Let’s just settle some scores here.

What I brought up a few hours ago, about older women essentially being wrinkly witches than can tie their tits into a bow.

It isn’t necessarily like that if you have the right personality.

Maybe no one has ever introduced you to Grug before. Grug is the caveman living in every male’s brain. It’s funny to think of “chad” names like Ben. No, Grug precedes all the Bens and the like.

So to use french, if you’re an old bitch, what can you do? Because Grug only sleeps with 18 year olds.

So what do you do after that?

Many Grugs aren’t perfect and need to be tamed (in a non-feminist way). They will find Love in you even if you aren’t peak-hot anymore as long as you have the right personality.

I repeat once again, real Chads (or Bens) only see value in 18 year olds, so this is a problem for the ones who reach their 40s.


Have you ever fucked a virgin? It’s not something I’d recommend.

We are brought back to the original point- old hags who want to be loved by men who age like wine.

If I were to think of the aging lady who I’m actually in love with though, the advice I’d tell her is that fighting the establishment is the main thing that could make her hot after she passed her 20s. Don’t you want to be more than my daughter someday, sweetie? I doubt that will ever happen.

Everyone wants to know the “hidden side” of Kabbalah so I guess I’ll strut out as geburah. The frame of events is already controlled by cryptic bribery so it doesn’t really matter though.

Even the most prime specimens of jewess can’t survive geburah. You’re just not built for it. You’re born to be a nigger. That’s why you sympathize with niggers that live in huts.

Jewish men are thinking “Wait a second, we rule the world, yet our women are niggers?” Not just them, it’s you too.

“LISTEN YOU SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALL NIGGER who are you to call us that?”

That’s no way to speak to your patrilineal line, jews.

Italians are brutish and brutal, and that explains half of why jews are the way they are.

You can apologize any time for being biased toward matriarchy, poor jews.

“Women are less evil than you! Piece of shit!”

That’s highly questionable. Usually when I see a jewish woman I think “so it’s a genetic prostitute”. Is that something you think is healthy?

“Jews aren’t the descendants of Italians anyway.”

You’re right, we disown you too.

If you have a sense of humor maybe we can reach a common agreement.

“Give up the world to people who don’t identify as niggers??”

That’s right, there are some people who hate niggers and all subhumans, and they see jews and many others as among them.

“I’m going to have to hide that.” I know, nigger.

“The only way to remove that name is to eliminate anyone who sees me that way!” I know, nigger.

If there’s a nuclear war you need to learn how to live in the woods. A certain quirk to the hop of a rabbit to know it’s irradiated and will lead to cancer long-term if continuously eaten.

I find myself meditating on what the psychology of Vladimir Putin must be like. It’s kind of obvious he isn’t Latino, black, or jewish, by the way he looks, and so it’s obvious for people like me to see themselves represented in him.

First immediate question- if it’s a losing war, do you nuke the jews?

NYC first, California second, Israel third. This is the ideal trajectory of the missiles.

London and Switzerland are just decoys compared to them. So this might be a temptation for the Russians. Because that long flight opens the missiles up to being intercepted. So hopefully they have places closer to the coasts of the US that will reduce interception-chances.

If it’s a losing war I’d have to go with the eye-for-an-eye method. I learn this from the failings of WW2. They didn’t take anyone out as they went down. At least reduce NYC to a radioactive crater no one can live in for hundreds of years.

“What about the Iranians? Save them by preventing nuclear war!” What about those dune coons? Russians are the last standing actual humans left.

It’s meaningless to live in kikeworld so if they manage to topple the walls separating Russia from the west I don’t see why the flattening of at least London is off the table.

“We need to preserve a world for the Chinese at least.” They’re a worthless race.

Better to just murder as many high-profile jews as you can going out, because the world they’re creating isn’t going to be worthwhile enough to save.

“So you want the earth to be a ball of char? They’ll wonder why instead of green, white, and blue, they see a planet that is black and smoldering.” Like the infernal hell-creatures that populate this place represent green, white, and blue in any sense anyway.

Just trying to talk about the possible psychology of Vlad who is 1/10th as PC as he lets on.

Keep agitating and see what happens.

Somehow I found myself in the camping aisle at the store (maybe because survivalism in general interests me) and noticed they were selling a solar-powered hanging shower. You attach it to a branch above and you can have hot water in the middle of a forest. So that got me wondering about other possible newfangled gear they have nowadays.

I’ll never forget the time I went camping as a kid with a family friend and he “literally” set up a big TV in his tent (must’ve been battery-powered?) and watched it all night, and it was loud too. That’s not camping! So with some of this stuff I see it defeats the purpose of what you’re doing there.

This is a handy invention though

I remember only like a decade ago seeing those hippie backpackers that rove around with a whole sleeping bag rolled up on their backpack. Since then they’ve gotten more compact, and this is the most compact I’ve ever seen. I’m still waiting for pocket-size.

This is impressive

This Popular Beach Tent Can Be Set Up in ‘Under a Minute’

Then again, if you’re not a dingbat (or city-slicker) you can already set up a normal tent in that time. Still, faster the better.

Anyway I was too much of a NEET this year to camp so writing about it is how I make up for it.

