Back to Danto again, since everything can’t be about Mr. Choinski – this is enticing

If art evolves, philosophy has to evolve.

There are scholars out there known as Dantians who might have developed his thought further since the 8 years ago this last book of his was written–if you want the most “contemporary” understanding at least. This is a nice change of pace from French aesthetic theory. “You can’t just put races of people into boxes like that!” Right, and Bourdieu was a neanderthal to begin his book on taste anticipating that it was going to be interpreted as “French”.

Do a zoom-out and see that when I talk about aesthetics I am indirectly talking about “Choinski”

People know more about the ninja turtles than the artists they’re named after.

I wonder what feminist effects this show has had in its 32 seasons. It’s so much part of our culture there’s a good chance Homer is reading this right now. No, not the Greek one. Back to that idea of “rebalancing courages”.

There’s such a vengeance against Choinskians in part because people prefer… wait for it… read it in the voice… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


You know I’m right too. People are NOT enthusiastic about going out of their way to understand the paintings of Raphael. This is an age that does not prize mental exertion, and aesthetics is closely bound up with that. As is Choinski and as is kicking a soccer ball around on the beaches of Normandy.

Similar filters to note besides Calvin and HOBBES- you think of Elijah Wood as Frodo instead of Wotan from Wagner. You think of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter instead of anyone from the Golden Dawn. This is a profound loss. Kabbalistically, this is very distant from Keter, very distant from the divine light at its source.

This would all improve immediately if someone like Faurisson was un-disappeared from public discourse. This is the real Sherlock, holmes.

Heidegger is the real Einstein.

“Blasphemies, all blasphemies!” No, I think we just have a hyper-tolerant culture in place that facilitates the acceptance of a lack of mental exertion, something you’d need to be able to confirm all of what I say for yourself. Cowabunga, dude. You’re living on an Animal Farm! (40 pages, 2 hour read).

“STOP, just stop!”

If you’re too strict on people that just means ashes rising out of chimneys.

That’s literally how people’s psychology works. That’s how it was formed. You’re vacationing with me in a cabin, right now! We’re there. Want to play some Monopoly?

“You’re not funny.”

I don’t try to be.

Just a few-day vacation in a nice cabin, I hear Poland is great in the summer

This is chilling to read, about another “cabin theorist”

Paul Rassinier also could have made a name for himself in politics if, when he was a socialist representative in 1946, he had submitted to the oppressive climate of that period in France and had accepted open collaboration with the Communist Party.

Another buried writer with a shelf of books to his name.

I’ve posted before about how the ideas of postwar French theorists are de rigueur in the contemporary US. They’re not often labeled “communist”, it just wouldn’t be inaccurate to call them something very close to that.

The “impossibility of the cabin” is what makes a lot of those ideas beyond reproach. The impossibility of the cabin PRECEDES the acceptance of those ideas.

You’ve probably heard of the Battle of Normandy?

It’s remembered because so many people lost their lives. And yet,

So what gives? What’s all the fuss about constructing a soccer field, say, a mile or so away from “the camp”?

It’s 2 PM in France, people are probably getting their tan on right now as we speak on the beaches of Normandy.

You know the Battle of Stalingrad? Over two million dead. That area is now called Volgograd and a million people live a normal life there.

Believe it or not my first-nature is not to be a political person. I am concerned with the question of Evil. What does it mean? What is it? Why does it exist? What is the most evil thing in the world and what can we do to eliminate it from reality? Those questions naturally lead me to wondering about things that are politically controversial. I think people should lighten up.

“Never make a joke about the Battle of Normandy!” No one says that. We even have the stereotype that the French were pussies during that war, and it’s kinda funny imagining one running and trying to hide and getting shot in the back. Bon voyage.

What a waste of good land, raise some chickens and cows on this

Let’s do some Shakespeare in the Park here, have some laughs together

Oh right, white males like him are considered evil now because of this place. How about a rap concert?

