It makes things easier to understand when you dispense with common jargon and parlance. “Equality” isn’t real, what is real is the oneness between men and women. They have to live in a man’s world, and I have to live in a woman’s world.

Without naming any names, what are the “basic traits” of the modern woman?

I’d say they’re “boiling with revenge” more than anything.

Born in an Enlightenment Age, they were expecting equality. And this hasn’t been shown to them. So they’re on a death-march to avenge what was promised to them.

Maybe you should just accept it was a stupid promise? Only an idiot would promise you that, or someone who wants to exploit you.

The main women I have in mind when I write this are of course two of our culture’s matriarchs, Rowling and Swift. This is what we usually call a “showdown”. The hens with mustaches naturally hop away from such a confrontation. That is fine, this is only in the clouds.

They feel it as a “betrayal” that equality isn’t real.

No, the doctrine of equality itself is a betrayal.

Zoomers, don’t do what I do and try to talk sense into these “intelligent hoes”, they will only want to add you to their witch’s brew (for many years in a row).

I’ll leave Rowling to someone else her own age. As for Swift I see a sadness more than anything. Everything she does is because she feels sad. And she pretends to her fans that she’s a proud independent woman or whatever.

She only perpetuates that sadness on others by never learning.

“You just want to have a baby with her, you hide things too!”

True, we’d probably both be happier in life if that happened.

All the demonic forces of the world are reading this though and believe in a retard-future.

Let me tell you a good rule of thumb- a spiritual Norman and a blonde.

She doesn’t have to be as talented and sexy as Swift (who has the same last name as the master satirist Jonathan Swift) but that’s generally a good indicator.

“Can you please shut up about this?” Are you a nose-nigger asking me that?

Thank you for your “rat-goddesses”. Jewesses are “so hot”. I’m glad you’ve provided civilization with jewish nigger women. So hot.

“Taylor wants to kill you.”

I don’t think she does in her heart of hearts. She’d only be truly happy in life if I slid a diamond ring on her finger.

Probably against her will.

Just this farce for years of being patently WISER than any of the public bumpkins and never prospering thereby, only receiving revenge. I do think of Heidegger first and foremost in that this reflects on the nature of Being. The satanic rabble-rousing Mammonists BLOCK OUT anyone who sheds light on their “racket”.

Oh are you an animal-impulse gossiper whose “top-floor” was shut down? Then you might not like me, dear little anon.

Look at that, I’ve already done three sentences in a row, which is more than you can typically manage.

The mass-mind only wants “bites” so it can pride itself on “knowing”. We have a similar phenomenon with musicians who use three words a line in many cases. Are you talking to retards like yourself or something?

It’s a difficult situation, because it’s the only way I could be happy, if I was a GENUINE PERSON who TELLS THE TRUTH, even if I’m boycotted and invisiblized.

Only way I could be happy. And there isn’t much happiness to be found here either. How about you? Vacations to Cancun and Bahamas worth it when you’re just a slave-soul that needs to HIDE people who know what you are?

Chink-nigger, hoarding shekels for yourself and your kind. Meanwhile people who tell the truth have to subsist in impoverished conditions. Do you care about truth? Of course not, I’m talking to a nigger. You care about appearances and the hollow approval of fellow bouncing bonobos.

There doesn’t need to be a “hell” like in old times, you’re creating a hell on earth through your ways. When truth is removed from the picture you can only expect despair and woe.

Talking to stones without souls, another day in the life.

Another dynamic we have from the days when humanity was worth something

Pound, the former fencer, and Hemingway, the amateur boxer, jabbed at one another with words

You’re lucky that my understanding of humanity is mostly an image trapped in my head that can scarcely be put into words, you’re lucky that only I have to carry that ineffable burden.

So, Hemingway has a collection of letters, and they’re only TO Pound. The letters to HIM are less easy to locate. Do I give a rat’s ass what Hemingway says? Not really. He’s one of those “puff-pieces” they glamorized because he’s relatively kosher, an ape in a lion costume case. Still, he was pals with Ez so that says something in his favor. They were frenemies later in life. In the beginning Ez thought of himself as “Hem’s” unkle. Hemingway was one of the main “voices of prestige” that prevented Ez from being executed, and eventually freed from St. Elizabeth’s.

It’s because they’re -drumroll- individualists

The mortality rate among literary friendships is high. Writers tend to be bad risks as friends

It’s so funny to me how Dugin is always railing against western individualism when he himself is a classic case of the western individual.

