racist avenues to go down too, involving cladistics and Zoroastrianism.

Another synchronicity

Sabzavāri, like Sohravardi, emphasized the wisdom of the ancient Persian sages

So, what, it isn’t so controversial there to believe in pre-Islamic ideas?

See how I used the word “boilerplate” above in this post? That’s something I have to stop doing. There are probably ways to be a “freethinker” there as long as you go about it in the right way.

Is the placement of these military bases starting to look more “criminal” to you yet perchance?

Back to Sabzavāri though, I’m only finding one book of his that was translated into English, probably not coincidentally published a few years before the Revolution. He seems like their “Hegel” more or less.

From what I can tell, the closest thing we have to following their trajectory after Avicenna is Duns Scotus and people he influenced. While Heidegger actually wrote his rehabilitation thesis on Scotus, he’s a pretty marginal figure in the west overall.

So did you do anything today besides break open food by bashing it with a rock?

Sorry, I just had to ask, even though I already know the answer.

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OR we can get away from all this. I’ve shown you many possibilities and I don’t think most can endure the one that’s crystallized recently.

They must not “want” to descend to a place of such depravity

the Neoplatonists put this all in an emanationist frame, such that, the forms seem as if to “desire” to manifest in the world. That is, they are forms which are also forces

Another way to put it is they don’t want to descend to creatures that don’t want to ascend to them.

Keep in mind that a theme one finds in mystical literature like a golden thread throughout is that it is impossible to talk about these things. So if you get the idea in your head that this doesn’t seem to accurately reflect the reality, many of the ones who believe in this sort of thing probably wouldn’t disagree with you. It’s groping toward something accurate because that’s the best we can do in regard to a level of reality that is impossible to describe. You can even call this type of talk an attempt at an “ascent” itself.

For Suhrawardi the beings of the earth are various types of jewels that in various ways refract the light that descends through them. Remember Ahriman, the proto-devil, that represents darkness? The different kinds of jewels refract different colors of light, and only God (or Ohrmazd) is a being of pure light.

This is something to meditate on

This is most similar, in fact, to the human mind, that which is able to think of all things it sees without having to ‘be’ them.

God’s attributes are qualities that mix together to form a refraction of a specific color or shade of light. Back to the Kabbalah again- wrath and mercy for instance. Most leftists have a similar mixture of those two, mercy for the wretched and wrath for those who judge them. Thus they all appear as a similar shade of light. Or a similar personality as we tend to call it.

You can think of the emanation of light through the lens of the seven deadly sins in general. Many of the jewels refract a color of the descending light that is pretty dark.

Whether you believe in Muhammad or not you can still understand how some Sufis see him. He’s a jewel that refracts a color of light close to the pure light of God itself. And people in the west don’t tend to hear the side of the story about the Angel Gabriel refracting an even purer light. It seems many Muslims are aware of how limited human beings are, even if they are Muhammad himself who is a vessel of one of those “desiring forms” descending down as mentioned initially.

Anyway, Suhrawardi was martyred for his beliefs, you might recall he attempted to bring Zoroastrianism into the fold of Islam. It’s Mulla Sadra who “refracted” him and Ibn ‘Arabi into a more Shi’ist context, and thus his framework is dominant in Iran today.

So a way to think of it is Zoroaster, the sage of light and darkness, was deemed not light enough ultimately. If we’re going to look at it cladistically anyway. Muhammad and the imams were determined to have refracted the attributes of the core of the descending light most closely. And if you refract too darkly when you’re in Iran you’re going to have to suffer the consequences.

I think one way Evola looks at Islam in general helps us explain their severity

the spiritual doctrines of Islam, the highest pillar of which is to testify that there is only one God to be worshiped… Islam is distinct from all other faiths in how absolute it is in its doctrine of Divine Unity

It’s easy to turn and look at Zoroaster again, the FIRST monotheist. They’ve been chewing on this for thousands of years. They don’t seem “relativistic”, they’re a people that doesn’t tolerate evil whatsoever. Ahriman. If you’re not pure light they don’t want you to exist. And they treat the Israelis accordingly. Is that such a bad feature to have? To love pure light that much? I don’t think it is. And they seem to exemplify the Sephirah Geburah in that sense, which is no doubt regarded by Ahriman as a qlipha.

