This should be good:

That’s precisely what I want from “these rat bastards”–an honest, direct apologia for totalitarianism. Wouldn’t you just love for them to finally put it into language? Instead of all the sidesteps and censorship… Ah, I just want to hear their side of things. (No, not so I can more accurately critique them, “of course not, of course not”). Well, if they did that would they even be totalitarians anymore?

A mental exercise to leave you with- What would you say if you were them?

Phenomenology of Ressentiment

No one ever really “calls out” the left in terms of their subterranean motivations, their psychology, “what makes them tick”. Next to this subject everything is surface gossip. This is to ask the question “What is going on here? No, I mean, what is actually going on here?”

The answer is jealousy and revenge, and those who enable it out of pity.

The primary question is Who created civilization as we know it and who maintains it. Next, Who wants to take over in their stead, and why. Thirdly and finally is the question, Can they?

The answer to the first is men generally of NW European ancestry. And who wants to control civilization in their place? Essentially everyone else that you can think of that is not of that category. Can they? They certainly have faith that they can, though most of the evidence points to the negative.

The NW Euros have said, “Alright, you’re here, and we’ll give you a say” and they have responded, “We can do what you do, you’re interchangeable- in fact, we are you, merely in a different form.” And the years go by and eventually the result of this conviction yields favelas, ghettos, and catladies. And let’s not forget their ever-forgiving enablers who always give them a shoulder to cry on and a second-chance to do it all over again.

All these vulgar beings of dim, flickering ontological existence who are stubbornly convinced they can do what NW Euros do are met with the brute fact that they can’t, over and over again, the jealousy wells up in them, and they lash out in revenge, upping the ante with the all-too-anticipated retort that their neuro-souls do not in fact have something missing, and that they can in fact maintain civilization just as well as those who created it, and who continue to struggle to maintain it amidst all their bitter complaints.

So when we ask What is really going on here, That is what is really going on here. People who are vaguely human being angry and sad that they need others to keep them from living in the wilderness and having to fend off wild animals as in primitive times. And once again we also have the pity-faction of NW Euros who want to erase the memory of all the mistakes these subhumans have made and give them a clean-slate to start over again with.

And what follows from the recognition of this subterranean reality? The answer is simple. We make clear to them their base motivations, and also make them clear to ourselves, since, being subterranean, they are often forgotten about. From there I suggest we gradually rescind their “say” in matters, and if they continue in their stubbornness, which they inevitably will, they should all be flocked to a patch away from us to see how their experiment plays out.

We are currently living in their experiment already in fact- and how is it playing out? I don’t see any of them learning from the lesson that we’re descending by day into low-culture, all I see are raised voices for more mud, more irrationality, more perfidious subversion, more hand-outs across the board, more and more normalization of stupiditization, and more and more self-deceptive denial about the fact of this descent. Watch- they’ll read this and merely repeat the same thing I’m diagnosing, further proving their self-deceptive denial regarding their inability to maintain civilization. When is someone going to take a stand and put an end to this cycle before it’s too late? Ausnahmezustand is the only option to combat the institutionally-entrenched forces of ressentiment.

The Quasi-Sacred Preconstitutional Will

How many hours does a lawyer take to prepare for the average case? What if that case was on “Whether to uninstall the US government, and hypothetically, how to go about doing that”? I’m trying to think years in advance here. In our present historical situation most of what can be said on this subject will immediately be filed under “the insanity option”. I only expect distrust in government to increase as time goes by. I do hope this option ripens within my lifetime. Based on my observations of the younger generations this is plausible. We don’t tend to take the government seriously.

How many elections before the rise of an unironic “slash and burn, salt the earth” president? I can see us taking them seriously.

An eloquent way I just read it phrased is that many are looking for a candidate that represents the “quasi-sacred preconstitutional will”. Even when I was a teenager most people I knew had either an inkling of or enraged awareness that it’s all rotten to the core. So in my experience this is something even teens know, and yet I’ve never seen a senator or president express it in a strong sense, i.e. imagine Trump tweeting disparaging remarks about the “C”onstitution, the oligarchically-corrupted “hoi polloi”, or rigged red/blue voting system. At least he talks about draining the swamp–we need (and many of us already want) someone of that spirit except of a more aggressive variety, given that (exoteric-)Trump is a “friend” of the GOP… whereas many of us want them gone too.

