I will take up the challenge by a Jewess to speak to the “current events”- when I was a normie liberal I did have a girl get an abortion, and it made her insane. I doubt she ever recovered. The lesson I learned from this is that you shouldn’t have sex with women who you don’t love.

I’ve fed Plan B to multiple women as well. I think the debate misses the essential point that you should simply not ejaculate in women unless you plan to start a life with them. As simple as that sounds?

“What do you mean it made her insane?” I mean that her intrinsic will to live diminished. She was hollow afterwards. It’s sad. I didn’t have any emotions about it myself, just seeing she was sad made me sad.

Abortion is a complex issue. There are rapists on the male side and “keep-a-nigga-baby’s” on the female side. Men want to just knock up anything. So if they’re losers they will lead to losers in the future. Women also have a loser-caste that wants to keep babies that they don’t deserve.

My only point is that only true love is real.

There are humping animals everywhere. What’s important is true love.

If a being is created not out of true love then it will cause chaos in the world.

Honestly, if most people alive today had been aborted I wouldn’t shed a tear. Aborted niggers, what a tragedy.

I don’t see the importance of “dating”, being impregnated and wearing white is the only “hot” thing I see.

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