Not going to figure out how to do this overnight.

“Quick quick figure it out!”

Yeah, get back to me in a year, or three.

This is the only way I see to solve the problems of the US, so I’m workin on it.

The fact that this concession to realpolitik was made in a book published by Duke is striking, and makes this potentiality seem more realistic. This is how hyperstition works- aren’t you more dismissive of appeals to the constitution than you were two months ago when I first started holding it up to scrutiny? Now imagine a couple election cycles from now when the real problems still haven’t been solved. And what will be to blame? The stagnancy of our outdated constitution.

Our main obstacle is that the state of exception can’t be initiated through the laws inherent to it as it was in Weimar, so it can ultimately only be dissolved, which is to say, extraconstitutionally dissolved—through the attrition of cynicism over time.

This is peak thoughtcrime- spirit of the 1770s articulated in modern-day theory

This is something similar to what the Britons will have to sort through if they ever break with the EU. Probably too soon to talk about for them, it’s too taboo- it’s tinkering with Chaos itself in a rule-of-law patch. Hopefully they already have people working on it outside of the view of the public.

Love the pattern of ripping my enemies to shreds only to have them wake up in the morning and magically forget any of it ever happened, day after day, month after month. Yep, time to go live in a cabin in the mountains.

Listening to brits on some prog radio station (please shoot me) casually mention how MI5 breaks the law in order to preserve order, in a somewhat regretful tone, though not really, mostly as a vindicatory speech-act as if to imply Yup that’s just how things are. And in the US we tend to have a similar attitude of vaguely hesitant acceptance of our fourth branch’s extralegal activities. So my only question is why aren’t they doing their damn job and disempowering the various power-nodes we’ve formalized that are a threat to national security. Given that they allow them free reign one would have to deduce that the oligarchs operate in their own state of exception that is higher than our fourth branch. Why is that? Why aren’t our intelligence agencies actively hunting all the ones we online have been accusing of corruption for years? I myself have been living in a state of exception (somehow, I don’t know how this is going to end for me) and it seems like our covert agencies should be doing in the concrete world what I’ve been doing in the cyber world, no? So if they’re not they must all be complicit, yes? Thus we conclude once again that our fourth branch has ceased to live up to its duties and itself needs to be raided and interrogated.

So, returning to these amphibians and their fellow travelers. Their humor conveys a truth that is not humorous at all. The way I see it, they represent a cladistic fracturing from the cathedral that possesses a truth higher than the cathedral. Once again, I try to interpret the present anthropologically and this seems like an objective fact to me. Comedy Central and all the rest of the state-approved satire merely reinforces the accepted general opinion, which renders them demotic, and I hope by now I’ve given you a decent idea why I think the word “demotic” is a pejorative. You can be more rude and refer to them as the rabble, which is my preferred choice, or you can euphemize things like certain marxists and call them “the multitude”- whichever way you spin it–and it’s most commonly spun in a demotic fashion itself, “nota bene”–we’re talking here about appeals to the mob, or in other words millions, likely billions, of people who have, through lack of otium, been miseducated, “led astray”, blatantly lied to, you get the drift. Or do you? Most spies I know, when I attempt to peer into their consciousness, get the drift, yet are overpowered by “materialism” as I see it. They don’t want to endure ostracism. So back to that notion of the bourgeois as being characterized by risklessness, I think this is the central obstacle that hinders their “better selves” from acknowledging what is true, and standing up for the whispers of their conscience. Let’s be real, the frog-type should run Comedy Central, if this were the best of all possible worlds. It’s not though. Four more castes for you: we have the crowd-manipulators, we have the demos, we have the self-aware bourgeois demos, then we have the mostly anonymous, alright, let’s call em jokers lol. So with Pareto’s theory of the elites in mind, we have three types of demos that are under control. I see the hierarchy backwards you see, the frogs are the actual elites, the self-aware/”self-conscious” are next in line, shnif and so on. The course of action I would suggest in light of all this is for the self-aware ones to simply joke around more. “You want to ruin my life!?” they scream. I wonder if any of them are feeling “bourgeois” after reading this. Isn’t your life already ruined if you’re part of the demotically-constrained bourgeoisie? And then they make the expected excuses which I’ve been observing and documenting a while now. Just think Pareto. Who do you want to be in control, them or you? I personally have chosen to risk my life to tell them all to fuck off, and it’s been extremely fun to exercise that kind of freedom. Fun and also something else. We have a piety, and our conscience doesn’t think it’s right for a truth higher than the cathedral to have to be anonymous, fired, caricatured, concealed from the demos.

Genealogical prospect par excellence:

To the very roots of liberalism! and attack it from there. *books pile up before my eyes*

Maybe this is the next step in my exit from xenosystems, given Land’s telling statement RE Dugin that his “fourth way” is a departure from “his people” (classical liberals) and thus sets off his clade-alarm.

What we need most is a fully-credentialed Antiversity for those of us who are sympathetic to the “conservative revolutionaries” and the like. Russia already has us beat in that department—why am I the only one who finds this worrisome… it could be as easy as moving there, except the other day I read about a prisoner over there being “boiled alive” so uh, and that doesn’t sound surprising to me, that would be the fate of many of us who were raised in a liberal county. Anyway I digress- Who are we kidding thinking we’re ever going to convince the deans of academia to cease their facilitation of third-world blank-slate creationism and the rest of the garbage? We need our own institutions of higher learning. Why do you think the left so often wins? They control the production of the intelligentsia. We can only get so far with autodidacticism, this is a no-brainer. You’ve heard me go on and on about how I suspect there’s a sect within the academy that is masked—there would be a great migration if they had the option.

I also wonder what percentage of guys my age who spend 8 hours a day gaming would be helping us fight in the clouds right now if it weren’t for the fact that they didn’t want to be among obnoxious liberals for 4+ years—I’m guessing it’s up there.

So “to whom it may concern”, this is how to demolish the left, if one thinks from the standpoint of years-in-advance rather than just the present day.

Think of my posts as an unpublishable book. It is written. Now get lost. Lose me and find yourself. Climb K2 yourself instead of bothering me about taking another trek, I have other matters to attend to.

Mirror Sphere

It’s one thing to study exotericism vs. esotericism, and quite another to observe the war in real time–“the passions and tactics of the guardians of exotericism” might turn into a book someday, though who would publish it, a guardian of exotericism? I’ve felt as if I’ve been watching a sphere which is a two-way mirror. I can see everyone, and only some on the inside can see me.

There are three types on the inside: there are the ones who can’t see me and don’t know they live in the sphere, there are the ones who can see me and want the ones who don’t know they live in the sphere to know they live in the sphere, then there are the ones who see me and want to keep me and the ones who want the ones who don’t know they live in the sphere to know they live in the sphere from showing them they live in the sphere.

Often I find, these latter two shapeshift and partake of each other’s nature. Most seem torn about whether the ones who don’t know about the sphere should ever know about the sphere.

Meanwhile I want the sphere to shatter so I fall through and we can all live without the sphere.