Four years of misery AHAHAHA

The Pale of Settlement was remembered. Segregation was remembered. The good old days when we weren’t so tolerant of immorality. What a shame they’ll be shaping perception to regain our lost tolerance of that. “You’re a bad person? That means you’re good!”

We learned so much about the world, humanity, and the US from the wall-concept and its implications. I don’t expect to learn much from sleepy Joe’s term. Lots of “shut up” mostly. I guess we can learn about what makes people tick through that too, there’s always a bright side. They intuit a confusion in the wretched ones, and that makes them feel for them. Confused, thus ignorant, ignorant, thus bad. Is being extra-nice going to make them less confused. Nope! The left, ever the futile ones, and ever persisting in their ways nonetheless. Blinded by tears as it were. More of rage than of empathy, that’s one of their quirks I picked up on the last few years. The immorals make them sad, they see that certain people don’t “believe in” their potential, that makes them mad, and amplifies their “care”. All the while jews keep jewing, nigs keep nigging, and women keep being women, all the while culture in general is getting closer and closer to these three dirt clods’ that need to be told what to do in order to act like some semblance of humans. Nope, they’re just going to keep “being themselves” and all the contemptible glory that entails we will be witnessing in increased levels. Bitchniggerkike country kind of says it all of what’s in store. Shows are going to be impossible to watch, gets used to rewatching old ones. Hopefully the “society of hate” is reinvigorated from all this, sweet sweet beautiful hate. People talk about the vaccine, no one really mentions how to develop immunities to their shudra-liberalism. People you least expect are probably going to start spouting equalist gibberish any day now. It’s sad that we live in a time where some 170 IQer from Harvard or something never wrote about the “philosophy of the wall”, I’d love to read something like that, oh well, so much of neechmeister is unlocked from that, even though it was never actually built. So many people deserve to live on the other side of one that it’s no wonder we have such a strict taboo around radically questioning the social contract. Because people can sense on some level they’re either part- or all chandala. The wall-concept put the old Christian guilt in everyone’s conscience. People prefer to live without conscience. “I’m a sell-out!!” You stopped denying it?? Whoa! Yeah right. Biden is only a pretext for many to keep being a sell-out in good conscience.

Even in the atmosphere of freedom that Trump facilitated most people kept their heads down, now they’re going to be even more cowardly, something I’m going to hate to witness! Even when the totalitarianism was relaxed they still lived in a state of terror, so pathetic. Think up a cope to feel better you scared little bitch. Might as well be the totalitarianism yourself. Don’t worry, people will probably be mincing words with you more and more over the next few months, and treating you like the child that you are.

Can’t even bring up the exo/eso distinction. Hate these masks we’ve been wearing? It’s a psychological mask that is mandatory now. You probably don’t even care because that’s how you live already, how you’ve always lived. The adrenaline of violence I get when I think about people like you, knowing I have to live in the same world as you. Too bad there wasn’t a way to get rid of you all, oh wait, there are plenty of historical examples to learn from. A lack of bloodthirst really isn’t healthy, maybe you should see a doctor. No sense of humor, no sense of autonomy, so wretched, how many more years do I have to observe people like this. I hope they never heal your poor booboo with their incessant saccharine euphemisms, I hope you always anticipate a wall being built with you on the other side of it where you’re supposed to be with the rest of the dirt. Bury them? They’re the burying material, ragdoll them into a ditch and let a layer of snow cover them. “We got rid of the dirt-haters 75 years ago!” No you didn’t, and your plan is to get rid of the rest of them, all the while using rhetoric that distracts from what you’re actually doing.

This book by Rabbi Ginzburg isn’t what you might expect unfortunately

Science of the goyim, gib. ME. The Aryan is a nickname for one of their most prominent Kabbalists.

I do find this book on his chabadpedia page

In the month of Av 5771, he was summoned for questioning by the National Unit for the Investigation of International Serious Crimes on the consent he gave to the book “Torat Hamelech”

What is this book about you ask?

