So much religious guilt is displayed today. Some of these girls want to explain themselves, when nothing they say will ever lead one to forgive them.

Blame the society for creating them. Even if you do they’re still cat-lady material so it doesn’t really matter. “Society is responsible.” Okay, I’m sorry, that isn’t going to change the fact that they’re cat-lady material.


I think a lot of our problems in the West stem from that same issue we had with hereditary monarchy. Think Pareto again, or Moldy’s formula “sovereignty is conserved”, i.e. we always have “monarchy” in a sense, even if it’s shared between various families (with slightly different political opinions). So, just speculating here- maybe their grandparents were elites in the true sense of the term, and maybe their parents picked up some of the phronesis from them. The generation now though must have degenerated significantly if this Age of Baseness is flourishing under their watch.

You know the old reactionary motto, “One generation pretends to believe, the next generation actually believes”. Their grandparents might have set the noble lies in motion and gradually they were forgotten to be lies, or maybe they were truths when they told them and they’ve gradually been distorted by increasingly comfortable and complacent inheritors. So when I talk about living and thinking within the horizon of the same state religion as the rabble I have the ones at the very top of society in mind of course too.

Silly question to some, serious question to others: Do you think they’ve even read Moldbug? I mean, we’re even cladistically years beyond him now, he’s rather quaint to some of us in a way. I imagine them being captivated by Marcuse-types and the like, looking at the zeitgeist (if they read at all). And to us ones who’ve spent a good deal of time in the sewers and palaces of the Internet alike, Marcuse-types are old-timey, such that they incite reactions ranging from guffaws to grimaces.

The great value of Moldbug in my experience was that he facilitated a new way of reading. So it’s not so much his own personal theories I appreciate him for as much as the clearing of the field of progressive-vision that allowed me to read old books on their own terms. Have our elites had their third-eyes squeegeed to be able to read in this way? Again, I strongly suspect that they don’t even read any of the galaxybrains out there at all. So to sum up, I have a hunch their grandpas or greatgrandpas were wise at least…

Philosophy and Law

Congress and the covert agencies should be legally obligated to be periodically subjected to Socratic cross-examination in order to expunge errors of reasoning and sedimented ideological confusions.

Might sound extreme at first though it’s really quite natural. They’re trained in their respective, tentatively respectable fields, however those fields are not, precisely, the science of thinking. I would say that all citizens should be legally obligated to have their minds sharpened, I know that’s far too utopian to suggest though. Since the government is one of, if not the most, important “organizations” in society, I don’t think it’s too utopian to suggest this legal obligation for them.

No no I’m not just trolling, okay well I lose track of when I’m just trying to mess with people, I’m being serious here really. It’s a grave question to ask the degree to which their beliefs, which obviously shape their work significantly, have been examined, the degree to which they thoughtlessly align with the same state religion as the uneducated rabble.

I’m certain they’re well-versed in matters of legality. I do wonder though how well they’d hold up against the questions of philosophers, hey, even of social scientists and poets. Should the people running our country be mere legal experts who would be completely out of their element in the realm of what I’ve referred to as the loftier questions of life? Something doesn’t seem right here. If they’re truly concerned with Justice they would impose this Socratic legal obligation upon themselves voluntarily.

Nope, no more unpaid idea-creation duties for me (wtf was that about anyway?) Well, I’ve always been paid in the annoyance I cause the covert agencies. Hey retard, are you a religious equalist too? Do you think their bosses are a bunch of conformists like all the rest? That would be sad. Maybe that’s the problem- our fourth branch was educated by ‘orthodox priests’ like anyone else. If only they went to the Antiversity and had a course on Spengler instead, to see that they’re part of the forces of deterioration that makes the Russian spies rightfully laugh at them. Alright I’m going to act as your parent and organize a playdate for you two groups of spies, hey, let’s bring some Chinese ones in too since their citizens tend to look at blacks rightfully as orangutans, that’ll be a wake-up call for some of you uncle sam dipshits. Anyway, I’m going for a hike with my brother now, so if you want to pick me off when there’s no one around now’s your time!

What they’ll all do to secure a spot in the globalist system. Convince impressionable girls to be women no one will ever love.

“Oh that bestiality phase of mine, that was so many years ago.”

No one cares, not even the obese cashier down the street will ever love them. Tainted.

Oh well, at least we’re bringing about Unity, that’s important, right?

Just more and more evidence that piles of corpses is the only answer.

I’m scapegoated constantly by people who never say my name, which is not suspicious at all, because I say that certain races recently lived in huts.

That’s it. I guess that upsets them for some reason, dunno why, they’ll never acknowledge it.

Excuse my French or crudity or what have you, what needs to be known is that mudsharks deserve a load on the face and to never be talked to again. That is their value. If you want to raise a daughter with that value go for it.

I feel like a loyal American being concerned about all this stuff. Whether you’re left or right is it even possible to get out of the bubble of patriotism? Most of us seem to have varying opinions on what it is to be an American.

If it’s treason to want to put into question certain axioms that seem to be leading to the country I live in being destroyed, then all I can do is shrug my shoulders and say “Sounds good.”

“Jokingly” threaten the covert agencies even though I know they exist in a state of exception, eh, what American wouldn’t do that? Have honest “talks” with Russians, Nazis, Jihadists, and psychonauts on an Englishman’s blog? Just seems American to me.

Half the country revolves their idea of Americanism around the 1965 Immigration Act. Why that of all things? Out of anything in the universe why is that the mark of patriotism to them? The unspeakable underlying political theology I’ve spoken much of probably. You could say I’m of the same spirit, I’ve simply changed the definition of “immigrant” to include certain hyperdemonized groups.

Technically, don’t spaceships exemplify Americanism? “On what grounds?!” The burden of proof is on you, the entire establishment has made immigration-concern the exemplification of Americanism, that’s what I’m asking you- On what grounds? All the news talks about it, and they’re supposed to be prestigious, so all the good, law-abiding citizens follow suit?

If you can think of immigration-concern as a myth it’s worth asking if it’s a good myth overall. Should it guide the nation? What would be a better myth?

If your immediate answer is “there is no better possible myth” are you sure you’ve thought it through or is that just a pre-reflective, instinctive response?