I googled an online friend I had in high school who was a punk at the time and that’s why I liked her and I saw a linkedin of hers or something like that, and you have to be so fake when you’re public-facing. You never escape the corporate ladder, even if you’re in your 70s after being an esteemed figure in society for decades. There’s always something of an “apprentice” air about people. It’s like they’re a little helper for society that needs to stay in their place. Don’t you think some people deserve a “promotion”? No, they’ll be in a timid, subordinate role into their 70s then they’ll die, the end.

Exit is the second-best option, mass murder is the first. Just if you want to get technical, and theoretically speaking. Their lives have no value at all, it would be like killing the indians off again. Unfortunately this includes the griftocracy too, and that’s 100s of millions of people, so exit it is.

A murdered jew, who would care? “All the other niggers in the world!” Good point, that’s quite the wave of people to battle. Don’t they care though that the jew represents the universalization of the subhuman rather than transcendence from it?

Who cares what anyone thinks, I only care to say what my heart thinks.

I think women tend to live in the dark about the fact that after they turn around 21… well, have I introduced you to Grug, the caveman that lives in our brains? So hopefully you cultivated some beauty outside of physical appearance before you reached that age. Someone who truly loves you. Someone who won’t cheat on you.

If you’re a hooker-type you won’t get that. So hookers only get the longevity of 21, and after that they are doomed for the next decades, and apt to hate people who make this known about them.

That’s nice. Did you ever wonder about the women who are older than 21 that are somehow still hot?

Does one want to make a “granny porn” vid with me by the way?

I’m just kidding. If you have beauty beyond the physical you aren’t seen as a granny at that age. Do women even understand that?

“I’m wrinkly and a nefarious witch, what are you talking about?” Maybe YOU are. How about the type of woman that ages and is still hot?

Not many of those, hence the ressentiment.

“You’re a pedophile to even say these things.” My experience of having sex with virgins is actually that it’s awkward. Younger women are cute, there’s just something off.

“You’re just trying to flatter the MATURE LADY TO EAT YOUR CUM” … and what if I am? True love doesn’t necessitate any fetishes anyway. A mature lady would just accept my sperm to pair with her egg.


I think I’d prefer true love.

Maybe that’s impossible or whatever, that’s just what I’d prefer.

“Why don’t you tell me what is ideal now, nazi electric chair target”‘

Well her name is [censored], so would you prefer adjectives rather than the actual example, kike slave?

Her eyes I’d have to hide, her hair I’d have to hide, her nose and chin I’d have to hide.

Jews: “Nooo he’s confessing!”

She has the most beautiful voice on the planet. Her name is {blank}

Philosophy (truth) magnetizes toward… use your imagination.

“We don’t like you talking about this, because it makes our jewesses look like niggers.”

It’s amusing that Evola had some Italian critics that accused him of being too Germanic. This is a complex problem I might get to another time. For now I just want to dispense with the gossip side of things and focus on how an aristocrat’s gears turn.

If “God” isn’t part of your thinking you’re already lost. God is the ultimate aristocrat. If you level him in any way you’re just another one of the leftists.

The secret sense of Evola is that he’s an ultra-Catholic, not an anti-Catholic.

Priests don’t talk in the same language of the church, amongst each other.

Let’s use another way of speaking of this that’s easier for most people, the highest being. The highest being is the starting point for any future aristocracy.

“You don’t know what that is! You’re like any other person and you have to wear deodorant because you’re part animal!” True as that might be, I’m humble enough to concede that without your help, and I still think I know a few of the features of the highest being.

For one, your aspiration to close the distance between humanity and it is not going to happen.

Priest-types can only do this about 10%, and pleb-types can do it .1%. Better to start being a modest person. Otherwise you’ll end up cursed like the jews who tried to cheat this process. The jews have 100% confidence because they 100% identify with the demiurge. That is to say, they don’t even have the priests who get it 10% (except for rare types like Hodos etc.)

What else about the highest being?

Our greatest idea of the posthuman is only a simulacrum about it. All the theories you’ve seen about the posthuman here are only vaguely approaching what it is. That “human of the future” is only the in-between-point between us and the divine.

“What else about it, does it promise me nice things?” It might promise your grandchildren nice things if you are pious. For “you”, I doubt it. For “you” I expect the ravages of the materialist, demiurgic world. Even if you’re pious…

“Why can’t I ask my own questions, why do I identify with quoted questions you personally create to describe my personality?” Good question, I also wonder why I’ve been redacted thousands of days in a row by my readers, consciously and deliberately. Sometimes we don’t get answers in life.

The best advice I have in ZOG is to look at the Sun, and realize the truth is something even brighter and more blinding. The Sun is a symbol to hide the truth. You’re kept so far away from the other stars in the multiverse aren’t you?

“And as a good jewish slave, I’ll keep it that way.”

Learned that I might be eligible for dual-citizenship in Italy. My great-grandfather wasn’t naturalized as a US citizen until 1950 so my (distant) generation is surprisingly able to “return” there. I’m pretty wonderbread in certain ways so I don’t know if they’d even accept me. If you’ve spent time on the spaghettinet you may have noticed they seem to have more freedoms there, despite still being occupied by the US military.

