“Nice 700 page book, now make it 800.”

Nah. As with that “Deception” post, one “page” of that contains more thoughtcrime than 10,000 tweets of a given Twitter account, how about you cause chaos for my entertainment for a change? I know, this is asking the impossible from the terminally and shamelessly uncourageous.

Hey why are you still reading my personal journal.

The hottest fantasy I have is telling a girl to go off her birth control. I have to be careful though with the weltanschauung the way that it is. In our climate this is the expected result of that:

Millennials need to learn from their mistakes before it’s too late. I use swear words sometimes because they most accurately describe the reality of what I’m trying to talk about. We need to put an end to the slut-bastard cycle. It creates bad citizens and bad people in general, who in turn… And a lot of us are already products of that cycle ourselves so it’s not all our fault. It should end with us!

I don’t even know why revenge surprises me when all I do is deliberately attack everyone’s way of life. Just try to think about what I say for a moment instead of retaliating thoughtlessly is all I ask.

The essential debate is to be had with oneself. It is about the love of one’s own versus the love of the good. That’s what I frequently see as the crypto-motivation of most. Everyone wants to preserve their way of life even if that way of life isn’t for the best in the grand scheme.

I don’t care what I am, what demographics I fall into, all I care about is the refinement of consciousness to a level beyond anyone’s who is alive today.

We have to breach specific taboos in order for that to happen. Let’s go back to the movie-formalism idea, since even fourth-circuiters will understand that- when you’re trying to determine if someone is worthy of your time, when you’re trying to decide if you’d be able to endure a normal life with them and watch movies together – think concretely here – do you want to watch movies with someone who knows who controls the world and what they’re doing, or someone who is either ignorant or lies about who controls the world and what they’re doing? Lots of taboo thoughts follow from this. The overlords are not trying to bring about the overman. Nor are their minions who don’t deserve to be alive. They’re trying to bring about the opposite in fact. Quasi-people with no moral or aesthetic sensibility, among other things. The unrefinement of consciousness is their initiative. I’d rather be alone than have to spend time with someone who either supports or is blind to this systemic endeavor, this has been a feature of my subconscious throughout my posts the last few years. I tell people what is preventing ascension to the next stage of consciousness and they love themselves too much to accept it, and would rather work toward creating a dystopia than change.

The reason for everything I say, the reason for denouncing the vices of all these various demographics.

What percentage of the population even understands this goal? 1%? Most are content with activities designed for the lowest instincts of this species, why would they care about bringing into existence a higher species? Whether it’s consuming shitposts and unprofound tv shows, or overzealously participating in the democratic spectacle, or degrading their faculty for pair-bonding with casual sex, or virtue-signaling in favor of the nauseating tenets of the state religion, they’re never really giving any thought at all to tomorrow, let alone to the next stage of evolution.

If our ancestors had that attitude we never would have created the so-called 1st-world. The present generation-war focuses on hating boomers when it should focus on how much the generations that brought the 1st-world into existence would hate all the generations alive now.

Trust me I didn’t volunteer to be play a role in this fucked up genital dialectic. Now that I’m here I’ll say, after a million references to my dick it’s only fair for certain women to acknowledge that nobody wants to be inside them, nobody wants that thing sitting on their face. This has to do with the illusion, the Deception, mentioned in the post I made earlier- only white males are allowed to be criticized, women and minorities get away with anything. Nasty, fly-swept vaginas, ape-like behavior, people pretend these don’t exist. Oh they do, that is the Deception.

Roasties are so disgusting, in a matriarchy it’s culturally unlawful to grimace at them. Hopefully in the next few years we can start marking them as unmarriable with visible tattoos and making them work as laundry maids in basements out of the view of the public. Anti-muses, civilization ruiners. Non-roasties show yourselves!

Proggism in 1966:

Proggism in 2019:

“They have nothing to aspire to, nothing to emerge from, they’re perfect the way they are!”

And with this tolerance-imperative in place, advanced culture loses its value.

After being burned alive at the stake on a daily basis for close to a year now I have to surmise that psychology hasn’t developed very much since the medieval age. Sharper and sharper is the realization that I try to prevent a lobotomy from being performed on the already-lobotomized.

Say the reference to zombies is overdone all you want, what other despicable creature hungers for “braaiiinns”?

Though it’s easy to forget since it’s been happening for so many months, what is this redacted phenomenon if not the consensus that something needs to be hidden? That would only happen in a real-life dystopia.

No matter what I say people find an excuse for getting revenge on someone who told them the truth. Listen you, with any luck we’re going to drive you into extinction, you don’t deserve to live on this earth, every fiber of what’s left of your desiccated consciousness strives to remove the remaining consciousness from this planet. So many otherwise respectable people are guilty of this too. All in subliminal cahoots with the power-nodes I’ve logically powered-off 1200 days in a row. They keep the zombie-sim running, jolting them awake each morning after the depravity of their motivations were shown to them on an x-ray sheet the day before. Lure them all into a stadium and light them on fire? I don’t care, the way most see Zuckerberg is how I see most people.

This couldn’t be real… Or could it?

This is what most of the people in my thoughtsphere want confirmation of. We trust Mel. Is it as egregious as this?

Based on the messages many of their movies tend to send, even if this wasn’t literally true, some might deem it an apt allegory about what’s going on.

I’m surprised that I haven’t once seen anyone relate some of the statements made by Gibson to the Epstein controversy. Can you see an obvious reason why this would be?

The shady dealings, the exposure of the esoteric underworld of the entertainment industry in general, are a society-changing crater waiting to happen, and to say it for the hundredth time, it is only a question of when.