Look at this peculiar study. He edited their law to adjust to new conditions I hadn’t heard this one before, something to keep an eye out for the expression “star worshiper,” an appellation unequivocally reserved for idolaters, was substituted for the term goy Zoroastrians, the original goys, worshiped the stars. The Alawites of Syria toContinue reading

Interesting subtitle from this explorer of the Pale Multiple connections here They’re still possessed by the dybbuks of the Pale. Some dates for context, to keep track of all this An-sky (1863-1920)Choinski (1854-1920)Franko (1856-1916)Franzos (1848-1904)Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895)Pappenheim (1859-1936)Asch (1880-1957) These are the main primary sources (time-capsules) I’ve found for reconstructing that lifeworld. That writer of JewsContinue reading

I actually went out of my way and sent an email to find that Pojaz the Clown book, and just found it on Projekt Gutenberg. “woot woot” as they used to say on RuneScape. They have various of Franzos’ books insta-translated here (his name translates to the word “French”). I have a feeling I’m goingContinue reading

Seems like something I should’ve heard of sooner contents have rightly been dubbed “the Living Sea Scrolls.”  What happened after Khazaria? Look how many pages. I need a “team” for this, if only Sviatoslav probably just burned down their home-base and they took off in ships with all their loot. Yep Hundreds of thousands ofContinue reading

Nothing brightens my day like a fed giving me simulacra of intimacy known as “likes” What can I do to alienate this one? Meh I’ll just keep talking about the Pale. In English books they’ll probably inadvertently tell on themselves Similar thesis in Russian Hindus, gypsies, they’re boring. Belgians? Such a fascinating people. Not. YouContinue reading