Trying to get an idea of whether the Chinese public is aware that the moon is a giant diamond in the sky. Not many results for helium-3. The first link superstitiously warns of apocalypse

Excellent, it’s good for us for them to think that way. Then on another link I see this face again

Does this emoji say something about them? I keep seeing it. Looks like the kind of face that would meddle with my oxygen system at 2AM, maybe that’s just me.

You’re going wait wait wait what about how they think western history is a fabrication–I’ll probably get to that later. World history, specifically, western, is going to be one of the main subjects to study at a lunar university because it’s so fundamental to shaping a people’s worldview. It’s underestimated how fundamental it really is. There’s a reason that amazon bans the books that it does. My favorite gegengeschichte involves WW2 as is known- the Chinese probably have some interpretations of those events and the forces and agents behind them that we wouldn’t expect. Counter-counter-histories. Of course even that is not allowed to be debated here, where we are confined to the basic history we’re taught in school. Earlier I was thinking about reading Harry Potter as a kid and how that was pure postwar propaganda in story-form, which is even more powerful than history proper- “story”, or one might call it “story history”. It’s kind of funny how Aleister Crowley is the true unspoken Voldemort of those books, only few will understand this. Anyway, Crowley’s way of thinking, so-called freemasonry, the curation of history and “story history”, Zarathustra, these things are all related and pertain to what I have called the view-from-above that the slaves are cognitively incapable of. I wonder if some of the bilderbergers understand that, people like Soros certainly don’t, nor do others in control like “our” (your) techlords, those poindexter nerds who learned how to put in contacts to disguise their nature, decadent aristocrats like the rothchilds, their own victims of nepotism, I could talk smack all day about all these people who are imprisoned by their time, which clearly shows based on the material reality we experience every day in the form of the public opinion that they have engineered. Whoops went on a tangent there- Zarathustra is arguably the greatest counter-history in history. That’s so to speak “off the books” however- that is not a fact for the demotic sphere to grasp. We’re talking about the plane of Ideas, and clearly the Torah takes the cake on that one, as far as popular movements go. Kabbalah is the elitist equivalent of the esoteric meaning of Thus Spoke Zarathustra. TSZ would have to be made into a popular religion somehow to form a real neo-illuminati. The Torah is a type of Harry Potter series (ha tell that to a rabid zionist), a story history. Does that mean everything is made up? No, many Kabbalists are in contact with mystical realities, or you can think of secular versions of them, “number people” who understand Kapital as well as Marx did and exploit it to their advantage. What TSZ, and Beyond Good and Evil, the Genealogy, etc. do is, among other things, reveal the inner-workings of so-called Revelation, which fundamentally motivate these number people without their being aware of it. Even the secular ones. They don’t see what they do as motivated by a story history which I, without even joking, place in a genre similar to Harry Potter. TSZ, like Crowley, like Leary, is different because it explicitly speaks in terms of the eighth circuit, or the ground of the Will, in other words. Some of them might be similar to them, I just haven’t seen much evidence for that. Shamir for instance is closer to that, though still confined by the writers who created YHWH, as is Dugin, who believes that Israel is supposed to be a place for all Abrahamic Monotheists. TSZ enthusiasts, some might call them zealots of their own stripe, which is really a de-exotericized Platonism, see all these zionists, jesuit-helpers, muhammaden suicide-bombers as all victims of delusion, all duped by the J. K. Rowlings who invented YHWH, of course you’re not allowed to talk about this, because discussions of theology are off-limits in this theologically-controlled time of ours. What it is is really a lowkey, systematic, rabbinical, priestly, hemlocking of Socratic gnosis, of Dionysus, if you want to speak more in terms of divinity.

I believe in love because I don’t think humans would be able to live without that, and there’s one person in the world who understands that, does she think I’m perfect, no, and I wouldn’t even be so rude as to tell her about her own imperfections, that’s what love means. You’re so beautiful sweetie, your self-esteem has probably been so ruined that you can’t even tell if [agencies] made you doubt yourself. A freelance agency is telling you that, you are a truly beautiful person.

This looks like it could be a good one

We have no idea how controlled he is though, this could be another psyop – I do like the sound of this

Just an Australian guy being a dude, what’s so wrong with it?