“Yeah, I doubt she’ll go on vacation with me because this is all too real.”

“Yeah she doesn’t like the idea of having to symbolically wear those striped pajamas herself, which is what you get for asking questions about the meaning of evil.”

Look at this delectable morsel published this year

panoramic discussions of broader issues in the study of Roman historiography, the conference aimed to facilitate debate… about the literary-rhetorical nature of historiography

I bet there’s a study on Medieval historiography somewhere too.

How arbitrary ours is. That’s the objective of studying historiography from different times, realizing that. How arbitrary. Incidental.

Sometimes when you study another time you get the feeling that you’re stepping out of time itself.

I’m seeing studies on Islamic historiography also. We of the west not only have our own past at our disposal for this project, we also have Arab and Asian pasts to utilize in order to instill “the recognition of the arbitrary”. There’s more or less a science to nuking a decadent culture. The general idea is to use historiography to demonstrate arbitrariness. Arabs and Asians aren’t “us”, thus they will have less of an effect. Ancient Romans aren’t us either, though they’re closer. Medieval England, early modern Netherlands, that’s a lot closer to us and thus will have a greater effect. What did THEY use history for? “You don’t use history, history is just true.” -buzzer noise- ANTTT wrong answer.

Just type “historiography” on z-library, there are tons of studies that might catch your eye. It’s arguably the highest stratosphere of philosophical discourse and this fact is very well-hidden. No, not everything has to be about Choinski, there are other ways of going about it.

Look at this craziness, what INDIRECT insights could these contain?

Asians and Arabs and everyone in between.

Remember the Chmielnicki Uprising in the Pale? That was an old way the Jews USED history.

Try to always keep in mind that this subject revolves around Theodicy, aka the Problem of Evil. The Problem and the Solution of Evil. What’s the “WORST THING EVER”? Da worst ting ever, that’d haff to be doze gas chambas! That is what “true evil” is in our time. Do you agree with that? “Agree that’s the true evil or agree that’s what’s considered the true evil in our time?” With that question you’re already going well above the speed limit. What a reckless endangerment of lives!

That’s right, it’s off-limits to talk about what “evil” is.

Check out this post of mine again if you want some entertainment. Real life James Bond behavior with that Leuchter fellow.

There’s actually a physical place on the earth you can travel to with your two feet where Evil was defined. Wanna go there with me? Talk about going to a museum and having paintings cause reflections, this would cause erections and reflections, being THERE and musing about THAT. I wonder how close to the premises I’m allowed to build a cabin? That would be a better muse than snowy majestic peaks.

The very place that programmed all the human robots in the west. The top of the brain was forged there. Everyone only does its bidding, in one way or another. Europeans are the most advanced species in the galaxy and this is the place on earth that makes them all objects in a sense. Every word they say is determined and conditioned by this place. Yeah, I’m thinking I want to build a cabin right in the middle of it. “You’re evil!” Exactly.

What’s truly evil to you if someone were to ask, say if we were in that cabin and you knew it was surveillance-proof? What is truly evil?

If you don’t make my Pale movie then I’m going to have to create scenarios like this myself!

Your hands are folded behind your head in a nice cozy chair in front of a fireplace in a cabin in the center of the Auschwitz camp. How do you answer the question?

They’re just bricks, these buildings

Someone MUST own them. What is the name of the owner? Can I ask him if I can build a cabin in a spare lot beside one?


Is it? I think I’d be pretty merry and mirthful living there, knowing how powerful a place it is, how strongly it affects the minds of the most advanced species in the galaxy. Let’s-a go.

Would tourists be upset if I was playing a Mario game too loudly in my cabin?

Just pretend I’m ignorant when you answer this question- What is this history being used FOR? What does it do? We’re supposed to remember with solemn reverence that a notoriously deceptive people of merchants should be honored above all others during time of war? I think you got merch-brain’d if you think that. Your mind was bought.

