After being burned alive at the stake on a daily basis for close to a year now I have to surmise that psychology hasn’t developed very much since the medieval age. Sharper and sharper is the realization that I try to prevent a lobotomy from being performed on the already-lobotomized.

Say the reference to zombies is overdone all you want, what other despicable creature hungers for “braaiiinns”?

Though it’s easy to forget since it’s been happening for so many months, what is this redacted phenomenon if not the consensus that something needs to be hidden? That would only happen in a real-life dystopia.

No matter what I say people find an excuse for getting revenge on someone who told them the truth. Listen you, with any luck we’re going to drive you into extinction, you don’t deserve to live on this earth, every fiber of what’s left of your desiccated consciousness strives to remove the remaining consciousness from this planet. So many otherwise respectable people are guilty of this too. All in subliminal cahoots with the power-nodes I’ve logically powered-off 1200 days in a row. They keep the zombie-sim running, jolting them awake each morning after the depravity of their motivations were shown to them on an x-ray sheet the day before. Lure them all into a stadium and light them on fire? I don’t care, the way most see Zuckerberg is how I see most people.

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