Looks like the Bilderberg participant they don’t want you to know about has a new book

This should be devastating. It would explain the demotic resilience to reform among whites. They resent me so much for theorizing about this subject, maybe empiricism will help them understand. The CRISPR of the future would benefit from examining the DNA of nobles from times past I would imagine.

*flutters eyes with annoyance* It’s probably… wait for it, wait for it… it’s probably both. The norm is to pretend one of them doesn’t exist, can you guess which one that is?

Love to be a weatherman. *flings off goggles* Wait I probably need those, there are more storms brewing. Have you guys felt “with me” through all this, or just watching me weather them. Hopefully the latter for your sake. There have been some sunny days at least… I do miss those airpods though.

I’ve learned to see mudsharks as my friend now rather than my enemy, I just don’t see any kind of possible love between us in the future unfortunately. For women the meaning of life is love so when you tell them this you’re taking away their meaning of life, and they react very bitterly to that awareness.

Sometimes there are just too many synchronicities to not share my studies

A congress of lawyers, a media of merchants, a thoroughly bourgeois collection of bluechecks controlling the ideas of the supposed digital peasantry who are only able to opt out of the Contract via symbology, public school education that damns people from the get-go, covert agencies doing no one knows what who no one is able to question without hushed whispers, mobs of internet-age book-burners, the lowest instincts of the human animal given free reign and being applauded for it, lifeworld-determining documents written by our founders who just so happened to be in the right place at the right time though all of the more realistic ancient world stands against them, none of these are going to ameliorate the human condition.

Since the virus outbreak in China have you been having any “gutter” thoughts about them as a people? Of course you haven’t. Always a nice non-reminder to not have, not-right? See, if that had happened in Russia you’d be quicker to indulge in thoughts of rank-ordering. Since it’s the (naturally jaundiced, downs syndrome-looking?) Chinese there’s more of a grimace+stomach-turning -> pity reaction to the news, at least for me- not to say that asian girls can’t have a little white seed as a treat, oops did I say that? Anyway, the dark thoughts I’ve been having this morning, hear me out. I’m imagining the coronavirus as a symbol in a scifi-fantasy for a rangordnung samizdat being smuggled in through the internet there. Remember the time I mentioned how dangerous it would be to national security there if people started to hold Hitler rallies? *winces* “We’re sick of the 2nd-world! We know an easy way to escape to a higher plateau!” Also remember what Brazilian sperm purchases look like. Ruh-roh shaggy. I can sense a certain type clasping their ears and yelling Shut up shut up! It’s just theory-fiction, relax. Imagine the evil horned antagonist of the story suggesting menacingly, Do you want to ensure the next generation of YOU emerges from the ghetto?

Wait wait whoops we were talking about the Chinese, black women would never have that reaction to a white devil’s idea for a scifi-fantasy story. The Chinese though. It’s all about that favorite concept of mine “the love of one’s own”. The Chinese seem able to grasp that to some degree if they’re “westernizing” (in good ways and bad). Genetic alteration is a taboo next-step to what they’re already doing. Natural, proto-CRISPR, anyone? Don’t think the Chinese would need a symbolic hazmat suit for that? It’s a question of whether their governmental higher-ups could endure this central aristocratic idea I learned from neech, and be able to fuse it with the recognition of the biased self-centeredness of the love of one’s own. Call it the hapa-bootstrap. Bad bad bad, havoc havoc havoc would ensue. The decentering of Sinocentrism by a decentralized minority with off the market VPN-like internet access, and the attempted – and arguably mistaken – quarantine by the less enlightened government that follows.

The replies under this post say it all. (The article isn’t bad either.)

The truest way to prove that you’re a leftist is to deliberately move to one of these schools like in Seattle and enroll your child there at the first sign that they have above-average intelligence. So, what’s stopping you, anon?

Something reminiscent here of an archaic… ritual… sacrifice…?

One of the reasons there’s nary a whisper of criticism of the ughleets is because most are already firmly set on paths of life established by them. To criticize them would be to criticize themselves. When they spot the occasional amphibian in the digital forest they must experience an ambivalence where they both feel personally attacked and live vicariously through the ribbit as a form of self-transcendence. Frogs are pretty rare compared to dirt and vegetation so once they continue down the trail they probably instantly forget what they heard and return to their clone-like existence.

So we can delineate two levels of awareness- being on the elites’ team without knowing it and being on the elites’ team in face paint cheering in the bleachers. Unless there’s a third? That’s probably why you’re here. “No I’m here because I hate your guts!” What would possess someone to stomp a frog, really. Whoops, looks like I jumped out of your way again, what would possess someone to chase a frog trying to stomp it while calling it a mix of slurs and fond nicknames? Sounds like a mental disorder, good thing you’re alone in the woods.