Chapter A – Prohibition of Killing a Gentile: In this chapter it is argued that the source of the prohibition of killing a gentile from the Torah is not in the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”, which deals only with the murder of a Jew

They must be exoterically PC in Israel given that they’re constantly bombing Syria, and approving of this book led to Ginzburg taking a trip to the police station (with his students dancing and singing at his side). Do you want to know what the Mossad thinks? They’re not going to publish it- some of these rabbis will. The authors of this book ended up not being indicted. Want to understand this Blinken kike’s foreign policy the next few years? You can find explicit articulations there. I’m going to bring this book up to the goblin judge, think he’ll care 0%? And why is that? Well let’s see

The double-standuhd – gentiles can’t call fuh killin us–even in lituhrary form! Court’s adjourned, excuse me while I deflowa a prepubescent shiksa now.

While they probably have the evil kings of Syria and Iran in mind, it doesn’t take a leap of the imagination to think of Trumpists in this context. (Killed, ostracized, not too different). They published their own wikileak with this book.

From a .il review

Let’s have a convuhsation about it

If I had to play mind-reader, the controversy is mainly about whether it should be written about, not whether gentiles should be bombed or sanctioned into starvation.

Here’s the one that said Hitler was right about everything, he was just on the wrong side.

At least with Trump he constantly condemned the media, he was like a living refuter of the Talmud. In a couple hours it’s back to Talmud 24/7/365, christian peoples not being recognized as an aufheben of the Torah which in reality they are. Unfortunately for them the dialectic goes on whether they like it or not

Welp, Biden’s being sworn in today, looks like I’ll have to start toning it down

All Biden’s Radhanites truly want white people to suffer

Tell me how proggism is anything else.

This, simultaneously with the following that I found on a .ir site

This isn’t made up, an Israeli journo confirms it

I wonder if any of those books behind him consists of this type of material.

This rabbi has a book on Esther hmm…

7000 of his lessons on Wayback Machine – looks like he’s a Chabadnik. So, it would be like having a card-carrying KKK member teaching students at West Point.

That’s why the only reason you have a country is from begging, right?

Paradoxically, if you don’t feel like a Palestinian you are genetically inferior. Only certain types of souls can perceive what’s really going on in the US.

From an article on this rabbi

You think all the yids in Biden’s cabinet aren’t going to smile knowingly at each other?

This is a progressive by the name of Silverstein saying this

Oh I’m finding all sorts of stuff through that .ir site

Yitzchak Ginsburgh… the rabbi who published “The King’s Torah,” a religious manual that grants Jews the license to kill any non-Jew that they fear may one day threaten them, even babies.

This rabbi is prolific.

Why would that Silverstein have an incentive to lie about this?

“American Jews are different!” Not from my observations, and it’s not like you’re going to see them admit any of this.

So, The King’s Torah, that might be even better than Hodos, seeing them directly say it themselves.

Haaretz calls Biden’s cabinet a minyan. This all hasn’t been cloud-talk, it’s practical philosophy of religion.

We try to figure out the esotericism of the Druze, a people with zero political presence. I wonder how many higher-ups truly believe in the following

Rebbe = Schneerson.

Icarian formalism?

Think some of them do anything like this?

Might be able to replicate an initiation into the mysteries with some of these rabbis’ texts. What about “the” Rebbe’s?

Is it truly unedited? Does he talk about the qliphoth? 35,000 pages, $800-1000. I wonder if they’ve put them online. They see him as the Moshiach, the King of the Jews. The Kabbalah is still “hidden” in the sense that, how many people have heard about this? Imagine reading tens of thousands of pages only to discover that the best books are kept in their private library. Probably true, doesn’t mean there won’t be Hodos-esque gems in the extant ones, especially given that they’re mostly not translated in English and they wouldn’t expect those hostile to them to be able to read them.

This might be what you wear every day without even realizing it

She was so brave

So brave, and so reckless. So hot, too, if we’re being honest.

If “one could expect” that Pelosi is working with the NSA, either directly or indirectly, the true Patriot Act is to do what this vigilante did.

Is that the best way to go about it? It’s a symbol.

How about this martyr, pointing to herself where she got shot?

You don’t like the NSA being able to spy on everything you say? You don’t like the police state? Then why weren’t you brave enough to be like these two? You probably only cheered the burning down of buildings that they try to make you forget. These two women are above most people. Was it stupid to do what they did? Honestly, I like the idea of the Capitol being stormed, it just has to be more ordered, and giving us an example of what that is like seems pretty smart. These are female martyrs, and if you’ve done nothing besides shill for the left for years they’re so much better than you. Keep making excuses for yourselves.