What “they” are running is an Ape Breeding Program, and if you don’t declare your allegiance then they make you look like less of an ape yourself. No, there are truly people who are a cross between ape and human in the world and you don’t want to be part of their plan. All they want to do is be able to control you because you won’t be smart enough to criticize them if you are part ape. This is Esoteric Gibsonism in my view. He can deny all he wants, I’m sure they control him too. They want you to be similar to a monkey so they can tell you what to do that much easier. Why isn’t this mentioned in the newspapers across the world? Because the ones who control the newspapers want this to happen. Reflect on the first two pictures of this post. That’s the reality of morality. You want to turn us into apes, then, I wonder what the genuine response is to that? Could you even voice it if you wanted to? No, so we will create a mafia using the internet in order to murder them, do you capeesh? All the different ones against them in the world should unite. All the Indians and Chinese are against people like me for instance, and I ask them, are they really? Hinduism and Confucianism is similar to my way of thinking. We should find similarities and unite against the real enemy of the world, the ones who have a bitter vengeful history for being kicked out of over 100 countries. You don’t want that type of people in your country.

Finally happened upon something more engaging than contemporary politics. Thank you Chinese people. I’m sure that will be connected somehow though unfortunately.

I guess it’s pretty easy to see a connection here already, and I really thought I was avoiding that.

Is he still writing somewhere? His last publication was in 2013, the one following his work on freemasonry, “Greek Pseudo History”.

I love how there are probably schizos who read this kind of stuff I post and get eye-twitchy. Here’s one for you

The tradcaths will like this one too. That would be a brilliant idea to do that. Is it just me or does this strike you as somewhat offensive? I appreciate the Chinese for that, this is potential genealogy that could turn our entire history upside-down. I just wonder to what degree this itself is a form of historical revisionism. “West bad, China good”. Nonetheless this does intrigue me. Could we perhaps uncover the true “merchant of Venice”? I saw mention of that play scrolling the Chinese internet earlier by the way.

I might do a post on this conspiracy soon, here’s the site and replies if you’re interested. And He Xin has a book on it that I have to find still- no pdf of his one on “freemasonry” is available from what I can tell. He seems to be highly regarded in China.

Here’s another perspective from them that I liked slash see as Chinese revisionism

I swear, I’m not trying to get political, I just have an interest in philosophy and theology, Athens versus Jerusalem. You’re like “Here we go again!” I’m not even kidding, that’s what I’m interested in. Because I think of one of my favorite lecturers, Michael Sugrue, and what he had to say about this subject

This favorable view harkens back to the reinforcement given to political power by religion in the older “river valley” civilizations. Platonism might be thought of as bolstering these conceptions which were evident in Egypt and Mesopotamia. In this sense, Platonism may be thought of as a backward-looking, conservative philosophy. Plato thought that speculation into the natural sciences (cf. the Ionian and Eleatic schools) brought about an immoral, impious attitude that created centrifugal forces that blasted Greek society apart, and he is trying to put it back to rights. He is searching for the overlap between mythos and logos.

Are you starting to see what I’m hinting at here?

No one really knows though, because they want to live in their own version of the revision of history. For instance, the one prevalent today about Egyptians, we wuz kangs, that’s a good one. And it’s even more controversial to say that they weren’t the original inhabitants of the country of Palestine. Muslims in that region refer to Israel as “the Zionist entity” which I find amusing. Anyway more from Sugrue to try to understand this mystery

We’re getting into real genealogy now. The Hebrews and the Greeks have something similar about them. I wonder how accurate this is? Am I a revisionist myself for bringing this up? No I just want to know history, I even posted that theory from the Chinese that I don’t really like, because I want to know the truth.

One prolific Chinese scholar has a book with a chapter in it that looks like this

Then on a site about someone similar to this guy I see some crazy theories that are just kind of fun to think about

Homer’s epics are forged

Jesus was a man of the Middle Ages. He was born in 1152 and was crucified in 1185.

Before the 11th century, no (Western) document was credible.

I try to be humble and believe anything is possible. Chinese genealogists, I wonder what they have to say

I probably shouldn’t even post this kind of stuff because some people probably see me as a conspiracy theorist as it is, I don’t care, I just randomly found this and it’s a surprising way of looking at the world

the West has enslaved China for a century and used a fictitious “History of Western Civilization” to beautify the history of Western culture.

Understanding this could probably help our diplomatic relations with the CCP

after the Opium War, Westerners conducted education in China. Universities run by foreigners accounted for more than half of Chinese universities during the Republic of China.

It can be said that Westerners not only export material opium to China, but also export spiritual opium!

Back to He Xin though, the one first mentioned in this post, it seems he wrote a book that’s less in the realm of conspiracy theory

Maybe freemasonry is their word for it – 何新 共济会

Many people are concerned about the relationship between Bo and Freemasonry… Bo even reprinted that book (“Ruling the World: Revealed Freemasonry”) as a textbook.  

i.e. He Xin’s book

Just trying to understand where the princelings are at.

Did he reprint it with the intention of educating his citizens or of throwing them off?

This book was published in 2010 and Bo was expelled from the CCP in 2012.

