This has always been the Achilles heel of the cathedral- making certain ideas informally illegal only makes people want to be thoughtcriminals

And did she like what she read? Unlikely.

“Higher education” and huge numbers — that is a contradiction to start with. All higher education belongs only to the exception: one must be privileged to have a right to so high a privilege. (Twilight of the Idols)

What the digital right has deduced is that there is a connection between education and genetics. Most whites, women, and minorities are blind to certain dimensions of knowledge. In being socialists it’s ironic that they have such a capitalist mentality, “I get mine” being their ideology. Whether it’s careerist statereligionists or slave-caste climbers of the more humble birth, their objective is always to advance the type that they are regardless of the societal context they find themselves in. No education will ever help them, it isn’t any wonder that the Brits exited the EU. Maximal freedom for people with slave-natures is the core of their belief-system. It doesn’t matter how much freedom you get, you’re still always a slave who would be better off being told what to do. The true pessimists will already be questioning me about why I even bother to say that to them. Britain taking its own path is mild next to what the West could do. The only option I see for truly educating them is creating a mirror-world patch where we institute a state-religion contrary to leftism, and watch as the leftoids all try to move there, only to be sent back to their cognitively under-developed homeland.

To be a reactionary is to know that the game is rigged against you. Different day different nonsense to deal with. I’m a millennial so everything is irony to me naturally. At the same time, do I really seem like I’m being ironic a lot of the time when I get into “These are the dimensions of what a coup would look like” mode? No, so I hope I’ve given you some idea about that at least, I hope my life has served as an example of that, and how the hegemonic left deals with a rightist who speaks to them in direct terms without any ketman or kowtowing. I still think the most promising way forward is for someone to start some sort of formalist journal that invites anonymous contributors to “go off” and say whatever they want, and the more educated the writer the better. It really is fun to post the way I do, I feel people are seriously missing out.


I always gravitate toward the Das Man concept in B&T more than any other, for whatever reason. Maybe because I find that understanding it is the most emancipatory.

it is not Da-sein himself who is there, but it is “they,” people, who are there, oneself among them.

99% of the time I observe the environs I only see them. Where are you?

If you want to talk about “rights”. If I scroll through your account for a while and can determine that the rest of the 40k posts are just like that, and “that’s you”, and that it’s nothing besides direct lies, lies of omission, or “lies via symbol”, I’m not sure if you deserve rights. Why should a dishonest person deserve rights?

“They’re making me do that!” you might exclaim. Who? Feel free, post it. So it follows from that that the ones who keep you from deserving rights because you lie all the time are the ones who don’t deserve rights. And if you don’t deserve rights what does that mean? If you don’t deserve rights, whether you live or die is inconsequential. We could up the ante and say that if all you can do is lie, you deserve to die. I try to be neutral when I look at human beings. Truth is good, and anyone who disagrees with that should be eliminated. Try to think of them for a moment as objects who believe they have consciousness. The ones who represent falsity in almost everything they do and say are not good to have voicing their opinion and corrupting others. The obvious solution, to me at least, is to either shame them out of public discourse or “be done with it” and murder them all. “Is truth good?” Well yes that is tautological. “So deception is bad?” Well yes this is tautological. “Then what should we do with the ones who are tautologically bad?” Remove them in one way or another. If they won’t be removed by words, force is the next option. And when you allow the tautologically bad to persist in their lies, are you much different from them? Ah so we’ve determined that you don’t deserve rights either. Feel free to directly respond to this post in public.

What I hear when the smoothbrains try to hide the hindrance of the west that they promote

You start to understand what it’s all about when you realize that it’s one with their ethos to droolingly invite this thing to sit on their face “for the cause of socialism”

It’s difficult enough to focus in this gulag, and then you see some dork desperate to send telepathic signals to make you let her sit on your face. The one feminist idea I can tolerate, might as well take advantage of it. All you have to do for that to happen is throw your life away, worth it if you ask me.

The reason I advocate for entheogens is because realistically speaking there’s no hope for many people without them. Words on a page or on a screen aren’t going to take them outside of themselves. If you’re a leftoid I’m sure you don’t care what I think, nonetheless I’ll tell you anyway that you should trust me, I’ve been observing your type for years now and you live in a condition of prejudice that doesn’t allow you to get out of your own ego. There are structures of consciousness that are authoritarianly imposed since the time we’re children, and continue to be imposed on a daily basis as adults. One of those structures? Think about those pie-charts from last night. How truly pathetic about a quarter of the world is, there is layer after layer of pity and rationalization that almost every westerner’s consciousness is filtered through to hide just how pathetic those animals really are. The establishment goes out of its way and then some to conceal the origins of the jungle peoples, as well as the jungle that is still present in them as they live in our own society. So that takes us back to that double-concept of “the redistribution of genetic wealth” and “the concealment of the redistribution of genetic wealth”. One of the main imperatives of what we call the cathedral is synthesizing these two

While–and this is crucial–simultaneously creating a smokescreen around the fact that America is moving toward animality through such a synthesis. It isn’t a one-way street- it isn’t that we help them and that’s that. By helping them we hinder ourselves. And, one cannot repeat enough times, this hindering is hidden.

And, another thing one cannot repeat enough times is that the typical leftist will read this very post and be so blinded by pity for just how pathetic that fraction of the world is, that they’ll probably be incited to impulsively post something that beautifies said hindering process. Good for you, if you are trying to turn people into monkeys you’re probably already a monkey yourself in some sense anyway so there’s no point in trying to talk to you. Study a couple of the “mountain” thinkers I’ve mentioned and take a trip in nature and get back to me.


In the antiversity students will be given grants to cover their entheogen expenses. That would be a normal thing at universities now if they weren’t so backward. “Study Being and Time for two weeks, and then…” I’d They appropriated them now they’d probably make it mandatory to demonstrate that you memorized the diary of Anne frank beforehand.

“You must have gotten a bad batch once upon a time based on some of the things you post!”

Much follows from this (atrocities follow from this):

There is no sacrifice too great to make it to the next stage.