A dark day today. Pedicures for the foot-shudras, and ankle shackles for us, the new chandalas. Want to hate me for being dehumanizing? You’re going to learn what real dehumanization is like soon. The wall-concept was the last grope of that to cling to humanity that we might ever see. It’s not dehumanization to designate certain types as being part of unflattering castes. The left is a movement of humanization of what isn’t human. Remind me again why you aren’t living in a ghetto. The answer is “subhumans”. Your perception of reality is going to gradually, subtly shift to change the way you see humanity. What is “acceptable” is going to change. Maybe not immediately. After a couple years you probably won’t even realize that it happened. That’s what their idea of “healing” is really about, it’s a change of perception rather than a change of reality. Did Trump really do much policy-wise? Can’t think of much. The wall-concept on the other hand, why they have such loathing for him. He represented a living reminder of humanity. Biden (and especially Harris) represent the negation of the reminder of humanity. Once again, go live in Central America if you disagree with any of this. There are subhumans there, and subhumans in our own country, and they don’t want us to perceive them that way. As a result of them being perceived as “acceptable”, “shining lights” of humanity you yourself will begin to “ape” them for lack of a better term, mimic them. If that’s what human is, why not. Not sure if the secret police will scoop me up–to be the one who orders them around, just kidding, I only hope that the true shining lights of humanity are able to escape this regime before it’s too late for them. That’s the vision of the future they want, braindead white man and brown woman with kike husband (whatever the male version of Esther is, I’m sure there’s an obscure Yiddish term for it). I just urge people to exercise extreme caution in the next couple years to prevent the engineered memory-wipe of the wall-concept that preserves the true image of the shining lights of humanity. I’ve already told you how to do that, plenty of books to read, see them as friends, maybe better friends than your friends on social media who have to live in a time of totalitarian censorship. I’ll try to stick around, I just care more about my studies than this place now that the possibility of a coup went from 10 to 0%.

I’m contenting myself today learning about Poland from the eye-view of dissent – żydowską okupacją Polski – “occupation”, that’s a funny word in the context of Poland, no?

Today’s Third Polish Republic is the result of the coup d’état in August 1980. It was done by the Jewish fifth column. The Jews failed in their earlier attempts to return to the town they had lost in 1956.authorities: in June 1956, in March 1968, in December 1970, in June 1976.

The unsuccessful attempts allowed the Jews to gain experience and develop a new method of seizing power, which was later called the “color revolutions”.

Call the one in the US a “color” revolution if you want, it’s some kind of revolution. Isn’t that great, doesn’t everyone want to be part of some kind of ~revolution~? If it means the lowbrow vulgarity of shudras being rendered “acceptable”, then that’s not a revolution I want to be part of. At least Trump represented some sort of restoration, we’re now living in a revolt against that, who knows where the dialectic will lead after that? In the meantime I’m going to be actively avoiding their psychic parasitism.

A Polish formalist

Looks like we found ourselves a fellow traveler. Poland represent!

Can we take this as a symptom of the zeitgeist there?

That is from a description of a book called Nazis and Shabbos Goys.

Anyone mad at me for posting the way I do is probably a “promoter of Judaism”. Sell-out, kill yourself.

Every American should know this website by heart!

This Michalkiewicz is a university professor, must be a different world over there.

Quick google image of polish women and.. checks out, I’m leavin.

The Polish wiki for Michalkiewicz doesn’t smear him as an antisemite.

Look who’s there too

Among anons is it an established fact that he was linked to the dominion voting machines?

“Okay so anyway, where are the links to the Michalkiewicz books?”

You think I can just make those magically appear, I’m looking.

With google translate it’s like I have my own sweatshop of personal translators. People don’t praise this technology enough.

Aw don’t tell me that

Some names of other Polish rightists in a collection, so he clearly isn’t a super-leper

This is a theme in how many countries we’ve found so far?

Polish sounds German – link to that lecture.

This is what he says of 3/4 of the journalists in Poland

secret collaborators of the Security Service or other security packs

What Lurkmore says

Once the Poles were the actual leaders and cultural representatives of the entire Slavic world

Meanwhile still looking for his books

He has a book called Studies on Jewophilia – C U L T U R O L O G Y

Sounds familiar.

Any of you other autists like trying to piece together Pale of Settlement historiography?