So, in other words, right now we in the “alternate dimension” we live in are talking about how the princelings in the other alternate dimension view ours. An LSD way of looking at it, I know.

More here

He Xin’s discovery issued extremely severe warnings to the Chinese management… In a sense, international financial institutions have partially controlled China’s fiscal and financial policies… The most serious is that they almost completely control China’s academic and media systems… How much independence is there in China’s financial policy?

Think of this in the context of this post

And remember that Bo is the more “Maoist conservative” one, while Xi’s side of the CCP is more pro-Western.

Here’s a Chinaman asking the right question

A conspicuous place he mentions. Out of all the places in China he could’ve talked about

I have said before that the privatization of national wealth will ultimately benefit foreign capital… In June, the fact that ConocoPhillips polluted Bohai Bay was disclosed by CNOOC employees. But ConocoPhillips ignored it.

Bohai. Does that ring a bell to you? Hunter Biden’s investment fund, Bohai Harvest. Which also happens to be China’s oldest private equity firm. Just a coincidence? That’s just a random article I clicked after searching baidu for 犹太人会控制中国吗?

ConocoPhillips, a Texas-based oil corporation. Anyone think about Dubya immediately? Hunter is also involved in a Chinese mining business in Africa. Here’s our pal Neil

I lose track of all the corruption I’ve found on Hunter. I didn’t even bother posting it yesterday because I know people don’t care – that’s what we mean by “nihilists” by the way, people who don’t care about anything.

Idunno, is this something to care about?

How about this, face-recognition technology

This isn’t even the worst of it, I already told you there are various links of evidence that show how he sold them secrets pertaining to nukes! That’s the worst possible threat to national security. “Here ya go.” Whatever, the orange man is that bad that no one would care if he was an incestuous pedophile either. Orange man bad! Truly disturbing.

Anyway, looking for Chinese books on realpolitik at its finest

Iranians are freer, Chinese are freer

The princelings must “know”

Let’s see what’s on their internet shall we – 犹太

This is one of the suggested searches at the end of the first page of baidu – 美国的犹太人势力有多强

Finding lots of interesting links with that

This Chinaman believes the WASPs are represented by the Morgans

I wonder what the Chinese think about this fact from the country next door

A coincidental year?

That Vavilov says there are active debates among the CCP on how to avoid what happened to the Russians during that time. I don’t know if they discuss you know what. Based on these baidu links, many of their citizens anyway are aware.

The federal reserve – suspicious names here

Have you seen the conspiracies related to the Titanic in connection with this? I’m not sure if they’re true, some of them are an eyebrow raiser however.

I like the emojis the Chinese use

(Can study and decipher the mysteries of Jews, and China can dominate the world) 

Better wipe that look off your face chinkie, because you’re next.

click click click, finally a search on the Chinese internet that is freer than google. Google the same question that’s put in mandarin above and look at the results, total joke.

“often” according to one Xu

It is often said that American money is in Jewish pockets.

That’s what I’ve been saying Xu!

Americans today open their eyes in the morning and deal with Jews directly and indirectly.

From an August article

Many people say that the actual owners of the United States are Jews.

MENA knows… China knows? And yet the US itself doesn’t?

I keep seeing this theme on baidu

The power of American Jews is a well-known and even talkative subject.

From 2014

They must have some books on this??

Keep making excuses for why you voluntarily help the kikes with their goals, you worthless person who should be shot.

What a chaotic year. “Why can’t life be like those 1950s BBQ ads?” It’s probably going to keep going. “It’s 2021 now, things are different.” Yeah right. Pretend the word “democracy” doesn’t exist, you’ve never heard of it. Thinking of 2020, do you like democracy, if we were to call it that? Everyone is a utopianist in their own way and the world is never going to be perfect, I just strongly suspect that it would be closer to perfect if we all weren’t tricked into watching this stage-play, and could devote 100% of our attention to more important matters that arguably better define what it is to be human. I’ve said before that the reason I care about politics at all is because if the political order continues on the path it’s on, those things that define being human are going to diminish more and more.

I believe that we’re creatures of authority whether we like it or not. The ones I bring up most are Plato and Nietzsche, do I believe everything they say? No, they just guide me, and they’re the ones I’ve found that I disagree with least. It’s similar to people who only consoom the MSM. Do they think for themselves to some degree? Many of them probably. They are however guided by them. I say this because when I wonder about what could bring us closer to a utopia on earth, my first thought is that they’re the ones who need to be disempowered.

