Alright Normans, let’s just talk some basics of the history of philosophy.

Heidegger was not the “next Hegel”, he was more like a Schelling. And yet, that’s the best we have from the 20th century, so we kind of have to deal with it. Spengler wasn’t wrong about the decline of the west- this phenomenon manifests in philosophy as well. “Who are YOU to make that judgment, how DARE you, etc.” No one else is going to say it so I will.

Who do we have today? Badiou? Describing him as “French” says everything about him. Some European countries declined faster than others, let’s say.

I’m not here to gossip, these are just stark details in my opinion. Badiou isn’t even a Schelling.

So anyway, I have before me at present a book of Heidegger’s on someone I take to be an esoteric ally of the left. That is Parmenides. Many scholars think Plato’s Parmenides is his most difficult dialogue. If a leftist wanted me to take them seriously they’d have to presuppose Parmenides and speak in his language. Otherwise you are speaking from Malkhut and you sound very crude. Don’t you see how magnanimous I am to recurrently offer my enemy potential resources? I just want someone interesting to talk to, that’s all.

Heidegger seeks to acquire a genuine relation to Parmenides who he considers a primordial thinker (i.e. he was older than Socrates). This is the beginning of the occident. You might notice that occident and accident look like a similar word.

If you want to grapple with Parmenides you have your work cut out for you. This is an example of “pig-ignorance” if you think you can understand Parmenides without a guide, hence I’m reading a Heidegger book on him at the moment.

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Yeah right, I’ll only have leech-readers here who are part of the lobotomy conspiracy. Give me your coins and I’ll melt them down and pour the molten metal down onto you to create a new “Suffering Mammon” statue.

People in the academy with the leisure to talk about these things are essentially bribed to not deviate past “Closed Road” signs. You heard it from me first- if a leftist doesn’t want to be laughed at they can start with the Parmenides.

Have you ever seen the way a squirrel bounces across a road? That was making me laugh earlier today. Yes, I do believe in the One. I see myself as one with the squirrel. If I moved to Iran I’d miss the squirrels more than anything else in the US, that’s another story. My point here is that the One is not the real dispute, it’s rather the interpretation of the One. I.e. paradoxically there are “many Ones”. The basic fact of existence is Oneness. And I do sense my more vulgar fellow-travelers on the right are in denial about this. Have you ever seen a squirrel? Your experience of a squirrel refutes you. You know that they’re alive, they’re kind of cute in a way. They’re not dirt, they’re a living being. And if you want to get even further into this, we have Oneness with dirt as well.

Some people haven’t had this experience- walking on the ground and feeling One with the ground. Parmenides is right in my opinion. It’s not just my opinion either, that’s just how it is. You, the ground, squirrels, gypsies, are one. Whoops I threw that last one in there on accident.

I was reflecting earlier about my vegan girlfriend from over a decade ago and how I never talked to her the way I talk here. This place is inverted veganism, humans are my delicacy I consume here, forget animals. She and I were a type of “squirrel” or even “ground”. It’s cute and all, it’s just not evolved consciousness.

Just check out that Heidegger book on Parmenides. The decline continues into our own time and I do the best I can do. Who’s the real “Schelling” of our time? I’m a modest person, and I believe that it is me. Too untimely, too pure to be understood by the gutter vermin. Sorry that you seem like the dirt I walk upon. I guess we are still “one”.

I’m only 30 years old and they’ve been striving for years to bury me! Both left and right! What are they hiding? That I see them as cute squirrels?

Egoism aside, it’s just where the west is at. Give them the most scientific account of the scapegoat-mechanism in existence and they are unable to refrain from being herd-objects. It’s a culture of beta males and beta females. “How DARE you!!!” Ok eunuch, ok slut, ok kike.

You can join me any time, if you have the freewill for it. And sadly that is only the domain of humans.

Oneness. Yes, I can agree with that. That’s why I talk to you at all.

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