[genealogy noises]

Need to research more how Anglo gov is a break from Roman gov. A lot better optics than drawing from Nazis or Russians, if nothing else.

This is from the preface to Spirit of the Laws:

Our founders were greatly influenced by a Frenchman’s juxtaposition of Roman and English government and he leaned toward the English, that’s interesting to me. (Nothing to do with the fact that I’m a quarter English and a quarter Italian I swear.) I sense that Evola is going to become less untimely after Brexit.

Imagine a generation of Werner Herzogs

Something else that’s easier than it looks. The terminal idiots are obsessed with healthcare and climate change, and completely neglect the life of the mind. Wow, we have physically healthy citizens in an unpolluted world- who cares if they have the tastes and inclinations of mere sophisticated animals? Isn’t it odd that the one thing that matters most – the soul – is swept under the rug in most political discourse? I question whether the obnoxious rabble even deserves health, even deserves a clean environment. Illness and pollution match their spirits so why not?

Alright I guess I’ll take one of my stalkers on a date. I’m sick of playing games. I’m not looking for a fling. My generation is so messed up I’m not sure non-flings are even very possible. So lustmonkeys will have to get the axe from the get-go. The problem we have is that when hearts are deadened, the higher activities of the spirit are impossible. Philosophy, science, art, all rely on that, if relationships are bad they’re bad.

Others should start saying the things no one else will say, it’s easier than it looks.

A German Jew giving a lecture in America on how an Enlightenment Frenchman was influenced by a Renaissance Italian – that’s all the diversity I need!

Some ages were defined by an enlightenment, others by a renaissance- what is ours defined by? Is this not the Holocaust Age? Imagine why some have referred to me as “grumpy cat”. Enough of that, it’s Renaissance time!

How grateful I am that LS recorded many of his courses. Been serving as my makeshift Antiversity the last few years.

Freagin’ hippo-rats hiding behind the cyber-foliage out there. He also has lots of audio if you can understand the German accent.

It’s still weird to me that some people know what I try to get at. Never have had a conversation IRL about most of this, and usually only see symbolic infractions in the cyber world. Some I see pointing and they’re saying “I get it, I just don’t want to get the guillotine for getting it.” This is another futuristic kind of “iceberg”- how much conversation will progress on these matters once people don’t have to worry about being persecuted for talking about them. That’s a looming question-mark out of my control. I like to imagine having conversations with certain people, they’re only imaginary though- I don’t know what a human being with freedom would actually say to me. I’m sure people have discord chats or whatever about a lot of the stuff that might otherwise get them banned. It will be different when it’s a public conversation. Where anyone can join, so the chance of alien outsiders drastically increases. Yep who knows what that convo holds. “Let’s not speak symbolically, let’s speak objectively.” When will this day arrive? “They” never want it to happen–well, unless the off-chance is possible that most of them are Larrys and are doing their best to be gradual so as to prevent bloodshed. Wouldn’t be totally outside of the realm of possibility- I learn from Nietzsche and he’s wiser than most if not all prog-profs I reckon. Yeah it would be good to have a discussion, if not a debate, with certain people. Humanity can only progress so far when esotericism is wrapped in caution-tape.

What’s always struck me as a similarity between ancient Chinese and Greek philosophy is the idea that everything should be in its right place. This has been in the background of my thoughts when I’ve questioned our overlords. The fact that half our congress is “made up” of lawyers doesn’t quite grind my gears as much as the known and unknown influence “our” bankers hold. What is the being of banking? I mean when get down to the simplest details, what is it? Keeping people’s money in a vault? Armed guards, brutes could do that, couldn’t they? Its basis doesn’t seem too complex, I don’t think I’m being over-reductive- what is a banker compared to a Lord Byron, to put it into perspective. (I like the idea of poets for statesmen, they seem to be among those who know being best). So what did these people do to earn their control, that’s my question:

And what could be done, what should be done, with tyrannical usurers?

Can the legislative, judicial, or executive power do anything about them? Who checks them?