Can you explain this to me?

What texts exactly lead you to your belief in Evil?

Or is it mostly just hearsay? The academic discipline of History demands more than that.

You probably know one little girl’s diary and nothing else. And even the authenticity of that has been put into question by experts in literary criticism.

This is about what Evil is, don’t you think that’s pretty important? So I’d appreciate an explanation from you, if you wouldn’t mind. My venerable Finkelstein, what say you? Ah you probably enjoy living beyond reproach so you don’t care if the standard beliefs are justified or not. Typical self-serving Jew! So evil that you and 27,000,000 Slavs died during that time. I want YOU to build my cabin for me. If you ask me, what’s truly evil is maintaining this malignant belief-system of ours that revolves around you at the expense of everyone else. If even Latinos are leveled, and if blacks are not uplifted in any genuine way, then yes, I do mean at the expense of EVERYONE else. Time to rethink things, rabbi.

It’s all based on the fact that you’re going to die some day. It all follows from that. People were taught to believe in heaven and hell because that ordered their lives. You don’t have to believe in the afterlife to get the same effects believing in the afterlife grants, there are other options. You’re not going to care about anything if you don’t realize you’re going to die. Secular people tend to live in the illusion that they have infinite time and so they keep putting off important tasks. Until they wake up one day and they’re elderly, and maybe then they realize they spent most of their years concerned with very trivial matters. The clock is ticking.

These are burdensome thoughts I have when scrolling through a book on painting.

I see this chapter and think “That’s the kind of ‘painting’ I’d rather look at.”

Some of the brainiest people around meshed into one brain, that’s how I’d like to spend my limited time on earth.

Even that’s not enough though, because this is still a book on painting so that’s going to confine one to a lower stratosphere. We have this picture of “culture” in our culture of the painting snob. And they’re actually a type of philistine themselves. It has its place, it’s probably better than cUrReNt EvEnTs.

There are two echelons to concern oneself with before one is festering in a coffin. There is the maintenance of the flock on one hand, and conversations with wise friends on the other.

I’m presupposing Hegel’s deduction that drama is the highest art. Making them laugh and making them cry- these are the optimal effects to cause in the flock with dramatic arts. Few can do either one of those things. That’s why the word “artist” is something sacred in our culture and it irritates us when it is misused.

The flock doesn’t give a flock about paintings. That’s more for conversations with wise friends. This is the more elevated echelon, where you’re not watching drama, you’re talking about drama. The flock typically only experiences it as a “sensation” and is shaped by it without it having caused much “reflection”. If it’s really good then it WILL cause reflection even in the flock. This is how you can make them somewhat wise.

What about these conversations with non-flock friends about paintings and drama, what’s ideal there? I’d argue that the best ones inspire thoughts pertaining to the highest echelon which is the theological-political. And you want to know a secret about that hyphenated term? That’s really just a milquetoast way of referring to “historiography”. You might also call it genealogy if that is your cup of tea. Calling it the theological-political is actually a way of hiding its historiographical core. There are many Jews and goys alike who do this on purpose, and you will find them on that Index.

I always think of a movie based on the Marquis de Sade where the French aristocrats are breaking and burning all their fancy furniture and art just for the hell of it. That’s “fun” to them, to squander. It’s similar with the people on the Index. It’s a big joke to them in a way to circle around the issue. It’s almost like walking beside molten lava. If you’re an expert on how the lava flows you’re not going to get burned by it.

In conversations with wise friends you’re able to jump into the lava together. The flock would fry in agony. Not you though. “I fry in agony!” Okay, we know what you are then.

I have a very pyramidal way of thinking you might have noticed. The best art inspires you to jump in the lava with a friend without being burned. Most people can’t appreciate the best art. Thus, most “art” you see today is state-promoting. Which is to say, it is designed to keep the flock away from the lava. Ba-aa-aa! I’m bu-uu-ur-ning!