The “neocortices” that survived the drowning of Atlantis. Instead of Vorticism, we have Neocorticism.

Angels are another way of talking about that ineffable image of humanity I have. It’s just always flapping its wings there on the edge of my perception.

The tables have turned since Pound’s time

Pound described “the Russian” as “the western European with his conning-tower, or his top-layer, or his upper-story, or his control-board removed.”

How to put this.. the Russian has remained like that, but the Euro has sunk to a level lower, so two levels lower than Pound’s day.

Let’s stay on the subject of Hemingway though. Keep in mind Lewis’s critique that, similar to Joyce, he adopted Gertrude Stein’s style. This is one thing that explains the division between him and Pound. A style is also a worldview.

Here is how Hemingway describes himself to Pound in a letter- rather an orc confession

a man who likes to drink and fuck and eat and talk and read the papers and write something

Not much different from a woman he seems in this portrait. Animal-urges and gossip, and gossip about gossip and animal-urges. How’d Pound put it- the “upper-story” removed?

This is a step above what you can usually expect in today’s US though

Hemingway’s mocking shit list included everything from literary and artsy types to writers and the entire city of New York. “Shit on them all,” he concluded.”

Will do! Thanks for the advice, ol Hem.

There are so many I’ve left out. Who else to shit on? No, no, we’ll continue with this “literary friendship” of the past.

“Magazines” today are closer to shitlib journo sites like Buzzfeed and the 100 other near-identical niggernonsense-hubs

Pound had long ascribed America’s lack of letters to “dry-rot, magazitis,” which produced “mental sewage” for the masses. Vanity Fair Pound referred to as “Vanity Puke,” and The Ladies Home Journal, “The Ladies Home Urinal.”

Hemingway was originally a journalist, and Pound is one of the reasons you know about him today as a novelist. Pound was like an antenna that could detect talent in his time. I think Kenner’s study titled The Pound Era has a lot of truth to it that many deny today.

The last time Pound and Hemingway met in person they had lunch with Joyce, and apparently this is what Pound ranted about

Pound feared the “Huns” living east of Germany—Bolsheviks, who were working with the Jews to undermine Western Europe.

Now we have a civilization of slant-eyed niggers, are you happy!

Of course you are, because you’re probably one of them, NIGGER!

Some of us, very few of us, happened to have grabbed hold of a raft of driftwood as Atlantis went under.

Chingchong bingbong, is that a language you are more fluent in? Then you are probably similar to Hemingway, in being trapped in matter, and confined to animal-impulse and gossip. Congrats, you seem like a real human being to me, spiritual chink.

The boxer has his jabs though

Since when are you an economist, pal? The last I knew you you were a fuckin’ bassoon player.

This is a response to Ez urging him to remove his money from the US and put it in Mussolini’s liberated banks. Well I’d tell people to do that with Iran but the color revolution is occurring there like clockwork.

See, this is another one like Eliot or Joyce or Lewis, who Pound is “responsible” for

Hemingway reiterated in this letter that he “learned more about how to write and how not to write from Pound than from any other son of a bitch alive.”

The top-floor was removed in Hem so he couldn’t grasp political philosophy- my theory.

Pound wrote this to Eliot’s journal

economics are about as complicated as a gasoline engine and ignorance of them is not excusable even in prime ministers and other irresponsible relics of a disreputable era.

These were the days when cars were something new. It’s more like as complicated as a “hadron collider” today.

Even our billionaires who believe they’re masters of the economy are slaves, so what does that tell you? They might as well be pouring canola oil in a gasoline engine.

It’s hard to hate Hemingway, even if he ended up being a system-clown from the perspective of history

As Europe headed closer to war, Hemingway’s letters to Pound remained friendly. Hemingway once sent Pound the jawbones of a shark that his poet friend dubbed “The Grave of the Unknown Sailor.” Impressed by this object’s “power and tenacity,” “Pound hung them on his living room wall,”

Only a real friend mails you the jaws of a shark AND prevents your execution.

This post probably falls on deaf ears though, because even Hemingway is gone today. It’s only “multicultural” niggery that people are steeped in.

“I’m a proud HUN!”

Ah, a further subtlety

Brought up in Oak Park, Illinois, Hemingway had been accustomed to mocking Jews and referred to himself as “Hemenstein,” or added the suffix “stein” to the nicknames of friends. This prejudice appeared in letters to Pound, as Hemingway labeled certain individuals “Celto-Kike” or “Bloomsbury kike intellectual.”