Something interesting that struck me today was that Max Weber, the great social scientist of his time, helped frame the Weimar Constitution. That’s where my mind is at… Wondering who the Webers are of our time who should be chosen for this monumental task. That’s why I constantly am telling my fellow millennials we need to prepare prepare prepare instead of focusing on present politics. Webers don’t fall out of the sky, they’re products of immense, ceaseless effort (study).

Schmitt’s simply too alien for people today, I keep reading him and “smh” and smiling, thinking this is never gonna fly, though I myself know he’s in the right in many cases. Apply this thought of his to today, tell me if it seems accurate:

“the greatest danger to stability in modern societies is popular government too easily enabled by legality, and not, say, the subversion of legal democracy by conservative elites.”

“The Freedom of the Press to Lie” needs a solid hyperstitioning. That’s one of the first arguments I would make for an Amendment. We need a federal “Anti-Sophist Act” or some such, clearly clearly by the look of things in this country.

Schmitt asks a good question- What should be considered legitimate? Legality, the people’s will, or a monarch’s?

High School, Low School

I wonder what’s going on with these zoomers in high school right now. Are they getting a proper education? Are they similar to most universities in being controlled by leftists? That’s the age when you’re just waking up, when your consciousness is just powering on, arguably the age when you’re most impressionable to the loftier ideas of life.

Most people are biased in that they only went to one high school so it’s difficult to speak broadly about high schools in general. I went to high school in a small town and the peak of my experience there was being introduced to American Transcendentalism, mostly through Thoreau, and including some Emerson. They made me an individual. That’s the closest thing to philosophy I was exposed to until college. I was ready for a lot more. As were maybe a dozen or so in my grade.

As much as it will make the over-protective schoolmarms faint to hear it, I probably had more than a few 16-17 year olds reading my posts over at XS, not even for “education” purposes per se I’m sure, just for “shits and giggles”. All philosophy is is questioning, typically questioning what shouldn’t be questioned (by the standards of the status quo). I think the kids here in America are more ready for it than most expect, given that philosophy is not taught in most high schools. It would probably be best to begin somewhat cautiously and offer courses only for seniors, and maybe ambitious juniors. This is a key way to advance the citizenry on all levels- teaching people at an impressionable age how to ask questions–lofty questions–and escape robotic patterns of thinking.

As I’ve said before, philosophy is about showing people an alternative and thus giving them the ability to choose between different options. Often, by the end of high school, people have a general, if vague, idea of what they want to go to college to study. Without some notion of philosophy in their minds, typically the idea of what they want to study in college is a product of what the status quo wants them to study.

Let’s backtrack the trajectory of the people in power who we all adore so much. They were primed to be who they are in college, and they were primed to be primed to be who they are in high school. If more high schools offered courses in philosophy we might not even have a cathedral to critique right now. (Jee, then how would we spend our time? Reading poetry? That would be awful.)

“The Establishment” starts in high school. If people got the right education there they’d never even turn on the news, and the news would go bankrupt, making way for the emergence of truth-outlets. With the right education, people would vote for more competent candidates. The benefits to society would be endless.

You know I like to expound on the ideas of the thinkers I find to be most dangerous to the system. High school programs need not be so extreme obviously. Just the minimum basics would improve society tenfold. The kids these days aren’t even getting that.

I know you haven’t forgotten that essay of Dugin’s I posted, the one all about the Übermensch and how he’s made his ideas accessible to children. Is there anything like that in today’s high schools? Or are they mostly focused on teaching people how to be good “World Citizens”? I expect the latter, I don’t expect ideological neutrality–I’m sure it ranges from subtle to explicit globalist bias. The kids should be given a choice between the two.

Irony and Reality

I’ve frequently hinted about the various types who I consider my friends. What is a friend exactly? To me it’s someone whose ideas you want to see implemented in reality. I use amphibians as a prime example because they are the least esoteric. All of my friends have something in common, and it seems they express it most explicitly- due, for the most part, to the fact that they’re anonymous. Sometimes I find a thread with a bunch of green cartoon avatars commenting under it, all making jokes that I never hear in real life, yet they bring me the most joy. What friends are to me are people who reveal a truth by making me laugh. I then subsequently determine that this subversion of norms should become the norm itself. My masked friends want the same things, the frogs just go more directly to the point about what we need to do to get those nice things, because they can get away with it.