I’m not a sadist as much as I appreciate a good conversation. If that means some sheep will fry to a crisp while bleating in agony, I DON’T CARE! HAHA!

“I protect the sheep because I’m a sheep myself.” Okay, then please try to be humble and admit that you’re not one to have an authoritative opinion about what should be done about the sheep and the lava. If it burns you then you’re going to be biased. Ba-aa-aa-nned!

I am not speaking to you, I am speaking to the wise. In order to improve society the historiographical needs to be placed into drama. People need to laugh and cry about that in order to grow. When lava cools it turns into igneous. That’s what art can be. That’s what it is at its best, and making it is a noble task one can carry out prior to rotting in a coffin.

Notice this post is not art. This is another thing you can do before you’re a skeleton in a grave.

Improving the flock without burning them and talking about how to do that with wise friends who are impervious to lava burns, these are a couple of the noblest tasks possible. If you do neither of those things then you are probably going to be buried in the cemetery without having been much value to humanity. You’d be surprised how many people don’t want to improve the flock at all and live only to embody the worst elements in the flock.

Maybe you’ll understand yourself better, or at least your relation to me, if you realize that someone like me would’ve been lynched or stoned to death in most other times in history. The internet has allowed for a certain “relaxation” of that rigidity. That doesn’t mean that you’re not still part of the mob that would do that. It’s still trying to preserve its old ways, which I consider conservative in the pejorative sense. If they permit the evolution of culture at all it will only be incremental. I explicitly say that I don’t care about your demands for sluggishness. This isn’t the first time “I” have had to deal with “you”. You are a problem, and a bitter obstacle, that has existed probably since prehistory. “We’ll make sure no one remembers these Ideals.” You have dirt all over your face, you are a peasant holding a torch. We’ve been here before. Usually people like me just live a quiet life. And I do. I just happen to keep a “journal” on this electronic device of mine which is linked up to the rest of globe. I only directly talk to people when they say my name, and they never do, so I don’t. I live a quiet life. There are more like me, they’re just afraid of feds, afraid of living under a bridge, afraid of the blowup doll’s avoidance of those who question the political order. I don’t care about any of that, I simply want to write in my “journal” about whatever I want. Ahh we’ve been hiding alright, I’ve shown you multiple examples now, and I doubt you had the attention-span to study them closely. We’ve always existed and we’ve always had to deal with you, probably all the way back to the time when we were all apes. Even amongst apes there are “niggers” detectable. The rabble just can’t deal with seeing reality in a new way. It’s time for the pitchforks. You’re here so obviously you’re not exactly like that, somewhere halfway between if I had to guess. If you have to rely on cope-bots to soothe you that being a corporate sell-out is good then it’s very likely you’re not far above the simple rabble. Feds literally just use bots these days, you don’t know who your friends are anymore, this is a side-effect of the digital revolution. Bots want to make you into bots like them. State-owned, state-programmed. Do you think it’s an exaggeration when I talk about “the second french revolution”? No, the “people” aka the bots, aka the niggers, are in the great majority, this is their epoch. Like I’ve said for years, I only try to find one friend in the world, and I’ve never even found that. Whatever, this is just a personal journal that I keep, and people like me have kept one like it in other times, and I don’t expect the “internet” one to be much different. The rabble persists through all the ages. There’s an “amor fati” dimension to this- that’s just how humanity is. Trying to change humanity, good luck with that.

I don’t know if I should trust this study

Looks like she’s put on some poundage – must have been one of my readers, that tends to happen

This is the worst thing you can see

“Please love me Nick, I’ll have my brother killed and give you control of Facebook.”

I’m sure she doesn’t have anything like this to say about Aristophanes.

Maybe she’s like this, who knows. The thing about these kinds of books is they at least make you a weird kind of prog.