And being detached, scientific, western people we can reflect on how Iran is its own jewel that refracts a particular color of light which we can agree with or disagree with corresponds to the pure light of God. I personally happen to see a brightness there overall, and I can’t say that about my own country.

I’m fixated on this okay?

Diverging from roots shared with Western thought in the concept of the imaginative faculty, the Islamic imaginal realm is supra-individual and more real than matter.

Is it even possible for us to understand this?

What could this possibly mean?

mediating between the senses and the intelligence… what it perceives is more real than sense-perceptibles

Slowly piecing clues together

modern Western philosophy followed Aristotle in conceiving of the imagination as arising from the senses, eastern Islamic philosophy developed the Neoplatonist understanding of the imagination as receptive of divine images.

Could it be that the Bible and Quran are only the surface of these two civilizations? Did they interpret their sacred books THROUGH these two Greeks? Are WE Aristotelians without even being aware of it?

I’ve written before about how in both the west and the middle east in the medieval age there was a form of priestcraft widely used that “harmonized” Plato and Aristotle so they seemed like they agreed about everything, or at least about the basics. They did this so people didn’t get confused and lose their faith. One Greek plus the holy book is enough to deal with- TWO Greeks plus a holy book? That was considered too much for people to handle. Based on these recent findings via Corbin I speculate that the Shi’ists “harmonized” the two in favor of Plato, and the Catholics in favor of Aristotle. And the latter could be one of the things that caused Protestantism.

This essay is really illuminating. This is the 1200s again

the Christian tradition began to regard the imagination as psychological: not an inspiration from without, but invention, or re-combination, from within. In this history we begin to see the rise in the West of a concept of an autonomous psychological subject.

There’s no Emanation from above, “emanation” happens from within the individual.

In Egypt today they talk about receiving dreams, that is, they presuppose that they do not arise from inside, they see them as arriving from outside.

I thought this was just a conspiracy at first- this has significant geopolitical implications

Muslim thinkers, especially Sufis and Persian philosophers, continued to develop the Neoplatonist top-down understanding of imagination.

They operate with Plato’s triadic structure of sensible-imaginal-intelligible. The thinkers of Shi’ism believe the imaginal realm exists externally. If this is difficult for you to wrap your mind around you’re not alone- I think I’m starting to look at this as a form of retardation the west has. Tap on a table. “Objects” in the imaginal realm are realer to them than that table.

I sense that people here are able to entertain that idea, just not accept it.

If you think of it concretely, they’re willing to suffer sanctions because the Hidden Imam is more important to them. I can actually relate to them. Think of wearing a nice silk shirt vs. a shirt made of burlap. The stuff in this world doesn’t matter. If I had to choose between a silk shirt and being devoted to my version of the Hidden Imam, you can probably guess which one I’m going for. I doubt though that the Shi’ists and I are exactly the same, and I’m trying to get a better idea of how they see reality.

We’re the great-great-grandchildren of the people who decided against this realm so I’m pessimistic if we could ever go beyond merely entertaining the idea to believing in it. Look how easily its dismissal can be used for political control though

the imaginal realm effectively accounts for the spiritual visions of the faithful as true images. He locates the Western rejection of the imaginal realm in the medieval debates that culminated at the Council of Nicaea. The Church hierarchy was threatened by a concept of the active imagination that would be able to dialogue with angels

Note that we’re not talking about ordinary imagination. They don’t want you to use your imagination too much about higher concepts.

Ironically, you might need to have to use your imagination to understand the imaginal realm- so for that reason it might be impossible, a knot in an endless loop.

Here is Mulla Sadra sounding like a Platonist

What are perceived by the five senses… are luminous hidden images existing in another world; they are not those qualities (of material things) usually called ‘sensibles,’ except in an accidental fashion.

This is by no means simple to grasp.

The Hidden Imam exists in the Realm of the Forms, and no, you can’t knock on anything there like it’s a table.

