During the Iran-Iraq War Saddam regularly referred to his enemies as Majus (disciples of the Magi) This is warming me up to the place even more It’s been perplexing to me why Saudis and Persians are in a Cold War, and this clears up some of that confusion. Here’s where it gets spicy. Remember Ahriman?Continue reading

I’ve kept that Byzantine Platonism book open in a tab for a while There’s a similar dynamic here between Platonists and Talmudists. How to survive in a Christian society. (Do you feel dirty being similar to a Talmudist, or is that just me?) This thought is a natural continuation from my previous post- one canContinue reading

Too much to click when I look for material on the Byzantines on z-library. I feel like a digital monk sometimes who fell through a floor in the Vatican or something and discovered a bunch of documents. This one died the year before the Eastern Roman Empire finally dissolved Plethon’s ambition to create a newContinue reading

The final chapter in a book on Pound and the far right heh The great majority of secondary texts I see cited in this study from the 80s are not available in PDF form, while it’s super easy to find critical PDFs. So many studies were made in the 60s and 70s- they must haveContinue reading