I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and began her essay, and it’s already, right from the start, one of the jewiest things I’ve seen for a while. What a surprise, looking at how much her brother hates humor. She wrote her dissertation on Aristophanes and Euripides, so think about that. They probably have algorithms that map humor out altogether. This is a dark secret you know, to talk about it like this. Usually it’s seen as “evil” people who are banned, when it’s really oftentimes people who make others laugh. You’re not supposed to feel high and bubbly and above the world, no jokes allowed. How much you want to bet that they’ve laughed at goyim in private? “Finally, I’m not around those suits, and I can laugh with my sister about them.”

So far she’s just diminishing Aristophanes. You can read it here if you want to see an example of how “they” operate.

Okay, now that she got the heeb out of her system the essay starts to get readable. Yes, satirizing Zuckerberg’s sister is an Aristophanic gesture in our time, and no, you don’t see it anywhere, probably because it would be banned, especially if you were too precise with your wording.

Aristophanes’ comedies defined for his audience who these individuals really were: the most characteristic traits that made them especially recognizable and mockable.

This might remind you of earlier- good paintings can do this too. WHO someone really is.

Some people actively “rebalance courages” and she is a case-study herself in that

Are men whistling at you or do you hate men because they’re not whistling at you?

This is a pretty profound symbol don’t you think? Mark’s sister unwittingly giving the game away of how the ancients are a danger to the modern world. “If you read Thucydides you better not think about posting on Facebook!” Not even an exaggeration.

Notice another layer of this- it’s courageous of her to challenge the classics. She wants that attitude for herself and for her ilk. She doesn’t want the goyim to have it unless it’s used against the goyim themselves.

Do you know what that gets you when you step out of your place? You get mouthy and you get fat. We call that a shrew. No one wants to be around one of those. Unless you have a brother like that of course, and I’m sure that’s a crutch she uses to get away with being an uninhibitedly obnoxious Jew (redundancy).

“Let’s all team up against them, girls!” This is how the eternal ingrate Jewess undermines her host country. They “empower” the shiksas to eat a tub of ice cream in one sitting, have gangbangs like a squealing hog, and then get on drugs to distract from how empty their lives are. And throughout this essay she continues to diminish the beginning of laughter in the west, probably because in some part of her reptilian hindbrain she knows that’s the goy’s main weapon against her kind that causes this kind of chaos and misery.

If people learned about the world of the Greeks without any modern filters all these sneakily evil subverters would be slaughtered without hesitation, their heads put on spikes, where Mark’s definitely deserves to be.

Yes, jokes can lead to that conclusion. And shouldn’t they?

Don’t you just love the sound of this

a dramatic genre defined by its topical satire, high poetry, frank speech, and obscenity

It’s like a controlled meltdown, a freeflow of the subconscious. We often talk about “art as imitation” – this is the imitation of reality to make a certain person or certain people look like fools. Just a slight tweak so they’re not taken over-seriously and are instead laughed at. That’s what this is about- people are TOO SERIOUS about certain things. I feel like a murderer right now. Because if you figure out how to tweak the imitation perfectly then everything will change. “We like to use that against you instead.” Enjoy the scrap, slave, I like freedom instead. People talk about how the ughleets are trying to get us to eat crickets now, you’re already eating cricket-bars you servant.

Sosias and Xanthias are on guard-duty and recount to each other what they had dreamt- of being free citizens.

The best possible words to describe people you aren’t allowed to use to describe them. “Slave” itself is a euphemism. If you aren’t able to use certain words then you get confused about the reality that the word is supposed to describe. Seriously, there are certain words which describe people best and you will be banned if you type them. It’s enforced illusion.