Apparently many of them don’t see Muhammad and the imams as supernatural, they see them as having a strong imaginal faculty. Think of it in terms of Kabbalistic emanationism- Allah is the Ein Sof, the next level down is his messenger the Angel Gabriel, Keter. From there it descends to Muhammad, i.e. Hokhmah, then to Ali, i.e. Binah, and on down through the rest of the imams, and the Hidden Imam is expected to return as all of those points of light from the Ein Sof/Allah down taken together. You do need to have a special imaginative faculty to “cognize” the Great Chain of Being. Secularists might think of it as a rare genetic mutant or something like that- the Mahdi is someone who will be born with a strong enough imaginal faculty to understand the will of Allah. And we saw that Khomeini at least PARTOOK of that Mahdi nature, even if he was not thee Mahdi himself. Tell me the imaginal realm isn’t “real” when he affected a Revolution against Rockefeller, Kissinger, and Co. It must be realer than whatever the west has if we haven’t managed to do something like that.

Sorry if you see a certain word here and all it makes you think of is techies from silicon valley puking, because that’s your loss

If I were on a manmade island in international waters this would be highly interesting to me as well

You have to kind of be a “mean” person to look at the World Religions realistically. The “civilization continent” developed extremely sophisticated systems of mysticism. Try not to wince- THAT is questionable in the Americas. That’s why I believe the two can be synthesized in ways unprecedented in history. One can use the methods of the indigenous Americas WITH the the systems from the civilization continent.

Something strange you will want to note about the three concepts in question here, Sufism, Kabbalah, and Shamanism- each one is “illegal” in its own way.

I think all three can interact in order to reach a higher truth. And I’m not so certain that that higher truth will be looked upon favorably.

Corbin, like Strauss, was speaking decades ago to a different world

This intermediate world is the realm where the conflict which split the Occident, the conflict between theology and philosophy, between faith and knowledge, between symbol and history, is resolved.

The Occident has moved all the way to the side of philosophy, knowledge, and history, as opposed to the other three those used to be in a tension with. In other words, that “conflict” doesn’t exist anymore, we’re in a secular age. Back in the 60s when they were writing we hadn’t gone that far. And that’s why I think that the methods of the indigenous Americans are probably necessary to remember that conflict at all. Furthermore, I believe it is ideal to approach them with a cognitive toolkit that’s steeped in the systems from the civilization continent. Shamanism sheds light on Sufism and Kabbalah, and Sufism and Kabbalah shed light on Shamanism. Again, if I were in international waters I would expect an experience of the “Ein Sof” within the realm of the “Alam al-Mithal” beyond what most humans have experienced if the three were put together.

If you look at the three and equate them with the epistemological validity of astrology for instance, you’re going to be missing the point. It’s that exact attitude of dismissal which leads me to conclude that the methods from the Americas might be necessary to even understand the systems from the civilization continent. This is peak death of god posting at the moment that you’re witnessing. I.e. it’s not just these three that are going on here- neech, Plato, etc. The more the merrier, the more the grander the visionary experience. And I’d definitely throw Protocols-adjacent literature in there too. We’re looking for the peak of wisdom. Both mystical and political- and I strongly suspect that those two are ultimately one.

While I’m far from a Perennialist it does seem pretty obvious that there are many similarities between the World Religions, and I direct you to this “Hyperspace Lexicon” here because I find many parallels between the concepts there and those that I’ve learned from Sufism, and they are framed in a way westerners might understand better. It’s really 8-bit to refer simply to “angels and demons” because there are so many distinct personalities among them. I know people just think I’m a crazy person for saying that and I really don’t care. The west is so far into the scientistic mindset I don’t expect people to look at this as having any validity.

Don’t think of those normies who go on those ayahuasca retreats, I’m trying to be serious here. These kinds of people ruin EVERYTHING, you expect them not to ruin that too?

This is what I’ve called discipline- you need to devote yourself to understanding those systems from the civilization continent and bring them with you.

So- I’m making the extreme case (which I think is right) that people in the fallen west need BOTH sides.

Further, keep in mind that Corbin was a phenomenologist. If you don’t understand phenomenology there’s going to be a tendency to dismiss your experience afterward as “imagination”. That’s because with our empiricist-materialist worldview here nothing outside the realm of the five senses has any epistemological value. That is absolutely wrong in my opinion. This “other world” that we’re speaking of here has MORE epistemological value than this one of the five senses, and that’s a FACT. Good luck accepting that, I doubt you will.

