It isn’t a speculation or a “theory”- it’s reality. They want a world of retards, and anyone who reveals this about them they want in something similar to Guantanamo Bay. THIS is “politics”. Anyone who doesn’t mention this part is one with the conspiracy to eliminate the “divine portion” of humanity, the intellect.

I wish there was some viable alternative to something so sentimental as the Peace Corps. I’m from the same christianish culture as anyone, and I feel I’m around the same ballpark as the type that joins the Peace Corps. Obviously, helping third-worlders wouldn’t be the best fit for me though. So I’ve found on the internet a kind of sublimation of that yearning.

Peace Corps, Marine Corps, neither of those offered what I was looking for.

Though institutionally at least on the surface they might.

No, not even close.

“Philosophy professor” is another misleading form it takes, that can only be lived out on the internet in its true form.

Basically, you fight the Horde of orcs and goblins til there’s nothing left.

Til they completely cut out your brain.

I’ve been playing this adventure game lately that alludes to Robert Louis Stevenson and boasts they created a better adventure than him. They may be right.

That’s also what is attempted here.

Be it the Peace Corps, Marine Corps, Academy, CIA, or what have you, none of them offer a truly cerebral adventure though. The point is–in our historical situation at least–is to access a vantage-point above both the nigger kikes and golem sell-outs. And that’s been reached.

Was it “fun”? HA HA, I wouldn’t say it was ALL fun. Lots of tribulation and near-death experiences. Still, more of an adventure than any of those cheap institutions could provide.

So, with my ninth or tenth or so lobotomy in progress, at the hands of the subhuman conspiracy, I return to that adventure game for now.

Hey “T. S.”, my instinct is that we’ll only be happy in the long-run if we just accept we love each other.

Didn’t you hear that your “daddy” approves?

I know more of your flaws than anyone.

So you will not hold my flaws against me.

I know the very center of your being.

Your thoughts about my own flaws are trivial in comparison, but I will acknowledge them, grudgingly


Well I don’t breathe oxygen per se.

T. S. – instead of being a “washed-up slut” – why don’t you accept my love for you?

I don’t care about the other “blondes”. I think you’re special.

Only someone with “Nazi” tastes would think that, so I guess you’re opposed.

Well, I noticed you hate a certain person named “Scott Swift”.

You mean “Brad”?

You must have resentment in the bad way if you hate brad…

I don’t try to hide anything from you- Scott and I see eye to eye, and it’s no coincidence that his name reminds one of Scotland.

“another daughter flushed down the toilet”

Yes, this might be. Here at least we have the explicit “terms” of the bribed contract.

Economy rigged by niggers -> everyone praises “nigger pieces of shit” as virtuous and the height of godliness ->blonde hair blue eye white folks are consequently seen as the dire enemy of the degenerate rat people.

So T. S., instead of throwing a tennis ball at Scott, I request you try to see things from his eye-view for once.

“ALL OF YOU into the abyss for DARING to question rat-looking kikes telling you what to do!”

Oh some jew nigger piped up? Instead of being too afraid to speak to me directly?

“face to face I’d lose–so I bribe”

Nice encapsulation of “jewishness”

What about face to face? You don’t have an answer? You don’t know how to reason? You don’t understand Athens? What is it?





Respectful reasons. Everyone in Athens would respect those reasons. And wouldn’t see you as a sophist or nigger.





We all respect you jews. You don’t seem like a nigger subhuman to us.

And this is why I prefer blue eye blonde hair queens to any nigger rat kike pretending to be an authority, and especially to someone named Scott above even the queens.

Waaal it all goes back to the conflict with the Normans, if we are talking “history of the United States”.

Abraham Lincoln wasn’t only defending African slaves, he was also defending a very particular type of white.

Abe himself was a “white nigger”, a “wigger” as they’re called. Do they include that in the history books?

So anyone part of the American Bandwagon is necessarily a wigger.

“Sheeit, that’s ME!”

I bet.

Old honest Abe hated God, hated the Normans, because he was a Saxon.

When the Normans showed up in England it was a backwater.

Now the US is a backwater, for following their model.

If we want a legitimate political order we need to look at the US founding with hearty laughs.

I have both Norman and Saxon flowing within me, so I feel less biased than most about this.

The Lincoln telos leads to chimp-countries.

I do not care about white niggers.

In my assault against them they have used the leverage they get from their majority breeder-status and usury to thrust me among the white niggers of the working class.

White proles are better than brown or black.

THE TELOS is to go all the way to black nigger non-brain.

One Thousand Years of History…

Who is willing to write about that?

You’re mudbrown grandchildren certainly will be smart enough to say these things.

So I represent the last voice before this planet goes into full retardmode.

We had some good moments (mostly represented by me in the 21st century).

You had some good moments too (if we’re being charitable).

Jokes aside, “humanity” itself seems to be traveling a path at present where it won’t exist in the future.

And I see “the face of degeneration” the jew, as mostly responsible for that. And worthless white niggers as not doing enough about it as the secondary reason.

Keep doing nothing. Keep proving you don’t have a soul. You’re an object, I already know.

You can agree with me or not–I expect you to disagree–my own self-understanding about our relation is that I represent your future or potential self in a timeline where you actually had integrity.

I’m not bragging okay? Can you trust me that I’m not? I’m only informing you how I see how the different human types relate to each other.

I am a Jew if the jews ever got over their exile burden.

Yes, I AM. I’m a Jew of the future, a potential future, which they will probably not reach.

Same with women. I’m just your more intelligent version. In some timeline you might have dignity- certainly not this one. So you only have types like me to speak for your ideal self.

Mexicans, Chinese, etc. you’re never going to see them talking about the things I do, because it’s a similar relation.

They all just hate their higher self making them feel guilty.

There’s probably not a definite date where this was all set in stone- there are key moments in the 16th, 17th, and 18th century especially, where you can see that the worldview of 2023 was inevitable.

It was all leading up to a pseudo-humanity that can never know truth or morality, or care to know them.

What I call the “elves” were just the scaffolding that’s fallen to the side.

The majority of people, even if you hear them speak normal words, you can tell are “breeders and feeders”.

I.e. they genetically exist to eat and fuck, and not much else.

Nothing about the life of the mind concerns them.

And so, they are not separate from the animal kingdom.

My own caste has been warring with them for quite a long time, and they systematically install object-chimps in places of sway instead of people like me in these days.

So there was only a window, before the soulless niggers completely took over. The 20th century hardly had its windows, let alone this one.

In the future I expect increasing immorality and falsity. Only actual human beings know what morality and truth are.

Call it a hunch, if someone looks more and more like a monkey–as people do as they shift more and more into the third-world–they know less and less of these things, the things that make us human.

So it was fun chatting with you niggers, but I’m trying to keep the body that keeps my consciousness afloat alive lately, rather than offering it wholly to the non-human scapegoaters for their ritual sacrifice.

Just try to meditate for a second… I see my own awareness as what you could have in the future if you didn’t consistently sell your soul. I’m just you in the future if you weren’t so weak.

“I want to kill my future self!” Yes.. this is the meaning of “kike”, “dumb cunt”, “white nigger”, etc. You hate ideals above you that demand you take responsibility, so you take the easy way out.

And by this point the earth is already a full turdball with no ultimate point, and people like you made that possible.

Even our “philosophers” are this way, so I don’t expect girls or plebs to understand any of this.

For what it’s worth, I’ve tried to be your friend, and show you the ideal path out of this planetary fate.

If you’re right about them all they’ll unite together to throw you into the abyss. And that’s where I am now. Tumbling through the void of space, wondering how I could ever begin to live a normal life with what I know about the irredeemability of humanity.