Not much in English of Bloy’s so here is an autotranslatable version of what many consider a cult classic.

Several times now I’ve had the thought that the French in particular could have as much written about them that I’ve written about the Jews. They’re a complex people that all the vague stereotypes are far from capturing.

For instance, in regard to the stereotype of “French arrogance” name three French intellectuals who expand on this concept. I bet you can’t. I discuss one here. Bloy seems to be one of the more uninhibited instantiations of this.

Again, the friend/enemy distinction shifts given which epoch one finds oneself in, and I hope it goes without saying that the French are “/ourvolk/”. It’s easy to be misled about these things, hence I go as far as articulating them. Postmodernism ruined France’s reputation for us. When the reality is, that movement emerged in a zogged political order with most of its prominent avatars being jews.

“Louis” never left France, he was simply supplanted by a “bribed king”. Monarchism did not dissipate after the French Revolution, rather monarchism took on more plutocratic elements. That is ALL! It was not progress. It wasn’t equality, it wasn’t fraternity. With their revolution the French acquired a MORE corrupt monarchy.

My point here is that after the 200 or so years since that “revolution” the people still haven’t changed much. Even when the country is occupied it doesn’t mean that the nature of the people in it will change.

Let me just speak in clear terms for a second- the French are Aryans.

Are all the French? Certainly not. Are all the Italians? Certainly not. Are all the British? Certainly not.

Bloy is making me remember the nobility of the French.

Before the war, the aftermath which is Year One to us, the French had their own distinct civilization (cough cough FAMILY) that hated both the English and the German.

Now the French are lumped in with the English (cough cough JEWS).

Again, we on the “humanities” side of the disciplines don’t have “empirical proof” the way the sciences do, and yet I stand here with the conviction of a scientist.

Let’s just say that if a writer is French, I can smell that.

“So you’re saying that’s a bad thing.” No, that’s the stereotype they’ve imposed about the French people. It’s a naturally highbrow people.

We have some quibbles and turbulence to sort through. For instance it’s always struck me that when you hear the French language spoken this is obvious. And it’s same when you hear the Italian language spoken. On the other hand, from a NW Euro perspective, there is something archaic about Latinate languages. It’s almost like it’s “fancy” and yet there’s something “Mexican” about it.

I hope I do have some Bloys reading this, wanting to curse me, curse me with a blood-curse.

What I tell the French is that I do not look at them with the common stereotype, nor do I look at them in the way they perceive themselves.

I listened to a tiktok video the other day where the words of that “Bad Romance” song were played and the words “I don’t want to be friends, I don’t want to be friends” were swapped out for “I don’t want to be French, I don’t want to be French” and that was hysterically hilarious.

No, I don’t want to be French, I can still appreciate you beyond the stereotypes. Please trust me, I don’t want to be French. Would I rather be French than a Jew? It goes without saying.

The question I’m getting at is who should be considered the “Volk”? Because as I’ve realized myself being non-German, there are others with a similar worldview.

What I do to stick up for you, Frenchie.

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