My liberal readers will probably appreciate this

he broke up the big stone into many small ones and threw all these small stones at his son one by one. Thus the son was not killed, yet he suffered from the small stones. These are the pangs of the Mashiach

“Why don’t we have equality, what’s going on, we want it now!”

Mentally ill people are running the show so you’re not going to get that, EVER.

Stone after stone is all you can expect, until you die.

With their model in place you are never going to get it, it’s a fantasy that’s ever going to happen.

It’s a world over-brimming with niggers, and it’s run by niggers. That’s never going to change unless the ones running it are physically removed with violence.

In the meantime enjoy your fantasy that’s never going to happen. Just smile as the next stone hits you and tell yourself it will end one day. It won’t. All you can expect is for niggerworld to remain what it is.

It’s time to celebrate the lack of soul in your body. You’re never going to get one. You’re only going to gradually lose the fragment that you have, that’s all that’s going to happen.

Mentally ill niggers who people throw a pity party for every day of the year- that’s who you have running things.

You can expect the best things from that situation, huh? Sure!

“Don’t judge us for ruining the world, what a monster you are!”

You would have a better chance at equality happening if the military was overtaken and their brains were sprayed all over the ground. Because your chances at the moment are 0.00000000% so anything could be an improvement. Subhumans have brainwashed you, you don’t even know what is up or what is down. You’re a nigger made in their image. Wow what a utopia.

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