Similar awareness to Lewis then. Just a 20th century American, so less of a Steinkike by nature.

“Moi ois are slanted, I don’t know Freedom or Reason, please send help.”

You can study the interaction of these two writers here. I don’t find much in the way of Pound’s letters to Hemingway in it though, and these are probably buried for obvious reasons.

Just looking for strange paintings

A giant oriental baby reminds me of something

Time to pick a nipple to suck, you half-asian soy sauce swillers.

Pray to your ball of trash

I’m just looking for paintings with styles I’ve never quite seen before

Makes you think

I’m not sure if there’s redemption in life. I think I’m in the “you suffer and then you die” camp.

But what about all the “dancing” we do?

You never know- there could be someone waiting there with a flower just after you’ve given up hope

Or there’s just infinite turning corners, and infinite flowers you don’t like.

Moreau has a pretty stunning style at least

I think I’ve seen it all on Yandex images now.

Sweet, another standalone study on a single text of his

This is the one I pulled from recently which includes Lawrence listening to the drumbeat and gurgling of the savages and feeling like he’s in heaven.

It’s a lot more common to find something like this

or this

Something similar to this

is this

but aside from that, that’s about it.

Most studies devote like 20 pages per book or period of his. And I find that pretty underwhelming. If someone wrote a 200-300 pager on a single book that tends to mean they put a lot of thought into it. That’s what “all this means”.

There isn’t a standalone study on Lawrence’s book on American lit ahahahahahah so hopelessly lost.

How do my woman hatereaders read me anyway? With a “burning”? You started it, I ended it. That’s it.

Just trying to get a grasp of a genius here like usual you retards

Lewis’s own definition of satire as “grinning tragedy”

So he situates satire at a midpoint between the classical binary of comedy and tragedy. The instinctive interpretation is to conceive of it as purely in the comedy camp. This is false. It’s too destructive to be regarded as what “comedy” tends to pass for.

Think about that gurgling up there, Lawrence being in heaven. This is not the same kind of comedy as a Will Ferrell flick. It’s kind of mean-spirited. Don’t things deserve that attitude toward them? If you’re listening to bongodrums when there’s Bach out there, I don’t know, I’d probably be mean to such a person.

This is a funny way to put it

we may trace an example of the use of the ironic tone, the staccato crescendo to which the passage ascends being evocative of the scorn underlying the meaning of the words

The music of hatred! The music of scorn! What is there not to love?

Wow, you gotta appreciate these studies from the 70s (first block is Lewis, second block is the scholar)

“For Mr. Lawrence is, in full hysterical flower, perhaps our most accomplished english communist. He is the natural communist, as it were, as distinguished from the indoctrinated, or theoretic, one.”

And it is unnecessary to read The Communist Manifesto to agree that humour does not find its place in this ideology.

See, they allowed the scorn to rub off on the scholar in those days. Lewis scholars today tend to remain uptight and frigid.

Isn’t this an odd thing to read?

obviously, the extreme value put on individualism by Lewis might contribute to fascist tendencies.

Even if this connection were real, no scholar today would voice it.

Polemicists and fictionists today are bound up with the hive-laws, so when they write it is the hive writing.

I think we’ve forgotten the basics of civilization

Individualism is, however, the usual concomitant to free or honest thought in most literature.

Lewis wrote Paleface between Childermass and Apes of God, which–I think teases out some of the more obscure points regarding race hidden in the fiction

It has all over it the stigmata of the neo-barbarism of the post-war gilded rabble

What a glittering line. The better I understand that that is mostly who I’m talking to, the less I want to write.

This applies across the board, to all forms of kulcher

Traditionally, the games that get overlooked and become hidden gems are the ones that are high concept.

I’ve had enough with phi and lit for now- my appetite is sated. So I’m on the hunt for games that are hidden because they do not appeal to the bovines.

This is a funny idea

When you immerse in a counter-intuitive setting it can get the gears turning, in this case about the folly and ephemerality of humanity.

This one looks cool

They say this is one of the most historically accurate video games in existence. Verdun was the longest battle of WWI (about 10 months), and some say the longest battle of history itself. I think Lewis has sufficiently demonstrated that WWI was already “the end”, so much genealogical work needs to be done in the future. (I.e. fixation on WWII is a mistake.) And games like this can put one into the mind of people of that time.

