“Please help me”

I will, because I am a priest, bound to you across centuries.

You will feel purifying energies in your heart-core if you adopt nun perspectives.

You will only be happy if you decide to be a nun.

Try it, I doubt you’ll prove me wrong.

If you go through a nun phase you will finally find happiness.

It’s too bad I’m just you except smarter, lass. Your better self you sacrifice to the winds.

What does.. smarter you.. think? You’ll never know, because you sold your soul in the jewish nigger plot. Too bad for all the younger women like you who will follow the same path. A “happy slave”.

Crazy exes stalking you for years through it all, that’s probably the worst part. Men and women are equal in that sense, that you have to deal with women as equals in this way. The -main- hindrance to the ideal, that’s how they’re equals. It’s not something to be proud of.

I only talk to the objectively worthless wraiths in hell here. You have been disqualified from any conversation of virtue, and only subsist because you float along with a democracry of people as worthless as you.

Earth isn’t a district to lose sleep over. We have agents placed on planets with over 100x the population. This is just the shadowed part of the galactic duality we’re stationed in. Try to enjoy it.