I think Jews would be better off if they moved to Israel, and I feel similarly about myself and Italy in a way. If Iran won’t take me then what am I going to do?

The culture-shock of it, that’s what I wonder about first thing. There’s a reason so many Italians left there. It might’ve been a mistake.

Just striving to think in a politically neutral way about the History of Religions, the prots and the jews both seem nuts to me, and Catholicism seems like the goldilock’s zone. Because as liberal as jews seem to be on the surface, they’re really the ultra-conservatives of anyone in the monotheistic tradition, and the Catholics are liberal compared to them. If you get too liberal then you find yourself as a prot. Realpolitikically speaking the sweet spot seems to be a debate between Catholics and Orthodox, and in Italy it’s more lax about criticizing the arguable Satan of the world, the jews, so I have to go with the Catholics in that debate.

I find myself naturally scrolling through a Pound book after learning about the dual-citizenship prospect. An American who spent most of his life there. I’ll probably never stop being an American.

If you’re worldly and want to ride the gravy train you probably want to stay in the US (this explains why jews stay here). For me, I just want to live a life of dignity.

I see jews as desert people who never grew, and prots as ice people who grew too much. And Italians have their own problems, between them, no doubt.

“How can you grow too much? That’s a tautological error!” It’s just the optimism of expecting brahminism to be universalized. It doesn’t work for the plebs. Excuse my french, stupid niggers shouldn’t have freedom. Since prots have been stupid enough to make their error I count them among those who shouldn’t have freedom.

“This is popery!” Potpourri, what’s that? What you burn during a ritual that you don’t have the attention-span to sit through?

Anyway you probably find this refreshing compared to my apologetics regarding Islam. Islam I’d say is something like a cross between Judaism and Catholicism.

Isn’t it so ironic that these liberals hate Catholicism and yet are perfectly fine with the even-more-strict Judaism?

“I’m just ME, I’m not a jews’ slave!” Keep telling yourself that, you 100% nigger.

Ah the thought of an institutional career where the demiurge can be lambasted. That’s somewhat possible in Italy.

The prots’ disposition toward immanentism makes them vulnerable to being co-opted by people like the jews who still have a strong sense of the order of rank. This explains why so many anglos, irish, and french are jews’ slaves. NIGGER!

What better way to describe a minion of the demiurge? Worthless pigfeed that wears clothes.

So I will be looking into this, and whether I bother to share my findings with my anglophone readers is another story. Seriamente, non ha senso parlare in inglese.

I want to continue the adventure from yesterday- let’s see if Badiou can be of any help

Okay, so what do we do to fix this?

He says unless you know recent advancements in math when you say the words “infinity” or “logic” you don’t know what you’re talking about.

The late nineteenth century… that DOES seem to be when the milk really spoiled.

He blames this on the French Revolution (some Frenchies know what’s up)

to the detriment of the kind of sub specie aeternitatis contemplation of mathematical truths

I sense that part of liberals feel themselves burning in hell when faced with the objectivity of math. “gasp, What if this is true of other things too, double gasp!”

I can’t tolerate this

the philosophers lagging several miles behind

While you do only have so much time in life, math DOES seem “up there” in terms of priorities. Probably up there with learning ancient Greek and piano. The thing about explaining snowflakes algebraically yesterday I thought was pretty cool. There really IS order in the universe. “Not where it matters!” I know, I know… I probably just need to motorboat some boobs and I’d be a new man. They can just be ANY boobs though, that’s the problem.

Just trying to narrow it down

the most complex and exciting mathematical problems are… specifically the daunting problems of algebraic geometry.

This is enticing me

mathematics is a way of approaching the real, including the most elusive real

Heh Adorno thinks it’s Beethoven. I’ll hear this Frenchie out.

He says there are structures that recur in everything that exists and math studies these structures.

I don’t think it’s beyond the goblins and orcs to throw all of math into a burn barrel eventually. Because… the goblin structure, the orc structure.

How lost are moderns to even need this

you have the feeling of touching an external reality, in the sense that it’s not just a fabrication of the mind

Everyone is a Cartesian doubter of REALITY. You need some triangle lines to confirm that it’s all real?

“Oh god no, the world is run by pure evil and me and my loved ones exist at its whim, and if I don’t comply I will pay the price.”

This is interesting

it wasn’t until the early seventeenth century, or around 2,000 years later, that scientists realized, thanks to Kepler, that the orbit of the planets was an elliptical path, which up until then had been thought of as a circle. In this case, mathematics was clearly the anticipated invention… This is why I reject the theory that mathematics derives from sensory experience. It’s the other way around: the real of sensory experience is thinkable only because mathematical formalism thinks, “ahead of time,” the possible forms of everything that is.

There must be a list somewhere of the things they’ve thought ahead of time about that still haven’t been actualized yet.

Anyway you can’t help but admire how Badiou absolutizes Heidegger’s ontology through math. Only a god can save us, said late Heidegger, and maybe that god is math. Nietzsche is such a jagaloon for thinking art could do what religion did. No, you need an absolute ground.

Hmm it looks like I’m going on something of a real-life adventure today.