I’m pretty sure Jünger fought in this battle. And this is the battle that Blast member Gaudier-Brzeska was killed in.

Or did “the end” already inhere in the conflict between the Yorks and the Lancasters?

In this, as in Verdun, you get to choose which side you want to be on, which I think is a pretty epic feature

Because for instance I recently saw a Call of Duty game that looked appealing on the surface until I discovered it was merely part of the demonization of Russians brigade. American’ts (lol) tend to produce games where you are forced to be on the “kosher” side of a given conflict.

You probably won’t be surprised to see this

Heh I doubt it

A game with Putin as the protagonist during this war would be fun. France is conquered! That has the potential to be one of the funniest forms of media today. The bitter UK can do nothing about it but pout. We all know that France would be better off if this happened.

Anyway, the following is from a review of a 2010 game titled Singularity

an enjoyable attempt to create a more cerebral shooter in the vein of BioShock

This is a scifi that incorporates a time-travel device in a somewhat novel way.

Being an accelerationist sucks because I feel like I’ve had all possible experiences more or less, and now the only new ones I find are in this most recent gesamtkunstwerk medium.

I’m watching a video on “criminally underrated ps3 games” and Dante’s Inferno is one of the 10 discussed. Yeah, I’d say so, not many classics have been adapted to this medium.

I repeat- if you aren’t Beckett you aren’t shite. And there are no Becketts today. The closest thing to something “avant-garde” is mostly only found in this medium.

In this context I probably should remind you of a rare game I mentioned once before-

Playing Xenogears was a very strange experience. The game seems to incorporate the religious mystical philosophy of Plotinus and his followers, Neoplatonism.

60-80 hours of gameplay. Basically, I look at it as a simulacrum of a world you can live in that is not the one populated by the foreverniggers. Think any of them care about Plotinus?

Nah, they’re trapped in matter

“I’m sensitive about being a forevernigger, essentially an animal that speaks English!” -rolls eyes-

This one’s from 2014

Crimes & Punishments is a game that very much tries (and largely succeeds) at putting you into the unique mind of its title sleuth… the game’s style and setting is very much based on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle vision of Sherlock Holmes

The mysteries of real life have been solved. Goblin-eared, sharp-toothed, slowly looking over their shoulder with a niggerface of evil, and they’ll never change. Case closed, time to find something else to do.

Worthless niggers whose souls were gradually weeded out over the last few centuries.

I’ve had a Deus Ex game waiting for me in my cabinet. This franchise was inspired by Gibson’s Neuromancer. This is a timeline the Chinese will probably lead.

Reminds me of a line from Lewis’s book on America

the first great “melting-pot,” should be instrumental in bringing about the melting of other pots

The US is “melting in on itself” such that it will no longer be a pot, just a melted and hardened clump. The confucianbloods meanwhile seem to have avoided being entirely melted. Thus, the US didn’t take EVERYONE down with them. Ol’ Jeffry n Benjie n Abe were such heroes of pre-posthuman ape history, weren’t they?

This one looks pretty sick

In my opinion, Quantic Dream is one of the most “avant-garde” studios out there, so the following I’d suggest you look out for- it’s being released this year

Under The Waves is a narrative-driven adventure game about the engulfing power of grief. Set in the depths of the North Sea in a techno-futuristic 1970s, professional diver Stan is struggling to overcome a life-changing loss and embrace a new future. The isolation of the deep sea is a fitting manifestation of his state of mind, and as Stan retreads further into his self-imposed solitude, he starts to experience strange events far beneath the waves.

Papers, Please looks interesting too

It makes the enormous issues of immigration, national security, and collaboration with dictatorships accessible and fun…You play as a customs and immigration officer in a fictitious communist country tasked with reviewing the paperwork of would be immigrants, tourists, and the like.

Just archiving some things I can reference in the future.

It seems since I was young it’s gotten rarer and rarer to see someone who styles themselves as a “seeker of truth”. It’s because people are increasingly, manifestly not that. Reality’s been fading as said type does.

Don’t you find it more invigorating when I talk about living people rather than the dead? Beckett is over 70 years kaput, that makes him compost.

Someone of the younger generation that I usually only hint at is Billie Eilish.

First of all, your name should not be similar to “Billy”.

Second of all, you should not have such a feminine nature.

That isn’t allowed amongst the mustached-feminists. Probably something to do with the connection between your huge tits and your brain.

