I just want the internet to be a campfire again. No vested interests, no worry about whether you will be made homeless for some remark, just friends looking into a fire and saying what’s on their mind. If you say something stupid you’ll be mocked, that’s just how it is. And sorry to break it to you, antisemitism and racism aren’t stupid. Virtually any time a jew or brown speaks they should be mocked, that’s what is “natural”.

A jew or brown can sit at a campfire with me, I just wonder if they can handle the mockery?

There’s a “meme” I think is pretty true- that men insult each other and don’t mean it and women compliment each other and don’t mean it. I insult jews and browns all day and I guess they can’t handle my joking around with them and treating them as an equal?

This is why strictly speaking I do not count the Irish as subhumans, because they tend to be able to take a joke. Hey it’s the four foot tall leprachaun over here. They might tighten their fist about that, they won’t resort to being totally dishonorable like a jew or brown though. There are certain people that you don’t want staring into the fire with you.

So this brings up the grand debate about equalism as such. Should people who can’t take a joke be treated as equals?

I think what it reveals when they can’t take a joke is that it was exposed that they are truly evil and unredeemable. And apparently that’s not a good thing to make known about certain people?

There’s no fire anymore in our society, it’s a circle of people who can’t take a joke staring at ashes and flattering each other. I don’t claim to be an authority of the nature of the Godhead, I just have my suspicions that pure compassion without any criticism isn’t divine.

I for one when I imagine God, see a groundless ground that is constituted by laughter.

And then the question is, what is being laughed AT? The answer is, everything that isn’t God.

Just getting real basic here- what are the times you remember fondly? I expect it’s when you were laughing and/or making others laugh.

So what would you call various peoples who get incredibly hostile about laughter?

Let’s imagine we’re back around a fire. There’s someone in the circle with curly sidelocks and they’ve bribed the people sitting next to you not to make jokes about them. What would you think of that mysterious figure with curly sidelocks?

I personally would want to just walk away and find some new friends. We can’t even be real around a fire in the wilderness – what’s the point?

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