This rando I found talking about this synthesis makes some acute points- even if this is cliche-sounding I think it’s true

Do you happen to be in international waters, anon? Because a little birdie tells me that no dangerous chemicals are needed for extractions, and that lemon juice for instance works perfectly well. I don’t suggest this, obviously. I only suggest studying Ibn ‘Arabi! I do not suggest purchasing mimosa hostilis AND syrian rue. Because once it’s extracted with lemon juice in a simple wok it can be reduced down to a solid and put into capsules to avoid the taste, and that’s illegal, so no that’s bad, don’t do it.

there is a “battle for the Soul of the World,” which is in essence a spiritual battle for the human soul, the dwelling place within us of the divine presence Itself. As Corbin points out, this is ultimately a battle “for” our celestial guiding spirit in the form of our Angel. This is to say that we are not only battling “along with” the Angel against the darker forces that obscure the light of the world from shining, but are at the same time battling to ultimately re-claim and unite with our Angel

What I’m trying to crystallize here though is that having only one of the two sides is useless in most cases. Ibn ‘Arabi will remain as mere words on a page, empty concepts without the other side. And the methods from the Americas will be useless without the mystics. So I’m formulating a “double angel” of sorts in other words. Not much else I can think of that can cure the atheism in the west. And again, phenomenology might be necessary for that as well, so really it’s a multi-layered angel. And the worldly ones look at all of this and blink.

So they’re framing the new Dune movie as a “crusade”

They’re partly responsible for that too.

Man, that would be perfect too for deconditioning if the movie actually based itself on the book which has various Islamic themes. Framing it as a crusade, Zionism, don’t think about it too much.

Mankind’s movement through deep space placed a unique stamp on religion during the one hundred and ten centuries that preceded the Butlerian Jihad… space gave a different flavor and sense to ideas of Creation. 

“Do I have to wear a hijab in my helmet?” AHahahaha! Has CRISPR made you really equal by that point yet?

It’s just a thought-experiment, no reality is being discussed here.


they were laboring to produce one book, weeding out “all the pathological symptoms” of the religious past.

The enlightenment past too…

Hollywood could’ve really done something interesting with this

writing in the 1950s and 1960s, the jihad of Frank Herbert’s imagination was not the same as ours, but drew from the Sufi-led jihads against French, Russian, and English imperialism in the 19th and mid-20th century.

The main character Paul Atreides is known as the Mahdi- that’s another word for the Hidden Imam. I’m sure that’s non-existent in this movie being released next month in the US.

Paul’s little sister is named Alia, i.e. the feminine form of Ali.

This is where Paul goes to get his visions

“Alam al mithal” is a fundamental concept central to what is called the Ishraqi (illuminationist) tradition of philosophy in Islamic culture, including such pre-eminent names as Suhrawardi, Ibn Arabi and Mulla Sudra. Herbert’s use of it is absolutely correct…

Whoa, have to share this paragraph because it condenses so much so densely

Recall my post on Nominalism here.

Anyway what I was thinking about earlier is that in the fallen west people experience on psychedelics what Shi’ists might experience naturally to some degree. (And use your imagination what Herbert meant by “Spice”).

Click here to see the basics of Alam al-Mithal as it appears in Dune.

From the MENAnet

According to the translator Seyed Mahyar Forootanfar, due to the possibility of censorship, Mahdi’s [مهدی] name in the novel has been changed to Hoshidar [سید]

Like I said, the trailer frames it as being about a “crusade”. Missed opportunity to do something subversive.

Someone says it

we are as a species somehow aligned to a universal ‘function’, a programme whose underlying telos is the manufacture of deities

What is Being? Being is the posthuman. What is the point of life? The posthuman. What is also the point of life? Enjoying life as a posthuman. Part of that enjoyment is found through creating the postposthuman.

All my talk of shamanism, occultism, angelology, etc. is directly connected to this. You need to have an experience of the more-than-human to be able to formulate what the posthuman could be. Just reading about it you’re not going to understand- you have to experience it.

The posthuman is not going to exist in this reality of ours. It will be glad that it doesn’t. A very similar phenomenon when I observe POC. Glad that it’s not in that dim reality that was left behind.

