The Quasi-Sacred Preconstitutional Will

How many hours does a lawyer take to prepare for the average case? What if that case was on “Whether to uninstall the US government, and hypothetically, how to go about doing that”? I’m trying to think years in advance here. In our present historical situation most of what can be said on this subject will immediately be filed under “the insanity option”. I only expect distrust in government to increase as time goes by. I do hope this option ripens within my lifetime. Based on my observations of the younger generations this is plausible. We don’t tend to take the government seriously.

How many elections before the rise of an unironic “slash and burn, salt the earth” president? I can see us taking them seriously.

An eloquent way I just read it phrased is that many are looking for a candidate that represents the “quasi-sacred preconstitutional will”. Even when I was a teenager most people I knew had either an inkling of or enraged awareness that it’s all rotten to the core. So in my experience this is something even teens know, and yet I’ve never seen a senator or president express it in a strong sense, i.e. imagine Trump tweeting disparaging remarks about the “C”onstitution, the oligarchically-corrupted “hoi polloi”, or rigged red/blue voting system. At least he talks about draining the swamp–we need (and many of us already want) someone of that spirit except of a more aggressive variety, given that (exoteric-)Trump is a “friend” of the GOP… whereas many of us want them gone too.

Something interesting that struck me today was that Max Weber, the great social scientist of his time, helped frame the Weimar Constitution. That’s where my mind is at… Wondering who the Webers are of our time who should be chosen for this monumental task. That’s why I constantly am telling my fellow millennials we need to prepare prepare prepare instead of focusing on present politics. Webers don’t fall out of the sky, they’re products of immense, ceaseless effort (study).

Schmitt’s simply too alien for people today, I keep reading him and “smh” and smiling, thinking this is never gonna fly, though I myself know he’s in the right in many cases. Apply this thought of his to today, tell me if it seems accurate:

“the greatest danger to stability in modern societies is popular government too easily enabled by legality, and not, say, the subversion of legal democracy by conservative elites.”

“The Freedom of the Press to Lie” needs a solid hyperstitioning. That’s one of the first arguments I would make for an Amendment. We need a federal “Anti-Sophist Act” or some such, clearly clearly by the look of things in this country.

Schmitt asks a good question- What should be considered legitimate? Legality, the people’s will, or a monarch’s?

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