I wish I were condescending you from somewhere like here

I bet that would make your “blood” boil in more ways than one, “distant memories of feudal times reawakening”.

Speaking of anti-dialecticism, if they refused to accept Jesus, one can’t expect them to accept Zarathustra (or any spiritual revolution beyond him) that’s what all this is about, a pathological religious conservatism played out in a secular guise

“the original” heh

The phenomenology of true praxis-speak. The expectation you’ll be arrested, phantom cuffs on your wrists. Immanentizing the eschaton is a primordial or perhaps merely ancient taboo that’s been codified into law. Increasingly convinced that heathen blood is required to not take the Torah seriously whatsoever. “Freedom of religion, Your Honor.”

The west would be a better place if women converted 100% to Christianity and men turned to Alchemy whilst respecting organized religion for the sake of the ones who can’t think very abstractly.

The cathedral has poisoned so many people’s lives, and this is a way to start over. There’s no question that being a blissful evangelical true-believer is better than finding meaning in trying to convince your “friends” that you care about the third-world and other prog causes as much as they supposedly do. And don’t try to tell me that you care about the democratic party in itself- what you really care about is the fact that Trump is mean to Mexicans, what you really care about is globalism and by virtue of that, neglecting those closest to you in your own city. Imagine if you directed your secular-christian Care toward the children here so they didn’t turn out like YOU for instance? We wouldn’t want that, would we? Oh right right this is a forgiveness post I almost forgot. The fact is there are only a few viable pathways to channel one’s religious impulse, and the political one doesn’t seem to have many advantages for anyone on either the personal or societal level, indeed from what I can tell it’s mostly disadvantages. So that leaves people with the option to be normal Christians like most of their ancestors in known memory and beyond probably were, or adapt a philosophical religion of sorts like I have in a way, and most I don’t think are geared toward the latter. Better to do what you gotta do to get away from modern degeneracy, and meanwhile the alchemists can work clandestinely on an alternative that will make people happier overall. We could always have a violent revolt to quicken the process but people are just too content with the gruel doled out in their bowls I guess. In the meantime a transcendental religion is better than a material one, and if you could see through the fog of self-deception you’d recognize that that is what progressivism is–money, status, and the elimination of spiritual standards.