So begins Montesquieu’s The Spirit of the Laws, a book he worked on for twenty years.

The epiphany that immediately strikes me when I read this is- The US must have gotten the nature of nature wrong in the beginning. Can’t blame the citizens for being loyal.

Or could it be that we’ve evolved since the 18th century and are consequently new beings that require new laws? This seems to be the implicit message in Moldbug’s initiative to uninstall the USG.

Let’s be reasonable though- say we did start a new country in the former territory known as Indonesia, and we rigorously selected a certain demographic to inhabit it. Would we truly even have a democracy problem in that scenario? So maybe it’s not that we as a country have changed since the founding stock, and more that only a specific type has (unless they existed back then too and were similarly marginalized who knows) and they are attuned to the antithesis of demos-equalism, Rangordnung, on a spiritual level and in various respects (my pet favorite is the SMILE-program as is known, there are also many other offshoots of this general tendency).

So when we extrapolate from the initial formalist enterprise of isolating various institutions, we move next to isolating the laws they work within, and from there to “nature” or the “creator”. What this type of Western person disagrees about is the nature of nature, or for tradcaths and the like, the nature of divinity. When we talk about government we’re always having a discussion about the most fundamental questions as well. Whenever someone casually inquires “Is democracy good?” they are implicitly inquiring “Is the nature of nature such that democracy is good?”

Well, one telling symptom of our times is that I can’t imagine a few of our congresspeople getting into an intense debate over any of this. It seems most government operates on the surface and like most people takes a lot for granted.

All this to say that if we’re serious about creating a new patch someday, these are some of the fundamental questions to ponder and discuss in order to create a regime that won’t devolve into the third-world within 300 years like the US seems destined for.

Imagine in 2020- “What’s the nature of nature, Bernie?” “…” “Donald? What do you think?”

Gnon forbid they let a chaostroll ask the questions.

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