This is the “primal scene” or origin of our state religion. It all began here, with bourgeois travel. Put on your safari gear and watch the ones in safari gear watching them. What was their initial reaction? They surely were discriminating. Grown adults living in the kinds of forts that kids in our countries make for fun in their backyards. Even today, travelers are discriminating to a degree- now, interpretation of the non-occident is filtered through the adamant stance of cultural relativism. It’s either that or you might as well be Hitler after all. Discrimination is only allowed if it’s a positive appraisal of the non-occident, for instance one could say with some fairness that many peoples are more community-centered and family-centered than us- they don’t have our protestant atomization problem. What isn’t allowed is negative appraisals, i.e. one profoundly off-limits question is, If left to their own devices do they eventually return to living in these “forthouses”? I could name a few cities in the US where this is manifestly empirically demonstrable. Only a demon would bring that up though.

So the ideology of globalism begins with these travels. Over the years strict discrimination declines more and more. Until finally we reach the present where we actively discriminate against discrimination itself (with the one clause in the rule being that discrimination against the white patriarchy is lauded and applauded).

Like I hinted at in the previous post, discrimination against women and minorities is only the surface phenomenon, there’s also a subtler ontological interpretation of this process. In informally banning discriminatory standards in order to be gentle and polite to certain human-types, we’ve effectively done away with discrimination in regard to everything else as well- namely culture. This is the hidden effect of “anti-discrimination laws”- it’s the enforcement of relativism, it’s a sneaky sort of epistemology that is being pushed. So there’s a direct line going from the experience of the common westerner first seeing those forts with their own eyes to this nihilistic view of truth itself.

It’s amusing to me the cognitive dissonance many tend to have when I start acting like a fascist psychopath. They really don’t want to publicly admit that there is indeed a time and a place for that!

No no we’re going to stick with the old-fashioned way, elections and bureaucrats will solve all the problems of modernity. Ok moron. Does anyone actually truly believe that?

The ones I always intend to address are fellow misanthropes. If you hate America now, all statistics point to the fact that you’re going to hate it even more a couple decades from now. So what to do? I’ve already told you what needs to be done, what can I get away with on this “blog”? For the over-sensitive, let’s say it can be a formal procedure. We have a board determine who is corrupting Americans, who is making them stupid, and we either arrest them or remove them from their given institution. Not going to get that with the existing laws in place. Laws don’t tend to be about aesthetics and culture. There is zero doubt whatsoever that there are many people out there right now that are making the souls of all our citizens uglier and uglier. There’s a connection between truth and beauty- souls are made ugly by lies. So we determine who the liars are and get rid of them, sound like a plan? Oh, no? The morons want to proceed with another ineffectual election and rely on useless bureaucrats until this country is even more of a dumpster fire? This is exactly the attitude that’s going to force people into the brutality and blind violence option, sorry, keep doing you though, I for one wouldn’t mind if… never mind forget I said that.

It’s necessary to understand what precisely all the cultural megaphones are blaring into the ears of the citizens. It’s that discrimination is evil. And discrimination is at the root of all morality and aesthetics. I hear them speak proudly on NPR about the value of “anti-discrimination laws”, this is so sickening to me. Discrimination against women and minorities is just the surface level. What the prevailing Americanism essentially is is anti-discrimination in general. What this means is there’s no difference between good and bad, or beautiful and ugly, or smart and stupid, or truth and lies, both sides of the duality are melted into equalization. It’s the enforcement of standardlessness. If people had standards they’d probably never turn on a TV screen in general for anything. Tough to hear. The opposite of standardlessness is severity. If people had standards they’d probably unfollow most of their friends IRL and online, once again, tough to hear. Spend some time in the realm of the forms and this conclusion is clear. 95% of anything that’s ever said is gossip, speaking generously. It’s voluntary dehumanization. The people aren’t going to change until the institutions that preside over their lives change. To change the institutions you need an Institution to judge them. It doesn’t need to be constituted by fascist psychopaths, I’m content with the label Platonist myself. Suffice it to say that we need to be more strict toward our opinion-management crew. They’re polluting the minds of the entire country. If nothing is done eventually people are going to start to be shot. I’m not trying to will that scenario into existence (of course not, of course not), that’s just what I anticipate if we stay on this path.