There are gradations of awareness that are unlocked through verbalization, gradations of robustness of truth, of sharpness of personal insight. Real understanding is something social. When a truth remains in one’s mind it hasn’t yet crossed the threshold of “truth”, it has a character of wispiness- when it’s shared it becomes something material. Some, the ones I’ve called symbologists, are closer to this “material” knowledge than the great majority but there’s still a level of individual understanding that can only be unlocked through direct communication. Just listening to my diatribes about this and that is like a prosthetic understanding, that’s probably why there’s this amnesia that arises from my absence that I’ve noted. So now you might say, You don’t know about my discord chat dummy, or you don’t know about the private irl convos I have—that’s good if you do have those, still though, there’s a further gradations of awareness that can only be attained through public verbalization. So we can say there are three levels- personal “keep it in your head” truth (these are poor souls tbh), “friendly” one-on-one truth, and then public discourse, ranging from obscure to crystalline understanding. This is what we’re after in politics generally- understanding via articulation.

One of the most disheartening frequencies I pick up is that a lot of the parasites that surround me are fundamentally merchants- they don’t care about bringing truth into the world, all they really care about is 🤑

It’s a cross between that and what Moldbug said recently, the good feeling you get from being loyal to the government.

These are two of the main drives that are preventing posthumanism. How do we get rid of you petty, worldly creatures so we can move to the next step?

Would you will the eternal return of being perceived as less than a toilet on new year’s eve? No? Then you should probably start cleaning up your act. This time next year, hey, maybe you’ll reach the status of toilet. I only wish I was exaggerating, I don’t cause the cancer, I only diagnose it. In certain theories, toilets are toilets for all time. This ties into the bioleninism observation that the toilets all unite together because they know what they are.

Where to even start with all of it. The best simile is that people are like actors, and no one ever knows who the script-writers are. When I see a *walkie-talkie noise* “leveling in progress” I don’t even see the actor, I see the script-writer, because there’s no genuine autonomy or individuality there, everyone’s just reading lines off a script, memorizing lines, recreating them in their own supposedly anachronistic way, while my friends and I exoterically want to burn the script, esoterically want to burn the script-writers (for being so.. slimy? if you start to see the overlords as akin to used car salesmen you’ll be on the way to awareness). It’s just a boring movie, this state-religion. I’ve said before that that’s always been my main argument against it- it’s a question of aesthetics, and it causes me monotony. This year is like the 20th sequel. It’s time to fire the ones writing these scripts. Or at the very least create a mirror-world Hollywood.

“Oop we gotcha, your life is ruined forever now for stating obvious facts.”

You’re not even allowed to participate in the war in heaven against opinion-management. And yet, isn’t that the only game that really matters? Isn’t that the only game that isn’t a game??

You can either live in their world or live against their world. Without being able to debate with them you don’t even know what the world is like that they’re making you live in. Back to the idea of the connection between true knowledge and articulation. Can’t speak it, don’t really know it. By disallowing speech about it they maintain a fog of ignorance in this way.

If only you knew how much I despise the Capuleti.

The paradox of my “toxic behavior” is that some, maybe many, of the very reasons certain people like me are the same reasons we’ll never be able to rendezvous.

I guess this agonizing isolation is a necessary step toward getting some of these things I discuss institutionalized.

Trying not to say anything rotten on the first day of the year. It isn’t easy. Not looking forward to watching retards flail about and act proud of themselves for doing so but that’s all I can expect.