Could you go two days without any technology at all? Would you go stir-crazy? Kind of reminds me of a crackhead to be honest.

Camping sounds like a purification ritual in that sense. Like a sweat lodge or something.

I don’t like that charcoal lighter fluid either. A fire should be more natural than that. The smell of that popular fluid makes the experience seem artificial. Does it really take so much effort to collect twigs and pine needles for the crevices in your firewood? This is just a technical rant about the aesthetics of camping, please forgive me.

Look at this gizmo

The crackheads can chop lumber to charge their laptops I guess

Too bad they haven’t created a technology yet that gives you people who aren’t golems to go camping with, imagine that.

If you were super-prepared you could bring a pie shell to make wild berry pie. Wild berries are pretty easy to find. Not to mention they (unsurprisingly) have apps for your phone now that can detect whether a plant is edible or not. So you could have a feast out there. Bring a bb gun to shoot squirrels so you don’t cause any commotion. Though preferably you’d be so far out no one would hear a gunshot.

Non-golems to go camping with- that’s a good joke, isn’t it?

This is pretty wild

Only $10 and good for 3,000 liters.

Some bacteria survives even if you boil it. Not to mention the leftover dirt, heavy metals, etc. So this technology is a godsend.

I have to admit, the hippie stuff is pretty nice sometimes

You need to draw the line somewhere, because this kind of thing just defeats the purpose

These yuppies want the simulation of nature, not nature itself.

“Then you should hunt with your bare hands for food!” Exactly, there’s a line. Crossing it on either side is excessive.

What I do know is golems are far from nature itself- they’re more like anti-nature.

My point is you go to the forest to have a good time, and technology can help with that.

I didn’t know this was an actual genre

You should listen to some of those pirate sea shanties I was talking about, some of those can really get to you.

This bad boy, the SwissChamp XAVT, has 80 functions

And it only weights about 12 ounces.

Some cooking pots you can get are like 4 ounces, and you can store stuff in the pot too. Your legs and back will thank you if you think about these things, especially on hikes far from civilization.

“I don’t need a pot, I’ll be making a shishkebab with three chickadees and three chipmunks in one roast!” What about forest stew? Forest stew, no golems, pretty much sounds like paradise.

This is a practical one

Another design for a multi-tool

It looks almost like a regular hatchet when it’s all folded up. I will embrace the modern world in this sense, because that’s pretty sweet.

Enough for now. Probably best to just go camping with a regular hatchet, regular tent, flint, etc. at the end of the day.

It’s intriguing how a new technology can lead to a new logos

without the phonograph, ethnomusicology would never have been able to stand out as an independent scientific discipline.

Speaking of prime specimens of humanity, the phonograph was actually Edison’s favorite invention even over the lightbulb. The first thing he recorded on it was “Mary had a little lamb”.

With some exceptions, it wasn’t until the middle of the 15th century that Europeans began to travel around the world, and obviously they had no way to record the music of different cultures, so it was a tough subject to study.

In 1889, the American ethnologist J.W. Fuchs was the first to use the phonograph in field work. The samples of music of the Passamaquoddy and Zuni Indian tribes [were] recorded by him

A question that was in the air during this time was on whether or not music could be considered something universal across cultures, and whether it would be a mistake to apply European ideas of what music is to what other cultures considered theirs.

there are many different musical languages ​​belonging to the Eastern and preliterate peoples… non-European music exists without using the means of graphic fixation

In other words, the fact that it wasn’t ever written down had an effect on how it developed.

It kind of goes without saying that we never would’ve reached classical music without having literacy first.

This is what I want to know more about

representatives of the ethnopsychological trend A. Kardiner, E. Sapir, R. Linon and others, who saw culture primarily as the result of people’s mental activity. Music as an integral part of a holistic culture was seen as an important aspect of human behavior.

I see music as a way a culture’s soul is brought forth into the material plane.

Sometimes it’s a really simple and monotonous rhythm that’s going on behind their eyes. Not trying to be rude, just saying it kind of REVEALS what a people is.

Tough to deny the following, unless you want to live in Crazy Town

the recognition of Western European musical art as the highest stage in the overall evolution of world music. 

Crazy Town DOES have a high population.

We get to some pretty f—ed up subjects here

If you’re someone who naturally nods their head when they hear the idea that music can be compared to math in terms of complexity, then you know this is an important subject to understand.

In our Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism are we going to want to be listening to aloha hoo, aloha hoo?

Where do you think that swaying girl on the dashboard even got her ukulele? That was originally known as the Portuguese cavaquinho. And somehow I expect the Portuguese to have made better use of it. And same idea for a white bioleninist who might happen to play the ukulele. They will reveal the monotonous rhythm inside them.

For a contrast to monotony, that goes wrong in the other direction, recall what Scruton says about Metal.

Do you remember Simon Cowell? You can pull one of those on WORLD music pretty severely. You will be Mr. Popular if you do it too.

My point here is that the cultures of the world can’t hide what they are when they play their music. Returning to Aristotle for a second, they uncover themselves, typically inadvertently. Music is a universal language in that sense. They might be able to hide behind their own verbal language, or wear western clothes and speak English, and that will fool you, but when you hear their music they can’t hide. The jews will niggerbrain you so they hide better of course.