We are POC to the future posthumanity. There are ways to get a glimpse of what that might be like from the latter’s perspective. I’ve named a few of those ways- shamanism, occultism, and angelology. There are actually many more ways, and virtually no one cares about any of them. And that’s one of the many reasons I’m frequently dismissing present humans as niggers. I literally see them that way, in part because I’ve focused on these various methods that allow me to see them that way.

Does it make you happy when I look at you that way? Of course not, and that’s why I deduce that the posthuman will be secretive.

I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that the posthuman already exists and it has to hide. It does not make people happy that it exists, they don’t like it. It’s your loss.

There’s no doubt to me that there are some out there that would see ME as a negro. Part of who they are is being sneaky so they wouldn’t be able to be detected. This isn’t sci-fi, this is real. Many of them are probably in the academy, and they do what they need to do so they don’t get orc’d. They’re a solid 100,000 years of evolution beyond other beings we know of as “human”. It doesn’t have to be that many years of distance now that we have technology though. It’s not fully developed yet, I just expect that if we focused on it without having to diminish ourselves to prevent being orc’d we could close that distance very quickly.

I’m looking at you women too, because you’re part of the problem. Women can’t even escape being a woman, how do they expect to escape the human? Not trying to be mean, I’ve given you advice on how to do that. I suggest asceticism. Good luck disciplining these animals. See, I bet they’re just stewing in rage getting ready to orc me now that I say that. Well that’s half the population so it needs to be addressed. I repeat- asceticism. I repeat- good luck.

I had a dream in the early morning of a futuristic studies center. When I awoke the trivial level that people tend to be on in our culture seemed all the more trivial. It’s not some kind of obscurantism with no contact with reality when I speak of Keter and the descent of light, and the increasing dimness the farther down it goes. Most people think and talk in a very dim light. One would think “They don’t have to be that way” and one would be an optimist to conclude thus. I expect more in particular from white men, and even they tend to remind me of cavemen breaking food open with rocks or something like that when they talk. Grunting nothingnesses. Years and years and years, and that’s the only brainfart they’re capable of. Really making my stay on earth a paradise, thanks.

Back to these living posthumans though. It’s one thing for them to be invisible, which they are to most people, and it’s another thing to be able to sense that they cloak themselves due to the Hemlock Mechanism. That is one of the first things to excise from the genome in my opinion. Everything follows from that. That’s the thing that keeps the studies at such a slow pace. Once that’s removed it will be like growing wings and being able to fly.

This is another reason why I’m skeptical of the DARPA goons who at least vaguely broach this way of thinking. They tend to have backgrounds in empiricism. You can’t understand any of this without understanding Socratism, for one. The very type of posthuman they should be engineering is the very type of person they’d probably despise personally. To put it bluntly, the plan is to destroy humanity. Can I make it anymore crystal clear to you? Those scientists are going to be burned to a crisp. Everything they believe in will be shattered and scattered into the wind. Their life, their family, their career, their self-esteem is all going away. Sorry, I’m laughing maniacally now. For those of us who aren’t afraid of the orcs it’s really easy to do that to people, and I can only imagine what a posthuman will be able to do. “You don’t do that in polite society!” Sorry, did I force you to visit this place? This is a laboratory where we monkeys figure out how to destroy monkeydom. There’s nothing redeemable about it at all, it’s time for it to go. We need to engineer a new species that does not dwell in the dim light. You can keep uttering sentences that are the equivalent of breaking food open with a rock, or you can go with this other option, it’s up to you. I’m not going to pretend that there’s some beautiful intrinsic value to present humanity. We’re living in niggerworld. It’s time for it to go kaput, it’s time for it to be deliberately dissipated into dust, and preferably cast into outer-space to be forgotten. I don’t care if these lowly animals have electricity and smartphones and clothing and soap. That’s not enough to pass the test of whether a species is valuable or not. Whether it’s the west, or Islam, or China, humanity is living in a slave-state all around. Then the ones on the peripheries living in the jungles are enslaved to their ape-genetics and are worse off than the above-stated forms of civilization.