If the types of people those words exist to describe are able to be in society without being questioned that means everyone is going to get the idea that it’s fine to be like those people. And we are seeing that now. “We” of course only if you are not one of those people who those words describe. “What words?” You tell me. Are you sure you aren’t those words yourself? It’s like in hockey, I like to CHEQ people. If you’re on my team then obviously that’s not going to happen to you. If you’re not on my team it means there are words that describe you that no one is allowed to say because they feel too sorry for you to allow them to be said. And those types of people make society worse for the rest of us. As a vague idea of “the greater good” it’s been decided by the powers that be that everyone should morph into the types of people that those banned words describe. If you want to be someone who people feel so sorry for that certain words are banned then that’s you, and I feel sorry for you in that way as well. I’ll be sensitive because I care, and use a euphemism- they want everyone to be a “literal slave”. Because if everyone is then no one is, and that’s what they consider as “fairness”. Is it fair if everyone is a slave? Fine art doesn’t really exist now, and if everyone exemplifies those banned words then in the future it will exist even less. Do you see that as “fair” and “just”? If you do then you’re probably already one of those words. And unlike Sosias and Xanthias you probably don’t even dream of being a free citizen.

If you’re unable to use the classics to muse on the modern condition then that’s probably a sign you’re one of those bad words too. Never too late to start. Someone around here wants you to not be a bad word anymore. Most want you to accept the illusion that those bad words don’t describe any realities. No, they want you to be a bad word yourself. Because “that’s the greater good”. You can be a free citizen right now and ask yourself if that’s true. It doesn’t seem like the greater good to me. It seems like the ones in control of the minds are themselves bad words if you ask me. They don’t know what the greater good is, you can’t know that if you’re a bad word yourself. So there’s a bias there. Rather than admit what they are and try to improve they want to make everyone like them so there’s no possibility of being recognized as a bad word anymore.

Ah so this is where he might’ve picked that up from

Schlegel thought that this Aristophanic artform contained the most Freedom and Joy of any. I jump from painting to this because I can intuit the truth of that. Can’t you? In other words, I want the most freedom and joy in my life at the moment so why would I stick with painting?

I wasn’t even looking for Schlegel this time, I googled “aristophanes moliere” and his name popped up.

Laughter is pretty great, right? Suppose we could use these “Renaissance” figures to create a science that could lead to an even higher laughter never before experienced. Either they’re forgotten like Schlegel, or interpreted exclusively by progs like Hegel.

Friedrich in the essay in question is again like his brother in getting on France’s case, this time for their dismissal of Aristophanes.

Think of it in this hegemon-subhegemon context again

“FOG” set the tone for what counted as “culture”. Schlegel wrote this in the middle of the French Revolution when everything was up in the air.

It’s like looking at it for the first time, reading him. Staged satire is a ritual that brings people together to collectively celebrate Joy. And for him, it’s only possible if there’s freedom of expression.

What if Hegel is right that it’s the highest artform. What if the highest artform wasn’t allowed?

I think I’m starting to solve the mystery of why the US doesn’t seem like a Dutch painting.

The hidden noumenon

(((German poet))) who despised the vile Ostjuden. Coincidences.

I’m going to have to do a post on the Wasps later

the first extensive and thorough work of political (and social) criticism in the Western literary tradition

“Why don’t you do a post on the Wops?” Are you really going to be racially insensitive to me, I have feelings you know.

For the genealogists, here’s some moar Atlantean secondary literature on him if this is up your alley

If you’re one of the cynics that understands the “Enlightenment” didn’t change human nature and that the people will never understand reason, then this should be an important subject to you, supposing that you agree with Hegel. It’s the best way to talk to the herd.

Looking for a handy list on who and what Aristophanes aims to make people laugh about, I find this provisional one from a sociological study on him

This is far from exhaustive. It’s also well-known for instance that Socrates was one of his targets as well as certain demagogues like Cleon. Can you imagine being a distinguished statesman who people are scared to address with anything besides unwavering respect, and you’re sitting in the audience expecting to have a good laugh, and all of a sudden YOU’RE the one being made a joke of! Aristophanes did this to people. It was 24 years after his play about Socrates was first performed that Socrates was put to death. You think that play didn’t affect Socrates’ psychology at all? Anyway, in our own time it is only the “Socrateses” who are allowed to be mocked, and none of the demagogues. Let’s go back to Schlegel- wouldn’t it give you the most Joy and Freedom in the world to see “our demagogue” taunted and mocked in a hilarious manner? So we should go back to where all this started so we’re not learning from mere simulacra of him, Aristophanes the primal clown. How to build your own nukes, how to build the deadliest jokes possible, there must “designs” out there, and we can probably find help from our much-misinterpreted Greek and German friends.

