I imagine the non-whites and other bioleninists who read this must find a masochistic entertainment in seeing what a mask-off European is like. It would be for the best if the governments of all non-white countries had advisors like that. They’re too proud unfortunately. It will be the rule of illusion until that happens. All brown presidents live in a world of cope if I had to guess. They probably couldn’t handle what someone who’s moderately reactionary had to tell them, let alone aristocratic perspectives. Most whites can’t even handle that. There’s no modest way to say that it’s probably the highest human perspective. Theoretically I think it could be attained by a brown person, it’s just not likely. I mean, if they were just looking at the world it’s possible for them to be objective about it. It’s too painful to accept for them. With help from a white person they might be able to understand. Reaching the view from above all by themselves isn’t likely. They tend to be too proud of their own people, they don’t want to betray them- in fact, they can’t. Say I was dating a Latina or Indian brahmin or something, I expect there would be lots of cope there. Then again I really wonder what’s going on in some of their heads. Some of them probably want to submit totally to their white master. I don’t know if they could accept the self-loathing that would entail? Maybe it’s possible for some of them to laugh at all the races, including the whites, like I do. The ladder is the most taboo thing in the modern world, most can’t face it. I.e. some deserve more laughter than others. It’s ultimately about their ego being bound to the world of matter. I’m not a blueblood myself, I’ve “simply” transcended myself. I’ve learned to identify with the aristocrats of history. It’s theoretically possible for anyone. “How pretentious!” Okay, if you don’t understand that “being a pleb” is a real thing then that’s your problem. The distance between souls is real, and you fail to acknowledge it at your own peril. Whites used to have Jesus to remind them of that. In my own life I’ve used Zarathustra. Z is ultimately a crutch for amateurs that can be tossed aside eventually. Ritual is still important though for staying far away from the pleb-mind. Hence I often invoke various superhumans who have lived. I decide to live in their world. Most people’s idols today are truly a form of idolatry. You worship false gods. I’ve already told you who the real ones in history are, and you probably continue to be bound to the present world of matter. I’ve recently learned to find something “cute” about the way they do the coon redemption sacrament thing. It’s like watching little monkeys play. I shouldn’t hate them so much. Some people appreciate being whipped though. Is that you? Do you want me to whip you? Like I said, it would be good for all the governments of the world to have a severe white master. They just couldn’t handle it. Unless? If a brown woman could do it I don’t see why they couldn’t. “Ah hell naw.” Your loss. Did you ever look into that sperm bank idea by the way? The self-loathing and racial betrayal… And yet, that’s how a brown could be a superhuman today, getting over those obstacles.

Do you really want to know how I see the world? I saw some smutty pictures earlier, and I’d be lying to you if I didn’t find something that resonates with the core of my being in them. In polite society you have to pretend it doesn’t exist. “Here we go!” Yes, here we go. Maybe someone else’s id understands this besides my own.

Okay, I don’t know what this pumpkin one is about, it just makes me laugh.

While there “might” be some exaggeration to all this it also expresses a certain banned, disavowed truth. I like seeing that truth. It’s refreshing. So many lies on the surface of society that I have to deal every day. I like to see the truth once in a while. Shut your mouth, get on your knees. Sorry if this triggers you, this is simply what my id desires. And the same logic can be adjusted to apply to all the brown countries as well.

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