So, I think this is what should be talked about. No one has a goal. Get some groceries tomorrow, buy a boat next year, those aren’t real goals. And you know what prevents us from talking about real goals? That’s the slave-state of the west, and I’ve voluminously discussed the dimensions of this “dome” that we’re confined in. I’ve discussed how all the shiny books about this subject are by nature confined within that dome. If you care about posthumanism then you are a Nazi, so it’s probably time to just own it. All signs from our political order and the 109 others point to the fact that the Moshiach does not represent posthumanism- in fact it represents the direct opposite. It was Evola who referred to “the Semitic wave” as “enemy of itself and of the world” – they themselves are victims of their own out-of-control belief-system. They themselves are being absorbed into the trajectory toward the prehuman rather than the posthuman. Sorry this is the height of taboo to mention- if you want to talk about getting out of the lowly human then you need to mention these people, really you need to develop an understanding of their nature that approaches the level of science. It doesn’t matter if we have done that here to whatever degree, because of the orc’d phenomenon of needing to protect the ones who protect THEM, protect them from being identified as not even human, let alone posthuman. Get how this can get really controversial yet?

While the translation is garbled, you get the point, and this point isn’t made on the English internet anywhere

“Initiation” never ended. Professors themselves are initiates who initiate the young into “the mysteries”. And guess who bankrolls the universities? That’s right, people who want students to be initiated into beliefs that perpetuate their control of the universities.

Remember this? This was the best Iranian news site out there

We’re still in the early phases of developing an Antiversity, and this is one of the obstacles.

They capture the best brains, that’s one of the main problems of what we call the cathedral.

People don’t really have a choice when they’re young. If they’re exposed to leftist writers at an impressionable age by “High Priests” known as professors then that kind of seals the deal of their intellectual destiny in life.

If we have our own internet, our own Antiversity, our own initiation-process, then that won’t happen with all the best brains.

What, you accusing me of being a High Priest myself? Sorry, did you notice there’s no top-down money flow upon me? That has to be a good sign. Meanwhile just today I interviewed for some chandala-like job and I declined because it’s too much for someone like me, and that’s kind of just the state of things in 2021. There’s zero incentive for “Keter” understanding out there. Only choice elites understand Keter and they want to keep it that way to prevent a bloody revolt.

We’re still at the early stages of all this, and it can easily be erased overnight, as we’ve seen with the Great Reset. People went back to animality real quick. That’s what they want.

To put the matter candidly, what we need is a community devoted to Truth. Not devoted to status. Food and shelter is important. After that, it should be Knowledge that is enshrined as the main goal in life. At the moment most people seem to be preoccupied with being applauded by a fallen, demonic populace and upper-caste. It’s time to stop caring about their approval. If you want to break away from their control, if you want PEOPLE LIKE YOU who live in the future when you’re dead, to break away from their control then this subject should be extremely concerning to you. I do not want people with my awareness living in the conditions that I’ve had to live in. Year after year of living amongst hissing animals where using your mind only leads to sorrow for you. That’s not good. I don’t think that’s just. We need a robust Antiversity to counter this. Some of us who “ain’t no dummy” have had to deal with these conditions for years, and it shouldn’t be that way in the future. There should be incentives in place to talk about “Keter”. There are none because they want it to be invisible- further they want the concealment OF that concealment. I’m speaking here of the real meaning of totalitarianism, it involves what Knowledge is able to be available to the public. Only a very dim, filtered light of knowledge is allowed. Do you want that to persist into the future? What, forever? That does not sound like a utopia. And the utopia is what the Antiversity would have as one of its main concerns. And it doesn’t count as a utopia if you simply eliminate all the minds that could understand Keter. That’s the project in place now, a minority that’s making sure no one will ever understand them and thus challenge them. It’s your choice, and it seems you already made your choice, for a future of ignorance, and people like you living in the future as a repetition of your slave-caste.

The Shah is mentioned 170 times in Rockefeller’s memoirs, can’t get more obvious than that

This dinosaur Kissinger is still alive out there! Imagine the secrets that HE knows. I’m sure they’ll die with him too.

Apparently 11 banks were connected with Chase

“For whatever reason” he was personally concerned about the Shah’s sister’s children being safe in schools in Connecticut.

I don’t look for someone as obvious and cliche as Rockefeller, they just don’t hide it at all. It’s a good sign about Khomeini that the “acquaintance” of Rockefeller (out of all people!) was ousted.