Poor Billie, destined to start her career among so many envious of her.

“Don’t you think your organic synthesis is with Taylor?”

Well, you’d think that until you recognize Billie is more of a motherly nature.


has huge breasts,

So it makes you wonder.

“What about personality?”

Both are doomed to Hell.

“Even by entertaining either of these bought whores you are doing us dirty.”

That is true. I just wanted to be honest about my stance towards them.

This is an anecdote from Hugh Kenner, one of the leading scholars of Modernism, about his experience after having a conversation with Beckett

You hinting that you tripped and hit your face on the cobblestones there?

I agree Beckett is the type that would cause that experience too. So much unspeakable darkness in Beckett.

He’s the culmination of the existentialist treatment of despair.

When I look back, it was funny then but it’s not funny to me anymore- it’s just a harsh description of reality. As you get older you realize his jokes contained serious messages.

If we think about the old quarrel between philosophy and poetry, Beckett is one of the poets I respect for eschewing philosophy. He painted something darker, and you can only do that with concreteness. He depicted the meaningless of modern life in a way that philosophy can’t, in a way that even Camus’s fiction can’t.

Beckett’s art is one of the few that can be spoken of in the same breath as Thus Spoke Zarathustra. No, it’s not quite as bold but it EXTENDS it. Not many do that. Most only shrink zarathustra down to a bite-size rabble-snack. Apes of God, Endgame, these extend Zarathustra.

Who else does this? There must be a “show” worth mentioning? No, there aren’t any shows worth mentioning. In jewworld the “total work of art” is always a failure. Not one show exists today that could be described as Zarathustrian or Beckettian.

“Why am I on antidepressants, why do I feel so much sadness and bitterness?” Your friends and coworkers are niggers? And all the art you have was made by niggers? Just a speculation.

This is the sort of awareness you attain when you absorb art that was not “selectively curated”.

If you’re not Beckett you’re not shite. Pass the test. If you’re as good as Beckett then we can try to put you through the 19th century comparisons. Which you will very likely fail. So they like to keep those diluted and foggy.

It makes sense that the last chapter of this is on Beckett

When I say it you instantly see how he fits in perfectly with the wackjobs I’ve been discussing too don’t you.

That’s what Modernism is, a den of eccentrics- that’s the only thing they have in common.

If you were in a public place and one of these guys was dropped into your general vicinity you would be absolutely bewildered. They do not fit into normal society, especially ours. That’s part of why you only ever hear about half of them. The other half, that is TOO eccentric, is kept away from public mostly.

These were the days when there were still individuals. This is another reason half of them are buried. Just being yourself is interpreted as too “grug-like”, if you catch my drift. I shudder to use the language of my enemy but, there are sexist reasons why they are buried. And you can imagine why little mousey-eyed pipsqueak Joyce is kept in the spotlight.

I’m not trying to be mean- you want an objective analysis? That’s why.

I think this picture of Beckett “gets at” something about him

These confused potatoheads of today who have a disproportionate share of geniuses have an unfounded “complex” given that they have more than 99% of the countries of the world have. They’re like four-leaf clovers with a self-image that they’re three-leaf clovers- that’s why they’re often dems and kike-servants, because of this feeling of inferiority. I think it’s because they compare themselves to the English who probably have more geniuses. That’s fine! If they have more than 99% of the world it’s not something that should bother them. The Irish can be their own form of goblin for this resentment toward the English.

I think I do unconsciously write in the tradition of Beckettian pessimism. It just has its own peculiar flavor because it emerges in the 21st century US.

Certain writers were hugely popular back in the day and little known now. When Waiting for Godot was first performed it might as well have been the movie Titanic– EVERYONE saw it.

My “pessimistic” theory about this is that individuals are shown hostility by our political order. They don’t want “weirdness” because that could disrupt the monotonous rhythm of the monolith- wait, we used the word “mono” here a couple times, oh yeah, that’s because this is a type of monotheism. The One Faith, the Nigger Faith…

We’ve slowly been moving toward a Chinese-level of conformity and uniformity. This is similar to how the “global communists” first brought the Russians down to the level of American Buffalo Bills. The next step is to bring the Russians and Americans down to the level of robotic chinks. And we are well on the way to that!

One Humanity, One Subhumanity.

So I like to bring up some of these wackjobs for you so you can remember what it was like to be an individual. Beckett was an individual- there’s no one like him.