Reminder that in the early stages of a hyperstition it’s easy to forget that you’re not being ironic. We don’t live in a society, we live in a reality. We want a forced removal of various people. That’s what the conscience speaks. It’s evil on the surface to many, however, we know that it’s more evil not to remove them.

This idea should be made into some candidate’s platform. It’s a divine intuition expressed by frogs and those who laugh with frogs.

“Who” should be forcefully removed, well, make a top-3 in your mind. Will declaring that you want to forcefully remove any of those earn you favors in society (as opposed to reality, which is laughter)? Probably not, unless you only seek to remove state-approved non-friends. Part of why we laugh is because we know they’re state-approved and we’ve made the state itself our non-friend.

It’s less about removing humans than it is about removing ideas. The frogs frequently hint that these two are closer than we might normally think. Nonetheless, in many of their smirking remarks is

“the demand that the prevailing concept of culture be replaced by another concept of culture”

This isn’t irony here. Everyone’s always joking, and we forget the truth that jokes express. We want our jokes to be implemented into law.

We see society falling into chaos, the two options are alter the law or suspend the law. If the law won’t be altered what does that leave us?

There are three levels you could see here. In order to alter the law one must suspend the law. *Suspend suspend* is something else entirely. Any altering of the law seems to necessarily be a lowkey suspension of law as such. So if you don’t think the existing laws are accurate, you partake of the same inclination that seeks to suspend the law entirely. It’s a friend/enemy debacle. @non-friends: The rule-of-law is pretty similar to following the ten commandments when you think about it. Not that they’re wrong, it’s just that there’s a divine aura surrounding it that prevents any questioning about precise details. It’s a law that the rule-of-law is law. Where is that included in the doctrine of the rule-of-law?


It would make the totalitarians happy if I went away. I don’t like to make them happy.

What the world needs is increased erudition. The enemy needs to be defeated on the ground as well as in the clouds.

The years I’ve spent in the “war in heaven” against the twitter-mind-virus have been a compromise with erudition ideally conceived.

This site will be a space where I continue to frustrate their hegemony and also attempt to reestablish a subjective distance from that virus.

Given that one is, in myriad ways, silenced for challenging the totalitarians in real life, the cyber-realm is the only place at present to stage attacks.

I don’t blame Land for subtly deplatforming me, I sense that the sharks of the covert agencies will close in on me any day and take me to gitmo, I’ve already caused that poor man too much trouble for a hundred lifetimes.

Since we’ve witnessed counter-totalitarian websites be shut down in the past, I don’t know what freedom I have here, technically speaking.

A true pathos of distance exits social-media mind-control entirely. If one is not devoting a significant percentage of one’s mental energies to study in the service of the Grand Strategy, one is merely aligned with the totalitarians on a cryptic level. This is a fact as certain as it is despised by the demographic ostensibly in revolt. For that reason, if you catch me updating this page too frequently consider it as me actively conspiring with totalitarianism.

Although I recognize the erudition-imperative, I can’t go many hours, let alone days, without being overwhelmed by the urge to mock the rulers of the world. This page will probably be reminiscent of the activity of my former mask, i.e. aphorisms in the spirit of an anthropologist keeping a journal on the nature of the “Occidental village”–my version of “journalism”. In between detailing observations from my binoculars I will share insights gleaned from my studies. 

My laptop is bugged, my smartphone is bugged, and I’m stalked and photographed by unknown organizations. I expect my cyber-presence to eventually result in imprisonment, if not off-the-books torture and brainwash. I wish I was only being dramatic- call it schizo-paranoia if you must, my phenomenological anticipation of the future does not bring me any comfort. There’s a reason no one says my name.

The URL of this page, it goes without saying, is a taunt at the maimscream media. As you’ve seen me formalize time and again, the war in heaven is between the minions of dead geniuses- in our time it is Marx’s vs. Nietzsche’s. Consider the posts here humble notes toward a future mainstream Nietzschean News Agency.

After a decade of studying neech, fate has led me to Ausnahmezustand and concepts relating to it. This is the focus of my Ultimate Concern at present.

Well, time to hit the books. And yes, I’m sure before the day is over I’ll have something to rant about. This post itself is even a rant- a shift toward “hyperstudy” will be gradual. We need a new priest-caste and movement in this direction is step one.