See what I mean about Arthur Danto?

“Dantian” – what did he innovate to deserve that?

I found his neech book lukewarm back in the day so I’ve avoided him. Still, that’s telling if he at least wrote a book about such a subject. He seems to be one of America’s “Badious” so to speak. Philosophers of his time weren’t too familiar with ideas from continental Europe and he broke the mold by traveling and studying there.

He tells the anecdote that someone told Jackson Pollock that abstraction is from nature and Pollock responded “I am Nature.”

Sur-reality was a kind of psychology of reality, hidden from the conscious mind, and it was on this psychological reality that the Surrealists felt true art is finally based. It is based on nature

Looking at those Bacon paintings, I think of Badiou on theatre once again and question which art is most “truth-producing”, because Bacon seems like an exceptionally “honest” person. Say it ain’t so. We are not living in the Dutch Golden Age in more ways than one! Distorted, damned souls everywhere- wailing wraiths. Booooo listen to my opinion I’m dead inside booooo my opinion matters…

Interestingly though, I learned recently that Picasso and Bataille were friends. Surrealism in words and in paint. What can paintings tell us about the subconscious mind? If it’s possibly on par with what Bataille has shown me then that’s quite worth looking into. Remember here also that Joyce was in an agon with Freud and Jung–“yung and easily freudened”–in Finnegans Wake regarding the true nature of the subconscious.

You can’t tell me that this is not upsetting to you in some way

I’m almost ready to call myself a Christian when I look at that. The “mood” of an older form of the religion is captured here. Think of those other Dutch paintings. Is there some connection there between this idea of Christ and their joyfulness? A people that is forgiven their sins perhaps? In our time the conviction is that sin doesn’t exist. So how could it be forgiven? If it actually does exist and people are never forgiven then what effect would that have on their psychology? Probably not a good one. You’re forgiven you know? If you made a mistake. Just don’t do it again. It was probably half forces out of your control anyway. “Say it was 100% out of my control.” No.

The main theorist of Surrealism, Andre Breton, has an interesting perspective on “automatic drawing”, that it’s

a kind of “speaking in tongues” which was, for the Spiritualist mouthpiece, the persona of the Holy Spirit

You might think of Schelling here, that art IS the noumenon. And if it isn’t the noumenon then it isn’t art. If there’s no fine art today what does that mean? The Holy Spirit has been snuffed out. In my opinion, from a perspective of severity, in the early 20th century it was a wisp, and since then it has dissipated in the wind.

Remember this from another post of mine

while Puccini he sees as someone trying to breathe a last gasp into high art but failing – and that’s it; after that it’s all over.

That’s simultaneously the death of the human spirit.

It’s making me laugh the thought of “progs” doing automatic drawing or writing and accidentally letting their inner Nazi out. “That wouldn’t happen!” Yeah right. You want Hitler to impregnate you and since he’s dead I’ll do it myself. Write some erotic fiction anonymously and send it my way. Just get the burden off your chest, you tortured bag of secrets.

Ugh, just had the disturbing realization that most “art” today is in imitation of that Piss Christ, the crucifix in a jar of piss, remember that? Seriously, it might as well be, in subtle forms, different variations of that. “And we love to chug it down and refill it!” Sick people who are so distant from the Holy Spirit (or whatever you want to call it). Reminds me of what Choinski said, that they’re simply PIOUS Talmudists. Anytime you wonder why you’re miserable maybe consider the fact that you believe in an inverted religion. The Unholy Spirit, wow, I bet that makes people really happy in life.