The same academic has a book on a so-called chauvinist Roman Dmowski. Even if they’re hostile to antisemites their works can still be mined for information. If we’re not going to have a “CCIA” we can still have an informal one on the internet. A time-traveler version of the NSA. “Intelligence-gathering” on these dirtbags who turn people into monkeys.

Anyway, this Dmowski is known as the father of Polish nationalism and has essays on the Jews, no wonder I’ve never heard of him. He died just months before the Nazis occupied Poland and started taking care of business, poor guy didn’t get to see it.

Polish word for Jews – Żydów

One thing I always questioned Trump about was his Slavic women, and after studying Slavs more, maybe he was right after all. Then again, it was Germans who occupied Poland, so there’s that.

How excited this makes me

We couldn’t be so lucky that their government would be stupid enough as Russia to have their own List?

Watch, in an amazing twist of events, philosemitic books are banned there. Yeah right, no such paradise exists.

After sorting through the usual normie links that contain “banned” books like Animal Farm and centuries old Papal orders, I see this

Is there a rangordnung among Slavs? Who are the non-negro-slavs?

Looks like the foolhardy actions of our tech-bolsheviks are having unintended consequences

This matter tells you a lot about a people

Ego fragility.

Google translate is awesome, it’s helped free me so much from the cowards here. A country of pussies where the actual pussies are fly-swept, what a place. GULAG! I’m probably going to a gulag. The KGB will be dumbfounded when the top of my house opens like a hatch and I take off in a jetpack.

First sign of anything close to what I’m looking for on the Polskie internet

This book turns up without me even mentioning Żydów. Polzhenitsyn?

Geopolitically interesting being between these two

Speaking of an “international conspiracy” how about an international conspiracy of genealogists?

When writing his texts, Dr Pietrzak uses not only the historian’s technique. For the years after 1990, he worked for the Polish secret services

Same could be said about the US

 Contrary to the propaganda of the communist and the present, Poland lost the Second World War and no attendance at the parades in the camps of the winners will change that.

Jews won the war, whites lost.

Not sure if the same could be said of Poland generally, yet, given that half their population is antisemitic.

Poland is obviously a special place given Auschwitz. Possibly something more rapid about the dialectic there? This historiographer is the first sign I’ve seen of something like that in any case. Know how many months it took me to find something like Lurkmore? A digital underground counter-culture can probably be found for many countries.

This is only from last month

We’re supposed to expect them to ban books promoting diversity over there or something, and as it turns out what is most evil for them is what is most evil for us.

Hodos is based in Ukraine and I just now had the thought to google him in the Ukrainian language. I’m still looking for the fabled “library” he inspired.

This Levashov though- a theoretical physicist who ran for president, died of a heart attack six months later. And if Hodos is talking about him it could only mean one thing. They must prop up the liberal Navalny to distract from people like him.

Looks like he’s an occultist like that scifi writer Petukhov

behind the Jews there is a cosmic parasitic system

Keeping track of all these ‘ov names? It isn’t easy. Another one that Yarovrat likes is Klimov.

With any “luck” we’ll have lots of American-sounding names to draw from after the US is jewed to rubble. Put on a happy face.

Saw this looking up the Holodomor, reminded me of amerigoys

Everything is fair- goys are bumbling imbeciles because that is reality.

You know those conservatard books that are published constantly, with like a red white and blue flag on them or whatever? There’s no point in reading these fucking books, they only distract you. Reading alt-lite shitposters on social media sites that ban people who actually challenge them is a waste of your time. Not like you really care about making contact with reality. Enjoy watching basketball as kikes laugh at you. How pathetic goys are that I have to rely on this Rabbi-traitor Hodos. Hey walnut-brain, a meteor is headed for your country and you don’t mind, you don’t bother to nuke it or something, thus you deserve to perish in smoke and fire. I laugh like a madman whenever it dawns on me that all my misanthropic were accurate. I’m going to Brooklyn clad as the Chabad to infiltrate, probably the only people who hate goys as much as I do on an instinctive level, so I won’t even have to lie that much.

As for the Holodomorian youth, might find some on livejournal, typing in Hodos in Ukrainian

I’m hoping to find some similar to Lurkmorians who aufheben’d Dugin in certain ways.

Another thought- is there a Polish version of Hodos?