Traveling through a city today where someone is infected with COVID-19. Not so different from any other day, is my thought- having to live in the same world as primitive people without any strict boundaries, all of us are used to that. Anytime you have the misfortune of hearing a leftist speak, they’re presupposing that we live in the same world as primitive people, and they’re arguing, further, that we shouldn’t have any borders between them and us. COVID is such a viral meme now because it’s a physical illness, that’s the only level of life that monkeys understand. There are countless mental illnesses caused by living in the same world as primitives that no one speaks of. One such mental illness is the redirection of Concern away from noble, high-minded projects toward the basics, the only thing primitives do, namely eat sleep and fuck. Living in the same world as them without any clear borders has affected the West in this way indeed. Seeing so many people like that starts to give us the sense that “it’s okay” to be that way, it’s not, and there are thousands of scientists set now on discovering a cure for COVID, and virtually none trying to cure 🐒ization.

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