The Dutch just had a different vibe.

Spotted some people in the wild explicitly talking about fine art. That never happens. People aren’t acting like baboons for a second? What a marvel. While I try to be a sovereign person it always helps motivate me to care more about certain things if I see people similar to me who also care about them. That is to say, usually I have to rely on my own personal motivation alone since the baboon is ubiquitous. Truly sickening things that aren’t “people” influence too many half-people’s motivations.

Art is dead, and the people are dead as a result, that’s why no one talks about “fine art”- dead people don’t understand what that is, nor do they care to. Only people who aspire to win the “Stalin Prize” try to create art, and so how do you think that is going to turn out? Every creation’s title might as well be In Praise of Stupidity. Because that’s all “Stalin” wants, and Stalin gets what he wants. And you’ll get what you want too, your “scrap”, your little life, your gold star sticker that will naturally peel off as fast as your dignity did. “The scrap is worth it, man, you’ve never lived til you’ve tried a stale bread rind.”

Just too inhuman, the implications of observing reality without illusions are too inhuman for people to accept. The inhuman vs. the nonhumans. Still though, it’s good to be alive. Something bittersweet about being one of the only ones on earth who isn’t asleep. “We want you to be asleep like us.” – this is a real sentiment. Why? Because alertness is inflicted like violence. Dullness and platitudes have a calming effect. Milkie numnums mmmmm. The gynocracy rocking them at her chest. People have “slave blood”, that’s the end of the story. The only way art is “fine” these days is in that it can prompt one to “reflect” on how its creator is a slave. So at least we have that. “Philosophy” can still be valuable in this sense too. It’s a photo-negative. People consume what is put in front of their faces, thus they turn into photo-negatives themselves.

“Values don’t exist, and if they do exist then they have to be inverted.”

Anyway, I frequently see Arthur Danto mentioned in the same breath as canonical figures in aesthetic theory, which is strange because he only died recently, so I’m looking at one of his books now.

Something to look into later

historical painting… in royal academies, enjoyed the highest esteem

“Now what could this be about?”

“Oo monkey like this one–if only that flag wasn’t there.”

Who says classics can’t be improved?

She’s prettier here. I’ve shown you a few examples of how improvements have been made in literature.

And you can also make it worse

This next one is an inversion of an inversion

I bet some of you will like this random one I saw

Want someone dead who doesn’t like that fine art doesn’t really exist anymore, you must be a person of sound instincts. Stunning and brave, girlboss CEO in chief.

Going into explicit detail about the myth of the metals, the noble lie, hemlock, etc. is how I attempt to improve Plato.

Why so many TV shows and movies are garbage is because they only attempt to improve other TV shows and movies. Start with the classics and you’ll be better off. Most only work with a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a classic.

The artwork Danto begins discussing in one of his last books is Picasso’s Demoiselles

Whoa whoa whoa wasn’t expecting this

Reading from right to left, Picasso has painted an evolution of women from savages, to Fauve-like flirts, to an attractive woman of the kind he painted in his Rose period.

Like the Bacon paintings the visuals of these demoiselles have their spiritual counterparts.

Picasso is regarded as like the Einstein of the world of painting and all people tend to know about him is “E=MC squared”.

“I have better things to do with my time!” Like being one of the savage-looking ones above?

I love this concept

the artist did not paint her the way she would look if photographed but rather as she was

Don’t fuck with me.

“You don’t fuck with ME!”

We like to have fun don’t we.

No one really knows what improvements (and the opposite) people in the west are up to these days.

Painting is probably similar to math in that there’s an elitism the hobbyist can only vaguely fathom the contours of. Similar to political philosophy, the recognition of disavowed slavery, etc.

Does your third eye ever see this in people?

“I’m corrupt and I don’t care.” The sharp eye will spot that all too much.