Is free press a good thing? Of course. Ours is not free. People, especially younger generations, tend to see corporations as bad. They don’t apply that same sense to the press, shows, etc. Your average person also tends to say that corporations should be held accountable in the way that a human is. They don’t apply that to the MSM and I think that’s the root of how they’re deceived. If you saw it as one person, one very powerful person, more powerful than Trump or Xi probably, then you’d start to get the idea of what we mean by cathedral. It would be more concrete to call it Pope. It might as well be one person, scattered into multiple businesses and multiple methods of influence, that all agree about pretty much everything. Imagine that it has a face. What would you say to that face? What questions would you ask? “Why do you hide the fact that you might as well be one person with one general goal?” “Because that would interfere with my goal.” There are three main powers in the world, and as I’ve been detailing for you, they’re all in a way their own one person. Regardless we can break them into- China, MSM, Trump. Western plutocrats, probably even ones involved with the MSM, have a covert presence in China. Trump, having to kowtow to zionism, clearly has a similarity to the MSM. China leading ideology is from a westerner. They’re all One Person in a certain sense. At the same time one can distinguish between all three of them. I don’t think China is all bad, in fact, if Trump were more like Xi in certain ways that could lead us closer to a utopia. Corrupt people get shot there by the government, we’ll just put it that way. At the same time we don’t want to be like China. And between the MSM and Trump, the MSM is more similar to China- authoritarian power, coordinated brainwash – what, you don’t like one guy’s personal tweets? We all deserve better than 2020. I’ll reason with you okay? They don’t need to be killed, they just need to be moderated. We should be able to have an MSM for the right as well, and no, Fox doesn’t count as that, that’s just a less liberal outlet that many have decided to accept. Like my post from earlier today, why isn’t there any kind of site similar to the one I’m looking for? There are so many ideas in that general direction of thinking that aren’t able to exist in allowed reality, and yet they’d bring us closer to a utopia if they could.

I wonder if rather than just China they want the whole enchilada, and by that I mean tikka masala

A horrible thought crosses my mind- “Artxell in office”. Joe is dead, he looks like a pale prune, you know she’s going to be president. And I don’t know if you noticed, that would make the “first man” a.. Jew. These factors are coincidences of course, meaningless meaningless coincidences.

How rigged were those dem debates anyway?

What ever happened to that pretty brown lady in the debates, that surfer? If I had to choose between her and Harris I don’t think I would have picked Harris, she has the plasticity of a corporate suit. And her skin color is very obviously the reason she was chosen, besides the fact that she’s a woman. “Ghost of Hillary’s revenge” and now with an added twist, feel the wrath.

I wonder if (when) something like these are going to emerge

A couple connections to research

Biden businesses in India or Pakistan?


I still think this is the strangest site I’ve found for a while, the one that was on a Taiwanese search engine.

One would expect that after all my searching, being the rabid antisemite that I am, I’d be able to link you to a corresponding “ZOG banned news” site. No dear reader, I do not have such a link to give you. I only have one from this “alternate dimension” across the sea.

What do you think that means?

I’m finding all sorts of news and pdfs on this site about how the CCP works. And I don’t have a ready link to offer you on how our version of the CCP works. Weird, no? I’m constantly researching that kind of thing, and yet I haven’t found a site like that.

How the secular and religious, religiously secular wings of our blessed Judaeo-Christians operate. No, I don’t mean a site dedicated to anti-semitism per se, because describing this mechanism as the “Cathedral” has some accuracy with its pointing to Christianity, cladistics, etc. It’s how Christians work with Jews, how they talk with each other, the business they do, their sacred cows and taboos, I don’t know a site I can give you for that. Seems like a pressing set of issues that would demand its own site, if not many many sites. The internet itself is a psyop in that sense, given that our general idea of it is that it’s a historically unprecedented information distributor which borders on perfection, right? We do think that. It’s not true, otherwise I’d be able to give you a link to a site like that. This has a religious meaning as well. Judaeo-Christianity values ignorance. Not to sound like an atheist, because I’m not, I literally have faith in God, my own idea of God, I just think that the foundations of that particular belief-nexus call for ignorance, indeed designate it as mandatory, and that’s why there’s no site on what I’m talking about, nor any book I can think of. Some networks of anons know the exact ethos I’m describing and they do their part, I just am unaware of any sustained site that is devoted to describing the system as we understand it. Just weird if you ask me. The people who serve the CCP are kept stupid, and the people who serve our overlords here are kept stupid, it’s part of the very structure of both belief-systems. And like I’ve said before, they have most people under such an absolute control that they don’t even care to want to find such a site, and anyone who mentions these kinds of things they have conditioned to get frustrated with. Does me talking about this frustrate you? Is that you that’s frustrated or is that them? Have they taught you to be that way? Are you unable to escape? Are there Chinese versions of me that talk like this about the CCP and snap their fingers in front of people’s faces? To no avail mostly?