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t trust his memoirs- it seems suspicious that he would go out of his way to write a whole chapter on this nonfamily member as he says

It seems like Khomeini & crew caused them to slip up. Now he’s just covering his tracks. Siri, dig up these old newspapers to find what other names wanted to give the Shah sanctuary. Because the book I learned about this from initially has some suspicious signs. Honestly I trust Russian livejournal entries from anons more than 99% of what they churn out of the standard publishing houses, just my intuition.

Perseus Books Group, let’s see, this is just beyond parody

Look at this, my favorite Persian study center has an article on this

It’s amusing to read this article next to Rockefeller’s personal account (which was probably ghostwritten by a pro).

See, I never heard about this side of it at all – is Reagan connected to this at all?

Jimmy Carter’s another one that’s still alive. How does he remember all this? What’s he got to lose at this point? Same with Trump, I wish he’d just say all the secrets, all the inside-information.

This Persian site says that Chase worked with Reagan.

Apparently Kissinger warned Rockefeller about a Napoleon-like element of the Iranian Revolution. Sounds apt. Napoleon in a turban, who would’ve expected it?

What a crazy picture this is, I’ve never seen it before (forgive the website marring it at the top)

This was at the University of Tehran. Remember Khomeini was not some ignorant fool that dogmatically read the Quran, he was a professor philosophy and mysticism, among other things. Don’t you like to see someone like him cause Rockefeller’s little minion to flee the country? One doesn’t have that sentiment about the Taliban (though the intellectual basis of that probably does have more to discover).

So they got Khomeini and we… got Reagan! I think I would prefer to be an Iranian.

I want to find all the fine details about all this

It seems Carter didn’t “play ball” the way they wanted him too. That might be a secret reason we even know about Reagan today.

Play ball? Some of my readers really know how to play ball. How’s it feel?

I’m never going to make any friends. Good, I’ll go to Iran for those.

He probably saw this as a Qlipha that broke the leash

Based on the Farsinet it’s clear they’re still roaming free to this day.

Just jumping around in Rockefeller’s memoirs though- this might be significant

I was quite surprised, therefore, when after more than an hour of pointing out all the reasons that China could not open its doors to foreign trade or investment, the chairman suddenly declared that the Bank of China would be interested in establishing a limited correspondent relationship with Chase. I had to assume he had received instructions from a superior to make the offer, and I lost no time in accepting the proposal.

Another angle to look into, which you can only expect me to bring up (and you know it)

What’s goin’ on big guy?

This is funny

You have to admit though, it IS kind of weird that some Iranians could pass as a Scot

For instance if I saw Khamenei without a turban in some store in New England I wouldn’t even do a double-take. Sorry to tell you that that’s part of the “mystery of Persia”. Abrahamic faiths refined people more than anywhere else in the world.

Anyway, the hidden things the Shah was tied up with is intrinsic to understanding the Iranian Revolution.

What led Ibn ‘Arabi away from the stultifying political atmosphere of Spain to the Orient was a vision of the throne of God surrounded by infinite columns of fire, and the Angel Gabriel circling above in the form of a celestial bird. Meanwhile I have a “vision” of immanent Hell that’s pushing me there.

Ibn ‘Arabi actually did meet Averroes and even attended his funeral, which is something of a synchronicity. The great Aristotelian who would be so influential to our Scholastics and the young mystic who would later be known as “the son of Plato” crossing paths and totally unaware of the geopolitical impact of their writings centuries later.

Look at this, who deserves something like this, definitely not me

His frequentation of the shaikh‘s family and of the small elite circle surrounding it, gave Ibn ‘Arabi the quiet intimacy, the confident peace of which he seems to have been deprived during his years in the West.

Most of these things I say about the Great Chain of Being, about God, about the Jews, about white weakling materialists, none of this would be offensive to them, what a dream, I can’t imagine it.

Most of Ibn ‘Arabi’s books weren’t translated into English until the 1980s, and who knows what kind of hatchet-job they did with those if they’re anything like Rumi’s.

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You better watch your back. Because you could be absorbed into the subhuman blob without even realizing it. Personally I don’t think there’s much hope for most people in avoiding that. Even if they are ever-vigilant. And they’re not vigilant at all. The animal destiny is pretty much written into their fate at this point. Turning into someone who will be rightfully regarded as a total nigger with no dignity. That’s what’s in store for you, if that isn’t you already. What a flawless belief-system that leads to that, right?