You ever wonder if there’s a secret United Nations that practices realpolitik? For some reason I recurrently find myself worrying about the unknown number of redacteds the Middle East is undoubtedly crawling with, it’s probably a caste-alliance thing. You know about this, right:

What are their libraries like over there? There’s no way all this kind of material hasn’t been removed from the shelves over time? My studies have led me to believe that their human equivalent of Satan is Averroes for instance:

His ethos could be summed up by the following line of text from the Quran:

“the investigation of existing entities” – see, we’ve outlawed in the west in our own way, thinking back to my recent post on human taxonomies. Islamic immigrants in Europe wouldn’t be such a problem if they were offered (*cough* mandatory) courses on Averroes. Our own pseudo-elites over here would do well to study Averroes in fact honk honk. “The investigation of God’s creations is not allowed!!! Eat your f*%*ing pretzels and shut up goy!” If you’re not going to create a secret UN then we’ll do it ourselves.

“Ch 2: philosophy contains nothing opposed to Cathedralism”

If only, if only!

We have more detailed taxonomies on the different animals and insects than we do on human beings – am I the only one that sees this as a mystery??

What we know with confidence is that if we were to create a taxonomy of the present european it would be defined by the erasure of human-taxonomies.

A lot of the problem many seem to have is playing devil’s advocate against me and not realizing that they’ve merely discovered a convenient way to go back to reinforcing the status quo.

Whoa, it’s like magic, you’re not a pariah for holding the view that you do, how brave.

This seems pretty true

How refreshing I’d find it to have a talk with an Indian brahmin of the same intelligence as Artxell, except opposite of him in every other way. He must be a half-breed (half-caste), either that or that is the absolute state of Indian brahmins these days – did the forces of leveling get to India too? I haven’t researched their history much.

In regard to Indonesia on the other hand–this is a pressing question. Better to populate it with Indian brahmins oppositely-intelligent as Artxell than with middling whites, or for that matter, neoreactionaries with the predisposition to have ethnomasochistic kids. Heh I guess one of the points of having a patch like that would be to edit the genome so that wouldn’t happen. Can any Indian endure this thought? I’ve never met one. Never witnessed any besides a minority of white males who were able to entertain this thought. So, I guess it’s settled? Unless someone wants to prove me wrong?

I know, it’s tough enough being an immigrant. I know I ask a lot of you to betray your coethnics, some of your only true friends and not to mention your own family, what are you some kind of monster? With a patch like the one we’ve been theorizing about, we could develop tech that could help them more than free money, piteous head-pats, and all the rest. This goes for Jews too- instead of eliminating them (which all signs point to being the AI’s first move) we could simply genetically alter them into being decent people. Okay okay I’m just being mean. Mean, honest, your pick.

That prof who taught me about the categorical imperative in that intro to ethics course never mentioned the “pariah” consequences. Ehh I guess in his office he hinted about it a couple times, he did so while laughing like a wise Buddha though so I thought it was nothing. It’s weird that some people know me like the back of their hand, my temperament, my tempo, and I don’t know them because I’ve never had a follower-list to scroll through and click on.

Oh, and an ominous sign for my enemies- that random gamer kid I mentioned? both knew and didn’t know me, if you know what I mean.

What happens when you get on the bad side of the grandson of a freemason? What? Does he broadcast all your secrets? Oh no! Probably not the best idea you ever had.

Kids who spend all day racking up “kill streaks”???? I wonder who they’d rather be shooting??? 🥺

Jack’s face here is emblematic to me of the “I’m making a statement” feature of leftist ostentation

Jack with his European genetics:

Did he even truly like this poor girl? Or is she just some kind of political prop? Who could know, in our time? (You think commies know what’s going on in their own minds??) Imagine centering one of the most important parts of your life on “making a statement”. The thorough falsity of prog psychology makes me shiver with disgust, you’re lucky I haven’t pulled a Kerouac and dipped outta here already and started hitchhiking around the country to forget about all you people with spinning globes for brains, and all the deception involved in having such brains.

A theonomist view of proles you won’t find in Marx

The daily grind keeps people in the fourth-circuit, neurons firing in lockstep. God, or any form of transcendence (posthumanism) is inconceivable. And as Adorno says, they remain “workers” during the weekend too.