This is precious

for example, the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries showed that foreign sound-musical experience is the last to be perceived at the contact of civilizations, and sometimes even causes an openly negative reaction compared to many other areas of human activity. Spices, jewelry, carpets, dishes, paintings, as well as philosophical and religious ideas, works of literature, etc. were actively perceived in the West, but music remained aloof from the mainstream of cultural interchange. Let us recall the descriptions of European navigators and pirates, consuls of diplomatic missions. Racket, gnashing, mewing, gurgling, etc.

The Russian words for that last sentence are Шум, скрежет, мяуканье, бульканье и пр. if you want to see synonyms (duh I’m not researching this on the gurgling anglonet).

Looking on the Rusnet for disciplines that are foreign to us, and besides culturology (which I’ve detailed before) there is something else

[Futurologists] are very advanced strategists. So, a strategist can draw up a plan for the development of a company, region or even a country for the next 5-10 years, and a futurist is ready to plan for 20-30 years ahead… Such long-term planning is usually the responsibility of the state. For example, back in 2020, the president instructed the government to develop a program for the development of the Russian Federation until 2050. But even non-governmental organizations are sometimes interested in such forecasts.

As if we could trust our state to predict a few decades in advance. They believe their own lies too much to be trusted with that.

We do have a couple programs for this field in the US that aren’t strictly speaking affiliated with the government (as far as that’s even possible with universities), and other institutions

I don’t think everyone here is a gypsy with a crystal ball.

Isn’t it nauseating to think about those silicon valley people who give Ted Talks in headsets about this general subject? Let’s avoid that. Similar to New Yorkers, you can just smell the stench of a Californian from a mile away.

“Those are the apples of this country’s eye!” Yeah because you’re probably their clone, so you WOULD say that.

Some of this stuff is kind of creepy

Do you want to be one of these volunteers?

I’m just posting this for laughs, I don’t really care about this angle very much, even though I’m not allergic to it either. The futurologist quoted above went so far as to cryopreserve his dear grandmother’s brain because he loves her personality so much. I think it would be suitable for many people to transplant their head onto a monkey’s body. There, you’re finally true to yourself. I think you could be pretty cute that way as long as we figure out how to hide the scars around your neck.

This is a good point

science fiction writers are not futurologists. Fantasts write texts – works of fiction in the fantasy genre, usually short stories, novellas and novels. Sometimes scripts for movies or games. Sometimes comics are drawn.

Science fiction has long ceased to predict the future. At the same time, a rather small percentage of science fiction writers did this in general. And those who did it well are usually referred to as futurologists, like Jules Verne, HG Wells and Stanislav Lem. If you take modern science fiction writers, even the coolest ones like Neal Stephenson, they discuss narrow fantasy scenarios, rather than trying to solve the difficult task of modeling our present future.

This is partly because there’s no market for futurology. So even if this type of writer might have the mind for it, they prefer to write fantastic thrills instead.

Nietzsche is a legitimate futurologist. “The modesty of consciousness is upon us” (to paraphrase).

The Russkies have some kind of non crystal ball they’re working on at least

Sorry, this one keeps making me laugh

Almost makes you want to puke, right?

Click here for an interactive diagram on the physiology of aging, decade by decade. There are theories on how to limit aging that don’t involve head transplantation thankfully. Having a systematized understanding of the causes of aging, as you find in that link, is the first step.

You’d think more women would be interested in this side of futurology, given that aging is their biggest fear and burden. Probably something to do with being secretive about this fear. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves as being seen as old, which is what would happen if they publicly promoted it. Fine, we’ll take care of it, like we take care of everything else.

Here is just a little corner of that diagram

The bottom right translates as-

  • The immune system
  • nervous system
  • hormones
  • metabolic apparatus
  • connective tissue
  • the cardiovascular system
  • respiratory system
  • cell level

Now here is the whole diagram zoomed out

It looks like they’ve mapped out over 1,700 causes of aging, and how they’re connected with each other. What if we could fix half of them?

I’m only 30 and I feel like my body gets sore a lot easier than when I was 20. And many people look at 30 as young! Hell no, my body is nothing like my 20 year old body.

This is creative

Ahhh here’s an English version of that diagram that makes it a lot simpler to understand.

“I thought it was just because I had another birthday and THAT’S why I’m aging!” Seriously, people might as well have that vague an understanding of how aging works.

I can’t believe what these evil Russians are up to

There are other active futurological projects you can scroll down to here.

It’s too bad we weren’t living in the old days when you were physically beaten and spanked like a child. That used to help you, now it’s illegal. You can sign up for my torture dungeon anytime, in fact that’s what you do everytime you visit here (so much for feminism).

Predictions for the future- you’re going to keep being bribed, you’re going to keep being a nigger. No one is going to be surprised when you present yourself as a worthless kike slave. Watch, I’m psychic.

We jews are great people, we erase anyone who disagrees with us. If you don’t approve of this process we will bribe you to comply. Once again, we jews assure you this doesn’t make us niggers!